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Ye Xuan carried his sister back to the mansion. When they just arrived, Ye Ling fell fast asleep.

But when Ye Ling was put in the bed, she shrunk with cold and her whole body was s.h.i.+vering.

Ye Xuan was greatly shocked. In a hurry, he added a quilt to Ye Ling, but Ye Ling still felt very chilly.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xuan was rather panicked. Seemingly thinking of something, he quickly took out the Heaven Fire Warm Jade hanging on Ye Ling's neck. When he saw the Heaven Fire Warm Jade, he was startled

There was a faint layer of frost on the surface of the Heaven Fire Warm Jade!


Ye Xuan hastened to call in his heart, "Predecessor, this..."

"Send the jade in!"

The voice of the mysterious woman suddenly sounded.

Ye Xuan quickly sent the Heaven Fire Warm Jade into the Prison World Tower. After a while, the Heaven Fire Warm Jade appeared again in Ye Xuan's hand. This time the Heaven Fire Warm Jade had restored its original appearance.

Ye Xuan hung the Heaven Fire Warm Jade on Ye Ling's neck at once. Gradually, Ye Ling looked a little better.

Seeing this, Ye Xuan suddenly felt relaxed in his heart.

At this time, the voice of the mysterious woman suddenly sounded. "The Spiritual Strength and ultimate source of this jade have disappeared ninety-nine percent. One day at most, this jade will become a waste rock. You should plan for that ahead."

A waste stone!

Ye Xuan's look was gradually dignified. If this Heaven Fire Warm Jade became invalid, how could his sister withstand this cold?

After a while, Ye Xuan left the room.

Outside the door, looking at the bright moon above the night sky, Ye Xuan's hands firmly clenched.

Tomorrow was the day that the Cangmu College enrolled new students!

Cangmu College!

It was the largest college in Jiang Country. Once he joined the Cangmu College, he could take his sister to see doctors. Then his sister would never suffer from the pain!

Lu Xiaoran also came to the courtyard.

Lu Xiaoran smiled bitterly, "My little friend Ye, I'm sorry about what happened tonight."

Ye Xuan shook his head, "You had nothing to do with it, Predecessor Lu!"

Lu Xiaoran whispered, "I thought highly of the Eldest Prince formerly. But from the thing happened today, I found out that he was not what I have imagined... Alas, these juniors from the royal families really are good at doing surface work!"

Ye Xuan hesitated a little, and then said, "Predecessor Lu, excuse me for being blunt, it's too early for you to choose your side now. What's more, you standing in a line is the last thing the one at the top wants to see!"

Lu Xiaoran smiled helplessly. "I naturally knew these. Only that if I don't take my stance now, I'm afraid that it will be too late when I am to choose a side in the future!"

Ye Xuan shook his head. "With all due respect, Predecessor Lu only needs to show your loyalty to the ruling King. As long as the King is alive, nothing will happen to you and the Lu Family."

Lu Xiaoran nodded. "I am thinking about this. The Lu Family no longer wants to be involved in the battle for the position of Crown Prince."

Ye Xuan nodded and said no more.

Then Lu Xiaoran said with a smile, "Little friend, tomorrow is the enrollment of Cangmu College. Since my disappointing son will be in college, please take care of him for me!"

Ye Xuan smiled, "Predecessor Lu, I may not be able to join the Cangmu College!"

Lu Xiaoran shook his head slightly. "It will be their biggest loss if the Cangmu College refuses you!"

Ye Xuan smiled without speaking.

When Lu Xiaoran left, Ye Xuan returned to the Prison World Tower.

Hardly when he went back to the Prison World Tower, he found that there seemed to be a sound upstairs.

The sound was very light, but he did hear it.

Ye Xuan sank his voice to ask, "Predecessor, is that?"

The mysterious woman responded by asking, "What do you think that voice should be?"

Ye Xuan smiled bitterly, "Predecessor, what on earth is the kind of existence in the second layer?"

After a moment of silence, the mysterious woman said. "It's not something good. Anyway, after entering college, you have to find Spiritual Swords to improve your realm. Everything has to be accelerated!"

Ye Xuan nodded. It was difficult for him to feel at ease at the thought of the current situation of the Prison World Tower, or it should be said that he felt troubled and uneasy almost all the time!

