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Chapter 93.3

Face-slapping the childhood sweetheart (3)

Editor: Nadralexe

Ye Shaoyun was actually still a senior at high school, so he was also carrying a backpack. If he had to carry Zhou Xu too, it would be quite tiring.

Ru Yu pulled on Zhou Xu’s hand and said, “Little Xu, be a good boy, don’t let Uncle Ye carry you, he still has to carry his backpack.”

Zhou Xu turned around and glanced at Ru Yu. Then he threw his hand away and grabbed onto Ye Shaoyun’s leg and said, “Hug me.”

Ye Shaoyun looked down at Zhou Xu’s soft look, looked at his big and hopeful eyes, and softened his heart. He bent down and picked him up. After picking him up, he couldn’t help but kiss Zhou Xu again.

Zhou Xu chuckled and kissed Ye Shaoyun back several times before they went for the stairs.

Ru Yu could just watch and couldn’t say anything. He didn’t know how to act like a baby, so he must work hard to gain Ye Shaoyun’s favor.

Following Ye Shaoyun silently, Ru Yu mused how he had to be even better and work even harder.

The kindergarten Zhou Xu went to was right next to the neighborhood in which he lived. There were not many students, and the teacher was pretty good too. It was also really convenient for Ye Shaoyun, a high school student.

In fact, Ye Shaoyun and his cla.s.smates still had morning study, but since he had to take care of Zhou Xu, the teacher gave him an exception and only asked him to arrive at the first period in time.

At the door of the kindergarten, Ru Yu respectfully greeted the kindergarten teacher, Ms. Juan, and then waved to Ye Shaoyun. “Bye, Uncle Ye!”

“Bye! Remember to behave yourself!”


Ye Shaoyu wanted to put Zhou Xu down, but Zhou Xu held his arms around his neck and didn’t let go. Ms. Juan stood on the side and smiled, “Xiao Xu is really going to miss his uncle, but don’t worry, you can see your uncle again tonight.”

All the teachers knew about the death of Zhou Xu’s parents and also knew that Ye Shaoyun was his uncle. So when talking with Zhou Xu, they would be extremely gentle and feel sympathetic for this poor child.

Ye Shaoyun placed his head against Zhou Xu’s and whispered, “Xiao Xu, you need to be a good boy and go to kindergarten. I also have to go to school. Let’s say goodbye for now.”

Ye Shaoyun’s voice was extremely soft and his eyes were full of spoiling love. Of course, this love was the love for a child.

Zhou Xu wasn’t trying to cause trouble. He just wanted Ye Shaoyun to know that in his heart, Ye Shaoyun was his world. This way, Ye Shaoyun would value him more, and when it was time for Ru Yu to go, he would stand by his side.

His dark eyes fixed on Ye Shaoyun and with his arm around his neck and said slowly, “Uncle, I love you very much.”

“I love you too, Xiao Xu.”

“I love you more. Although mom and dad are gone, they definitely want me and you to be together forever.”

Ye Shaoyun was taken back for a bit. Then he gently smiled and kissed Zhou Xu once more. “Mhm, we will. We will always be together.”

Zhou Xu nodded very firmly and replied, “We will.”

After that, Zhou Xu kissed Ye Shaoyun multiple times. On the left, on the right, then on the forehead and the eyes. Finally, he kissed Ye Shaoyun’s lips and said, “Goodbye, uncle.”


Ru Yu, who was not too far away, could only look at him. The jealousy in his heart pinched his little heart. He also wanted Ye Shaoyun’s hug, he also wanted to kiss Ye Shaoyun, but he was too careful. He was too afraid that Ye Shaoyun wouldn’t want him anymore.

He knew very well that he was adopted by Ye Shaoyun. He didn’t have any relations.h.i.+p with Ye Shaoyun in the first place, and the so-called “adoption” only happened because he was clinging to Ye Shaoyun.

Yes, on that cold morning, Ye Shaoyun gave him a warm breakfast and made him, who have been homeless for dozens of days, very grateful. He would probably never forget that warmth in his life.

So the five-year-old him waited at the street that Ye Shaoyun would pa.s.s every day, and finally, one day, Ye Shaoyun brought him home.

On the day he got adopted, he was so happy that he had almost gone crazy. He did not remember his parents and relatives, but ever since that day, he had a relative, Ye Shaoyun.

Ru Ye thought I must work harder. I mustn’t let Ye Shaoyun down. I must get a good job and make him proud. Then, I must become a very smart person and be rich, buy a big house, buy a good car, and let Ye Shaoyun live a good life. I wouldn’t let him regret his decision of adopting me.

