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Every moment was previous as they consummated a love which was reflective of a duo who had loved and almost lost which was most important.  Even after the act of love was done, they stayed spooned together as he whispered sweet things to her to confirm what he had stated earlier.  Henry only left the bed long enough to go shut the door before pulling a blanket out from the closet to cover her. As she was covered up, Henry got under as well before pulling her close to him and cuddling her as their legs stayed loosely tangled.  It was nice to have a pause where there was no pressure. As the silence stretched they started to fill it with their own retelling of the romance. The story was filled with little details and perspectives that helped fill out the strength that had become this new found bond.  It was told in a lazy cadance as the headiness such talk produced brought with it such a high that was nice to feel for their paused moment.

After the sunlight had moved to the other side of the room, Ellie exclaimed, "What a ruckus we would have raised if someone had seen how we were fighting or the aftermath.  I'm glad there's such a light staff today or I'm sure we would have had quite an audience. This would be difficult to explain to Michael."

Henry was just so relieved that he had a chance that he was in the mood to laugh at anything.  As long as she was with him, he had the world in his hands. She was his world. "I'm sure you have a lot of experience with the background of my workers.  I don't like when they're mindless drones who follow orders. They should take initiative and be quick on their feet. I'm sure that Michael knows perfectly well that should have succeeded if I've kept you here for a time.  You haven't screamed in fear, it was only your pleasure and that is a sound, I'm sure he enjoyed over some very heavy scotch over in the other side of the house. Privately, I'm sure he'll have some choice words as to why I don't deserve you.  He's often reminded me that he was worried I would become a recluse in this huge house all to myself so he always wanted me to have a good companion which is where you come in as the perfect person to make me go outside."

Ellie rolled so she was lying on top of him now instead of beside him.  As she was on his stomach she could feel the slow riverbirations of his echoed laughs as well as his unsteady breath.  "Michael is an amazing person to have next to you."

Henry brushed his hand against her chin as his forefinger poked her nose.  "Can I ask that you have no one else either? I remember hearing about a Himanshu from my brother-in-law.  Has he contacted you after you were promoted to a t.i.tle?"

Ellie smiled with a troublemaker's glint as she traced his lips with a finger.  "Are you jealous now? I could turn the tides so easily if I was another type of woman, but no.  I haven't heard from him for a long time. I actually didn't remember that Nolan was around when he dumped me.  It was kind of a he-said, she-said situation when he told me that his mother had gotten an arranged marriage waiting for him with an attached string of medical clinics he would get to run.  He wouldn't stop talking about all the money her family had and how he was just unsure that I would ever be famous enough to bring home to his family. He said I traveled too much and didn't have good child-bearing potential.  Himanshu was from quite a conservative family as well, old money from Asia. But . . . you know after the alcohol was thrown up out of my sistem, I really didn't care. He was just from a different culture and upbringing. I never lost him because I never really had him.  It's such old news you know, like our separation." Ellie moved upward to meet his open lips before she continued. "I can't imagine my life without you. You make everything I took for granted look different. I don't want another husband, the spot will always just be for you."

Henry felt possessive as he heard the words come from her mouth.  He remembered his vows to love her and honor her with a rea.s.surance that he still hadn't broken those words.  They bound both of them to the same. He pulled the blanket to the floor and was glad she was already on top of him as he spoke.  "I think it will take time to build confidence and esteem in myself that having a love like this is something I deserve. I know the doubt I feel will be tested if I don't renew my feelings with you time and time again.  If I am a bit obsessive at times, I hope you will be forgiving."

Ellie moved up so she could hold his face in her hands as she spoke directly to him.  "If you don't feel sure that I'm here for you, that I care for you, and that I'm very much still in love with you.  I'll say it every time I see you until I'm told. You are the only one for me, Henry Wong. There I said it, do you feel stronger?  Should I repeat it?"

Ellie yelped as Henry pulled her so they were back to being level forming a small heart shape with their scattered limbs.  He felt as if there was a roaring in his chest which was initiated with the truth that this woman was going to be here by his side.  It was a coursing that ran through him until he felt consumed by her open honestly. This was how it should be. He leaned forward and kissed her, drinking in the beauty that was his life.  "Every day so I can repeat it back to you."

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