Dragon Prince Yuan summary:

The heavens and earth are furnaces, every living things are charcoal, and the Yin and Yang are fuel. The battle for destiny, fate, and luck between the Serpent and Sacred Saint Dragon arises. When all is said and done, will the Serpent emerge victorious or will the Sacred Saint Dragon rise up above all sentient beings?
The world revolves around the Yin and Yang, a single breath can move mountains and seas, and turn the heavens upside down. Those who wield strength has the right to possess the Yin and Yang of the Universe.
Zhou Yuan holds a pen while the dragon dances. Chaos surrounds the world, lightning blankets the sky. In this world, will the serpent swallow the dragon, or will the dragon rise?

Destiny stolen at birth, the prince of the once mighty Great Zhou Empire, Zhou Yuan, has been plagued by a fatal poison till fate draws him to mysterious domain where he meets a beautiful girl in green, a bizarre dog-like creature and an unfathomable old man in black.
Join Zhou Yuan as he thrust into the whirlpool of destiny while he seeks the pinnacle of cultivation

Dragon Prince Yuan Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1206 Popular May-07-2021
Chapter 1196 Enough May-02-2021
Chapter 1175 Xu Lei Apr-22-2021
Chapter 1167 Jia Tu Apr-18-2021
Chapter 1156 Divide Apr-12-2021
Chapter 1155 Victory Apr-12-2021
Chapter 1149 Killed Apr-09-2021
Chapter 1141 Flexing Apr-04-2021
Chapter 1136 Abnormal Apr-02-2021
Chapter 1135 Divide Apr-02-2021
Chapter 1132 Bluffing Mar-31-2021
Chapter 1127 Expose Mar-29-2021
Chapter 1126 Test Mar-28-2021
Chapter 1123 The Plan Mar-27-2021
Chapter 1119 Rescue Mar-24-2021
Chapter 1113 Winner Mar-22-2021
Chapter 1112 Schemed Mar-21-2021
Chapter 1097 Qianhu Mar-14-2021
Chapter 1093 Toxic Mar-12-2021
Chapter 1092 Harvest Mar-11-2021
Chapter 1090 Rat Tide Mar-10-2021
Chapter 1083 Waiting Mar-07-2021
Chapter 1082 Pact Mar-06-2021
Chapter 1077 Subdued Mar-04-2021
Chapter 1076 Shock Mar-03-2021
Chapter 1068 War Ends Feb-27-2021
Chapter 1063 Appear? Feb-25-2021
Chapter 1062 Traitor Feb-24-2021
Chapter 1056 Escape Feb-21-2021
Chapter 1051 Shock Feb-19-2021
Chapter 1050 Swallow Feb-19-2021
Chapter 1048 Bad News Feb-17-2021
Chapter 1047 Draw Feb-17-2021
Chapter 1040 Fragmen Feb-13-2021
Chapter 1033 Open up Feb-10-2021
Chapter 1032 Memory Feb-10-2021
Chapter 1028 Reversal Feb-08-2021
Chapter 1024 Beat Him Feb-05-2021
Chapter 1023 Bluff Feb-05-2021
Chapter 1018 Trouble Feb-02-2021
Chapter 1012 Team Jan-30-2021
Chapter 1011 Accep Jan-30-2021
Chapter 1007 Rumors Jan-28-2021
Chapter 1001 Gather Jan-25-2021
Chapter 1000 Qin Lian Jan-25-2021
Chapter 997 Identity Jan-23-2021
Chapter 994 Change Jan-21-2021
Chapter 990 Settled Jan-19-2021
Chapter 988 One kick Jan-18-2021
Chapter 982 Self-harm Jan-15-2021
Chapter 976 Reversal Jan-13-2021
Chapter 966 Bully Jan-08-2021
Chapter 964 Failure Jan-07-2021
Chapter 962 Divide Jan-05-2021
Chapter 954 Deduction Jan-01-2021
Chapter 951 Yuan Kun Dec-31-2020
Chapter 943 Withdraw Dec-27-2020
Chapter 941 Encounter Dec-26-2020
Chapter 940 Scheme Dec-26-2020
Chapter 936 Passed Dec-23-2020
Chapter 933 One Punch Dec-22-2020
Chapter 932 Trap Dec-22-2020