But when he arrived at Ye Shaoyun’s house, he realized that he was not the only one. Ye Shaoyun had a nephew who was a year younger than him. He was very cute and very clingy.

Ye Shaoyun really liked his little nephew and treated him as if he was his own child.

Ru Yu thought that as long as he worked hard enough, Ye Shaoyun would eventually notice him and give him more love. But at this moment, seeing Zhou Xu’s reluctance to leave Ye Shaoyun, the tiny hope in his heart grew even smaller.

Finally, after leaving Ye Shaoyun, Zhou Xu greeted the teacher at the door, “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Juan.”

Ms. Juan smiled and said, “h.e.l.lo Little Xu. Today, we’re going to be playing games!”


With that, Zhou Xu just stood beside Ms. Juan and looked up at her without moving.

Ms. Juan didn’t notice at first and greeted some other cla.s.smates. Only then did she notice that Zhou Xu was still standing beside her. With surprise, she lowered her head and let Zhou Xu kiss her.

It turned out that Zhou Xu had been standing beside her waiting to kiss her.

After he kissed Ms. Juan, he walked into the cla.s.sroom with his short legs. Ms. Juan also felt much better.

Actually, Zhou Xu did this for a reason. Because Ms. Juan liked Ye Shaoyun and had been in contact with him. Although she later got married to someone else and had children, she was a really important character in these few years.

Ms. Juan’s full name was Zhang Sujuan. She was a simple, organized, and gentle person.

After going into the cla.s.sroom, Zhou Xu sat in a corner with his eyes closed and rested. He didn’t want to play with a bunch of four and five-year-olds.

All he wanted was peace, but some people were preventing that, especially since this was a kindergarten. After only sitting there for a few minutes there was a thin and naive voice saying, “Zhou Xu, can we get married?”

Zhou Xu turned his head and saw a girl with a ponytail holding a chocolate in her hand and proposing marriage.

Zhou Xu looked at the little girl speechlessly and then looked at her chocolate. This is probably her most valuable thing…

“No,” said Zhou Xu.

As soon as the little girl heard it, her eyes were filled with tears. Zhou Xu instantly started to panic. He wanted to calm her down but she suddenly burst into tears.

This time, Zhou Xu really panicked. He wiped her tears and said gently, “Please stop crying, I will.”

The little girl was still crying as she asked, “Re… really? Don’t… don’t lie to me…”

Zhou Xu nodded and said, “Really, we will get married.”

The little girl suddenly burst into laughter, but as she smiled, another girl beside her started crying. It was as if she was abandoned by the man she loved the most as tears started coming down like raindrops.

Zhou Xu thought that it had nothing to do with him so he just took the little girl he talked to earlier and took a step back. But the crying little girl walked up to Zhou Xu and pointed at him. She was so sad that she couldn’t even speak.

Zhou Xu was completely confused. He looked at the girl with his big black eyes and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

The little girl said as she cried, “Yesterday… you said that… you will be married to me…wuwuwu… Zhou Xu is a bad guy, a heartless man…”

He looked up at the ceiling and Zhou Xu felt like he really didn’t understand the world of four-year-olds.

After arriving in kindergarten for less than ten minutes, he was already involved in a love triangle, and he was playing the role of a cheater.

Finally, Ms. Juan came in and she clapped her hands as she said, “Good morning children, do you guys want to do the rabbit dance together?”

The children clapped their hands and said together, “Okay.”

The two girls turned their heads and clapped their hands with the other children as they also said okay, leaving Zhou Xu in the corner.

“Here, cla.s.s leader, you will lead the dance. Everyone else, we will dance together.”

“Okay, Ms. Juan,” said a handsome little boy.

The little boy was dressed in a children’s suit and even had a bow tie around his neck. His hair was combed back neatly and at first glance, he looked like a rich young master. This young man was the one who married Ru Yu in the end, his name was Yang Lizheng.

Yang Lizheng liked Ru Yu since he was a child and always wanted to be with him. But Ru Yu avoided him with fear.

But because Ru Ye hated Zhou Xu, Yang Lizheng also hated him and would cause a lot of trouble for Zhou Xu.

If Zhou Xu remembered correctly, Yang Lizheng left the city half a year later and returned during middle school. However, after meeting Ru Yu again, he still liked him.

Looking at Yang Lizheng, who led the dancer in front, Zhou Xu smiled coldly. Problems with children required children’s solutions.

In fact, because the other guy was only four or five years old, Zhou Xu couldn’t do anything big to them, but he still knew how to put them together so that Ye Shaoyun could save some effort.

Then, the whole cla.s.s danced the rabbit dance together. Zhou Xu raised his little chubby hands on his head and started jumping around with everyone else. With his obsidian-like eyes, he looked even more like a rabbit.

