The Binary World 56 Taking A Page From Another Part-1

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"It is going to blow run.", BlizzardQueen shouted out at the top of her voice as the group dashed as fast as possible away from the 'Bloated Scorpion'.

They had managed to get a few meters away from it, as it blew causing a few meters wide craters.
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Zeus but back a curse as he spoke, "What kind of creatures is this? It kills animals by blowing itself it is annoying."

Only for everyone's attention to be drawn towards TacoGirl who had a scared look on her face as she shakily raised her hand towards a certain direction.

As everyone turned the direction their face turned pale as in front of them was a horde of those beasts, Zeus gulped at that as he used 'Observe' on them.

[Name: Bloated Scorpion

Level: 25

Cla.s.s: N/A

HP: 50000/50000

MP: 20000/20000

Element: Fire

Attack: 5000

Defense: 10000

Spell: Explosion(Causes Damage equal to 2 times more than the total HP and Mp combined in an 10x10 area)]

Zeus gulped at that as he shouted towards the others at the top of his voice, "Run we will be overwhelmed if they manage to catch us."

As such they quickly boarded the caravan drawn by 'Whooping Beasts' which started moving soon, Azi spoke with panic evident in her voice, "They are gaining on us fast, long range users kill them."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "It seems like this is it for me, Azi if I do not return then my socks are yours."

The others almost face planted themselves on the floor after hearing that as Tarasque shouted out, "Zeus focus this is not the time to crack jokes."

Only for Zeus to grin in return as he jumped from the caravan as he threw a couple of stones to the scorpion shouting at the top of his lungs, "Come here you ugly fat p.o.o.pyheads who can only commit suicide and kill nothing but their own brethren come and kill yourselves you idiots."

The other sweat dropped at that as CelestialMaiden spoke, "Really 'p.o.o.pyhead' is his mind is alright?"

Sylphy had a deadpanned look on her face as she spoke, "It was certainly childish but he managed to draw the horde, but is that not a Cliffside he is running off to, IS HE COMMITING SUICIDE?", she shouted at the top of her lungs.

BlizzardQueen nodded her head sagely at that as she spoke, "I see so that is why he gave his socks to Azi, well congratulations sister for inheriting Zeus's socks."

CelestialMaiden spoke her tone full of panic, "There is no time for anything like that he is going to die."

"Actually sis", a female player by the name of ForestHuntress spoke with a nervous smile, "Zeus took a dive from the cliff along with the rest of those creatures.", what followed were series of deafening booms as they looked at the cliff side which was lit by flashes of light like night sky during the fourth of July.

CelestialMaiden gritted her teeth as she spoke, "This is not funny we are here not for too long and yet one of us already dead."

BarbarianLady another one of their teammates spoke with a twitch on her left brow, "Is he alright in the head, since we had began travelling he seemed to be high is he on drugs."

Azi and Tarasque felt a headache coming their way at mach 30 speed as Tarasque replied, "Well I do not think so, last I checked he is perfectly sane and is not on any form of drugs as for why is he acting like that I cannot say. But we should not waste our time here, one of us has already died as such I do not wish for more of us to sacrifice just to kill a horde like this, and as for the idiot he would resp.a.w.n somewhere."

With heavy heart the group started to move away from that place as a cloak covered figure looked towards them from behind some rocks as the caravan had progressed a little bit further away from them the figure noted another similar but a bit bigger caravan of 'Whooping Beasts' went past his hiding place.

As the caravan pa.s.sed him the person hidden behind the rock quickly send a message.

[ZEUS: enemy caravan confirmed, Heavenly Emperor leading the 'Vanguard of Heaven' is chasing after us.]

[BlizzardQueen: good work Zeus, if possible eavesdrop on them.]

[Zeus: Planning to though I have to point out that he is already at level 29 just below yours]

[BlizzardQueen: Noted and what was your Level again?]

[Zeus: 18 and don't laugh.]

[BlizardQueen: m9(^Д^)]

[Zeus: (#゚Д゚)]

[BlizzardQueen: Take care and stay safe.]

Zeus used a combination of blinks to appear on top of the Heavenly Emperor's caravan he was lying down on top of the roof activating a special skill he got, a Tier 4 skill, Camouflage, it makes him near invisible as long as he does not move from his position at all, it was also the perfect skill for eavesdropping but not sneaking in because of the movement restriction but most importantly as long as anyone does not have an elemental vision like Azi he is safe.

The caravan consisted of carriages which had skis and smooth bottom instead of wheel enabling them to be easily dragged by the Whooping beasts across the sand and as for the beast itself it looked like a mixture between a giraffe and a camel with 3 pairs of legs instead of just two, they were a bit taller than a camel and had incredible strength as they pulled the carriage across the desert easily.

As he was lying on top of the carriage he heard about various things but one of the conversation really stuck to him.

"MadKiller really outdid herself today, the bait she used to draw those cretins on them was hilarious, it's a shame only one of them died and even that was the most r.e.t.a.r.ded one at that."

"Yup, unfortunately it is not the real world or else we could have a bit fun with them after we caught them, it will teach them how foolish it was to try and defy our Emperor, I wish killer shadow was here."

"Leave him be, if he is so idiotic and pathetic that he could not control himself and try to peep on some computer generated data then he deserves it, moreover his gaming life is over, he will be there inside the jail for a long time, long enough for him to be completely useless to us."

Zeus new about it, the bait is usually sold at markets at the city, used to lure various creatures in order to hunt them and from what it seems as if they had used the same tactics, they simply want to make CelestialMaiden feel completely powerless and break her will.

Zeus did not like them at all, he simply wanted to kill them but he knew charging around blindly will be no good, he will be not only outnumbered but all of them are of higher level it will be a fight which will be near impossible to win as such he sighed and began formulating a plan.

Zeus, 'What to do? What to do? Wait a second the trail we are following lead us through the Death lands , a place filled with vicious beasts one of the most dangerous places along the trial, hmmm oh well I will borrow a page from your book 'Emperor' let us see how you survive extra doses of bait.', as he thought about the idea a s.a.d.i.s.tic grin formed on his face.

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