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"Fwis.h.!.+" Fire engulfed him as he took on a new form. The wings of Moltres. Clawed toes and black feathers across his body. A dark fire gold mohawk down the middle.

"Hmm not bad." Gray stretched his neck about. Waiting for them to come. "Come on now, I am good to keep going. Do not want you all thinking I am out of control or anything. So bring another two up to play."

"We are not done." Sabrina said. She and Clair standing up on last legs. "Right?"

"Still good to go." Clair said. Looking at Gray however, they were very wrong. The fire released came down fast.

"Dark Flamethrower!" Gray let loose a torrent of flame that scorched the very air. Outside the flame he shot out, the air pulled in causing the flame to grow bigger. "Vent!" Steam left Gray's pores floating into the air. It didn't dissipate which was weird to some of those who watched.

"Dammit!" Sabrina cursed. She kept pus.h.i.+ng her psychic energy to counter the flame. With Clair having trouble breathing from the fall, it was not enough to last much longer. 'Everything we have left!'

'It is not much!' Ori responded. Sabrina started to glow with more psychic energy. Slowly the flames were pushed back. 'We need to give up!'

Gray floated down closing the gap. Letting off on the flames as he looked at the two.

"Dark Pulse!" Black rings racked into the two's body causing them to collapse onto the ground. He did not let up despite the cries. "Give up?"

"Never!" Clair gritted her teeth trying to stand up. Bones in her leg and back cracking. On her forehead a little blue mark was visible. Pearl was giving her additional power. "Never thought I have to use this against you so soon."

"Thump!" Her increase in Dragon aura crushed a layer of the ground. She reached out punching the dark rings. Blasting them away with a final bit of effort.

"Ughh!" Clair fell forward fainting. Sabrina grabbed her and Teleport away. "Sorry.."

"It is fine. Defintely my fault." Sabrina sat her down rubbing her face. The look she gave, left no room for doubt. She cared deeply for Clair still. More than she let on. "Dammit, Gray.."

"Oh, so it's my fault now? I'm the bad guy in this situation huh?" Gray's shoulders trembled slightly. "Not like they had to fight me. It is all about choice." He had to keep himself from laughing out right. The best way was to get another fight going. "Come on.. am I weaken enough for you yet?"

"!" He used Taunt on them. It ended up hitting the crowd as well. A few trainers came out to test him.

"Weak." Gray flapped back and released a Fire Spin. Eliminating them in an instant. "Do not fight with out having Pokesoul or Pokefusion as high enough understanding. Just hurting yourself and the pokemon you have."

"I will take care of the treatment if you want." June said. Gray pulled back the aura he was about to use on the Trainers. "Thanks!" June went to work instantly. 'Chroma, any chance you want to get in there and play?'

'h.e.l.l no. I am not a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t. Let the idiots go. In fact, push Red or Gold to go.' As if Gold just need the chance he jumped into the fray.

"Pokesoul!" His body enlarged slightly. Thick red plating all over his body. The tail and the weight caused him to hunch over. Black Sclera and golden iris took over for his eyes. Arms powerful in a way but more than he could handle. "Wooo! Let's rock!"

"Not a smart move. You are defintely not experienced with that form." Gray shook his head as he was just for purposes normal. "Calm Mind." Bathe in aura, his power redirected itself.

"RollOut!" Gold pulled in and came after Gray quickly. His first pa.s.s missed. Cutting around he went for another go. Missing once more. 'Dammit!' The balance was off. But Gold never broke out. Building more speed and power.

"Man you are really the explosive type." Gray smirked. "Defintely a jump in first kind of guy still. Haven't learned yet?" Gray asked calmly.

"Have you not learn to treat your friends better?!" Gold was frustrated and came around again. He wanted score at least a hit, so he little the aggression of the form get to him. "Pyron would weep seeing you treat them like this."

"Oh.. dear." Crystal looked at Silver who face palmed."Think it will end badly?"

"Yup." Silver said demurely. "I think we will need a hospital room prepared for awhile."