Chapter 926 Grea Dec-19-2020
Chapter 922 Xu Ming Dec-19-2020
Chapter 920 Dec-15-2020
Chapter 919 Dec-15-2020
Chapter 918 Dec-14-2020
Chapter 917 Dec-14-2020
Chapter 916 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 915 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 914 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 913 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 912 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 911 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 910 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 909 Dec-13-2020
Chapter 908 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 907 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 906 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 905 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 904 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 903 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 902 Dec-09-2020
Chapter 901 Dec-06-2020
Chapter 900 Dec-06-2020
Chapter 899 Dec-06-2020
Chapter 898 Dec-04-2020
Chapter 871 Gamble Nov-20-2020
Chapter 870 Zuo Ya Nov-20-2020
Chapter 867 Impac Nov-18-2020
Chapter 866 Prize Nov-18-2020
Chapter 853 Alliance Nov-13-2020
Chapter 839 Trap Nov-04-2020
Chapter 837 Scheme Nov-04-2020
Chapter 829 Flexible Oct-31-2020
Chapter 828 Fang Ao Oct-30-2020
Chapter 816 80% Oct-24-2020
Chapter 815 Mu Liu Oct-24-2020
Chapter 811 Lu Xiao Oct-22-2020
Chapter 808 Shock Oct-20-2020
Chapter 805 Derive Oct-19-2020
Chapter 799 Punishmen Oct-16-2020
Chapter 797 Break Oct-16-2020
Chapter 793 Plo Oct-13-2020
Chapter 788 One Sword Oct-10-2020
Chapter 787 Storm Oct-10-2020
Chapter 780 Rejection Oct-07-2020
Chapter 779 Gu Xi Oct-07-2020
Chapter 778 Thigh Oct-07-2020
Chapter 777 Threaten Oct-07-2020
Chapter 769 Mo Yuan Oct-01-2020
Chapter 760 Chi Jing Sep-26-2020
Chapter 759 Resolved Sep-26-2020
Chapter 754 Zhao Yue Sep-23-2020
Chapter 753 Reques Sep-23-2020
Chapter 752 Escor Sep-23-2020
Chapter 751 Qiu Ji Sep-23-2020
Chapter 740 Receive Sep-21-2020
Chapter 737 Change Sep-15-2020
Chapter 723 Mole Sep-09-2020
Chapter 722 Lianyi Sep-08-2020
Chapter 721 Gathered Sep-08-2020
Chapter 720 Turmoil Sep-08-2020
Chapter 714 Outsiders Sep-04-2020
Chapter 695 King Wu! Aug-25-2020
Chapter 692 Return Aug-23-2020
Chapter 677 Agreemen Aug-20-2020
Chapter 665 Punishmen Aug-13-2020
Chapter 661 End Aug-13-2020
Chapter 660 Complete Aug-07-2020
Chapter 657 Harves Aug-07-2020
Chapter 655 Reversal Aug-05-2020
Chapter 654 Killed Aug-05-2020
Chapter 646 Two Women Aug-05-2020
Chapter 643 Tactics Aug-05-2020
Chapter 633 Friends Aug-05-2020
Chapter 631 Trap Aug-05-2020
Chapter 630 Worse Aug-05-2020
Chapter 629 Deb Aug-05-2020
Chapter 622 Limi Aug-05-2020
Chapter 621 Concei Aug-05-2020
Chapter 616 War Aug-05-2020
Chapter 612 Plan Aug-05-2020
Chapter 610 Defused Aug-05-2020
Chapter 602 Appear Aug-05-2020
Chapter 592 Reward Aug-05-2020
Chapter 586 Hard Figh Aug-05-2020
Chapter 584 Chaos Aug-05-2020
Chapter 577 Probing Aug-05-2020
Chapter 573 Fan Yao Aug-05-2020
Chapter 572 Helpers Aug-05-2020
Chapter 569 Ning Mo Aug-05-2020
Chapter 568 Besieged Aug-05-2020
Chapter 561 Gathering Aug-05-2020
