Forbidden Alpha 75 - Chapter 77 "Karma Is A B*Tch."

Forbidden Alpha -

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Life is belonging. Life is shriving rather than surviving. Bypa.s.sing pain and sadness by filling that hole with people, hobbies, self-indulgence. Survival techniques fabricated differently depending on each person. We as a race kill to survive and consume. But what if we aren't the primary predators, what if we are simplistic and disposable. What if we are nothing but cattle controlled by hierarchy, would we still sleep the same at night?

Luna, "Like I've discussed I have no idea where Ally is right now. A blow that extreme to the temple should have killed us all but here we are. Don't you think your wasting your time gentleman, even after you've explained who exactly she is, this lost girl is still confused. It's like telling a patient they have multiple personality disorder; it doesn't bode well for the mind." George began walking down from the stand with determination, Luna was slightly unnerved by his body language. Evil intent can be seen a mile off like a hurricane. Squirming in fear she tried to escape from her chair which shackled her using two silver cuffs. It was useless, equipment like this were usually used on feral.

Luna, "Stay away from me." She said warningly flas.h.i.+ng her burning violet eyes in defence. George ignored her plead and settle in-front of her with a slick grin. Superiority had gone his head indefinitely. Gently he placed his hand in his pocket and used his other hand to grip her chin tightly pulling it in his direction.

George, "I'm going to ask you kindly. Pull Ally forward or you will suffer greatly." Luna smirked before spitting in his face. Sol and Rain began tutting at the spectacle of disrespect. Wiping his face angrily George reached into his and pulled out something which changed the atmosphere in seconds. Luna felt her heart sink down to her stomach as he placed the blade over her heavily pregnant stomach.

Luna, "What are you doing! No, stop!" Tears soon formed in her eyes as he poked the tip against her stomach, just the tip stung her body intensely. It was now either courage or the fall. Desperately she searched for a bluff, he couldn't do that this child was valuable to him.

Sol, "I'd start begging dear sister, this will kill Ally indefinitely. You wouldn't want the responsibility to fall on your shoulders, would you? She'll reject you without a doubt." Luna's breath stuttered in shock before becoming laboured under the pressure. As much as she despised him, Sol was right.

Luna, "Please don't kill her child, I'm begging you. I will do anything just leave her out of this!" George shook his head with a wide grin and pressed down harder causing a dot of blood to appear on her porcelain skin. Luna was so distressed she'd began shaking. This was it she needed to find Ally before it was too late.

Luna, "Ally! Please Ally!" Her heartening cries echoed throughout the empty room until everything else dissipated. Inside her mind was a black void holding nothing more than Raven and herself. Ally was nowhere to be seen or heard. This was the worst-case scenario, even Raven who had grasped what was happening called out to her desperately.



Yet again she felt another stiff pain pulsating through her stomach to her fingertips, George wasn't bluffing at all. Ally, they needed Ally. Where had she gone? Why couldn't they fee her anymore?

Rain, "Dig a little deeper." Luna flashed back to reality when she felt the tip of the knife pierce her skin causing her to scream in pain. It was useless, this was it. She had let her down, Ally would hate her for the rest of her life.

Luna, "No! Please please please don't!" Luna screamed as she tried to pry her way from the metal restraints. Her white skin was rubbed red raw against the friction. Inside of her Raven was begging and running around rapidly trying to find her.

---------------------------------------Mind of void----------------------------

Luna's agonizing cried filled the s.p.a.ce while Raven fell to her knees in despair, this couldn't be it for them she had so much more she wanted to do. Finding Ally's family was at the top of her list but did Ally even exist anymore or had she died on that cliff. Soon enough sobs and whistled breathing accompanied Luna as they both lost hope. This child would never get to see her mothers face…never play with other children, never see how beautiful this world can be.

Raven, "Please Ally, I don't care if I disappear but please not our child…" Raven shouted into the darkness one last time begging for someone to help them before this baby girl was ripped away from them. Luna was also begging George for mercy doing all she could to escape. Watching as the knife got shorter and shorter was all he could do. This was it…this was how they all disappeared. Greif would consume them until unrecognition.

