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Published at 25th of July 2019 12:01:14 AM Chapter 100
Chapter 100 Activate the Prison World Tower!

"Destroy Cangmu College!"

Upon hearing Ye Xuan's words, the few people in the field were all stunned .

Not far from Ye Xuan, Mo Yunqi whispered, "Bandit Ye, are you going to fight back?"

Ye Xuan nodded . "Exactly!"

Mo Yunqi thought about it and then said, "Bandit Ye, we may not be able to beat them!"

Bai Ze nodded . "We can't beat them!"

Ye Xuan looked at the two of them . "I really can't beat them . However, if we don't take the initiative to attack them, won't they come to kill us?"

The two of them fell silent .

Cangmu College had made it clear that it wanted to destroy Canglan College!

Either Cangmu College or Canglan College would die, the relations.h.i.+p between the two colleges had already come to this!

Even if Canglan College asked for pardon now, Cangmu College would not let them go .

Thinking of this, Mo Yunqi and the others felt relieved . Mo Yunqi nodded . "Then, let's fight!"

Ye Xuan looked toward Old Ji who gently said, "Go back to our college first!"

The others nodded .

At this time, the Ninth Floorlord of the Drunken Fairy Building and Jiang Yuetian suddenly appeared in the field . The Ninth Floorlord cast a look at Ye Xuan and said while smiling, "Little friend, we meet again!"

Ye Xuan gave the Ninth Floorlord and Jiang Yuetian a sincere ceremony . "Thanks for your secret supports . "

Seeing Ye Xuan act like this, the Ninth Floorlord and Jiang Yuetian smiled even more brilliant .

This time, why did they choose Ye Xuan's side and offer their help? Of course, they wanted to cozy up to Ye Xuan . And now, upon seeing that Ye Xuan was so grateful, they knew that they had achieved their goal .

No one wanted to help an ungrateful person!

The Ninth Floorlord laughed . "All of you are going to Imperial Capital . You can go there by Drunken Fairy Building's Cloud s.h.i.+p, which is ready to go now!"

Ye Xuan cupped his fists . "Then, thanks a lot!"

The Ninth Floorlord smiled . "These are little things . You needn't be so polite, my little friend!"

Soon, they boarded the Cloud s.h.i.+p and were on their way to Imperial Capital .

Around the Cloud s.h.i.+p, the Ninth Floorlord, Jiang Yuetian, and Old Ji escorted them in person!

Somewhere .

In silence, Tuoba Yan watched Ye Xuan and the others leave .

Behind her, the old man said in a deep voice, "Fortunately, Ning Country didn't partic.i.p.ate in the encirclement and suppression this time . Otherwise, I am afraid that we would lose lots of geniuses . "

The old woman next to the old man nodded . "Ye Xuan and the others, none of them is weak . Especially Ye Xuan, he has great strength . I guess that he can already fight against people in the G.o.d-allied Realm . . . "

Speaking of which, she seemed to think of something and sneered in a sudden . "It is said that Ye Xuan took his sister to Cangmu College that year, hoping to join Cangmu College . However, Cangmu College shut him out . . . The group of Elders in Cangmu College were so foolish that they sent such a marvel to Canglan College for nothing . At this moment, I guess that the hearts of those Elders and Mentors in Cangmu College must be bleeding!"

Tuoba Yan said indifferently, "What goes up must come down!"

After saying that, she turned her head to looked at the sky in the distance . "Great Cloud Empire has corrupted within the empire . Lately, those forces on the mountains appear frequently, and some neighboring countries are eager for fights . . . I am afraid that the peaceful days of those people in the boundary of Qing Continent will be over soon . "

Behind Tuoba Yan, the old woman nodded . "Fortunately, we haven't taken part in encircling and suppressing Ye Xuan because if we lost those talents in our country, it would undoubtedly cause great damage to us . "

At this point, she uttered a sigh and whispered, "If Ye Xuan were from Ning Country . . . What a pity!"

Tuoba Yan said in a calm voice, "What is his character? Does he care about his family and his country?"