Chapter 559 Team Aug-05-2020
Chapter 557 Qin Ling Aug-05-2020
Chapter 554 Task Aug-05-2020
Chapter 536 Training May-02-2020
Chapter 514 Run! Apr-14-2020
Chapter 511 Response Apr-12-2020
Chapter 510 Scheme Apr-10-2020
Chapter 505 Name List Apr-08-2020
Chapter 469 Mar-06-2020
Chapter 465 Reversal Mar-03-2020
Chapter 461 One Punch Feb-28-2020
Chapter 456 Chat Feb-24-2020
Chapter 453 Ripples Feb-22-2020
Chapter 450 One Punch Feb-20-2020
Chapter 449 Wu Hai Feb-19-2020
Chapter 448 Conflict Feb-18-2020
Chapter 440 Chu Qing Feb-18-2020
Chapter 433 Commotion Feb-01-2020
Chapter 430 Perfect Jan-29-2020
Chapter 420 One-sided Jan-22-2020
Chapter 419 Yang Xuan Jan-22-2020
Chapter 407 Fireworks Jan-22-2020
Chapter 406 Cheating Jan-22-2020
Chapter 405 Incentive Jan-22-2020
Chapter 396 One Move Jan-22-2020
Chapter 395 Dispute Jan-22-2020
Chapter 394 Protest Jan-22-2020
Chapter 384 Reward Jan-22-2020
Chapter 382 Champion Jan-22-2020
Chapter 376 Top Ten Jan-22-2020
Chapter 371 Boundary Jan-22-2020
Chapter 368 Hunted Jan-22-2020
Chapter 367 One Punch Jan-22-2020
Chapter 365 It Begins Jan-22-2020
Chapter 345 Reward Jan-22-2020
Chapter 323 Get Jan-22-2020
Chapter 322 Bait Jan-22-2020
Chapter 321 Offended Jan-22-2020
Chapter 320 Success Jan-22-2020
Chapter 318 A Way Jan-22-2020
Chapter 316 Occupied Jan-22-2020
Chapter 313 Mediation Jan-22-2020
Chapter 307 Helper Jan-22-2020
Chapter 306 Chased Jan-22-2020
Chapter 300 Stir Jan-22-2020
Chapter 297 The Match Jan-22-2020
Chapter 290 Match Jan-22-2020
Chapter 289 Volunteer Jan-22-2020
Chapter 287 Cao Shi Jan-22-2020
Chapter 278 Reward Jan-22-2020
Chapter 260 Secre Jan-22-2020
Chapter 259 Guidance Jan-22-2020
Chapter 258 Jan-22-2020
Chapter 255 Method Jan-22-2020
Chapter 254 Response Jan-22-2020
Chapter 251 Grade 5 Jan-22-2020
Chapter 248 Conflic Jan-22-2020
Chapter 241 Zong Ming Jan-22-2020
Chapter 232 Jan-22-2020
Chapter 231 Ability Jan-22-2020
Chapter 228 Apertures Jan-22-2020
Chapter 226 Zhu Yue Jan-22-2020
Chapter 224 Resolve Jan-22-2020
Chapter 213 Luo Song Jan-22-2020
Chapter 196 The Firs Jan-22-2020
Chapter 182 Chase Jan-22-2020
Chapter 178 Gathered Jan-22-2020
Chapter 166 Zhu Ying Jan-22-2020
Chapter 161 Chase Jan-22-2020
Chapter 157 Haul Jan-22-2020
Chapter 153 Measure Jan-22-2020
Chapter 139 Attack Jan-22-2020
Chapter 134 Gu Ling Jan-22-2020
Chapter 132 Goods Ge Jan-22-2020
Chapter 123 Small Fry Jan-22-2020
Chapter 120 Gu Lang Jan-22-2020
Chapter 113 A Gif Jan-22-2020
Chapter 103 Activate Jan-22-2020
Chapter 96 Five Jan-22-2020
Chapter 95 Dispute Jan-22-2020
Chapter 92 Treasure Jan-22-2020
Chapter 89 Surrender Jan-22-2020
Chapter 87 Kill Jan-22-2020
Chapter 86 Erode Jan-22-2020
Chapter 83 Contes Jan-22-2020
Chapter 79 Fear Jan-22-2020
Chapter 71 Roped In Jan-22-2020
Chapter 70 Ge Jan-22-2020
Chapter 66 Exposed Jan-22-2020
Chapter 60 Journey Jan-22-2020
Chapter 56 Wu Huang Jan-22-2020
Chapter 54 Triumph Jan-22-2020
Chapter 52 True Power Jan-22-2020
Chapter 48 Nex Jan-22-2020
Chapter 47 Strange Jan-22-2020
Chapter 26 Rise Jan-22-2020
Chapter 17 Lin Feng Jan-22-2020
Chapter 14 Spiri Jan-22-2020
Chapter 3 Su Youwei Jan-22-2020
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