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"Hey, Jackie." Gray said softly. The woman blushed just hearing his voice. it had been a long time for them all. But longer for her. Considering where she went to. "Here to stay or visit?" After looking at her, he looked back at Iris. 'What is with that box. It prevents me from pulling it towards me.'

"To stay." Jackie answered. She pulled out an envelope but held it saying. "..I will let you know where to go and meet your Grandfather if you hand that over to Gray. If not.. your grandpa will die."

"Thats.." Iris was conflicted.

"That is low." Red said angered. Gold looked upset as well. "A man's life is at stake."

"So what?!" Jackie shrugged. Her voice cold. "Several lives are at stake every day. That is a memento to her but important to Gray. What do you think Professor Oak would say if he knew about this?"

"He would say for her to hand it over." Gary almost snarled. Fire starting to swirl slightly. "I think officer Abigal should confiscate it to check."

"Ummm how about we all just take a step back." Abigal did not want to get involved. This was a bit of a problem for her. "How about we continue this sober?"

"I am sober." Gray said. His aura energy washed over removing the alcohol in his System.

"It's a deal." Iris said reluctantly. She the box over to Jackie taking the envelope. "I still do not see how it is his." Jackie immediately gave it to Gray.

"Badump!" Iris, Clair, and Red felt a pain as Dragon Aura a.s.saulted them. Clair was not as intense since Gray approved of her. The others felt a migraine. Blood going down their noses.

The claw settled into Gray's palm. Circulating and vibrating like it finally made it back home. Gray felt the memories that it held but left it for later. Clutching his hand, it was back under control.

"You are.. how..?!" Iris went over the letter again and again. It was defintely her Grandfather's writhing. "I am to follow you if need be. You are the successor of the clan."

"I decline. You and your clan can all die for I care." Gray said. The bubble that appeared was ignored completely. Someone else could deal with the clan politics. "So Jackie, how was going back?"

"It was the worst ever. My parents were insufferable and wanted to know every single detail and go to every single place. When we left the dungeon I was happy to let them know how to get my sister." Jackie sat at the table behind Gray. Immediately reaching over, taking his drink. "Waaa vodka Oran berry. You defintely are him."

"Yes, I am. Which really is weird. Hate time c.r.a.p." Gray smirked. Sabrina and June got up to move to her table. Wanting to catch up immediately. "You are super popular."

"Glad to be back." Jackie eye lingered a bit before looking towards Sabrina and June. They had to catch up about things.

"So.. LAvendar town. You coming to help?" Silver asked.

"Noe. Sabrina said turns out I am not needed. Which is just fine by me. Going to head towards.." Gray stopped talking as he watched some people near the pokemon. ".. excuse me."

"No these are not them." A man had grabbed one of the Absol's by the tail. A small device in his hand checking for the tracer the pokemon had inside them. Gray had already removed them. He let go just in time to get flung across the way by Gray. "Urrk!" He land right against a tree.

"Woah!" Red came over in front of Gray. "You can not just attack people." He was still upset about how Gray acted. As well as what happened to Ash. Then the report about the Gym Leader Milo to.

"First of all, he is not people you dumb a.s.s. He is a poacher. Second of all, also a Dark Trainer. Third.." Gray let loose his aura. ".. move before I break your neck. You are standing in the way of taking out this filth!"

"s.h.i.+t!" The Dark Trainer was already getting up triggering a device. "Later losers!" The area fluctuated preventing aura and psychic lockdown against him. He was gone in an instant.

"s.h.i.+t!" Red turned back ready to apologize. However, apologies were off the table. "Ughh!"

"Mega Punch!" Gray channeled the energy that was trying to lock down the Dark Trainer against Red. "He is gone.. thanks to you. I seems you need to learn not to get in my way. A permanent solution is needed. Yah think?"

"d.a.m.n you. That would do serious damage if I was some rookie." Red looked back troubled. The blow was blocked but the lingering effect was the problem. 'My aura is disrupted. My pokesoul seems stagnate.'

"To me you are a rookie in the art of fighting." Gray's voice took on a dual tone. "We should have an Elite Battle. That way when I rip out your heart, no problems. Just proof you were to weak. Come on.. what are you waiting for?"

"How about we fight instead." Iris said. she walked out with her pokeball at the ready. "When I win, you come and help the clan."

"Hahaha, this is beyond perfect." Gray laughed loudly. His aura kicking up a notch. Fighting them would defintely give him a few level-ups. And taking their hearts, a lot of info and power. "I will fight you both!"

"They are unfit to battle. Both have alcohol in their system." Sabrina said. She did not like the looks of Gray's current demeanor. Matched how he was against Ho-Oh to much. "Another day would be better."