Luna, "Stay alive! Stay alive for me! Please ALLY!"

Raven sat curled into a ball holding her head in-between too nauseated to watch their child's life leave any longer. This was more than a crisis; this was a last cry for help. Not for one second did they consider this as a possibility. Anything but the baby, they would rather all lay their lives on the ground right here than let such a beautiful life go to waste. Raven felt her consciousness drift as despair wrapped her up like a spider web until…she felt a stern hand grip her shoulder. Believing it was Luna there to admit defeat she payed it no heed.

"It looks like you've done your best to keep us all together." Hearing a familiar voice, she spun around to see a stunning silver haired girl with mismatched eyes smiling back at her. Raven was utterly speechless.

Raven, "Ally…" Of course, she would never allow anyone harm her child no matter how far away she was, no-one touched her little pup.

Ally, "You did a good job, I'm proud of you. Now it's time for me to come back, is that alright with you." Raven nodded hesitantly, so this was the girl who owned her body. It was almost identical to the image.

Raven, "Okay but please find Liam, he's a friend of mine." Ally stroked her head to comfort her.

Ally, "Don't worry, everything you've seen I have also seen. We share the same soul after all." Gently she cradled her like a child before kissing her forehead. This girl had done well in her steed and deserved to be rewarded.

Ally, "Raven, thankyou for coming this far, you have truly taught me no matter who controls this body…we are still the same person overall." Raven gave her a big smile as tears fell from her face in acceptance. Like glitter her body slowly faded and fluttered from Ally's embrace until there was nothing left. Goodbye Raven…

--------------------------------------Interrogation room--------------------------------------

George, "The next placement of this blade will end the life of the child inside of you. Think very carefully, where is Ally?" Luna was in a comatose state unable to even muster a cry. It was too much for her and every ounce of strength and pride had washed away. That was until she heard a voice call out to her.

Ally, "I am right here. You can rest now dear Luna." Luna's mouth began trembling as her sobs began filling the room however this time it was from relief. Finally, her true vessel had found her way back hearing such pain. George watched her begin to chuckle, unlucky for them they had p.i.s.sed off the wrong mother.

Luna, "Don't forget this was your request." Luna looked up with black eyes before laughing hysterically, Rain and Sol both stood back unnerved. That was a tantalizing laugh, something had gone terribly wrong.

Rain, "What's so funny?" he said sheepishly, had they pushed her too far? Taking deep breaths Luna gave them all one last glare before shutting her eyes. They had no clue just how much of a storm they had awakened. George was still holding strong with that blade even when she dauntingly hung her head. Silence ensued for 10 seconds leaving their breaths in thin air until they got what they wanted. Gradually her body lifted her head and the strands of black hair flourished into silver, George was s.h.i.+vering in apprehension as her mismatched eyes leaned forward and deep rooted themselves into her very soul. Ally lined her lips up to his sweat soaked ears and whispered six simple words.

Ally, "You wanted me, you got me." Her whispers shook his very core. After reserving energy for over two months, Ally was in peak condition meaning…they never stood a chance.

*SNAP* Breaking free from the restraint she gripped his hand pulling the blade from her stomach before jamming it directly into his throat. Sol and Rain gasped in terror as George convulsed in pain blood spurting from his neck. Ally picked his up with one hand and began feeding greedily, it had been so long since she fed it felt like her throat had been cut. Sol and Rain began looking for a way out seeing this girl was not messing around. Scrambling over each-other they shot down the stairs aiming for the emergency exit. Ally was soaked in blood and looked deranged in her rage.

Ally, "Excuse me were in the middle of a meeting, don't be so rude." She said sarcastically cutting them off at the bottom, her speed was beyond that of the races. It was like lightning; a once Sol was now terrified of his sister's vessel.

