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I'm stunned. Nanny urges me, I just open the door blankly and get into the car.

"We need to hurry up." Nanny didn't find Yanny, and when I look in that direction again, Yanny has already hided.

When I start the car and drive out of the parking lot, I just remember that it was me myself asked Yanny to wait for me in the parking lot! I asked her to call me out later!

"Exposure! This exposure!" I think it over and over again.

"What's wrong? You don't look very well."

I shake my head and vaguely say, "Nothing," but there are some murmurs in my heart.

Yanny saw Nanny's intimate contact with me! If this information diffusion from her mouth, I would be over! At least everyone in the company knows! And then in their eyes, Nanny and I become lovers. Well, maybe I'll be treated as greedy for Nanny's wealth. But I don't care about this.

What I care about is my relations.h.i.+p with Nanny. I can't let it come to light! I can't let everyone know! Because I don't know how to deal with it now, or I haven't thought out a clever way to solve the problem. If it's exposed now, it's terrible.

I drive in an absent-minded way. I didn't even hear Nanny calling me twice, until the third, when I come back to my mind: "Hmm? What did you say?"

"You've just gone the wrong way. You should have turned."

"Well... Ah?" I calm down and say, "By the way, where are we going?" I was really in a mess. It takes me several minutes to ask this question.

Nanny frowns slightly: "Chen Yang. Are you really OK?"

"It's all right!" I decide not to tell her, "Where do we go?"

"Outside the city... Well, the private club area on the eastern outskirts? Do you know there?"

I'm somewhat surprised, and I couldn't help turning around and looking at her. "Private club area in the eastern suburbs?"

Are there the casino?

"Minister Kim lives there this time. He asked me to take you with him on the phone just now. Chen Yang... Well, can I ask you something?"

My heart is a little confused, casually say: "What?"

"Minister Kim. He seems to have a good impression of you. The Korean business is very important for our company. Many people in the company have made a lot of efforts for this. Now the key lies in their Korean company. Minister Kim speaks in their company with great weight. Now he's very fond of you, so..."

"I see." Nodding, I laugh and say, "You can rest a.s.sured that I am a member of the company now. I will deal with him well. I have a sense of propriety."

But I still have some worries in my heart. Is it really OK to go to the casino? Otherwise, Juan and Yumi have asked me to stay away. Now let me go to the casino, I always feel weird.

And, Yanny, won't she say something to others? Hope she won't!

I turn around at an intersection in front and drive to the eastern suburbs. When I see a convenience store on the roadside, I stop. After thinking about it, I whisper, "Nanny, would you mind help me to buy a pack of cigarettes?"

Nanny is slightly shrunk and smiles softly, not unhappy with my request. Instead, he opens the door and goes out with joy.

With a sigh, I take out my cell phone and dial Yanny's number.

The phone rings several times, but she doesn't answer the phone. My heart sinks. I dial again. She still doesn't answer the phone this time. But then she sends a text message:


There's nothing else, just a question mark.

I think for a moment and sent a text message to her: "Can you don't tell?"

Then she texts back, "OK! But when you come back, let's talk."

I sent an "OK". Just at that time, Nanny has come back. I put the cell phone back to the pocket. Then I take the cigarette and look at it. It is a box of pretty expensive cigarettes.

There's some uneasiness in her eyes: "That's the best thing in the shop. Is it OK?"

I'm dumbfounding. She really seems to have become a girl who has just fallen in love with her lover.

"This one is very expensive. I usually don't buy it that expensive. To have ordinary cigarettes is good enough for me." I smile.

She looks nervous: "Ah? Let me go to change for you."

"No need." I hold her down and start the car: "This is fine. Thank you."

I feel a little better, at least I know that Yanny would not tell the scene she had seen just now. I believe she will keep her words.

Now that the secret has been kept, I just focus on the purpose of this time.

"Minister Kim wants to see me. Is he trying to play another game of cards?"

"I don't know." Nanny shakes her head. "But... Well, it doesn't matter to tell you anyway. There's a member based hotel which is not opened to the outside. There's an underground casino inside it. Chen Yang, you can't talk about it outside, do you understand?"

"I know..."

She looks at me and says, "Oh... You knew it, didn't you? You know Yumi, and she works there, so you knew there is a casino there long ago!"

I speak nothing. What she said is the truth, and I don't want to lie to her. So I had better keep silent. In this way, neither affirmation nor negation is tantamount to non-statement.

She hesitates for a moment: "Chen Yang, I always have a question in my heart, how do you know Yumi? Are you familiar with her? You told me before that you only met her twice before. So do you know what Yumi does there?"

"I… and Yumi really only saw each other twice." I think about it and say carefully, "I don't really know her very well. Just because my es-boss used to know her, so I got know her too. Then when I lost my job, Yumi met me by chance. Knowing that I had no job at that time, she introduced me to work for you. It's just a coincidence."

Say these words. I'm also uneasy, but then I comfort myself that what I said was not a lie. It just hides some details.

Nanny, after all, is a very smart woman. She hears that there'ss something vague in my words and her eyes twists on my face for a while, but she doesn't ask me any more questions.

I drive out of the city to the eastern suburbs and then onto the road leading to the casino.

Although this is only my second time here, but more than a month ago, the last time I came here, it was really left a deep impression to me!

To the left is a private high-end villa residential area. To the right, live along the road and drive to the clubhouse area.

At the daytime, the scenery here is much better than what I saw last night.

The hill next is green. The weather is pretty good. Our car slowly enters the club area. The security guard at the door sees Nanny's members.h.i.+p card and let us get in.

