The Binary World 12 Update Part-1

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Zeus yawned loudly as he walked lazily away from the place, he checked his inventory and smirked, winning the duel had earned him, "5 daggers, 1 bow and 10 arrows, 20 horned-rabbit meat, 20 horned-rabbit hide, 10 Health Potions, 15 Mana Potions, 6 Coa.r.s.e Breads and 5 Leather Water bags, and as far as money was concerned 3Bronze, 200Copper and 500Tins coins.

Zeus was happy not only now they will not be able to enter for 8RLH (Real Life Hour), but suffering such huge defeat where they lost everything they had with them but where did they get the bow.

He took it out of his inventory as he used observe on it.

[Simple Wooden Bow]

Profession Restriction: None

Tier: Common

Level Requirement: Level 1

Physical Attack: +5

Durability: 50/50

[Simple Wooden Arrows]

Tier: Common

Level Requirement: Level 1

Physical Attack: +10

Durability: 50/50

Zeus's eyes widen as he thought, 'How did she manage to get a bow? Oh well I might sell it but first I have to ask if my cousin wants it.'

As he neared granny Zoe's hovel, he was greeted by the sight of his cousin chatting happily with granny Zoe.

Zeus arrived near them as he spoke, "Yo, it seems that you are having the time of your life, Azi"

But before they could speak a system announcement rang through the entire world of Isera,




The duo just listened to the announcement as Azi scowled, "Seems like someone managed to reach Level 11 so soon if we do not hurry up we will be left behind."

Zeus: "Patience Azi, just because someone bull rushed his way to the top does not mean we have to do the same, we have to build ourselves a nice foundation first before we make a mad dash to the top."

Before they could speak another system announcement rang out,


Zeus read the announcement as his brow twitched with anger as he shouted out,"14 hours!!!!! What kind of otherworldly updates they are doing!!!"

Azi scowled as she spoke, "I do not know what the DEVs are planning but this is ridiculous 14 hours for patch up update, they claimed that the game was totally 'bug' free."

Zeus shrugged as he spoke, "Oh well we cannot do anything now can we."

Soon they found themselves kicked out of the game and it was only a little past mid night and since they have nothing to do they decided to turn over for the night.

Next day when the parents of the duo as well as Nathanael's grand parents went for breakfast they found the duo with their head lying on top of the table with bored look on their face.

Tristan: "Children is there something wrong?"

Zeus: "Nothing Dad just totally utterly dying from being bored."

Yelena: "Bored why? What happened to your game?"

Nikola: "Nothing mama, it is being updated and it would take 14 hours for it to be updated, it began at mid night so there is nothing for us to do but wait till 6 o'clock in the evening."

Aubrielle: "Well then Nathan why don't you take Nikola out for lunch somewhere, I can make reservations for you two."

Nathanael turned towards Nikolayeva as he spoke, "Cuz shall we?"

Nikola shrugged as she spoke, "I have no problem."

Aubrielle simply gave a small clap as she spoke, "Okay I will arrange for reservation at 'The Aegis', is 1p.m. suitable for you two."

Nathanael shrugged as he spoke, "meh I have no problem."

Ryle: "So did you two get to do something before the update began."

Nikola: "Nothing interesting I just spend the entire time at library learning a new language but Nathan seems to have opened a new business."

Isabella: "Really Nathan what kind of business are you talking about?"

Nathan spoke lazily, "Nothing much, in order to advance in cla.s.s you have to fill a certain form, I am accepting a small amount for filling those forms, in fact it is a good business, I have already made about 12Bronze coins by that."

Nikola turned towards him her eyes wide open, "Nathan in other words you must be one of the richest person in the game."

Nathan shrugged as he spoke with a frown, "I do not think so the person who reached Level 11 first I think he should have earned more than me."

Dominic: "Filling so many forms I hope you got to meet some interesting people."

