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  • Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet

  • Author(s): Mo Touxi
  • GENRES: Updating
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  • LAST UPDATED : 04-Sep-2019 06:14
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Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet summary:

Synopsis: “Can you be useful to me?” “I… I can be…” The first time they met, she knelt trembling before him, begging for shelter. The slave caught his interest, and he brought her back to his palace. She could’ve never imagined that in one night she’d go from a spoiled little slave princess of a defeated kingdom, to becoming a powerful prince’s pet. He kept her by his side… spoiled her, cared for her, loved her, and gave her meticulous care and high status. Whatever she wished… she could do so under his name. But, she angered him and chose to run away. He captured her within a day. “Don’t forget, my little dearest, everything I have given you can be taken back…” In a spur of anger, she hit him, her feeble hands striking against the flesh of his cheek. Gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth in anger, she said, “Do you have the ability to take my child back?!”

Pet Addiction: The Prince's Desire To Spoil His Pet Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 93.2 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 93.1 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 92 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 91.2 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 91.1 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 91 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 90 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 89 Sep-04-2019
Chapter 87 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 86 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 85 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 84 Aug-05-2019
Chapter 83 Aug-01-2019
Chapter 82 Aug-01-2019
Chapter 81 Jul-29-2019
Chapter 80 Jul-29-2019
Chapter 79 Jul-29-2019
Chapter 78 Jul-26-2019
Chapter 76 Jul-26-2019
Chapter 74 Jul-13-2019
Chapter 73 Jul-13-2019
Chapter 72 Jul-13-2019
Chapter 71 Jul-13-2019
Chapter 70 Jul-06-2019
Chapter 69 Jul-06-2019
Chapter 68 Jul-06-2019
Chapter 67 Jul-06-2019
Chapter 65 Jul-03-2019
Chapter 64 Jul-03-2019
Chapter 63 Jul-03-2019
Chapter 62 Jul-02-2019
Chapter 61 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 60 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 59 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 58 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 57 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 56 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 55 Jun-21-2019
Chapter 54 Jun-19-2019
Chapter 53 Jun-19-2019
Chapter 52 Jun-12-2019
Chapter 51 Jun-12-2019
Chapter 50 Jun-11-2019
Chapter 49 Jun-11-2019
Chapter 48 Jun-11-2019
Chapter 47 Jun-11-2019
Chapter 46 Jun-11-2019
Chapter 45 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 43 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 42 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 41 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 40 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 39 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 38 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 37 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 36 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 35 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 34 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 32 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 31 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 30 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 29 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 28 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 17 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 13 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 12 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 11 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 10 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 9 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 5 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1 Jun-10-2019
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