Rain, "Stay back you f*cking b*tch how dare you harm the CEO." Even through his stuttering voice Rain sounded brave as if he still had chair to sit upon. How wrong he was to a.s.sume such a thing. Ally twiddled the blade between her fingers with a stone-cold expression, that was the look of a killer.

Ally, "Now now there's no need for such language is there Rain. After all you begged to see me, I'm your precious guest so you should be more polite don't you think." Soon her eyes switched to Sol, Ally hadn't forgotten the moment he'd punched Raven. Karma was such a b*tch. Sol backed up on the staircase seeing her lips form a s.a.d.i.s.tic grin. Sol tried to dodge her as she spun her body before kicking him from the top of the staircase to George's body below. Landing with a thud he stared up only to see Rain soon behind with half of his face torn to shreds. Ally had gone mad; she'd completely lost it. Tauntingly she skipped down each step sniffing the iron filled air in victory. Standing over the bunch of lifeless corpses, Ally gave them a cheerful smile as if the happiest being on earth.

Ally, "You f*cked with the wrong girl gentleman. I sincerely hope you enjoy your d.a.m.nation while I destroy decades of effort in one bout. Sleep tight." Ally walked over to the exit door when she felt a tug at her ankles, instinctively kicking it aside she turned to see that George was still alive and kicking much to her disgust.

George, "P-please not the facility. "Ally chuckled kneeling down to face his blood-stained head, how pathetic men became when underneath a woman's mercy. This was what he deserved for ruining her life.

Ally, "See the problem with that is you have taken away everything from me so as a famous philosopher once said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Violating all of these comes great punishment in the form of the girl you have gravely underestimated. Your demise doesn't end here because even if you do survive such a wound you will forever be ruled by the desire of revenge. I will haunt your dreams until your dying day as the girl who got away and took everything you held dear with her. Sleep tight a.s.shole, I'll see you very soon I imagine." Ally gave him one more hit to knock him out before leaving through the emergency exit. Sol picked up his radio and called out to the remaining staff.

Sol, "We have an escapee all units to the left wing, shoot to kill."

Ally walked quickly out of the door rubbing her stomach carefully, her wound had disappeared letting her breath in relief. It was quite a shock to see hoe much she had grown in such little time, even bending down held its challenges yet her baby's heartbeat was stronger than ever. Smiling Ally placed both hands warmly in her position.

"Don't worry baby girl, mommy won't let anyone hurt you."

---------------------------------------------Pack House------------------------------------------

Blake, "Okay everyone stays in formation and remember Ally's rules, do not engage alone and if you run into trouble howl as loud as you can, and we will come to a.s.sist. Isaac do you have Mika and Amy?" Isaac pulled them onto the field relentlessly before throwing them both to the ground. It was quite upsetting how broken those two were, but this was necessary for their partic.i.p.ation. Using leverage against the S.E.S was a last resort but unfortunately applicable.

Blake, "Okay good keep them under watch at all times. Liam you said she had blue eyes and black hair right, are you sure we need her if we need move forward?" Liam nodded sternly; they still had no idea it was Ally they were rescuing but he couldn't leave her there. Never in a million years, he needed her.

Luther, "It's simple, vampires will fight vampires' wolves you take care of the humans. We need to secure the girl safely for the sake of our future so be prepared for bloodshed." Luther joined in the revolt helping Blake the leader ensures everyone was ready. The remaining pack members which were staying behind hugged each member and prayed for a safe return. This event was sudden indeed, but they trusted Liam entirely, so no-one questioned him.

Aiden, "We have the tools now it's time to fight for what we believe in just like Ally taught us." Clutching eachother hands they all roared in determination throwing their arms up in the air. Their connection was so strong you could feel it like a rope between them all. Liam had never seen unity like it in his life. These people loved Ally to their bones and wanted to redeem her honour.

Helen, "Be careful and come home." Kissing Blake's cheek, she gave him a final hug. It was time they stopped planning and started acting. Marching in formation the warriors went off to secure the mysterious girl they believed would send them to victory. As they ventured into the forest Blake kept giving pep talks to keep their spirits up. It was fine to a.s.sume they were going to war to win but fate sometimes had different plans for them.