Nanny is a member here too. But thinking of the mysterious background behind her, I'm not surprised

Crossing the clubhouse area during the day, the environment here undoubtedly looks clearer.

There is a completely European sculpture fountain surrounded by four or five intersections in front of us. The signs show the way to the racetrack, the golf course and so on. And the private hotel which was impressed me is right ahead!

That night, Juan was here to take me into another world far from my previous life, and today I am here again... Of course, I remind myself that Juan does not belong here anymore now. I need to be more careful.

"Here it is. Drive in." Nanny points to the hotel's underground parking lane. A white card is shown at the door. The security guard in black immediately retreats to the roadside and bows down to let us go.

I remember Juan told me that the underground parking s.p.a.ces here are fixed members, and Nanny gives the number of the parking s.p.a.ces is actually the most inside of the individual garage! I am somewhat shocked.

Seems that Nanny's members.h.i.+p level here is quite high!

From the elevator to the fourth floor of the hotel, here is a café BAR. But it seems few people there. On entering the door, I see Minister Kim and two men sitting there chatting, each with a cigar on hand, and two women at the same table, young, beautiful, well-dressed, dress in very expensive and decent clothes, with n.o.ble and elegant gesture.

"Miss Fang!" When Minister Kim sees us from afar, he stands up immediately. Then he stands beside Nanny and talks to me, "Oh, our G.o.d of gambling is here too!" After that, he stretches out his arms and comes to hug me warmly.

I'm somewhat surprised that Minister Kim is so enthusiastic This guy has a very straightforward look, sharp edges and corners on his face. He's smiling on the face, a pair of bright eyes and looks energetic. I hear him say to me, "I've been waiting for you for a long time, and I've always wanted to play with you again!"

Then he almost throws Nanny aside and pulls me to the other two men and say, "Let me introduce Nonda Park, my friend, is also a famous master in Jeju Island Casino. I take him here for sightseeing this time!" I take a look at him. He is a very ordinary looking man, in his thirties, of medium stature. I can't see any features from his appearance. The only thing that I notice is that he is pretty tall. There is an occasional flash of light in his eyes. He is a Korean, and he seems don't understand our language. So he just nods to me and shakes my hand.

"This is an old friend of mine. I didn't expect him to travel here this time. He just met me yesterday." Minister Kim points to the last man and says with a smile, "Hey! Why are you still sitting? Don't hide! Are you shy like a woman? Come on!" He pulls up the man. I just look at him, and I'm frozen!

He is tall and slender, with a standard model figure, a handsome face, with a calm and indifferent smile in his eyebrows. This man is Winson Lee!

Winson looks at me with a calm expression on his face: "h.e.l.lo, Chen Yang, we meet again." Then he reaches out hand to me.

I've come back to myself and say, "h.e.l.lo, Mr. Lee." Then I shake hands with him.

"Do you know each other?" Minister Kim is somewhat surprised. But then he laughs and says, "No wonder! You are all good gamblers. It's not surprising that you know each other. Alas! Winson, you have such a good friend, why didn't you introduce to us?"

Winson squints at me and has a little fun in his eyes: "I don't know Chen Yang is a gambler. We haven't known each other for a long time."

Then Winson turns to Nanny, and he looks at Nanny's bright and moving beauty. His eyes are slightly dazed. Then he calms down, with a slight smile on his lips, he says softly, "h.e.l.lo, madam. I'm Winson Lee."

Nanny doesn't react much. She just says lightly, "Deep Blue Entertainment, Nanny Fang."

Minister Kim seems to be in high spirits. He's laughing and says, "OK, now that we're all here, are there so many masters here, we should have a good time today!"

Nanny interrupts him with a grin: "Minister Kim, you won't call me here just to play cards, will you? Let's negotiate the business first."

Unexpectedly, there is a sly look in the eyes of Minister Kim and he laughs, "It's still early, too early! Business can be talked about slowly, not in a hurry. How do you say, Miss Fang?

Winson smiles at me and says, "Chen Yang. I didn't expect to meet you here. You haven't come to me for tea these two days!"

I grin bitterly: "Too busy, vulgar things entangled."

"But I really didn't expect you to be a master of card. Don't deny it. Minister Kim won't lie."

Minister Kim immediately laughs and says, "Exactly! To be honest, I played with Chen Yang once, that scene. Now thinking of it, still let me be cold sweating! I've never lost so badly!"

Then Minister Kim introduces the two beautiful women beside him.

Both of them are Korean beauties who have been standing by since we came in just now. They're quietly waiting for our greetings to be over. When they hear Minister Kim's words, they just take a step forward. Their faces are not unhappy at all, still smiling.

It is said that Korea is a country with a very serious patriarchal social habits, and it seems it is true. Women's status is far lower than men's.

They introduce themselves. These two beautiful women are from Minister Kim's company. One is in charge of performing arts training and the other is in charge of public relations.

With these two beautiful women who are exquisite in appearance and make-up, they are all outstanding in appearance, but they just make me feel... strange.

Well, all of a sudden, I'm struck by the fact that most beautiful women in Korea have cosmetic surgery. Are these two the same?

But I have just looked at two Korean beauties for a while, Nanny on my side immediately has a sour look in her eyes. I quickly take back my eyes.

Winson has always laughed peacefully, but I've learned about this guy. He's absolutely invisible.

"Mr. Lee, do you like playing cards?" I ask him with a smile.

Before he speaks, Minister Kim claps him on the shoulder. "He? He's a pervert! Riding horses, playing b.a.l.l.s, tasting wine, cigars and playing chess in gardens, this fellow can play any game well. As for playing cards, he is a gold member of the Asian Bridge a.s.sociation. You say do he know how to play cards?"

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