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The next day I get up very early when it is just dim.

Actually, I have a latent consciousness in my mind that if I leave early, I can avoid Didi.

Yesterday, when I came back home, I was very upset. A man who liked to go home had been dawdling for half a day downstairs. When it was dark, I just carefully cleaned my clothes to go upstairs.

But as soon as I came in, Little Money Grubber came up and sniffed, "Why do you have a strange smell on the body? It smells like perfume!"

d.a.m.n! Has this woman a dog nose?

Fortunately, Didi found a little blood on my s.h.i.+rt and was nervous at the time. I thought about it. Maybe it was those guys who carelessly scratched up during the day when they were in the warehouse. Fortunately, however, it successfully diverted two women's attentions.

And when I was called out from home to pick Nanny up at the airport during the day, Jojo and Azle stayed at my home. I heard they drank a lot and made a mess. Two women cleaned up the room the whole afternoon.

In the evening, on the pretext of being tired, I closed the door early and went to bed Neither of the two beauties cared much. Only Little Money Grubber chased me, declared that I had won the lottery and had to buy something good for her, and handed me a list.

I found it hard to face Didi. Facing her simple and kind face, and her clear eyes with full of dependent. I just thought I'm such a jerk!

I get up early in the morning. On the one hand, I need to pick Nanny up. On the other hand, I want to go out before Didi gets up.

d.a.m.n it, who says it's nice for a man to have a lot of women? I'm not!

I sit at the end of the bed, and the first thing is taking out the measuring device.

"I Fx.x.x!"

I angrily throw the meter back into the drawer.

Peach blossom luck.

What I'm most tired of now is the f.u.c.king luck with the opposite s.e.x!

I tiptoe to dress up, go into the bathroom, brush teeth and wash face. Clearly in my own home, I just like a f.u.c.king thief. After I go out, when I close the door carefully, I gasp for a long breath then.

I'm safe now.

Fortunately I didn't wake up Didi. Alas, it seems that I am still a person with a good conscience. I feel guilt when I do something bad, which means that my conscience has not disappeared.

But as soon as I look back, I see a pair of innocent big eyes looking at me with a little surprise. Didi is standing not far behind me, looking at me strangely. "Brother Little 5, what are you doing?"

Immediately I become rigid. I look at myself, tiptoe, with shoes in one hand and in the other hand.

"Ah... Didi?! Why are you outside?"

She blinks. "I go out and buy you breakfast." She comes to me and, like a standard little wife, gently takes my shoes and put them on the floor: "You drank at noon yesterday and ate very little at night. I was thinking about going out to buy you some soybean milk in the morning."

After that, she hands me the things in her hand.

In a plastic bag, there is a bag of soybean milk, a fried pancake stick that I like best, and a straw.

In the early morning of winter, it is still not bright outside, and the temperature is very cold outside. Her face is white with cold. I touch her little hands and they are very cool.

Looking at these foods, I wish I could slap myself!

"Why are you leaving so early today?" She asks me as she opens the door.

"Er... There's an important business in company. So I go early."

She doesn't doubt it. In fact, it seems like everything I say. The girl believes unconditionally. She turns around and says softly, "It's pretty cold outside. Why don't you wear a scarf?" After that, she reaches out and helps me straighten my collar. She whispers to me, "There are few people in the morning, but be careful when driving."

What else do I say?

What else can I say?

Where the f.u.c.k is there a river near here? I want to jump!

I mumble a few words and push her into the room. I run into the elevator and go downstairs.

As I'm drive and regretting, things seems to be getting more and more troublesome.

I've never been in this situation, and I don't know how to deal with it. I really don't know! My head is big.

I didn't eat the breakfast Didi bought. I just put them on the front pa.s.senger seat.

Do I have an appet.i.te to eat?

I drive to Nanny's door. I get off and ring the bell. The door opens. She is already standing to wait for me in neat clothes.

In my conscience, Nanny is already a beautiful woman. After dressing up, she is even more beautiful and touching!

Her soul-stirring eyes sweep lightly on my face, giving a swift glance and practice fawning, like holding spellbound! It takes me almost a lot of efforts to move my eyes from her.

But unconsciously, her small hands touch my face. She murmurs, "Chen Yang. Why don't you look so good? What a heavy black eye."

Alas... I didn't shut my eyes all last night. I counted more than 10,000 sheep. As a result, the sheep became either Nanny or Didi. Can I not be black-eyed?

I reluctantly laugh and divert from the topic: "You look good."

