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"Mr. Schreiner, there has been some concerns amongst players hacking and cheating in 'Embers of Isera', yet you have claimed that the A.I. 'Helix' makes the game unhackable yet such incident took place, not only that it is rumored that the person is someone related to the developers of the game.", an attractive looking TV reporter was currently interviewing Schreiner spoke the allegations to him.

Arnold Schriner the main brain behind the creation of 'Embers of Isera' gave a small smile as he spoke, "Miss Abigail, please the way you have been saying it seem as if the rumors are true, I know it makes a good gossip but I can a.s.sure you that numerous rumors are simply false, the numerous firewalls and failsafe placed around the game along with the presence of A.I. Helix makes it impossible to hack, it has been proven because before the launch of the game we even got a team of expert hackers, to try and break into the game for the last six months yet none had been able to do so, e have even announced a reward of $500 million dollar for anyone who could do so, but none had been able to claim it."

Abigail spoke with a smile, "Then what about those who are involved in the games creation or are related to one."

Arnold: "A few years back and even now most of the game developers let their employees play a game mostly during its development phases to find out bugs and what not, and when it is released there are discouraged to play or in some cases even their relatives are generally discouraged to play using various legal contracts and what not, but 'Embers of Isera' is a totally unique in this matter as we have only created the A.I. nothing more nothing else, the entire game of Embers of Isera had been created by the A.I. 'Helix' which we may have helped in a little bit but beyond that nothing, moreover after the release of the game till the first update we may have had some form access to the game but after the update the best we could do is view any moment for discrepancies such as this case."

Abigail had an excited gleam in her eyes as she spoke, "Such a powerful A.I. how did you and your team manage to create such a thing?"

Arnold smiled mysteriously at that as he spoke, "That my dear because of 'magic'."

Abigail gave a small pout as she spoke, "Is there a way for other people to view it."

Arnold shook his head as he spoke, "Unfortunately no, we cannot show others without their permission, and right at this moment we are trying to contact the players but I will tell you something about them, the only reason they won because they are very wise and hardworking."

Abigail: "What do …"

Meanwhile the trio team members of 'Manly Fluffy Pink Pandas'

Zeus whistled lowly as they found themselves standing in a graveyard, with blood red moon glaring down at them peaking through clouds lighting the entire area in its light, distant sound of wolves howling could b heard, as the chilly air brushed through their skin sending s.h.i.+vers down their spine, a few glowing flickers of light from torches that would be extinguish within a few seconds.

Tarasque suddenly poked her teammates' shoulders as she spoke, "hmmm guys please take a long behind us."

The duo turned around only to be greeted by identical looking scenery as was in front of them, it did not matter whether it was left or right it looked the same, only graves present as far as eyes could see, Azi sighed as she spoke, "So which direction should we follow."

Zeus turned around trying to figure which way they should go they were current;y standing ona crossroad before he raised his hands in a surrendering position as he spoke, "I give up I do not know which direction we should take."

Tarasque pointed towards west as she spoke, "That place is a bit misty we can go over there fast."

Azi shook her head as she spoke, "No that will be the last place we visit, the visibility is low there because of the mist and I would love to clear the mobs first where I can see them. Zeus how much EXP do you need in order to level up?"

Zeus shrugged as he spoke, "Not much only 1598EXP."

Azi: "Well then what are we waiting for let us start from the south then east before moving to north ending in the west."

Zeus shrugged as they made their way through the road moving to the South, as they were moving they only saw rows and rows of graves without nay end.

Suddenly Zeus stiffened as he whispered to his party members, "Guys behind us."

Azi replied back in a whisper, "I know, let us kill them already."

Zeus turned around and what greeted them was an army of skeletons, wearing armors and holding swords and spears some of them even had s.h.i.+elds with them, Zeus used one of his much used skill 'Observe' on them.

[Name: Skeleton Soldier

Level: 12

Cla.s.s: N/A

HP: 2000/2000


Element: N/A

Attack: 1200

Defense: 300]

There were almost about a 100 of them and their eyes looked like as if blue fire was glowing inside of them giving a very creepy vibe but instead of attacking them they formed a wall like formation as they marched forward, the 'Manly Fluffy Pink Pandas' took out their weapons and got ready, before long the sound of bones cackling came as the skeletons charged at them, Zeus shouted out to his teammates, "Use weapons with blunt damage on them it will be faster, and move towards the grave it will help to break their formation."

Zeus twirled his sword-staff hitting them with his staff, Zeus never felt as much grateful for his stats as now, because of the plaques on the graves were preventing them from moving in the single file and using their superior agility they moved and defended themselves while tearing the skeletons apart, a few minutes after they have finished clearing out the small army as they sighed in relief, before Zeus grinned as he spoke, "I have reached the maximum Exp required to move to level 11."

Azi smile at him as she spoke, "Congratulations cousin, we still have a little over thousand EXP before we can awaken."

Zeus spoke in a giddy tone, "I cannot wait for it, and I just want to awaken my awesome race already."

Tarasque: "Well then we have to work fast before anything else, I also wish to awaken my race, let us move."

A few hours later and clearing a lot of skeleton mobs later, and earning a few decent loot after which include couple of tomes for health, and a couple of scrolls of fireball and what not they managed to reach a big mausoleum where a hooded figure was sitting near it tending to a flame, as they neared the hooded figure the figure stopped tending to the flame as an old feeble voice came from him.

"Humans, you are really humans. Did his Majesty send someone to save me, I knew he did not forsake me I knew he would not forget his most loyal servant.", the man kneeled as he wept in front of them.

This startled the group as Tarasque whispered, "Is that some form of event?"

Zeus frowned as he whispered back, "I do not think so but just in case get ready to defend yourselves in case of an attack."

Zeus used 'observe' on the kneeling hooded fellow and he deadpanned at what he saw.

[Psulxu-The Deceiver

Level: 12

Cla.s.s: Lord

HP: 20000/20000

MP: 20000/20000

Element: N/A

Attack: 2000

Defense: 500

Description: Student of Lich King 'Dragol', unlike Dragol's other students he was a weakling, but what he lost in his strength, made up with the help of his silver tongue, not only a very dangerous opponent, who gets high from making friends, and then backstabbing them when they are at their lowest.]

A quick whisper to his teammates later Zeus cleared his throat as he spoke skeptically, "Are you by any chance, Henry?"

The hooded man stood up shakily as he spoke, "Yes, yes it was my name 'Henry' a simple servant of His Majesty Kaiser Savarin III, did his majesty really send you all to save me.", with that he started weeping profusely.

Zeus gave a kind smile as he spoke, "My good friend there is no need to shed tears after we get out from here you can rejoice as much as you want."

The person tried to stand up only to fall on his knees as he spoke, "Please forgive me, unfortunately all this time inside this dreadful s.p.a.ce has weakened my body can you kind sir help me to stand up please."

Zeus spoke with a smile, "Of course Sir Henry, let me help you.", he spoke with a smile only for his face to morph into horror, "What is that Giant Spider like think standing behind Sir Henry.", his face morph into horror as he raised his figure shakily at something behind 'Henry.', who had turned by then curiously falling under Zeus's ruse only for a vine to prop out and ensnare him as a barrage of spells. .h.i.t him.

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