The Binary World 65 The Commander's Offer Part-2

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[Quest Alert: Become the apprentice of the 'Chief of the Yafa Esari tribe'.

Chief of the Yafa Esari tribe ??????? wants you to become her apprentice, but for that you have to survive the lost city of Yafa Esari.
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Reward: Becoming Apprentice, ?????

Failure: Death, ?????? losing interest in you completely.]


Zeus sighed at that he knew his apprentices.h.i.+p under his blacksmith teacher had ended now he was given a chance to become student of another whom he knew nothing about as such he spoke with a sigh while selecting no, "Sorry but I have to decline I do not even know your name neither do I know what you would teach me."

The woman looked at him with wide eyes before he spoke with laughter, "HAhahahaha , what a wonderful child you are if you have excepted I would have send you out to the city and if you had survived because of your luck I would have gutted you then and there."

Everyone out there felt a chill down their spine specially Zeus who felt her predatory gaze on him as she spoke with her hand over her heart balled into a fist as she stood up while speaking, "Greetings Zeus, My name is Vessha Skywind, the Chief of the Yafa Esari tribe, so young Deva will you be my student I will help you learn lots of things from combat to politics and much more."

[Quest Update: Congratulations you have managed to pa.s.s Chief of the Yafa Esari tribe Vessha Skywind's test and have been granted chance at being her apprentice.

+30% increase in learning anything combat related.

+30% increase in stats




+500 Fame bonus with allies of Yafa Esari tribe.

+1000 Fame bonus with Yafa Esari tribe.

-1000 Fame bonus with allies of ????? tribe.]

Zeus did not see any problem with that as he spoke while cupping his hand accompanying it with a polite bow as he stood up, "This disciple greets master.", as he did that he danced up with a little joy, 'I nailed it just like those Xanxia and Wuxia novels.

Only to be slammed head first on to the ground hard startling others as the scrambled up on their feet, while his teammates jumped up on their feet as Vessha spoke with a frown, "No student of mine will bow to anyone even to me the only exception being their parents I hope you do not forget that, or else you will get more of my love taps."

Meanwhile Zeus gawked at her as he laid there on the ground as he thought, 'Love taps those were her love taps I only have 1 HP left, this is an attempt to murder me and where is friendly fire prevention system.'

BlizzardQueen: "So what about us?"

Vessha simply shrugged as she spoke, "I don't know do whatever you wish to as long as you do not cause any trouble."

Sylphy frowned as she spoke, "I understand that he has some nice race and all but do not dismiss us like we are nothing."

Zeus sighed from his position as he sighed inwardly, 'I was wondering when she would say something, if any female were given the chance she would have said nothing except be elated but I am male as such a problem for her.'

Vessha just raised one of her eyebrows as she turned and walked towards the door as she spoke in a commanding tone, "Zeus follow me."

Zeus quickly stood up as Sylphy growled as she spoke, "Do not ignore me like that."

Vessha shrugged just at that as she spoke, "Miss I am extremely important, use that tone and I will use you as a bait for my hunt and last I checked were you not his friend, I find your jealousy over your friend un-amusing." , her face had a stern look than before.

Sylphy gulped at that as Zeus spoke hurriedly, "Teacher, please forgive her she…"

Vessha sighed as she spoke while she began to walk in a fast pace with Zeus hot in her heels, "I do not care what she wants but Zeus your profession did you choose it after careful consideration."

Zeus nodded at that as he spoke, "Of course I did I took long time thinking and carefully considering with the limited information I had during that time."

Azi who had followed after them spoke with concern, "Is there any problem, is he in danger."

Vessha quirked one of her eyebrow at Azi's question, as she replied back to her, "Well Zeus has managed to paint a much larger target behind his back with his choice for profession."

Zeus ran his hand through his hair as Vessha continued speaking, "The last person who had was a Great Hero, if people were to know you posses this profession you will have many who would try to kill, some who would love to use you and a few who would happily be your ally, it is also one of the reason I took you as a disciple hatchling. The current you would not survive against even the weakest of them."

Zeus slumped at that as he muttered something about, 'Over powered Gary Stus and Mary Sues in Iseria.'

As they followed after her Vessha stopped as she spoke, "You all except Zeus can use this training ground and I have granted you to use the library to a certain extent as well, the guard over there will escort you there oh and also do remember to never move anywhere without notifying my guards or the consequences will be dire."

She then turned to one of her subordinates as she ordered him, "If they want a place to rest escort them to room 6 and 7 of the 9th of the special residential complex."

She then began walking as she signaled Zeus to accompany her with a wave of her hand as she spoke, " Dragoonvir, a profession created by the G.o.ddess of War for her disciple turned lover a tragic love story you know, her lover was a simple mortal which her relatives no matter his prowess or legend did not approve off, he was also the first one to find about the dark G.o.ds he warned the family of his lover but no one save for the War G.o.ddess heard him, the duo sought them out fought against them in order to save their realm their home, but alas it would not to be the G.o.ddess of Vengeance struck from the back killing him, maddened with grief the War G.o.ddess chased after her but by then the G.o.d King who was aware of the threat prevented her from getting justice stating, 'To wait later after the fiasco was over.'"

She took a deep breath as she spoke, "The G.o.ddess simple laughed at them as gave away her divinity to the horror of her family, she then threw herself in battle after battle before she finally fell."

Zeus was enraptured by the lore of the game the more he heard about it the more he wanted to explore the game every nook and cranny of it.

Vessha stopped in front of a training ground as she spoke, "Hatchling this is my personal training ground only those allowed by me will venture forth now draw your weapon and show me what you could do."

Vessha took out a staff out as she beckoned Zeus to attack him, who responded to her by bringing out a collapsible staff sword out.

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