The Binary World 72 The Whispering Caves Part-3

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As the group entered the dungeon Sylphy spoke in a commanding tone, "CelestialMaiden since you are our only healer please stay behind and do not come forward also watch your MP consumption as well and do not sue heal on every other injuries."

CelestialMaiden nodded as Zeus spoke, "About that Sylphy you do not have to worry about her being the only person that can heal Tarasque can help to stave off her burden."

BarbarianQueen: "Ah yes I remember I watched the video of you conquering of that thrice d.a.m.ned dungeon, it was amazing how you three worked like a well oiled machine not to mention a tank that was a healer as well."

Sylphy nodded at that as she spoke, "I hope we will be able to conquer it just like you all did."

Tarasque nodded at that as she spoke, "I hope so too, but I know it would take some time to get used to each other."

ForestHuntress: "That is a given Tarasque."
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Azi gave a small smile as she spoke, "Well you see that I would love to chat with you all but it seems we have been surrounded by enemies."

Zeus quickly barked out orders at that, "Tanks take the outer perimeter with close combatants just after them, ranger attackers at the middle and healer at the center."

As the group quickly arranged themselves in position Zeus used his trademark spell with a smirk on his face, "Observe".

[Name: Antlion

Level 28 (Exiled Hatchling)

HP: 6000/6000

Mp: 0/0

The hatchlings were exiled because they were deemed weak, but still allowed to stay at the outer vicinity of the cave, they at first glance may not seem to be much but at the end of the day their blood is highly corrosive causing great damage to weapon armor and even health of a person.]

Zeus quickly spoke, "Prioritize range attacks their blood has the ability to destroy weapon and armor durability, so until and unless absolutely necessary use range attacks.", the others simply grunted at that as they attacked the creatures post haste.

A few hours later the group was resting in a sanctuary, a place devoid of any monster for dungeon divers like him to rest, as Sylphy spoke with a huff, "Our weapons and armor are getting so much damaged against them, I am glad we have people who can repair them."

Zeus gave a small smile as he began working on a tabar as Azi gave a frustrated growl as she spoke, "I hate it, I can forage my arrows back on normal circ.u.mstances but this they are not only causing only a return rate of around 60%, the arrows I receive are degraded even if they are repaired the attack is lower, even the durability it is so frustrating.", she looked as if ready to tear her hair off.

Zeus frowned at that as he spoke, "I am sorry Azi but as of now I do not have solution to your problem although I want to experiment a bit with their parts and who knows I might discover something."

Azi smiled back at him as she spoke, "Thank you in advance for that Zeus."

Zeus simply nodded at that as BarbarianLady spoke, "Hey Zeus I have a question for you."

Zeus tilted his head as he spoke curiously, "Question? Yes please ask away I will try to satisfy your curiosity as much as possible."

BarabrianLady gave a small nod at that as she spoke, "Well I simply wanted to know how did you make that weapon, I mean it can transform into a sword and then next instance in to a sword staff how did you do it?"

Zeus sighed as he gave an apologetic smile as he spoke, "Well I am sorry but I do not know how to make such weapons."

ForestHuntress frowned at that as she spoke, "Then where did you find it?"

Zeus: "Well it was hidden loot that Azi accidently spotted after we defeated the boss at the Nightmare run of the dungeon, it is soul bonded to me as such no one can use, steal or take this beauty from me, not to mention it grows along with my level."

TacoGirl let out a small whistle at that as she spoke, "I am totally jealous of that."

Zeus nodded at that as he spoke, "I would be if I were in your shoes upon saying that I have a theory about these weapons."

Zeus had a serious look on his face as if he was about to reveal the world's greatest secret as others gulped at that as Zeus spoke, "I believe if we find similar dungeons or secret location we will stumble upon similar weapons."

As soon as he spoke those words he was greeted with a piece of bread to his face as BlizzardQueen spoke with a huff, "Idiot anyone with half a brain knows there will be loot like that in such places."

Her outburst was countered by an incredible mature reply from Zeus who simply showed her his tongue enraging her further, but before a brawl could break out amongst them Tarasque successfully intervened them as she spoke, "Enough we do not have time to fool around."

Zeus simply shrugged at that as he concentrated on repairing the weapons and s.h.i.+eld for his teammates where as Azi became busy with their armor.

Sylphy who was moving around the sanctuary trying to study place, as CelestialMaiden spoke with a frown, "Zeus how are we going to deal with stronger enemies, if they are like the hatchlings we will be in trouble, the weapons and armor cannot hold them off and we do not have infinite mana pools to kill all of them by spamming spells one after another."

Zeus scowled at that as he spoke, "I know Celes, I know that thrice d.a.m.ned woman did not let us prepare anything and now we are moving here blind.", he finished his rant with an angry huff.

A sentiment which was mirrored by others as well except Tarasque who simply snorted at that as she spoke, "She is in fact giving us training in some way, a situation where our enemies are all very strong and has all the advantage so how do we get past them, this is well a nice simulation in this case."

Azi snorted at that as she spoke, "A simulation that will definitely kill us."

Tarasque simply smiled at that as she spoke, "Although I believe I can help you with that problem."

At that she got undivided attention of everyone as she took out some berries as she spoke, "I can use them to concoct some potion that will negate the effect of corrosion for at least 10 minutes each time the potion is used, but unfortunately I do not think I have enough to make us last for a long time though the good news is that this dungeon is well stocked with plants that bear the berries."

BlizzardQueen spoke with an excited tone as she spoke, "Then the problem is solved right? We can collect those for you."

Tarasque quickly raised her hand as she spoke, "Wah stop right there do not try to do such a thing, there is an identical one that looks like this and if you pick that one you will get poisoned and this one is delicate to peak, make a single mistake then the entire plant and berries well die."

Before they could speak a loud sound of door opening was heard as Sylphy grinned back at them as she spoke, "Well seems like I found out some form of hidden pa.s.sage."

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