Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 152-156

Galactic Garbage Station -

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Su Jing drove to the auction venue and stopped the car and took his pets.

The doorway was covered with red carpets and the hostess, who looked very tall.

"Su Jing." Suddenly a voice of surprise sounded.

"Gee… Zou Xue." Su Jing turned his head and looked surprised. Among the welcome ladies in cheongsam, a lovely girl with a melon-seed face, Zou Xue, a college student who was interning with Jiecheng Travel Agence, and was dismissed by Yao Yuanxiu, the director, because he was close to her.

"Why are you here, Su Jing?" Zou Xue greeted him with surprise.

"I am going to attend the pet auction." Su Jing raised the cage with the curtain on his hand and took out the invitation.

"Great, not anyone can receive the invitation to the auction." Zou Xue smiled.

"How come you are here, I heard that you are working in a cosmetics company now?" Su Jing wondered.

"Don't you know, the organizer of the auction is the president of our cosmetics company. She likes pets. She is holding this pet auction on a whim. She's short of hands so she called us over." Zou Xue blinked.

"Er… So it is." Su Jing thought that the rich would just play differently than ordinary people.

"Did you hear that Yao Yuanxiu was fired?" Zou Xue's face was full of happiness.

"Well, it's good to get rid of that kind of sc.u.m." After Su Jing met Yao Yuanxiu that day, Su Jing didn't go to inquire about him. He just heard that he was fired.

"He's a veteran cadre too. I don't know how he got fired or whether he offended anyone. But anyway, it's very pleasant to hear that he was fired." Zou Xue laughed.

"Hha." Su Jing smiled. He probably guessed why Yao Yuanxiu was fired but he didn't explain.

"Let's forget about him. I'll take you to your seat." Zou Xue laughed and took Su Jing upstairs, introducing, "I'll tell you. Our boss has a big face. Many wealthy people and stars came to the auction."

"Who else are the stars beside Guo Biting?" Su Jing asked.

"As you know, besides Guo Biting, there are several members of the Divine Dog crew who will come here. Can you run and ask for an autograph and help me get one too?" Zou Xue is a star-chaser.

"Why don't you go for it yourself?" Su Jing wondered.

"I'm at work. How can I run to get autographs? It would be a tragedy of my life if I got found out." Zou Xue was distressed.

"This is also true, If I get an autograph, I will give it to you." Su Jing smiled.

"If those stars are impatient, don't be too persistent, or you'll be kicked out." Zou Xue cautions.

"Little Xue, I think you'd better give up. Someone just asked for an autograph and they were thrown out."

"Yes, I heard that Guo Biting and our boss are friends. The boss doesn't like to be disturbed."

Two girls in the same cheongsam dress who happened to be walking next to him cut in after hearing Zou Xue's words.

"Well, then I'll forget about it." Zou Xue waved her hand. She is not a fanatical star-chaser, but she just happens to see the stars on the screen in normal times. She inevitably wants to have a souvenir, but it doesn't matter if it doesn't happen, and the star's signature can't be eaten as a meal.

"Who is this handsome guy?" The two cheongsam girls glanced at Su Jing and looked vaguely at Zou Xue.

"What look do you have in your eyes? His name is Su Jing. He's a cla.s.smate from my university." Zou Xue turned a white eye.

"It turned out to be a college cla.s.smate." The two girls in cheongsam looked more ambiguous. They glanced at the cage Su Jing was carrying and asked, "h.e.l.lo, College cla.s.smate, did you come here for the pet auction? What pets are you bringing?"

"Snake, do you want to see it?" Su Jing said, gesturing to open a curtain covering the cage.

"Ah!" Two girls in cheongsam backed away in horror.

"Haha, Su Jing, you really love to joke, you two are really timid." Zou Xue laughed at Su Jing, who, as far as she knew, was also afraid of snakes. She felt that there was definitely no snake in the cage and that Su Jing was just deliberately frightening people.

Su Jing looked at Zou Xue eccentrically and really opened one of the cages, revealing the little python inside.

"Ah!" Zou Xue jumped like a rabbit stepping on his tail.

"Haha, who is timider now." Two cheongsam girls laughed.

"Don't you hate snakes?" Zou Xue gave Su Jing a white look and was still in shock.

"Yeah, that's why I am selling it," Su Jing said, putting the curtain back.

"Little Xue, what a strange hobby your college cla.s.smate has, raising snakes? Snakes can only frighten people when it comes to the auction. Who would want it?" One of the girls in cheongsam said.