Nathan hummed as he spoke, "Well I would not go so far as to say it was interesting but yeah I met the 'Toad' and his minions he basically ordered me to fill his form for free I refused it escalated to a death match."

Nikola: "When did it happen and seeing you were alive I believe you won."

Nathan scoffed as he spoke, "Of course I did at the end of the day we bet each others' belongings and I won in a 6 vs 1 match it was fun, now they have only clothes on their back left."

Saniyah: "Did they recognize you like you did them."

Nathan: "I doubt it they all kind of lacked in the brain department, also I doubt with only 20% maximum changes one can do with their appearance he will be able to truly change anything, with how ugly he looked and his coa.r.s.e voice it was easy."

Dominic spoke as he sipped from his cup of coffee, "Do have any goals or do you wish to just loiter around inside the game."

Nathan was silent for a minute as if he was contemplating something deep before he spoke, "There is something I wish to do inside the game. I do not know but Nikola have you read through the geography of the Isera.", he glanced at Nikola who was busy slaughtering a plate full of pancakes.

Nikola: "Sorry but I have yet to read about the geography."

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "Isera has about 15 continents, and the only continent that is habitable is the one we are on the last bastion of the uncorrupted as it is referred to, my goal is to step into the corrupted land, but such an expedition would take not only a lot of time but tons of money for such an undertaking."

Isabella: "Can't you use real life money inside the game."

Nathan frowned as he spoke, "Grandma, I could but it is so boring I would not like doing so."

Tristan: "So if you can have another who could play with you and can support you and also help you to earn money, would you take their help."

Nathan: "Of course I would love to, and I hope Nikola would also help me."

Nikola: "I would love to help you out Nathan."

Tristan nodded at that as he called for Katrina who arrived promptly as she simply bowed towards them as she spoke, "How may I help you sir."

Tristan: "Katrina is there someone among the household who can shoulder you responsibilities."

Katrina was stunned at the question as she spoke, "Yes there is sir, and may I ask what you require of them."

Tristan: "Well they will be taking over your duties for the time being while you will be rea.s.signed to a different place, Nathan needs some help in the game and I wish for you to play as his teammates alongside him, by today your capsule will arrive unfortunately there is only 250 Platinum capsules which have already been sold, but I will get you a gold capsule, I hope you have no problem."

Katrina simply bowed as she spoke, "It will be my honor to help young master in his endeavor."

Tristan: "Well then Nathan I think you solved one of your problems."

Nathanael simply nodded with a smile as he spoke, "Thanks dad."

At 12 0'clock a well groomed Nathan wearing a suit was waiting for his 'date' to arrive for lunch, he looked stunned at seeing Nikola in a sleeveless black dress, with matching earrings and red lipstick arriving in front of Nathan, she extended her hand which Nathan took it as he escorted her to his car.

'Ugati La Voiture Blanche', a special customized car for Nathan himself, gifted to him by his parents on his 15th birthday a few months back, a staggering $45 million dollar car, but unfortunately he is still not of age for driving license as such Nikola will have to drive it.

As the duo left Saniyah simply patted Aubrielle's back as she spoke, "Great idea, o daughter-in-law of mine."

Nikola spoke with a smirk, "Nice car you got, I love it but such a shame you are too young to drive."

Nathan simply pouted at that, 'It is so unfair I wish I could drive my car.'

As they reached the restaurant the duo stepped out of the car, Nikola handed over the car key to a valet to park the car, as they reached the maître d'hôtel Nathan spoke up, "I had a reservation for two under the name of 'Nathanael Henderson', at 1p.m.

The man checked his register as he spoke with a bow, "Welcome sir, 'a table for two', this way please. "

As they were being escorted to their tables a pair of eyes were glancing at them full with disdain.

"How in nine did that beggar get a chance to dine in a posh place such as this? And who is that woman?", spoke a male who was looking at the newcomers.

"How should I know? May be he trapped some poor woman with his honeyed words, it is nothing outside his strength after all remember how he hired some people to act as someone important after graduation.", spoke a woman.