"Um." She smiles sweetly: "I slept good last night. I'm in a good mood to think that you'll pick me up today."

What else do I say?

What else can I say?

Such a beautiful woman, I've kissed and hugged. Can I not estoppel?

When boarding the car, instead of sitting in the back, she is ready to sit in the co-driver's seat beside me. When she sees the breakfast on the seat, her eyes grow a little strange: "This... Is it your girlfriend prepared it for you?"

"Well, yes!" I sigh.

Her eyes dim for a moment, but then she forces herself to laugh, and I find that besides a lady's bag, there is also something in her hand. It is a bread and ham sandwich, which is wrapped in a plastic.

"It seems that my preparation is superfluous." Her tone has hidden bitterness.

I hesitate for only one second under her grieving eyes. Then I quickly grab the breakfast in her hand, and the other hand pick up Didi's.

Within less than ten minutes, I wolfed down as fast as I could, ate a fried pancake stick and a bread and ham sandwich, and finished the soymilk.

"Uh..." I sigh.

I'm very full!

Didi and I have lived together for some time. She knows my meal well. She bought me the biggest breakfast, enough for me to eat. Nanny's breakfast was also a big one. After eating these two breakfast, I couldn't help burping.

Nanny smiles gently, eyes full of tenderness, takes out a paper towel and carefully wiped the corner of my mouth. As if I am a child.

Then along the way, she looks at me with such warm eyes. It's hard for me to stay focused while driving. Until downstairs, I park the car, go upstairs with her and enter the company. She has a little restraint.

I walk into my department office and separate myself from Nanny, I feel a little relaxed then. I look up and see Yanny is sitting there and waiting for me.

"Chen Yang! You're here at last!" She breathes a sigh of relief and her eyes are filled with worries: "Yesterday you... Are you OK? You haven't done anything too far, have you?"

I calm down a little, take out the signed divorce agreement from my pocket and hand it to her: "Well, that fellow won't bother you anymore. You can rest a.s.sured in future. Take this and go for the lawyer to help you with the formalities."

She is shocked and seems to be incredulous. She asks me a few questions, but I just go through the motions. She sees that I am unwilling to say anything, she whispers, "Thank you for this! I owe you a big favor!"

I don't say anything more. After she goes out, I close my office door and knead my temple.

I've been thinking for a while and pick up the phone. People, in the face of difficulties, will still go for friends for help.

Wood is hopeless. Yesterday's call made me despaired of him.

I'd better consult Azle, a master of love field.

Telephone is connected. Azle doesn't sleep, sounds refres.h.i.+ng.

"h.e.l.lo? Chen Yang, what's up?"

The other end of the phone seems to be breathing. Suddenly I have a terrible thought. Is this guy making that thing now?

"You... Are you free now?"

"Oh, I'm jogging." Azle's voice is clear: "Say, what is it?"

I breathe a sigh of relief: "That's what happened..."

I tell him the whole story about yesterday, and finally ask him, "What should I do?"

"I have a good suggestion to make sure it works!"

"Oh?" My eyes light up: "Just say!"

"Well... I heard that your female boss is a beautiful woman! That's OK! Friends are the brothers. I'll sacrifice myself and help you. I'll engage her and you will be free then!"

"..." Me: "You go to die!"

Hang up Azle, I hesitate and dial Jojo.

"What's the matter?" Miss Jojo seems to be in a good mood and has a friendly voice.

"Well, I have a problem... It's such a thing..."

After listening to my narrative, Miss Jojo becomes energetic and says, "I have a good suggestion to make sure it works!"

"..." I hesitate for a moment. Why these words sound so familiar? Think about it, I ask: "Jojo, aren't you going to date with Nanny, and after you get her, you're going to let me free?"

"Well! Why are you so smart today? Exactly! I heard that your female boss is a beautiful woman! That's OK! Friends are the brothers. I'll sacrifice myself to help you!"

Me: "..."

"What's wrong? Why don't you talk? Don't worry about my capability!" She laughs with flying arrogant: "You know my method! Capture such a beauty is so eay! No diamond, no porcelain work. No bully gun, no b.i.t.c.h bed!"

What the f.u.c.k is in a mess?!

I'm speechless and hang up the phone directly.

I'm just in a daze, the phone rings again. This time is from the company intercommunication.


"Chen Yang, this is Penny." Her voice is calm and professional, "Miss Fang ask you to go to her office, now."

Then she hangs the phone.

I sigh, walk out of the office and look at Yanny, who is ready to go out. I just remember that VP hasn't returned yet. I guess Yanny is going to see him.

