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There comes a time in every man's life where, after being abducted by his Holy(?) Sword daughter and Yandere Imouto and thrown into a bas.e.m.e.nt, he had to admit to himself that he may have done goofed somewhere along the line.

For Damien, his done goof was being too good a big bro. Indeed, Dolly had Mother's genes after all, truly having the potential of a splendid VIllainess.

It was Damien's fault, however, that things escalated to the point of her awakening the Yandere aspect. He should've known back then, during that boardgame on their way to the Capital City. A foreshadow if ever there was one, and he missed it! All those s.h.i.+vers, those cold drafts, ignored!

Ai. He was such a sinful big bro, turning his own sister into a yandere like this. His precious little sister, kidnapping him! And with Milly's help! Dang sword, turning against her Papa like this!

He could only sigh at his misfortune and carelessness. Damien spoiled Dolly too much, sowing the seeds of a hardcore brocon unintentionally.

But you know what?

He'd f.u.c.kin' do it again!

His sister was too cute NOT to spoil. So what if she turned yandere? That was also cute!

"Day, the next group is ready!" Dolly popped her head in after unlocking no less than ten different types of locks, ushering in a round of pretty young Ladies. She is a woman of her word, she HAD to let them in. They gave her s.h.i.+nies, what else could she do if they paid fair and square?

She's tryna run a business here. Of course, everything was monitored by MIlly.

She's running a RESPECTABLE business. No taking advantage of HER--ahem...THEIR Day. No siree.

"Remember, if you wanna cop a feel it's an extra two s.h.i.+nies...but keep it PG-13, got that?!" She said to the girls who had absolutely no idea what she was even talking about. "Feeding, lap pillows and hugs cost double. Also yes, we accept bills."

"...And when do I get my cut?" He asked for the fifth time.

She tsked while counting fat stack of cash thrown her way, decked out in head to toe with so much bling she'd put a rapper to shame.

"Didn't I say this is all for you anyway? Day, please just trust that I'm doing my best for our future together. We all have our part to play, alright? Besides, this hurts me more than it hurts you!" She wiped her tears with a silver-colored banknote, looking honestly pained.

"So I don't get a cut."

"Well yes, but actually no."

Damien took back his previous words.

What precious little sister? This chick is obviously a no-good pimp!


Later that night, after being washed and dried, a person slipped inside. The soft pitter-patter of someone trying not to make too much noise entered his ears. Then there was another, heavier set of footsteps that followed.

"Young Master, wake up." Baz smacked him. Hard. Several times. Across the face and back.

"I'm not asleep!" He hissed, though the slaps didn't hurt at all.

"I know. It's just payback." The little boy stuck out a tongue. He wore a dark sack on his head but somehow, defying all sense of reason, that ahoge stuck out through the sack as if it weren't even there.

Damien glared at the kid but had to admit he'd been abusing him a bit lately. He'll allow it. HE looked past him and saw another, much large masked figure who was looking around anxiously.

"Avery?" He asked, a little surprised.

"Ah...yes...h.e.l.lo." The kid replied shakily.

"What're you doing here?"

"What do you mean, what am I doing here? You've been missing for a week!"

"It's been that long?"

"Yes, it has!" The fat man(?) insisted. "I heard from a friend someone's been selling the opportunity to meet you. I didn't even know how to respond, you know? Like who does that? This is barely a step above forced prost.i.tution! I couldn't believe it. But you were gone for so long...and when I asked your friend Basil where you were he said, 'Oh his sister kidnapped him from during his wedding. He's booked for months so she's letting the clients go in groups. Why, interested?' It was just...insane!"

Avery couldn't help feeling astonished. What sort of friend was that?! He knew and still didn't say anything about it for a whole week, let alone do anything to help! Also, what's up with that sister? There were several illogical things that'd come out of that boy's mouth, Avery had no how to process the implications.

She only knew the guy was in trouble and couldn't just leave him there. So she pulled the green-haired boy's ear and forced him to show her where the meetings were taking place. Then waited for nightfall before breaking in.

Meanwhile, Damien was furious! There was no loyalty in this world! Baz, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, so THIS is your true revenge, huh?!

Alright, that's fair.

He wasn't gonna get mad. But Baz was already walking away. "I'm going to get some cigs." He said.

And no one ever saw him again. b.a.s.t.a.r.d doesn't even smoke.

Avery was dumbfounded. He just left!

"Uh, well, let's get you out of here."

"Nice idea. But what're you gonna do about these two?" He looked down.


Avery pulled the blanket off the bed where he laid and was shocked.

"Little sister love….suu….A little sister's all you need...suu…."

"Kill the men...hgnn...let the women warm the bed...hgnn…"

To ensure he didn't break out, the two decided to sleep with him every night. He was carefully watched, his chains only long enough to go to the bathroom and shower. Although he could break them, he wouldn't be able to get past Milly. The sword was dangerous.