Ms. Juan laughed as she danced and Zhou Xu was beside her the whole time. After the first round of games was over, Zhou Xu let out a long sigh of relief. It wasn’t easy being a child.

He sat down and took out the cookies that Ye Shaoyun had prepared for him, but as soon as he took them out, Yang Lizheng s.n.a.t.c.hed them away.

After Yang Lizheng took his cookies, he didn’t really mind. But he saw Yang Lizheng taking his cookies to Ru Yu.

In fact, Ru Yu also had his cookies, he just didn’t take them out. Seeing that Yang Lizheng got the cookies from Zhou Xu, Ru Yu actually started to eat them.

Since Ye Shaoyun wasn’t here, there was no need to act sensitive and careful. Anyway, he was older than Zhou Xu and much taller than him as well. So he was really relaxed in school.

Zhou Xu knew that there were cameras in kindergartens to prevent teachers from abusing children, but Zhou Xu could completely use this to his advantage.

Because he had his back facing the camera, Zhou Xu just lowered his head and pretended that he was very sad. He thought that if he did some editing, it might make him look even more depressing. Was this video necessary? Zhou Xu wasn’t sure either.

Ms. Juan pa.s.sed a small box of yogurt to everyone as well. As soon as Zhou Xu got it, it was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Yang Lizheng again.

This time, Ms. Juan saw it. She squatted beside Yang Lizheng and said, “Xiao Zheng, it’s not nice to do this. Everyone gets their own, if you take him, then Xiao Xu wouldn’t have any. He will be hungry, right?”

“But Ru Yu said he didn’t eat breakfast, he is also hungry. Zhou Xu had his breakfast.” Yang LIzhen stubbornly replied to Ms. Juan. Ru Yu pulled on his hand from behind him, but Yang Lizheng looked at the teacher even more stubbornly.

Without any other choice, Ms. Juan went to get Zhou Xu another yogurt. After Zhou Xu got it, he looked at Ms. Juan for a long time before whispering, “Thank you, Ms. Juan.”

Zhang Sujuan suddenly felt sour in her heart. She and her older sister also lost their parents when they were a kid and grew up in an orphanage. Because of her, her sister didn’t even go to college. Seeing Zhou Xu being such a good child, she liked the child even more.

When everyone finished their yogurt, Zhou Xu was also pretty much done. After eating, everyone else went outside to play with the slides.

Ms. Juan came over, picked Zhou Xu up, and gently pinched his face. “Xiao Xu, don’t be sad, you still have your uncle and me. We’ll love you more.”

Zhou Xu smiled, and his round chubby face looked very cute. His big eyes were also slightly curved, which added a sense of innocence to his expression.

“Ms. Juan, ever since Ru Yu came to my family, I must work very hard. So that uncle will care about me and not only Brother Ru Yu.”

Zhang Sujuan felt even more uncomfortable when she heard it. She liked Zhou Xu many more times than Ru Yu, after all, she just met Ru Yu for a few days. At least for now, she was still on Zhou Xu’s side.

People always say that children are simple, but in fact, children also have their own troubles. Maybe adults find their troubles ridiculously childish and small, but this small trouble could be giant for the kids.

That afternoon, Zhou Xu successfully angered Ru Yu, and of course, the fuse was Ye Shaoyun.

They were playing a partner game, but Zhou Xu and Ru Yu didn’t want to have each other as partners. Just like that, the small conflict caused the two children to fight.

Ru Yu claimed that Zhou Xu was being a bad kid and Zhou Xu claimed that Ru Yu stole his uncle. Ru Yu said that the uncle was his, and Zhou Xu continued to argue that he shouldn’t be here in the first place. His uncle was his alone.

Ru Yu said one sentence, and Zhou Xu replied another. But Zhou Xu didn’t hit him first. After a while, Ru Yu became angry. He pushed Zhou Xu away and Zhou Xu tripped on the rock behind him. He fell and slammed his head against the ground. Suddenly, there was a on his head, the skin on his hand was rubbed off, and blood was coming out.

Zhou Xu’s eyes instantly became red. When Ms. Ju came, Ru Yu was pointing at Zhou Xu arrogantly and saying, “You’re a bad kid! If it wasn’t for uncle, I’d never come to your house.”

And Zhou Xu was on the ground with a on his head and blood on his hand. However, he didn’t cry. His eyes were just red and he bore the tears, not allowing them to fall down.

Seeing such an innocent appearance will pierce anyone’s heart at once, same for Ms. Juan. She worriedly picked Zhou Xu up and asked gently, “What happened?”

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