"Yanny, do me a favor." My heart moved.

"OK. What's the matter?"

I look at my watch and say, "You're going to see VP right now, aren't you?"

"Well, yes." She dresses up professionally, nodding: "I'm going to show him the forecast of the exhibition."

"OK... Ten minutes later, you call me on my mobile phone, you say VP talks about business there, and I need to rush right away... Can you do that?"

She is curious: "Why? There's nothing important today. Take him to the scene, I'll be enough. You don't have to waste time running."

I couldn't explain to her, "Alas. Don't ask any more questions. Anyway, please do me a favor."

She does not hesitate: "OK! I'll call you in ten minutes, and I'll be waiting for you downstairs! "

I sigh and walk to Nanny's office.

I can't help it. I instinctively dare not get too close to Nanny. I just feel that every minute I get closer to her, I'm falling a little deeper. Although this method is not very fair and aboveboard, but... just take one step and look around before taking another.

When I arrive at Nanny's office door, Penny only looks up at me and quickly arranging something in her hand: "Get in. Miss Fang is waiting for you."

I nod with a bitter smile.

I notice that there is something strange in her eyes and some strange laugh on her face. I dare not think deep, just push the door in.

In the room, Nanny is sitting on the sofa with a cup of coffee in her hand. She is looking out of the window in a daze. When she sees me come in. Her eyes suddenly brighten and she put down the cup and comes towards me. Suddenly she reach out and embrace me. She put her hands around my waist and put her head on my chest.

With a fragrant body in my arms, I immediately hold her like a conditioned reflex, but then the movement become stiff. She feels the change in my body immediately. She sighs sadly, "You... are still having resistance."

"No." I say in low voice, "Just a little confused, confuse in my heart."

She whispers, "This morning... I lied to you."


"I didn't sleep well last night." She bury her head on my shoulder: "Turn over and over. Am I mean? I know you have a girlfriend, and I know you are ten years younger than me."

I sigh in my heart, but dare not show it on my face. I say softly, "No, you think too much. If someone should feel guilty, it should be me."

"Chen Yang." She looks up and says, "I don't want to embarra.s.s you, I don't want to too much, as long as you don't leave me, always beside me, so that I can see you often."

Before I could answer, she has tears in her eyes, infinite affection, red cheeks on both sides, and then slowly closes her eyes...

I know, in such a scene, I should come over and kiss her. But I do not move, my heart is still keeping hesitating.

Kiss? Then I'm falling a step further, but Didi's figure is shaking and shaking in my mind...

Don't kisses? I'm afraid Nanny should be very sad.

I look out of the window. Is this a high-level building? I had better jump down.

Fortunately, the phone save me!

The crisp telephone bell rings. It's the phone on Nanny's desk. She opens her eyes and does not notice my hesitation. Her face is full of shyness. She quickly leaves my arms and goes to pick up the phone. She says something in a low voice, and the expression on her face becomes serious.

"I see." After the last sentence, she put down the phone and turns to look at me. "Chen Yang, you go out with me."


"Well, do you remember Minister Kim? Do you remember having an appointment with him? Business in Korea is not going well this time. I want to talk to him again. He asks me to take you together.

This is the company's business. I have no reason to refuse.

She tidies up her appearance, except for some blushes on her face. Everything else is very good. But when she goes out, Penny looks at the red on her face, her eyes look strange and confuse.

Down the elevator to the parking lot, Nanny has been walking behind me. When I am about to pull the door for her, she's suddenly hugging me from behind. She's holding her arms very hard, as if she has exhausted all her strength.

"Am I silly?" She whispers behind me, "I think I'm going crazy! I feel like a little girl. I can't help it. I really can't help it. I always want to hold you tight and be with you every minute."

I'm touched, turn around, give her a gentle hug and whisper, "OK, you're not silly."

"Then why don't you hold me a little longer?" She seems to have become a little girl who has fallen in love for the first time, even with a little tenderness in her eyes and gently biting her lips.

Frankly speaking, my heart is really softened.

It's quiet in the parking lot. I sigh, hold her arms with a little strength, hesitate, lower my head and kiss her cherry lips, which are soft and fragrant like petals. I almost lose control of my addiction. It takes almost all my will to let go of her: "Get in the car."

She smiles sweetly and sits in.

And when I turn to the other side of the car, suddenly, I am stunned!

Not far away, about twenty paces away from me in the parking lot, behind a pillar, Yanny is standing there in surprise, next to her car, staring at her eyes and covering her mouth with her hands. She seems to resist it forcibly before exclaim.

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