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Zeus scratched his cheeks as he spoke, "Well I wanted to awaken my weapon, and it seems it will need certain amount of materials to awaken it."

Alfostrog looked at him curiously at that as he spoke, "And what ingredients that might be?"

Zeus: "Well I have to use broken weapon remains to awaken it."

Alfostrog: "So what are you waiting for Zeus, grab those over there and trying waking it.", as he pointed to a pile of broken of weapons.

Zeus nodded at that as he made his way to sc.r.a.p heap, as he brought out his weapon as he touched a broken weapon piece an option appeared in front of his eyes.

[Consume a broken weapon piece.]


Naturally he pressed 'YES', no sooner did he do as such the broken weapon piece simply disappeared as suddenly a HP bar like thing appeared on top of the weapon,

[Awakening: 1%]

He sighed as he turned towards his teacher as he spoke, "It seems it would take at least a 100 broken weapon pieces to awaken itself."

Alfostrog shrugged as he spoke, "So what are you waiting for get on with it."

Zeus nodded as he quickly finished using about a hundred broken weapon pieces, as he watched the bar fill itself as it started glowing with a dull orange glow.



Zeus pressed yes as he watched with a wide grin in his face, a grin big enough to split his face in half, the weapon glowed brightly for a brief moment before the glow subsided revealing the weapon in front of him as he spoke in a disappointed tone, "That's it, I am really disappointed at that I thought the light would be greater, a quake would occur the sky will darken but this is rather underwhelming."

As he turned he was greeted by Alfostrog who had a dull look on his face but before Zeus could speak he was beaten to it by his teacher, "Are you high child? Could I also have something of that?"

Zeus blushed in embarra.s.sment as Alfostrog continued speaking, "Well, why would you expect something like that? Now go on and check on your weapon."

Zeus sighed at that at least his head was not smashed again that was something, with that he used 'observe' on his newly awakened weapon, unlike the rusted and decrepit look the weapon had previously now it looked as if the blade was made up of copper which was sharpened up to make the surface glaze, and the surface was made up of grey colored wood, the guard was made up of bronze, overall it did not have any redeeming feature it looked plain compared to his current weapon.



Sword Staff (SWORD STAFF) (Collapsed Form)

Profession Restriction: N/A

Soul Bound: Zeus

Tier: 0

Level Requirement: 5

Physical Attack: +20

Magic Attack: +20


Critical hit +5%

Durability: 1000/1000


Alfostrog: "Hmmm not bad for the lowest Tier Weapons."

Zeus looked confused at that as he spoke, "What is this 'Tier' thing? Should it not have a level?"

Alfostrog: "Well do you remember, what is the main problem between non leveled and leveled weapons?"

Zeus nodded as he spoke, "Yup for a non leveled weapon if an awakened uses its durability decreases at an alarming rate the higher the level of the user is, and as for the weapons with level on them they could be used by people as long as they are of the same level or of higher level than the items but in case the level of the user is very high when compared to the item it tends to cause same problem which causes degradation in durability."

Alfostrog nodded at that as he spoke, "Yes, now tier is used for two purposes in any items you can find with both tier and level, which is the case of any weapon which has level on it, tier is meant to indicate the type of weapon Unique, Rare, Legendary etc., but in case of your weapon which is showing '0' beside the Tier stats currently is equivalent to a 'Common Tier' weapon, the best thing about them is that they can be used by anyone who fulfill their requirement, like in your case it has level requirement of '5', as such as long as you are above level 5 you can use it. Normally it would have been nice but your weapon grows along with you as such you cannot advance it too much too quickly otherwise say you are at level 20 and your weapon requires level 30 as such you will have to wait till you can reach that level until you can use it, also there is a chance other conditions might add to it like strength and what not as it increases in tier."

Zeus sighed as he spoke, "Great just great.", before a grin appeared on his face, "But that also means that I can one day get a chance to have a G.o.d Tiered equipment.", his eyes sparkled in amazement.

His daydreaming was cut off by his teacher's snort as he spoke, "DO not get your hopes up child, the strongest weapon currently is a Legendary tiered weapon that is in the hands of the Royal family, only the King can wield it and no one else. The weapon you got may be only a scale up to 'Legendary' level at its best."

Alfostrog: "Well so since you have reached level 11 you can easily ramp up your training and can now use a secondary weapon so do you have any idea on what to use."

Zeus sighed at that as he spoke, "Well I was thinking about using a 'Wakizas.h.i.+'."

Alfostrog stoked his beard as he spoke, "Then what are you waiting for, get going fast go and gather some ores fast."

Zeus sighed as he left the forge not before sending a message to his teammates as he left the city, as he left he took a notice that more and more decently dressed players present although there was a tons of new players as well it would take some time to leave through the eastern gate as such he left using the western gate he was grateful for having the insight to increase his cla.s.s.

The entire ordeal according to him was boring he had made his way to the mine and had successfully collected as much Ores as possible as well as had gotten some coal, and wood along with him it was already late afternoon when he was returning back when he was greeted by the a group of 50 players with various weapons and armors.

One of them stepped forward as he spoke, "Our Guild leader SupremeKing sends regards."

'Guild??? Ah all those people have created some temporary Guild because as far as the game is concerned all thought the DEVs have said there is 'Guild System' but no one knows how to establish a 'Guild', but more importantly the DEVs themselves were tightlipped the best everyone knows that we will know when it happens but how, it was frustrating.'

Zeus smirked that as he spoke, "Ho, the smelly walking talking p.o.o.p who was chased out of the city is your guild master, I pity you lot, now be a dear and leave before you die."

Normally he would have not shown so much mercy to them but he felt pity for them working for someone the likes of Quinn not only that but he was a n.o.ble as such anyone of equal or above cla.s.s than him in the hierarchy of a n.o.ble will simply have to suffer some unique penalties, normally when someone attacks another person they become a PKer during the period of time as long as they get near the city let alone get inside it the gurads will attack and him being a n.o.ble they will not try to apprehend them but outright kill him, but the best part is when a person gains a PKer status for every fight they had killed or tried to kill they will have to at the very least spend three days in game in order for them to get out of the PKer status but if they kill again during the time period then they will have to spend another extra 3 days, trying to kill a n.o.ble simply extends the period twice which increases with each higher rank, since he was of the lowest ranked n.o.ble his attackers will have to suffer 6 days of such time period not to mention during that time anyone may attack and they will drop at least twice the loot they normally have and not to mention after they re-sp.a.w.n inside the city they will be under lock and key as well as other punishment.

Yup he felt pity for them, most of them were of level 11 and level 12, and only one was at level 14 who seemed to be the leader of the group, he felt pity for the level 11 people after they lose a level well they were lose their awakening, as such he spoke once again with a sigh, "Well last chance stand down and leave or attack and die.", but it seems that the people were h.e.l.l bent on killing him as the level 14 person ordered his people, "Shut up today here you die now Zeus. MEN FORWARD!!!!"

Zeus smirked as he stole a line from an anime he saw way back, "Shall we Dance.", with that the swordsmen ran towards him with a volley of arrows and various magical attacks from the Mages accompanying them while the Level person had a smug look on his face.

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