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Zeus sighed for the nth time he was getting frustrated, the priests inside the grand cathedral was the most greediest bunch he had ever met in his life, even breathing in front of them requires money, are they really devotees of G.o.d he had half a mind to shove every weapon in my inventory on them.

"What is going on here?", came a gruff voice from those priests behind startling them.

One of the priest turned towards them as he spoke, "HOW DARE YOU INTER…..", his voice died as he found himself under the intense glare from a person dressed in ceremonial robes.

"So the rumors are true you all have created an extortion racket here.", spoke the man anger evident in his voice, as the priests further wilting under his intense glare.

"Sir, please we are devotees of G.o.d, we are doing nothing but work of church.", came a meek voice from amongst the group of priests.

"BE SILENT", powerful voice reverberated through the halls even shaking the bones of the trio, Zeus quickly used observe on the person, only to be disappointed as he found nothing about it except the person to glance towards him causing a chill to travel down his back.

The two guards by his sides gripped their weapons hard ready to attack them only to be stopped by the person as he raised his hands as another guard approached him, he glanced at them before he whispered something in his ears while covering his mouth with his hands making sure the trio not to decipher what was being said.

The man sighed as he spoke, "I see, then take your men and drag that lecherous pig in front of the church, and I do not care if he is wearing something or not, evil shall be purged, oh and make sure to make a spectacle while dragging him here."

The guard bowed as he left, as the person gave his undivided attention to the priests in front of him, "So what to do with you all now."

The dozen of priests quickly kneeled in front of them well most of them did now, a few were too fat to even bent, "Please have mercy on us, please the Church teaches mercy as such you…"

The person spoke with a smile, "So true, but only those who are repentant but do not worry the Church will make sure you are repentant, Paladins seize them and throw the lots inside the dungeon."

A group of guards quickly appeared seeing them the priests face paled as they tried to make a run for it while some of them trued to cast spells in order to fight back only to be stopped by the person, [Ma.s.s Paralyze], [Silence], two different spells was used by the person at the same time, to the trio it looked as if he spoke twice at the same time.

Azi whispered to her teammates, "d.a.m.n that was cool, cuz what is his level quickly use observe and tell us."

Zeus whispered back, "I have tried already but not only was it blocked by him and the two of his people but also caught me."

Tarasque: "I think we came at the wrong maybe we should take our leave."

Zeus sighed, "Well I do not believe they will allow us."

Azi sighed as she whispered, "What kind of c.r.a.ppy event did we get caught in the middle of?"

As the paralyzed priests were being escorted by the guards, the person turned towards as he spoke in a calm voice, "I apologize for making you witness a 'c.r.a.ppy event' as you so eloquently put it my child, we were simply doing some house cleaning.", causing Azi to flush with embarra.s.sment.

The man walked towards them his guards flanking by his side as he spoke, "I am Cardinal Boudier, so how may I help you all?"

Zeus stepped forward as he kissed the ring on the hand of Cardinal with his knees bent while the two ladies simply curtsied a bow, as Zeus spoke, "A very Good Evening to you Cardinal, my name is Zeus and the lady on my right is Azi and on my left is Tarasque, we recently came across some artifact when we conquered the Dungeon in this city, which we thought to bring it to Church, we thought that it might cause an insurmountable damage when used by wrong people as such we were trying to get an audience with the Archbishop."

The Cardinal narrowed his eyes as he spoke, "I see, so I think we best speak about this matter in private, no?"

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "Of course Cardinal."

Cardinal nodded as he spoke, "Well follow me and my Paladins there is a private chamber here where we can speak."

With that the group moved towards a room as soon as they entered the room the door was closed by the Paladins as a feeling of cool air pa.s.sed over them as the Cardinal spoke, "Now child what do you wish to say to me.", but the trio kept glancing at the two paladin's along with him, causing him to sigh as

Zeus: "Well I think I should show you instead."

With that he took out the tome for the 'Necromancer' cla.s.s, seeing it the Cardinal's eyes widen as he shouted out, "Where did you get such an evil thing?"

Even the paladin's accompanying him became once again became vigilant as Zeus spoke, "We conquered the dungeon by slaying Dragol, this was dropped by him when he died."

The Cardinal's eyes widen as he spoke, "Ah I have heard about the group who had slain the cretin but to think you three were the one.", he leaned forward studying the tome intently as he spoke, "The service you three did to the people of Isera is outstanding. Not only that you have a very good head on your shoulder if news about such was released it would have caused untold amount of chaos and danger."

Cardinal closed his eyes as if he was contemplating the entire situation as one of the Paladin's spoke, "Sire, destroying such an evil thing is difficult as such when are we going to seal it?"

Cardinal shook his head as he spoke, "Sealing is not an option as every lock has a key as such we have to destroy, for that Her Holiness Pope is needed and fortunately for us she will be here within two months time, enough for us to start preparing for the ritual.", with that the Cardinal and his two Paladins looked at them as the Cardinal spoke, "Child, you have done a great service to the Church, but I hope you can lend us your service, I know you may be wondering why I am asking you, it is simple you are not affiliated with church as such you all will draw less attention to you. So would you accept the quest?"

Azi: "Cardinal Sir, what kind of quest we will be undertaking?"

Cardinal Boudier sighed as he spoke, "I am sorry child but I will only tell you if you accept the quest."

The trio looked at each other before Taraque spoke, "We accept."

Cardinal became visibly pleased as he spoke, "Excellent, you see you three only have to bring a certain ingredient from a place a bit far away if you leave early you will be back within a month's time by then we would have all the ingredients we need, but more importantly you three do not have a 'Job', is it not?"

Zeus: "Well we have secondary jobbut not the primary one yet."

Cardinal sighed as he spoke, "I see well then I would advise you to get a job before you leave with the quest or else it would be incredibly difficult, so how about this tomorrow why don't you visit the temple and get yourself a job, it would be greatly helpful to you for your endeavor and then you may come back here so that we may have the much needed talk."

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "Well then by your leave Cardinal Sir, we will see tomorrow after we get our job."

The Cardinal nodded at that as a message appeared in front of his eyes,

[Quest Alert]

[Chain Quest: Help the Church to destroy the tomb for Necromancer Job

Quest Rating: ??

Chain Quest Reward: ?????

Quest: Get a Job

Reward: Chances of survival greatly increases.

Failure: You will have a hard time against your enemies.

Chain Quest Failure: ????]

Zeus sighed as they left the were greeted to a sight of a extremely fat person being dragged naked by the Paladins on horseback, as Azi whistled lowly at the scene as she spoke, "d.a.m.n the Cardinal is something else."

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "He really is something he not only readily accepted our request to speak with him alone but he handed us a quest whose contains are still yet unknown to us, as such forgive me but I find the entire thing extremely fishy."

Azi just snorted at that as she spoke, "Brother, stop being so paranoid.", while Tarasque nodded completely agreeing with her

Zeus sighed at that as he thought, 'No matter what they say, I have nothing to lose if I stay vigilant around such dubious person.'

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