The old woman sighed once again . "Your Majesty, there are things which you don't know . On that day, he saw soldiers from Tang Country slaughtering people from Jiang Country, but no one in the city dared to make any move . He was the only one who came forward courageously . Finally, he alone dared to confront the three thousand iron rides from Tang Country . . . Besides his talents, this event was a big part of the reason the Royal Household of Jiang Country is so willing to protect him . Ye Xuan is a genius, or rather a peerless genius, who takes himself as a person from Jiang Country, cares about his family and country, and is willing to defend to the death the dignity of Jiang Country . The Royal Household of Jiang Country will certainly do their best to protect and draw him over to their side!"

Tuoba Yan closed her eyes slowly . People didn't know what she was thinking .

At this time, the old woman added, "However, this time he has killed so many geniuses and marvels, who all have forces behind them . Especially the Cangmu College in Great Cloud Empire and Dark World, the two forces will take revenge on him . The Canglan College in Qing Continent cannot protect him at all . " "But after all, this matter has nothing to do with Ning Country!"

All in a sudden, Tuoba Yan opened her eyes . "Give out my orders . Let all our people pay attention to the news of Jiang Country . "

The old woman hesitated a little, and then nodded . "Yes!"

Tuoba Yan turned and left .

Immediately after Ye Xuan and the others boarded the Cloud s.h.i.+p, all of them went to their boxes .

They all needed to treat their wounds!

In the secret area, everyone had got various degrees of injuries, so their top priority was to cure their wounds!

The Ninth Floorlord, Jiang Yuetian, and Old Ji escorted them secretly around the Cloud s.h.i.+p!

Obviously, all of them were afraid that Cangmu College would play some dirty tricks in the dark .

Apparently, Cangmu College was in a desperate situation, so it would do anything to change that!

Somewhere, Jiang Yuetian found Old Ji, who was still drunk .

Jiang Yuetian sized Old Ji up and asked in a low voice, "Who is behind that boy?"

Old Ji took a sip of wine and shook his head .

Jiang Yuetian smiled bitterly . "Brother Ji, can't you even tell me?"

Old Ji shook his head once again . "I don't know, either . "

Jiang Yuetian frowned . "How is it possible that you don't know that . . . "

Old Ji replied casually, "I have never asked him, and I will not ask!"

Of course, he knew that there was someone behind Ye Xuan . Otherwise, no matter how marvel Ye Xuan was, it would be impossible for him to achieve so much in the Way of Sword! But Old Ji never asked!

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yuetian asked, "Next, how will you deal with those enemies?"

They had to deal with those enemies!

Now even a fool knew that Canglan College was going to face the crazy revenge from those forces!

Pouring himself a gulp of wine, Old Ji lay in the air, and soon there came his sounds of snoring .

Seeing this scene, Jiang Yuetian looked speechless .

After a while, he turned around and left .

Again, Jiang Yuetian found the Ninth Floorlord .

When he was about to speak, the Ninth Floorlord directly shook his head . "I know nothing about that!"

The face of Jiang Yuetian stiffened a little . After a while, he said with a bitter smile, "Can't you give a hint? To be honest, I feel very panicked now . "

The Ninth Floorlord said in a low tone, "Cangmu College is so shameless that it acted in such a dirty way . The Drunken Fairy Building hates to see a base college like that . Therefore, whether he has someone behind or not, Drunken Fairy Building will stand at his side! This world still needs a little bit of justice!"

The mouth corners of Jiang Yuetian slightly jerked . "I won't listen to your fu*king bullsh*t . . . "

Inside the Prison World Tower .

Ye Xuan swallowed an Incised-wound Pill . The effect of the pill was exceedingly significant that the wounds on his body begun to recover at an extremely fast speed .

Ye Xuan slowly closed his eyes . Suddenly, the word "Earth" appeared between his eyebrows .

The Rule for the Tao!

Through the Rule for the Tao, he could now feel everything in the first layer of the Prison World Tower, and he even felt a trace of mysterious, intangible power!

It seemed to be the power of the Prison World Tower's first layer!

The mysterious woman had told him that he could now activate the power of the Prison World Tower's first layer and use the power to fight against his enemies . However, this way was hazardous to him . So he should try to keep himself from doing that if he was not in the most dangerous moment!

But now, when he tried to touch this power, he even felt that his heart was beating a little rapid!