Isaac, "Liam? Are you good?" Startled he looked at Isaac like he was from another world, he wasn't fine at all. They were all about to fight in honour of a girl that was still much alive. Time was becoming shorter as their strides became longer. Ally must be either locked up or in interrogation right now, either way she would be in bad shape and it made him sick to his stomach believing this was partly his fault. Sometimes fate isn't always a good thing, if anything it could destroy their future altogether.

Liam, "Yeah I'm fine just a little nervous I've never fought before." Aiden patted his back.

Aiden, "Don't worry Isaac and I have your back. Do you miss her?" Aiden question made his eyes water, of course he did Raven was very important to him, she taught him self-forgiveness.

Liam, "More than I ever thought were possible." Isaac and Aiden both exchanged glances feeling his pain, hopefully this girl was still alive or only G.o.d knew what it would do to Liam.

Eli, "Can this girl fight?" Liam flashed back to how swift and nimble she was when challenging Sol, boy could she fight.

Liam, "She's one of the best fighters I've ever seen, don't worry about her she won't give up easily."

Camilla, "A girl with some spark that's what I like to hear." Eli and Camilla looked at one another before laughing, they once knew someone like that. Liam raised his eyebrow at their amus.e.m.e.nt.

Eli, "Ally used to beat our a.s.s hands down back at the mansion, we could barely touch her." Isaac and Aiden also smiled, that sounded just like her. Isaac elaborated filling Liam in on their previous alpha.

Isaac, "d.a.m.n right she's been fighting since she could walk, I remember she would practice sometimes twelve hours a day to perfect her moves." Liam could see the nostalgia wash across their faces. H could only imagine the look on their faces when they saw whom they were rescuing.

Aiden, "The facility is close I can smell it, everyone steady formation. Someone give me eyes on what you can see." Everyone ducked apprehensively into the thicket with the huge building in wide view, gasps filled the woodland air as they all caught a scent of distinct smoke.

Blake, "Holy sh*t…" Being the first information the sight beheld him first and it was truly a sight to see. The whole facility was up in flames with lifeless bodies lying at the entrance. People began moving upward to see where such a scent was coming from. Dead roasted flesh made them cover their mouths in disgust.

Luther, "What the h.e.l.l happened here…this isn't right…Liam! Did your friend do this?" Liam had worked his way up standing before them in the tree line, surely Raven couldn't have done this. It couldn't be possible, one girl versus the whole facility…

Liam, "I don't know…did they have any other enemies apart from us?" He asked in a panic hoping someone would confirm but Luther knowing this place like the back of his hand shook his head. Mika and Amy who had been barely conscious throughout the whole journey both perked up seeing their former comrade's dead before them. As both wailed in grief, Blake felt a slither of victory.

Blake, "It looks like we won't have to do a thing, someone beat us to it. Liam are you sure this wasn't your friend." Liam went to shake his head yet again when it dawned on him, Raven was only a temporary conduit from the memory loss. What if Ally had taken control while being tortured, from the sound of her she seemed perfectly capable of burning the place to the ground. There was nothing left here but death.

Liam, "W-we have to go back, if it was Raven, she would have followed my scent." As he turned to run Isaac collared him against the tree.

Isaac, "If this was your friend, I don't want her anywhere near the pack look at what she's done!" Blake held him back trying to get him to see their victory.

Blake, "Stop! Look if we have this girl on our side, we can't lose. Look at the state of this place, they don't have a leg to stand on!" Isaac settled himself, Blake did have a point.

Liam, "Raven would never hurt her own kind I swear it! Please just trust me we have to go back and make sure she's okay." Aiden could sense his anxiety and nodded whistling for the pack to follow. Eli and Camilla sighed in disappointment dragging a tearful Mika and Amy back to the pack. Blake, Isaac and Luther all took one last look at the destroyed building and smiled. Karma came back in many forms, but little did they know it had come in none other than the form of the great Ally King.

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