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{Yu's POV}


The moment I heard Issei shout out his dream while I was mentally prepared for it the moment I saw him shamelessly shout that I couldn't help myself from cringing. Even if he was my brother that didn't mean I didn't get embarra.s.sed by his shamelessness.

Yu - *Sigh* [Issei what am I going to do with you.]

Releasing a short sigh I gave Ddraig a look only to find him showing eyes full exasperation before eventually speaking.

Ddraig - I was hoping you would have some change in mentality after realizing your power ... but it seems I was wrong.

Issei - A man who gives up on their dreams is no man! I'll continue to follow this dream until I die!!

Yu - [Issei that is a very commendable speech of yours but the contacts behind it just makes me want to smack you. You're living off borrowed time right now please be serious!]

Ddraig - *Sigh* Why are all my host womanizers...

Yu - [Is that really something you should be revealing that right now?!]

Issei - Well at least my senpais are men of culture!

Watching Issei show a face of pride I all I could think of right now beating that smug smile off of his face.

Yu - [Having a lot of lovers isn't an easy thing!]

After mentally shouting that I saw Ddraig and Issei continue their talk before eventually Issei held his head and showed an expression of anguish.

Issei - *Groan* What's going on?

Ddraig - It seems like your mana receives are running out, we'll talk again later, for now, get some rest we'll begin your training tomorrow.

Issei - W-

Not even giving him time to reply Ddraig forcefully ejected Issei from this dreamscape. Following this, I revealed myself before Ddraig.

Yu - So what's your take on this?

Ddraig - He's weak but has courage, has ambition but no arrogance, he's stupid but wise at times ... Like you said he's unique as for what his future holds I'm not too sure. Are you certain about giving him a 4-month time limit he might need more?

Yu - Issei will need to be pressure if he wants to get stronger. The four-month time limit should be enough for him to understand part of his potential, all I need you to do is guide him.

Ddraig - If he fails don't forget about our deal.

Yu - I won't, but I'm pretty confident that as long as you guide him properly I won't be disappointed.

Some might wonder why I was talking so casually with Ddraig right now but the truth of the matter was that before Issei met with Ddraig I interrupted their connection a bit and instead put myself in between so I could talk to Ddraig.

--{Sometime before Issei meets Ddraig}--

Yu - [I swear I must be attracted to these empty black voids or something considering how many times I find myself in them.]

Finding myself inside yet another Void I made a small comment in my mind before spreading out my consciousness in search of Ddraig. Lucky for me I didn't have to look for him because he came to me.

Ddraig - Yu Hyoudou the adopted brother of my host what are you doing here.

Yu - Ddraig it's nice to finally meet you, considering the fact that you're currently bound to my little brother I thought it'd be nice to have a small chat.

Turning around while showing a harmless smile I came face to face with a giant red dragon with emerald green eyes.

Ddraig - Chat huh. Considering the fact that you've been trying to keep your powers hidden from your family I didn't expect you to come before me.

Yu - Oh! So you knew about that, did you? Since when?

Ddraig - Since you sealed my mana within your brother. After that, I started to search through your brothers memorizes to see if there were any other time you revealed your powers. Sadly besides the fact that you started mana gathering at a young age, there were no other moments where you revealed your powers.

Yu - Hmm~ Didn't think that meditating revealed so much thanks for the info.

Ddraig - What I want to know though is what are you. Without a teacher or guide, you were able to not only train in mana but also excel in martial arts and other fields. That's not something a normal 5 years old could do. Your entire existence is a mystery if we're going to 'chat' I would at least like to know that.

Yu - *Shrug* It all instinct.

Ddraig - Instinct?

Yu - Look since you're also from the supernatural world you know that some families or races have special bloodlines. And within those bloodlines is instinctive knowledge, hidden potential, or even lost legacies from a lost ancestor. You could say I that since everything that I have now is through what I got from my blood.