"Rumble!" Gold had so much momentum built up, the ground vibrated as he pa.s.sed. Even by the people far to the side. Gray created a psychic ramp that went straight up. Which was directly in his path.

"Woooaahhh!" Gold went into the air flying high into the sky pa.s.sed the steam clouds. "Think I am going to be sick."

"Calm Mind.. Sword Dance.. Bulk Up.. Focus Energy.. Dragon Dance.. Nasty Plot.. Curse!" A mult.i.tude of status went on Gray. A large nail appeared stabbing him the chest. He then repeated it again before using a move they never seen before. "Sword."

Swirling aura created a "Steel" Sword. The image of a dog appearing around Gray. Gold came down like a comet of destruction. A s.h.i.+ning light in the sky lighting it up. To those watching it looked pretty. But those trainers in the know, not so much.

"Drill Run!" Gold started spinning adding more power to the blow. Gray did not move at all. Which caused a few of the others to panic. "This will end it!"

"Booooooom!" The impact flattened the ground. Kicking up dust everywhere. Another sound rung out as Gold picked up Gray and threw hi out of the hole.

"Bah!" Gold's mouth open shooting our dirt. He used Mud Shot. It missed. He rolled forward then broke out. Grabbing Gray, he slammed him into the ground using the move Fissure to one shot him. "Go down!"

"Crack!" Gray's body bent unnaturally as he slammed into the ground. He bounced twice before getting up. Body covered in blood and several broken bones.

"Hahaha! That is more like it brat." Gray pulled the sword to him and shot forward. He used the move Quick Attack! "Try to survive this!"

"Protect!" Gold felt a sense of dread fro the sword. For good reason. "Oh c.r.a.p!" The protective s.h.i.+eld was pierced as the sword stabbed through going straight for his chest. "Can't get away!"

"Switch!" Iris yelled. Her aura wrapped around Gold switching places with him. "Ugggh!" The sword pierced her body knocking her out of the Pokemon Fusion. Her Haxorus laying to the ground unmoving. "No!" Tears coming down her face.

Gray body was still mangled. He floated over pulling out the sword. With the use of Fling, it said stabbing Gold in the chest. The sword shattered knocking the trainer off his feet and removing his Pokesoul state.

"I think.. I am done." Gold groaned out. Gray picked him up and kicked im out to the side. "Ouch. Sorry."

"You are not sorry. Not yet." Gray body restored from a pulling of aura. He looked to the side at Red who came in. "Bu t.i.t is ok... tonite is the night to slay dragons."

"You think you can take me in your state?" Red asked confidently. He was no slouch but his pokesoul felt scared. 'No, we can do this.'

"Oh dear boy, I have been in worse. To kill the champion of old Kanto, is such.." Gray Pokesoul into Dark Charizard. are helping me so much." The body of Haxorus came over to him. Hands digging in grabbing at the heart.

"Please!" Iris cried. Looking into gray's eyes she couldn't help but pray for him to stop. "He is my best friend."

"Gray.. don't do it." June murmured. A few other people saying the same. But not Jackie, Bea, Abigal, Silver, and Hilda. They just looked on in interest. "She has gotten the message." A bubble popped up answering the crowds collective prayers.

(Spare Haxorus.. the quest will be complete either way Fiel.) The color was slightly different. Someone else had sent it besides the others.

"Humph!" Gray dropped the pokemon on the ground. Not to kindly at that. Turning away from the crowd. Red attacked him. "Here we go!"

Red used Slash. Cutting across Gray. Revealing skin tissue from the strike. He turned grabbing Gray's arm and attempted to break it. With a kick, Gray use Stomp on his foot. Breaking the grip slightly.

"Bang!" Gray delivered an uppercut towards Red. Causing a few teeth to crack. The two stepped apart. Red breathing gold fire onto Gray.

"Ugh!" Gray groaned. What ever was mixed in causing him pain. With a flap of his wings he moved back. 'Not yet!' A bit of aura tried to leave his body. "Raaah!" With a grunt, he sent out a Twister!"