Because he himself could feel that the existence in the second layer must be something evil!

There was no basis, it was just a feeling which was given to him by the Prison World Tower! It should be said that the feeling was a warning the Prison World Tower gave him!

As the mysterious woman had said, he must speed up.

Of course, his top priority was to join Cangmu College!

One day pa.s.sed.

In the early morning, a red sun rose slowly from the horizon.

Ye Xuan took his sister Ye Ling out of the mansion gate. Outside the gate were Lu Xiaoran and the little fat boy Lu Ming.

Lu Xiaoran looked Ye Xuan up and down. "Ye Xuan changes a cloud white robe today. With fixing himself up a little, he is exceedingly good-looking like a jade tree in the wind. If he hangs a sword on his waist and shows his status, I am afraid that he will charm quite many girls in the Imperial Capital."

"Ye Ling also changes into a dark green dress with a long braid behind her head. Though she is still very young, anyone can see that she is a beauty-to-be. She will become devastatingly beautiful in a few years."

After seeing the appearances of the siblings, Lu Xiaoran felt more certain in his heart that the origin of them must not be simple!

Retrieving his thoughts, Lu Xiaoran smiled, "Little friend Ye, let's go!"

Ye Xuan nodded. Then he took Ye Ling with him and walked to the distance together with Lu Xiaoran and his son.

They were not far from Cangmu College so they chose to walk.

Today's Imperial Capital could be described as unusually lively. The enrollment of Cangmu College could be said to be a matter of primary importance in the Imperial Capital. In the whole Jiang Country, if a person wanted to stand out from the others, the best way was to get in Cangmu College!

It would be a big leap in cla.s.s once one had entered the Cangmu College. Hence, every time Cangmu College recruited students, a great many geniuses and marvels would come from different parts of Jiang Country and so would their families come to accompany them.

Therefore, the Imperial Capital became much more convivial.

Actually, Ye Xuan did not know that they might not find a place to live if it had not been for Lu Xiaoran because all rooms in Imperial Capital were basically booked up a month ago!

Ye Ling was surprisingly happy today because today was the day that Ye Xuan would join the Cangmu College. Once Ye Xuan enrolled at Cangmu College, he would no longer be alone. He would have the support and a promising future. At that time, even if her illness could not be cured, she could rest a.s.sured as well.

Thinking of this, tilting her head, Ye Ling looked at Ye Xuan. She held Ye Xuan's hand tightly. If she could, she also would like to live because her brother lived too tired after their mother had left them. She knew no fear of death, but it was just she was afraid that her brother would feel lonely after she died.

There were more and more people in the streets, all of which were heading toward the same direction.

Cangmu College!

To the north of the Imperial Capital, there was a mountain named Cangshan which was nearly as high as three thousand meters. Standing on the mountainside, one was able to overlook the entire Imperial Capital.

The Cangmu College was on top of the Cangshan Mountain.

On the road, Lu Xiaoran said with a smile, "This Cangmu College has a long history. In this land, numerous dynasties pa.s.sed, but Cangmu College is always there. It was the same with the Drunken Fairy Building, they are two authentic colossuses!"

Ye Xuan said in a deep voice, "Is there a Cangmu College in other countries?"

Lu Xiaoran nodded. "Of course there are. It is said that the headquarters of the Cangmu College is located in the central mainland of Divine Continent, a distant place!"

With this, he shook his head and smiled, then he looked at Ye Xuan. "Little friend Ye, if you have any chance in the future, you must leave the Jiang Country and the Qing Continent to see the wider world outside such that you will not live this life in vain!"

Ye Xuan smiled, "It's too far away. Do the best I can with what I know at present is the most important thing!"

Lu Xiaoran laughed, "It's nature!"

Soon, they came to the foot of Cangshan Mountain. Looking down from the Cangshan Mountain, a feeling of tiny arose spontaneously.

This time, under the Cangshan Mountain, there was already a sea of people. Obviously, these people were all coming to partic.i.p.ate in the enrollment of Cangmu College.

Looking at these people around, Ye Xuan was also a little scared, because they were very young and had achieved at least the Qi Harnessing Realm.

