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Nathan dressed in faded jeans and casual white tee-s.h.i.+rt and black shoes, he wore a wrist chain made of gold on his right hand.

He sat on the couch waiting for others to arrive, as he browsed the internet in his i-wrist, he did not wait long as the others arrived shortly after.

Tristan: "Well let us leave then there is no need to waste time. But Nathan you are wearing something so formal", he spoke with a small frown.

Nathan shrugged as he spoke, "Well it is comfortable."

Aubrielle: "Well there is no need to waste any time, why don't you wear the dark blue blazer got you last month on top."

Nathan wanted to protest but gave up as a maid hurriedly brought him the blazer.

The group broke in two teams with each occupying a limo, Nathan's grandparents in one where as the rest occupied the other.

Nathan: "The only one missing is Uncle Maksim, I wish he was here now."

Nikola sighed as she spoke, "Me too cousin me too, mom wouldn't be here if the doctor and my dad did not force her to take rest, with her constant rise in blood pressure."

Yelena frowned at that as she spoke, "Please dear there is nothing wrong with a little bit of BP rise, I am fine."

Nikola glared at her as she spoke, "Da fine, I was not the one who lost consciousness with blood flowing from her nose."

Aubrielle may treat her like a bitter enemy but at the end of the day she was her best friend with whom they shared the dream of joining their family as such she gasped at that as she spoke, "When did it happen?"

Nikola: "A few days before we arrived at the states."

Yelena scoffed at that as she spoke, "There is nothing to worry about I simply had a bad day nothing more nothing less."

Tristan: "This is nothing to joke about sister and you were planning on leaving within a couple of days."

Nikola looked alarmed at that as she spoke, "When did you decide to leave, you are not going anywhere, the doctor advised for you to take a long holiday."

Yelena wanted to protest but she was stopped by Nathan, "Sorry aunty but I will be siding with Nikola in this, you are not leaving like this, and you need some much needed rest as such please spend some time with us then you may once again rejoin your work with fresh mind and body."

The whole day was a blur, visiting this shop and that shop buying various clothing items and what being dragged by the women of his household, modeling for them, not to mention the aching of hands carrying the literal mountain load of items.

After a shopping spree came the parlor visit, as the men waited for the female to finish their pampering.

Tristan spoke lowly, "I blame you for all this, I would busy working but no you had to drag us all in."

Dominic: "I would take a h.o.a.rd of paparazzi but not this.", giving a stink eye towards Nathan.

Nathan simply huffed as he spoke, "So what you were all throwing me under the bus, if I go down I will drag you all with me, at least I am still alive if you all were not here I would be the one carrying all this, do you want such a cute and innocent child like me to perish."

Riley snorted at that, "Innocent yeah right and the sun will rise in the west, and you manipulated them to drag us with you, so do not call yourself innocent."

A few hours of grueling wait the ladies had finally finished their pampering and what not.

Aubrielle spoke excitedly at her son, "Nathan, how do we all look."

Nathan gave a bright smile as he lied, "You all look absolutely gorgeous mom.", while inwardly was a different matter, 'What did they do for the last couple of hours, they practically look the same, yup completely same there is no difference from before, but what is this $180,000 bill, I pity dad.', he send a sympathetic look towards his dad who was paying the bill, who simply gave a very pained smile to Nathan.

Isabell, "I think it is time for us to leave, it is almost 12 and we have a reservation at 1:30."

Aubrielle, "Relax mom there is enough time, and I think it is time for some ice cream after all Nathan being such a sweet heart helping us carrying so much, I think he should get a reward."

While Riley muttered lowly enough for his fellow men in suffering could hear, "d.a.m.n, what are we empty cans, we also helped carrying the load in fact he carried the least amongst us."

Dominic replied back with a scowl, "So true brother so true, sometimes it is good to be young."

Tristan sighed as he spoke, "I do not know if I should praise my child or should hate him for manipulating them and dragging us here."

The day pa.s.sed without any problem they had a very sumptuous lunch in a Michelin Star restaurant and then they were back home, a quick freshening up Nathan and his group were back inside the game.

Zeus: "Well what will you two do now?"

Azi: "I will be looking for some information about 'Jobs' and may be a quest so as to reach your level, before grinding the stats."

Tarasque, "Well I will try learning about potion making from Granny Zoe and if possible cooking, and if Azi goes for a quest I wish to accompany her."

Zeus shrugged at that as he spoke, "Well then good luck with that I will be working on grinding my wisdom and intelligence stats then."

With that they parted ways as Zeus used opened his 'Status page', now let see how much I have gained by working out.

Name: Zeus

Level: 5 Next level: 495/1500

t.i.tle: LUCKY FOOL

Job: None

Race: Deva (Un-awakened)

Status: Serf

Alignment: Neutral

Health (HP):7350 (Regen: 169.4/min)

Mana (MP): 1750 (Regen: 33/min)

Stamina (STA): 7700 (Regen: 159.4/min)

Strength (STR): 310 [200+80+30]

Vitality (VIT): 294 [210+84]

Endurance (END): 308 [220+88]

Dexterity (DEX):350 [200+120+30]

Intelligence (INT):70 [50+20]

Wisdom (WIS):70 [50+20]

Luck (LUK): 42.9 [39+3.9]

Charisma (CHA): 26.4

Physical Attack: 356.5

Magical Attack: 70

Physical Defense: 333.3

Magical Defense: 70

Money: 6B 2095C 500T


a) Iron Body

b) Hydra's Kin(Level 1)

c) Undead's envy

d) Quick Foot

Buffs: N/A

Flaws/De-buffs: N/A

Stat Points: 34

Zeus close the status page as he glanced at the worn out dilapidated Library, which unlike the last few times he had visited had a few more people visiting it, 'oh well better late than never.'

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