He felt like that his body was going to be drained!

Ye Xuan quickly put away the Rule for the Tao!

At this moment, his face was as white as paper, and his forehead was constantly dripping with cold sweat!

He collapsed!

He felt that his whole body was drained at this moment!

Ye Xuan felt greatly frightened in his heart . "What exactly is that power?"

This time, he knew why the mysterious woman did not want him to activate the Prison World Tower because he could not activate this tower now . If he forced himself to activate it, he might die for real!

Ye Xuan took a deep breath and stopped thinking about the power! The more he thought about it, the faster his heart would beat!

After a while, he felt that his body got better . He then took out a little wooden girl who had 80% to 90% similarity with Ye Ling!

Ye Ling!

He gently stroked the little wooden girl in his hand and said softly, "I don't know whether or not my little girl had got used to her life there . . . "

When he said this, his eyes gradually became firm . "Cold North Clan . . . Central-mainland Divine Continent . . . Wait for me there . I will come soon . One day, I will make those people who are going to bully you keep their distance from you once they learn that I am your brother!"

After that, he put the little wooden girl away .

"I should try hard!"

"I should try hard!"

"I should try hard!"

For Ye Xuan, what he had to do now was to try hard to become stronger . Only when he had enough strength could Ye Xuan protect the person who he wanted to protect and pursue the person who he liked!

Without enough strength, everything he'd like to do would become f*cking bullsh*t!

In the other boxes, Mo Yunqi and the others had the same ideas with Ye Xuan at the moment .

This time, they felt the crisis again!

The real crisis!

This time in the secret area, some of them almost died, even Ye Xuan was nearly killed several times!

If they were not to try hard, then they would not nearly die, but they would die for real!

This time, they also saw the geniuses and marvels from other countries and other places!

The gap!

They had to admit that there was still a staggering gap between them and those top geniuses and marvels!

Whether it was for Canglan College or for themselves, they must try hard!

No matter it was Ye Xuan or Mo Yunqi and the others, some changes had already taken place in their state of mind!

Two days later, the Cloud s.h.i.+p arrived at Imperial Capital!

When the Cloud s.h.i.+p landed, Ye Xuan and the other three got off the s.h.i.+p . The four of them didn't return to Canglan College, instead, they went straight to Cangmu College!

Along the way, countless people followed them .

Of course, most of them were going to watch the fun!

Soon, the news that Ye Xuan and the other three went back to Imperial Capital spread throughout the entire Imperial Capital as quickly as the spread of the plague . Thus, many more people rushed toward Cangmu College . . .

Old Ji did not go to Cangmu College with them . He returned to Canglan College!

Old Ji came to a small hall in the back mountain of Canglan Hall . He went into the small hall and lit three black incenses . Soon, an illusory middle-aged man appeared in the smoke, which was dissipating slowly .

The middle-aged man looked coldly at Old Ji . "You lit Trans-boundary Message-delivering Incense! Then, What is the matter?"

Old Ji cupped his fists at him . "Ji Yun, from the Canglan College in Qing Continent, entreats the help from headquarters . I . . . "

The middle-aged man suddenly frowned . He interrupted Old Ji . "Qing Continent? Canglan College?"

Old Ji nodded . "Exactly!"

The middle-aged man looked Old Ji up and down . "So you are Ji Yun, who left the headquarters and threatened to make the Dean apologize to you!"

Old Ji silenced .

The middle-aged man sneered coldly . "In those years, you were full of confidence . But now, you still have to beg the headquarters for help, don't you? Where is your proud character? And where is the domineering Ji Yun who dared to leave the headquarters that day?"

Old Ji remained silent .

At this time, the middle-aged man said coldly, "You may not know that you have already been removed from the headquarters . Now you are not a member of Canglan College . As for the Canglan College in Qing Continent, on behalf of Canglan College, I should warn you that neither Canglan College has never opened a branch in Qing Continent, nor we admit the Canglan College that you built in Qing Continent . Otherwise, Canglan College will not spare you!"

After that, he disappeared directly .

"I have been removed from the headquarters!"

A little dully, Old Ji said, "They have removed me from Canglan College . . . "

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