That is a total lie, I got everything from the system and knowledge from a previous life but it's a good alibi in case anyone asks. Blacksmithing, Fighting Techniques, Magic Skills, World Building I could just say I got all of it from my bloodline since it isn't wrong to say that I did receive some good things from it.

And besides, I was found as an orphan so even if people tried to find out my origin they'd reach a dead end. The only downside to this is the fact that people might try to steal my blood but it has it's own failsafe for those kinds of events. If exposed to air for longer than a few seconds it evaporates into nothing.

If a vampire tries to drink if they can't gain anything from it other than a small burst of power along with a huge burst of ecstasy. I found that out over the summer when I let Valerie drink my blood after getting the okay from the system, after that day Valerie would show me a predatory like stare whenever we were alone together. Lucky for me she was able to have enough self-disciple not to get addicted to my blood and only drink some when we got a little intimate since she was pretty erotic when she drank my blood.

As for the problem with doctor visits whenever they took my blood I would switch it out with blood from my previous body that I bought from the system shop. Honestly, this freaked me out a lot since I thought I might buy my old body but turns out blood was all I could buy.

Ignoring that uncomfortable memory I returned my focus to Ddraig who was pondering my response.

Ddraig - Your bloodline must be of a very high grade if it brought you this far.

Yu - Yup it's stupidly high grade you might not find any other like it in this world.

Ddraig - Enough of that now what do you want. While you said you want to chat you're not one to show their hand unless it benefited you. Or at least that's the impression I have of you.

Yu - That impression of yours is totally wrong I only take up that persona when I have to besides that I'm a pretty chill guy. Besides that you're right I did come here to ask you for something.

Ddraig - And what if I refuse?

Yu - I'm certain you won't in fact rather than a request this is more like a deal.

Ddraig - Continue.

Yu - 4 months I want you to train Issei for 4 months. In that time I will continue to be masking your mana from the world. My goal in doing this is to see if Issei is able to survive in our world, he'll have to make a lot of decision in that time and it'll also give him some time to grow and mature as a person (I Hope).

Ddraig - Now what do I get out of this.

Yu - In exchange for your help if Issei proves to not be ready to enter our world I will extract your soul from the Boosted Gear and create you a new body.

Ddraig - IMPOSSIBLE! What you say is impossible!

Yu - What if I said it is.

Over the years my knowledge of soul magic has made numerous breakthroughs, so while it might be difficult if given some time I can take Ddraig out of the Boosted Gear without damaging Issei in the process. Then with the use of my Vermillion Pheonix ability, I can give Ddraig a new body.

So when I said this there was not a glimpse of doubt or unease in my expression and Ddraig who saw this could only squint his eyes wondering whether my words were true or not.

Ddraig - ... What if he succeeds and proves to be ready to enter our world?

Yu - [He took the bait.]

Yu - By then both of us will know his potential and be able to build up his foundation further from there. After that, once Issei's mature enough I will make you a new body. Only this time there will be 2 Red Dragon Emperors of Domination with neither one falling behind the other.

Ddraig - Aren't you afraid that I'll kill your brother when that happens.

Yu - I know you Ddraig, you are 1 of the 2 Heavenly Dragons that cause fear in the hearts of Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. I also know that you are a battle maniac, fightings in your blood just knowing that there is someone that can compete with you gets your blood boiling. But your also very reasonable, you love to fight but the idea of losing your fighting partner is something you don't want. If that wasn't the case than you and the White Dragon Emperor wouldn't have fought over and over again for centuries. You love to fight, and you love to watch your opponent improve along with you. The only reason you 2 started to kill each other once you entered your scared gears was that it was your host's ideas, not your own. Is there anything I'm missing here.

Ddraig - ......No, you're not...

Yu - Then do we have a deal Welsh Dragon Emperor of Domination.

Extending my hand towards Ddraig he looked at it for a moment before eventually extending one of his claws to it as we both shared a 'handshake'

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