Winds ripping through Red cutting into his thighs. Both flew into each other. Biting and slas.h.i.+ng into each other. A slug match of Dragons. Gray did more ripping than scratching. Pulling chunks of flesh off.

Red doing more to injure and subdue. His tail came around smacking Gray in the face. Almost making him drop his guard. Almost. Tail Whip only worked on those not prepared.

"Humph!" Red snorted some flames out. He stomped forward and smashed his shoulder into Gray. He used Body Slam to push him back. "Raaaaah!"

A golden Fire Spin engulfed Gray. Red took that time to recover. He used the move rest to stop the bleeding. Waking up a few seconds later thanks to the cheering crowd.

"Ha.. ha..time to.." Red stopped talking seeing Gray covered in black flames. "..what is this?!"

"Just a little Revenge boyo. Double Revenge actually." Gray shot off. Two trails of dark fire trailing behind him. "Bah!" A dark ball of energy slammed into Red. Followed by Gray striking down twice.

"Schlick!" A large cross appeared on Red's face as he tried to move. He maneuvered good enough.

"Schlick!" The second cut from his shoulder all the way across his thigh.

"Grrrrooo!" Red cried out and stumbled back. Falling on his b.u.t.t as he tried to hold onto his state. "I can still keep going.." He stared defiant at Gray. "I can still fight!"

"Woos.h.!.+" Gold aura energy wrapped around Red. The power not healing him but boosting his power. He mega evolved. Gaining the protrusions and additives of Charizard Y. The flame on his tail glowing slightly brighter.

"You can not hope to beat me in your state." Red said a.s.sured of his victory. Gray just shrugged at him. "Overconfident. I will show you!"

"Fwis.h.!.+" Red built a golden fireball in front. The flames making Gray's skin crawl. He finally understood why the flames hurt.

"Flames of Arceus... Professor Oak has some explaining to do!" Gray's countenance turned dark. Had out front he got ready on his end. Waited long enough. "Bide.. release!"

"Kaaaaaaw!" As if a battles.h.i.+p cannon fired, Gray fired a dark ball of energy. Red had no choice but to release his attack. THe golden flame pierced through carrying all the way to Red.

"Kaaabbooommm!" It detonated on impact. Bathing him in the dark energy that covered the area. Nothing was heard unto a sound in the distance cut through.

"Crack!" Several trees broke in half as Red bulldozed through.

"Hmmm, how fun." Gray flapped in place. He reached up pulling the steam clouds into his body. "Aqua Ring!" The mist poured in boosting the effect. "Ahh, good to know I have the restraint mastered. Thought it would have taken forever in this state."

(Quest Complete: Trainer has Mastery of Beastout of current Pokesoul's and Pokefusion. Increase in aura by 5. All stat increase by 4. Pokesoul removal strengthen. Can now take away from unwilling partic.i.p.ants.)

(Quest Complete: Fight against the Dark Trainers. Trainer Red unknowingly allowed the escape of a dangerous individual. Trainer's pokemon now have increased resistance against Thief Ball and s.n.a.t.c.h Ball. Increase in funds by 15%)

"Recover." Using the last of the wayward energy, Gray went to collect his pokemon that watched. "Ready to go in for the night?"

They nodded happily. Growlithe ran over jumping on his head. The others were slightly dumbfounded in the change in his demenour. As well as the fact know one died. Well.. a few came close.

June and a few of the mediums went to heal the area.


Hotel Room-


"So... wow. The wings are nice." Hilda said. After they cleaned up, Gray had threw off his s.h.i.+rt, right before his wings extended out. "They look so amazing." Hilda started to touch them immediately. Bea sat to the side meditating to calm herself.

"Knock knock!" Someone was at the door. When neither of them answered, someone unlocked it from the outside.

"We just had to.. talk.." Sabrina said. June and Clair behind her. "She is touching your wings." She was jealous. Hild didn't stop at all. "Tch!"

"Get in." June pushed them in before closing the door. She locked it back. "Sorry for intruding." A pink s.h.i.+ne as Chroma left her. Ori doing the same with Sabrina. Empress floating out as well. Albeit tired. "May I?"