"You are standing in my way... why is that?" Gray c.o.c.ked his head to the side annoyed. His eyes glowing darkly. The scarf of Darkrai appearing in an instant. "Never thought you would try to keep me weak."

"That is not it at all!" Sabrina said quickly. "Red did not know that guy was a Dark Trainer. He is at fault but no reason for you to take it out on Iris."

"She is the one to offer the fight?" Gray shrugged his shoulders. "Why not take a free lunch."

"Pride.." June mumbled. Crystal and Silver heard her clearly. "It is going to be a long month."

"Meaning?" Silver asked.

"Meaning do not stand in his way for the next month. The following month.. it will be a perfect time to rest. He will sleep a lot. And I mean a lot." June rubbed her temples. Ori shot out wrapping Gray up to hold him in place. "Huh!?"

"Disable!" Sabrina realized she was not getting through to him. So she attacked to try and subdue. "If you want I fight so bad, let me help you with one!"

"Raaah!" Gray broke the disable in a split-second. Dark aura circling around him in an instant. "Pokesoul!" His voice came out slightly twisted. "Try not to disappoint."

"Wooos.h.!.+" Around energy wrapped around as he used a move.

"Move further away." Abigal said. They did so. She put in the order for an Elite Battle. Marking it under Battle Royal for some reason. "This will not end well."

"Fwoos.h.!.+" A Shadow Ball shot towards Sabrina from Gray.

"Hah!" A Dragon Pulse left from Clair who intercepted in an instant. "Not gonna give her the chance to change? Who knew you would act so low."

"She is using a medium to bolster herself, and I am the low one? Hahahaha?" Gray started to laugh. "I will wait. Bring everything you have. I need the experience. I am sure you two lovers want to fight together anyway."

"Brrrp!" As the aura energy finished, Gray had a new form. The scarf around his neck that moved about unnaturally. His body completely engulfed in darkness. Flowing shadows as a cloak. His fingers and claws fused. Unlike a Darkrai that had blue eyes, his eyes were golden. On the chest, a green hexagon appeared.

"s.h.i.+ft!" A few hexagon patterns moved about as Zygarde's arms formed out of his shoulders. The pattern constantly s.h.i.+fting reflecting the surroundings.

"Sching!" Sabrina fused with Espeon bolstered by Ori. She was not alone as Clair used the Rayquaza Pokesoul.

"Bulk Up." Gray said calmly. He disappeared from the location past their senses.

"Where is he!?" Sabrina called. She couldn't sense him.

"I don't know!" Clair spread her senses only catching slight fluctuations. "He is moving to fast!"

"This.. battle is mark as a death one. Are you crazy!?" June looked at Abigal.

"Will you get them to calm down then." Abigal said. "They both marked they were fine. Considering their articular auras, I am sure they flushed the alcohol from themselves." She turned to Red and Iris. "You two may want to leave. Since.. well.."

"I want to watch this. I have a bit of knowledge about the relations.h.i.+p between them." Iris said shaking her head.

"They do not have one." Hilda said. She was drinking Rawst Berry and Gin. "That is what he told us."

"Yup. That is true." Bea added. She was not allowed to drink. Still to young. "So might be a bad idea to fight an ex after losing a friend."

"Oh wow." Jackie rubbed her chin. "A lot has happened while I was away. Gray is not taking this lightly. He is about to stab her."

"Urrrk!" Clair choked on her own blood. Gray's arm was sticking out of her chest. Black hands stretched her body outward. "Not that easy!" Her muscles tightened as she broke free. The hands disappeared but reformed around her face.

"Pew!" Sabrina fired a focused Psybeam at Gray. It caught his face ripping right through it. He didn't let go of Clair though. In fact, he tightened up around her.

"Ahhhhhh!" Clair screamed as darkness enveloped her. Slowly her body started to ball up. 'I can't get free!'

"Catch Sabrina!" Gray said heated. He waved Clair like a ball and chain. Smas.h.i.+ng into Sabrina. She was sent into the air but not for long. 'Teleport!' Reappearing behind her, he slammed Claire into her then outstretched his hand. 'Hyper Beam!'

Instead of the normal golden color, this beam was dark in color. It smashed into the two. Pus.h.i.+ng them into the ground. Gray absorbed the aura in the air removing the need for a recharge.

"Pathetic. To fight me after fighting each other earlier today, what were you thinking with such low energy?" Gray receded Zygarde and Darkrai but kept his aura out. Pointing at Red and Iris. "Come on, we still need to have that fight."

"But you had a battle today to!" Bea yelled. "As well as the energy you wasted against me!" Gray shook hos head no at her.

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