Avery shook, her plump body rippling in fright as she discovered that scary sword. Not only that, she was now able to put a face to the kidnapper! This golden-haired little girl, looking like an absolute Angel with ringlets of gold framing a delicate, doll-like face….was in actuality someone without lines or morals, even selling out her own brother! Such a two-faced child, too cold-blooded and frightening!

Avery almost had a heart attack. She wasn't good with people like this who dared do anything without conscience.

Suddenly a new voice joined the fray. "They won't be a problem, I should think."


"Ah!" Avery squealed, her mouth hurriedly shut by the green-haired girl before the two below were woken up.

"W-Who're you?"

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Damien was elated. "The best-f.u.c.king-girl, that's who!" He chuckled. "Ha! Nice. Alright, now port me outta here you adorable little tree, you."

"What are you talking about?" She tilted her head questioningly. "Oh. I see. That's what you thought." She nodded to herself. "You must think I was here for you? But my apologies, Young Master, I actually don't give a rat's a.s.s about your predicament at all. I am merely here to return the Young Miss to her proper bed. This cold, musty place is no good for her body."

She placed her hand on Dolly and Milly, reaching over him. Her face was mere inches from his own, hair falling down to tickle his cheek

"Well then, Young Master, I'll be off."

"Hold up!" His tone made her freeze. "I've got a couple of questions for you, missy! First off, how did Dolly even know about the wedding? Also, how did she get there so quick? She wasn't invited. Mother and father have been spying on me and have Mary, so that explains them. But Baz was always with me so the only way she could've known and gotten there and back here is such a short time is if--"

A familiar-looking flower was shoved in his face.


Avery, who was standing at the head of the bed, also caught a bit of the spores and took several drunken steps, about to keel over.

Meanwhile Damien was already out cold.

Vera put a hand to her lips.

"Oh dear. He fell asleep."


Damien was walking around a new, strange campus with his hands behind his head, whistling pleasantly.

He was also naked.

As for why, it was Avery's fault. The guy apparently developed a sudden case of narcolepsy and knocked over a lit candle, letting it fall onto his bed. This caused a fire that turned said bed into ash after some time.

He woke up shortly, but not without feeling uncomfortably hot, skin red and steaming. The smoke surprisingly DIDN'T kill the young Avery, and the fire didn't harm Damien very much either. Thankfully the entire bas.e.m.e.nt was made of stone and was quite empty so nothing else caught fire.

However the smell and smoke did, unfortunately, attract a bit of attention and now there were people swarming the place.

Damien, his clothes long since burnt to a crisp, noticed this situation and quickly scooped up the fat man before making his exit.

He currently dragged the fat man by his feet. The chains to Damien's shackles were wound around his ankles, pulling him forward. He felt a bit put-out, to be honest. Think he was besieged on all sides by traitors!

Dolly and Milly, ruining his wedding, kidnapping him. Using him to fund some weird idea of her's, selling his body for a quick buck. Baz, knowing and doing nothing for petty revenge. He couldn't recall her part right now, but he's sure he will later!

Anyway, they were all little scoundrels. Hmph. Only Avery wanted to rescue him, and they only knew each other for a few days at most!

He sighed. No wonder there were so many in all those Chinese stories. As expected, fatties are man's true best friend.

Damien looked around and guessed he was at the middle school division? It wasn't too far from the highschool, maybe a mile or two.

He could totally run there. Or, maybe just stroll. He didn't want Avery to get his backside skinned, after all. He looked back. Actually, was he a he anyway? He thought so before, but he really did have a high, light voice for a dude. And that squeal from a while ago sounded pretty girlish.

And...did he say fiance or fiancee back then? During the morning ceremony he thought the dude(?) was looking as phoenix girl but what if it was someone else? Maybe the fop guy who was leering at phoenix girl?

...Damien decided not to care about it. Male, female, what did it matter?

He wandered around aimlessly through the dark, open halls. Only a few lanterns here and there lit the way and he was trying to find which way it was to the gate leading out.

Only one part of the campus was bright and that was because they were now beginning inspections about the fire.

Several dozen students at the girl's dormitory were watching with pale faces, anxiously fidgeting about, looking guilty as h.e.l.l.

But he didn't care about that. He was too busy looking for a way out of this place, trying to avoid the patrols of security guards and teachers who were called out.

And just as he was about to turn a corner, someone b.u.mped into him. They stumbled back and Damien caught the newcomer out of instinct.

It was a woman, one with a voluptuous, mind-stirring figure unable to be hidden under the cream-colored knit sweater she wore. Her caramel hair was a little long, just past her shoulders, and she wore small pearl earrings along with a simple gold locket around her neck.

Like Mother, Mary and Dana, she had the air of a mature woman with style and cla.s.s.

She looked up at him with sparkling clear eyes. "Oh, sorry about that. Thank you." Her voice was as clear as a bell and just as nice to listen to. "Ah…" She looked down.

The woman noticed his lack of clothes just then. And the unconscious fatty at his feet.

Her face turned red, then stiff and pale. She took a deep breath, face set in panic.

Damien acted fast, covering her soft pink lips with a hand and shoving her into a door right beside them.

Dragging in Avery a moment later.

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