The Binary World 52 Visiting Yafa Esari Interlude Part-2

The Binary World -

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Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Well it is almost time for the sandstorm to hit, we just have to wait it out, Tarasque pa.s.s me the bread please."

Tarasque gave handed him a loaf of bread as she spoke, "So how long do you thing that it would be before the sandstorm ends."

Zeus shrugged as she spoke, "Well I do not think it would take too much may be a few hours at most."

As he spoke a message appeared in front of the trios HUD,

[THE GRAND SANDSTORM OF 'CURSED DESERT', time left: 71hrs 59minutes 59seconds]

The bread from Zeus's hand fell as he received a water skin on his courtesy of Azi who spoke with a growl, "You jinxed it Zeus jinxed it."

Zeus rubbed his nose as he spoke with indignation, "What did I do? It is not my fault that sandstorm is happening."

Azi spoke in a mocking tone, "There is nothing to worry it would be over in a few minutes. Now it is almost three days before it will be over."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Ok fine it is my fault so there is nothing to do about it right, so let us logout already, we will log in after the time is over."

Tarasque: "I want to point out that our avatars here will be vulnerable as such there is a chance that we might lose our possessions."
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Zeus ran his hand through his hair as he spoke, "Well all I think is blocking the door nothing else what do you girls think?"

Azi frowned as she spoke, "Oh and what are you going to use to block the door?"

Zeus gave a smirk as he simply patted his bed causing their eyes to go wide, a few minutes later they pushed the bed against the door jamming it so that not even a mouse could slip in.

With a loud hiss the capsule opened as Nathan stepped out as he sighed, 'What to do today? Since the fiasco with the amphibian reject mom has been a bit stricter with me, I doubt I can step out of the house anymore.'

A few hours later Nathan was busy having his breakfast as Yelena spoke with a small smile, "Since you do not have anything else to do for 24 hours why don't you finish the interview that was due."

Nathan eyes widen a bit at that as he spoke, "Ah I forgot about that so can it be arranged?"

Yelena spoke with a shrug, "Well they said they would love to have the interview whenever you are free. But I believe you should not dilly dally too much or the craze may die down, it has already been a few days already."

Aubriella frowned at that as she spoke, "As much as I wish for him to go out what if something happens again?"

Yelena: "Do not worry I will be going with them."

Aubriella sighed as she spoke, "Then make it both of us, I think I need some time off from work."

Nikola spoke with a smile, "That is great aunty, and then if even Uncle takes a day off we can have some time with the entire family."

Tristan smirked at that as he spoke, "Not a bad."

Nathan spoke with a big smile on his face, "That is great so please take a day off you two."

The duo shrugged at that and a few hours later Nathan found himself sitting on a couch with Nikola and Katrina sitting on his either side, the makeup artists applying a few touches of makeup to make them look better, and much to their astonishment Amelia herself was present apparently she was the leading player who had just reached the level 30th mark, and had taken a seat on a chair on Katrina's left.

Nathan grumbled as he spoke, "You are raising though your level faster than a rocket."

Amelia sighed as she spoke, "It cannot be helped at all, we have been cornered badly Nathan, we are fighting a losing battle."

Nathan frowned at that as he spoke, "Why what happened?"

Amelia frowned as she spoke, "My friend's brother's girlfriend was helping was turned out not only a traitor but a s.l.u.t for my friend's supposed fiancé, that wh.o.r.e was rattling our every strategy to the other side. My friend's brother felt depressed enough to kill himself, and now he is in the hospital. Not only that we do not have anyone left every person we had gathered are all gone, we two are alone except for a couple of our friends."

Nathan frowned at that as he spoke, "Where exactly are you at present, Amelia?"

Amelia: "Taga, why?"

Nikola who was listening to them spoke with a smile, "We are at Khojila, why don't you come over to our place, and it is half a day journey north-westward from your place to that city."

Katrina: "You can join us on a quest a very difficult one at that but think it would be nice if we could help you."

Amelia smiled as she spoke, "Thank you as soon as the Dust storm settles down we would arrive there, and if possible I would love to s.h.i.+ft to your home city, as ours is not so safe for us."

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "Do not worry Amelia, I gave you my word that I would help you so you have nothing to worry about but what about the girl's father seeing his son like that."

Amelia's scowl grew darker as she spoke out in anger, "What can you expect from a power hungry mongrel like him he did not even bother in fact went as far as to say that someone as weak willed as him should die instead of shaming his ancestors, like him spreading his legs like some drug addicted prost.i.tute for any shred of so called power and money elevates the honor of his ancestors, how I ought to …."

Nathan coughed hard as he stopped her ran after all the place where they were was not a good place to discuss when there are so many ears listening to them.

Amelia gave a sheepish smile as she spoke, "Well sorry about that I am under a lot of stress although Nathan that prom was even more stressful so how do you plan to compensate me.", she finished with a coy smile.

Nathan groaned at that as Katrina spoke on his behalf, "How about this Amelia, why don't you have Nathan make something nice to eat."

At that both Nikola and Amelia gave their undivided attention to Nathan as they spoke, "You know how to cook?", they both spoke in unison.

Nathan simply waved his hand in a so so motion as he spoke, "Nothing spectacular I am just a normal run of the mill cook."

Katrina snorted at that as she spoke, "Yup normal you had an Hotelier who has hotels all around the world hounding you to join his hotel chain after tasting your food a few months back."

Nikola spoke with a frown, "So unfair you never told me."

Amelia nodded her head as she spoke, "I agree with Nikola so unfair now I seriously want to try your cooking."

Nathan sighed as he spoke, "Well may be after the interview is over you may come over for dinner back home if it is alright with you."

Amelia: "I would love to."

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