"I hate trashes that pretend to be rich, trashes like them should always know their place and stay within the garbage dump where they belong to."

He then beckoned a person who came in as he gave a short bow, "Yes sir, how I may help you."

"You see those buffoons who had arrived just now, why did you let such beggars to dine at a posh place it is disgraceful for elite like us to dine with the peons, specially the likes of them, get rid of them."

The man looked a bit unsure at that, "But sir they are your guests we cannot be rude to them."

The speaker sighed hard as he produced a hundred dollar bill in his hand and he gave it to the person in front of him, who simply smiled as he left.

The man turned towards the person with whom he had arrived and spoke l.u.s.tfully, "Well as much as I wish for the street rat to get beaten I believe we have a schedule to keep", as he kissed the person in front of him while holding her tightly as they left.

Meanwhile Nathan and Nikola had reached their table as Nathan helped her to her seat, as a waiter had arrived to take the order only to be interrupted by a smug looking person who arrived with a couple of strong looking persons simply told to waiter to leave.

Nathan raised one of his eyebrows as he spoke, "Is there any problem gentlemen?"

Only to be hosted by his collar by one of the security guards, as the man spoke, "You filthy street rats are not allowed to dine in this place boys throw them out of our fine establishment, tch I have to change everything they have touched now."

Nikola: "Hey remove your hands, do not touch me."

The man simply ignored her as he tried to grasp her hands only to kneel on the ground with via solid hit on his manhood, as Nikola snarled at him cursing him loudly in Russian, 'Znay svoye mesto, bl**d', Svin'ya

' (Know your place f**k**g Pig).

The man holding Nathan's collar received the same treatment as the he fell on the floor, as the man who Nathan a.s.sumed to be the manager stepped forward as he shouted, "I will hand you over to the police you barb…."

Only to be silenced by Nathan who had his vein pulsing on his forehead, "Silence you cur, we had prior reservations, not only do you deny us service you had the audacity to insult me and my cousin not only that your men tried to touch her inappropriately."

By then Nathan had garnered the attention of all the customers of the hotel as more people of the restaurant arrived by then.

Nathan quickly dialed a number in his I-band, and soon a person's face appeared through holographic projections signifying a video call, by then the people present were all enjoying the drama some even gossiped as they speculated about Nathan even as far as going to record everything using I-band.

But what took the cherry on the cake was the face which had appeared on the other end of the call.

The person smiled at Nathan and spoke with a smile, "My beloved grandson what do you want?"

Someone from the people listening gasped at the implication, as people began to murmur, 'No way, that is Senator Henderson's grandchild.' among many things.

Nathan: "Grandpa, you remember today I had taken my cousin Nikola to lunch at 'The Chariots', well the people here are so rude the denied us service even after we had prior reservations going as far as getting few goons to throw us out, not only that one of them tried to take advantage of Nikola."

Dominic's face was thunderous at that he shouted out, "WHAT!!!!!!!!! How dare they? Child I will personally sue the lots of them and make sure they spend the rest of their days in prison, Nikola how is she?"

Nikola stood beside Nathan as she spoke with a smile, "Grandpa, do not worry I am fine though I am filing a complaint through the Russian Consulate against this pigs."

Dominic simply waved his hands as he spoke, "Please feel free to who knows what these criminals have done to others, and Nathan I will call your Grandma and tell her to suggest you to a new place for lunch it is unbecoming of a Henderson to let their guest starve and have their honor tarnish because of some curs who pollute our county's good name."

Nathan nodded as he spoke, "Thank you Grand pa."

No sooner did he hung up his call, a few police officers arrived on the scene as Nathan turned towards the stunned manager as he spoke, "Well than shall we mister did you not say you will call the police well here they are let us see what happens next."

The man feel as his legs gave away in fear, as both Nikola and Nathan's fury filled eyes bored down on them.

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