It seemed that Lu Xiaoran knew what Ye Xuan was thinking. He smiled and said, "Don't be amazed. All the geniuses of Jiang Country are here. Think about it, all the geniuses in the tens of millions of people, do you still think there are too many?"

Ye Xuan nodded. In Qing City, a person who was in the Qi Harnessing Realm at the age of 18 could be considered as a super genius. However, Qing City was only a small town. If it was in some big cities, the person perhaps could only be a general genius!

And if it was in the whole Jiang Country, the person could be just an average!

At this moment, a red-crowned crane flying from the sky, on the back of which sat on an old man. In no time, the red-crowned crane stopped overhead, then the old man looked down and said. "I'm the External Dean of the Cangmu College. I am in charge of the enrollment today. The number of students to be enrolled today is twenty. There are three stages in total. If twenty more people have pa.s.sed the three stages, they should compete with each other and then the winners will stay!"


His words caused a stir!

At least a thousand people were there. The college only wanted twenty of them, which meant that ninety-nine percent of the people among them would be eliminated!

Ye Xuan's expression also became dignified!

There were only twenty places which meant that the compet.i.tion would be exceptionally cruel!

In the sky, the voice of the old man rang out again. "The first stage: go up the mountain. Anyone who can't walk to the middle of the mountain will be immediately eliminated!"

"Go up the mountain?"

Ye Xuan was a little stunned, and he looked at Lu Yanran, "Is it that simple?"

Lu Yanran shook his head. "It is not that simple. Formations will be used to suppress you when you are going up the mountain. The purpose of this stage is to weed out those with unstable realms. Albeit the majority of you have achieved the Qi Harnessing Realm, many people are not actual qualified!"

Ye Xuan nodded, then he looked at the little fat boy Lu Ming, "Predecessor, but Little Ming, he seems not to have reached the Qi Harnessing Realm!"

Lu Xiaoran smiled bitterly. "Of course he doesn't. This time he entered Cangmu College only as a special student."

"A special student?"

Ye Xuan was somewhat puzzled. "What does that mean?"

Lu Xiaoran looked quite embarra.s.sed. "In fact, I bought this enrollment quota. But he will not be a formal student and will be put in a low-level cla.s.s, in which there are also teachers to guide them. However, everything will be much worse than formal students. Moreover, he doesn't have the status of a formal student."

Aside, Lu Ming was somewhat dissatisfied, "Elder Brother and Daddy, both of you please save me some dignity!"

Hearing his request, Lu Xiaoran couldn't be angrier and he said furiously, "You even want some dignity. If you have tried to be good, could I need to beg an enrollment quota for you?"

Lu Ming curled his lips but did not dare to talk back.

Ye Xuan and his sister looked at each other and smiled.

Then Lu Xiaoran suddenly said, "Little friend Ye, let's go to the starting point."

Ye Xuan nodded. And they came to a small road at the foot of the Cangshan Mountain. Beside the path, there was a wooden stake. Above the wooden stake nailed a dead man. It was unknown how long he had been dead!

On the scene, everyone pointed at the men and discussed livelily!

Ye Xuan glanced at the man, then turned to look at Lu Yanran, "Predecessor, who is it?"

Lu Yanran sank his voice to say, "He was a student of Canglan College!"

"Canglan College!"

Ye Xuan was startled a little and asked, "Does it also locate in the Imperial Capital?"

Lu Yanran nodded. "It is normal that you haven't heard it. Nowadays in Jiang Country, everyone knows about Cangmu College, but few people know about Canglan College. In fact, in the former dynasty, Canglan College and Cangmu College were equally famous. Somehow these two colleges have become deadly enemies. Every three years, there will be a life-and-death compet.i.tion, deathless endlessly. Later, for some reason, the strength of Canglan College gradually fell into a decline. While Cangmu College became increasingly strong. Therefore, Canglan College was completely defeated by Cangmu College in every life and death compet.i.tion in the past 50 years. All of those people who partic.i.p.ated in the compet.i.tion on behalf of Canglan College had been nailed along the path. Going up from here, you will come across many more bodies."

As he said this, he shook his head and sighed. "According to the agreement between the two colleges, if Canglan College can win once, they can take away the bodies of these students. Unfortunately, no one in Canglan College can defeat the students of Cangmu College!"

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