"I do not care right now." Gray pushed his wings over towards her. He waved his hands and let Savage and Impact feel it. The two little pokemon hopped onto a wing each. "Need to see some things better."

"Judgement... its worse." Ori mumbled. She stared at Gray with hopeful eyes. "Cause.."

"The Dark Trainers this time. Greed and l.u.s.t in such a strong measure. If I could have stopped that one.. well yah know." Gray left it at that. Savage took on her Mew form. Wrapping around the wing that represented l.u.s.t. He turned to look at Hilda. She just blinked at him not understanding. "But, the crowd cheering for Red helped."

"Is that why you provoked them?" June asked.

"Correct. They needed to believe in their champion. Also, a few trainers from different regions were around. Had to show case some talent out there to them."

"You could have been more gentle." Clair said.

"Pfft as if. I still want to eat both of their hearts. Iris and Red would have been quite delicious. Gold is just not ripe yet." Gray licked his lips. The little Mew's finally ran out of energy and pa.s.sed out. Floating them to the side, he was suprised when t.i.tan took a protect watch over them. Along with the Absol's. 'Good to get the bigger rooms. Most of the Pokemon like the open areas.'

"Survival of the fittest." Bea said. Her aura mellow and serene. "But at least you didnt kill them needlessly. After what happened in Galar, a few more Elite Trainer's are needed."

"I suppose." Gray shrugged. "You finished?"

"Yes." Ori said. She floated back to Sabrina. "Still have time right?"

"Yeah sure." Gray shrugged. "I have not thought about it lately so... yeah."

"We have time." Chroma's eyes flashed. "A good bit if Gray continues to act like this. To "Endure" for endurance sake. Thank you." She meld into June. Gray was talking to someone mentally so he zoned out slightly.

"So we should talk, where is Jackie by the way?" Sabrina asked. Gray pointed to the bathroom. "She ok?"

"Far as I can tell." Gray had no idea. She was extremely quiet when they left. "Jus happy to be back."

"Who is all sleeping in here?" Clair asked.

"Everyone." Hilda said teasing. Gonna pile on the beds and have a sleepover." This irked Sabrina slightly. "Hey Gray, can we sleep on your wings? Think they will give a really good nights sleep."

"You.." Sabrina contained herself before she outburst to quickly. "Each of the wings will do something to a regular person. Let alone someone who.."

"Someone what?" Hilda felt the winds were more than just aura energy solidified. She just didn't ask. Neither did Bea.

"Fwis.h.!.+" Gary and Victini appeared.

"Someone who has gained his favor." Victini floated around. "You two have his favor. Especially Hilda. Which is weird. Since you are human."

"What am I then?" Bea asked.

"Huh, oh you are.. I can not say. I forgot the name. It will come to me eventually. It is not anything bad. Same as that boy Silver. Good different." Victini floated around and couldn't help himself. He rammed into Gray's wings. "The boy gold.. I left him with a little of my power. Just a smidgen. He will be bettter next time you fight him."

"No problem. So why are you still like this?" Gray watched as Victini kept ramming into his Wrath wing. "Having fun?"

"I like this form. I do not want to stress Gary. He is alright. Way smarter than others. Learning a lot." Victini bit unto a feather remembering a life they once had. When he and Fiel didn't fight. But fought togethor. "Yes, I am having fun. I like this place. The longer it takes the longer we can stay."

"Hmm, would you like to go with me to a place next time?" Gray received a big-eyed pleading look. "Take that as a yes. What about your other half?"

"She can come to! It will be the best thing ever!" Victini flew around till he tired himself out. He then went to Gary and rested. "Goin to rest now. To tired from fixing the forest and extracting myself from Gold."

'All that excess aura from my claw has subsided well enough. No issues still. Which is good. But I think my Giratina and Yvetal form will have more strength.'

They talk deep into the night. Jackie came out flopping onto the bed by June. Chatting away happily. Sabrina couldnt' help to fidget about. She wanted to speak with Gray in private but was to exhausted to even do Telepathy. Internally, Empress was chewing her out something fierce.

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