"Although I don't like snakes, it seems that some people really like to keep them. It's not necessarily true that some people spend money to photograph them." Another girl in cheongsam said, but apparently, she just thought that the snake might be wanted and didn't think that it could fetch a good price.

"Let's not talk about that. This way." Zou Xue was scared to talk about snakes. She interrupted the topic and took Su Jing to the second floor. Two girls in cheongsam were going to go up to the reception hall. They just stopped by and entered the hall. Many round tables in the hall were already sitting with many people. In the most part, there were some pets on the platform.

Zou Xue was about to take Su Jing to a side seat when she heard several voices not far away.

"Brother Jing."

"A'Jing here."

Zou Xue and the two cheongsam girls looked at the sound and then their eyes widened.

Say, aren't those the actors and stars of Divine Dog who stand up and waving this way?

"You came so early." Su Jing was surprised as stars don't usually come this early in general?

"There are so many big people that we dare not bother to be big at all." Qin Xulan waved his hand, but looking at his face, it was obvious that he did not really take those 'big people' seriously. He heard that this fellow's money was not easy. When he was an actor, he didn't earn enough pocket money from his father. When he became a star, he was purely interested in his hobbies. In other words, he liked to be pursued by girls, he moved away from the chair beside him. "Brother Jing is sitting here," Zi said.

"What pets did you bring with you,  A'Jing?" Liu Qian asked.

"Open and see." Guo Biting said, looking down curiously, trying to lift the curtain.

Zou Xue and two cheongsam girls look dumbfounded, how is Su Jing so familiar with several stars? And a few of them seem to respect him like a younger brother. What is going on?

"Little Xue, what was the name of your university again?" Two cheongsam girls couldn't help but ask. (To be continued ~^~)

"A'Jing, you are finally here." Zhu Jianhua came over.

"Didn't I arrive on time?" Su Jing said.

"Don't you know that pets have to go to the backer first?" Zhu Jianhua was silent as he stared at Su Jing. He noticed the three cages Su Jing brought and said, "You can accompany everyone here. I've brought back the cage."

After that, he left in a hurry with the pets, but he didn't forget to open the corner of the curtain and peep into the cage. When he could see what it was, he stopped suddenly, stood for a few seconds in a daze, looked back at Su Jing in shock, opened his mouth, stopped talking and then went back excitedly with the pets. Guo Biting, Jin s.h.i.+jia, and others just didn't see what was in the cage. They were surprised by Zhu Jianhua's reaction. They were a little tickled about what pets Su Jing had brought.

"Brother Jing." Su Jing suddenly heard a familiar voice. Su Jing turned his head and looked at it in amazement. Tang Xiaoyu, a beautiful boy, and a burly middle-aged man came along together. They greeted Guo Biting, Jin s.h.i.+jia and others with a slight nod. Many rich people don't take stars seriously at all.

"h.e.l.lo Xiaoyu, why are you here?" Su Jing has some headaches for Su Yan, but after all, she is his sister's best friend, and he has to be kind to her.

"Last time, I didn't tell you that my uncle had a hundred flower horns. Five of them started protruding out. One of them was very good-looking. He was so complacent that he showed it off here. This is Uncle Tang Hao." Tang Xiaoyu grinned and pointed to a tall, burly middle-aged man. She seemed not surprised at Su Jing's presence here, even as if she had known it before.

"What do you girls know? Five out of a hundred fishes started protruding start, that's great." Tang Hao shook Tang Xiaoyu's head.

"This is my brother Tang Yi." Tang Xiaoyu introduced.

"h.e.l.lo." The delicate boy reached out and looked at Su Jing.

"h.e.l.lo." Su Jing politely shook hands with him. At first glance, he noticed that this boy was also one of the four hostages in the kidnapping incident, but he was Tang Xiaoyu's brother. It was no surprise that he appeared with Tang Xiaoyu.

"Taking the liberty of asking a question, what is Mr. Su's occupation now?" Tang Yi asked him, Su Jing was the Throwing Knife hero who saved himself and his sister, but since Su Jing was the brother of a friend of his sister's. It's okay to ask somethings.

"Fisherman," Su Jing said.

"Er… Fisherman, yes, free and easy." Tang Yi can't relate the Throwing Knife hero to fishermen in any way. Su Jing seems to like pets, such as Divine Dog, who helps police officers, and golden eagle, who can fly manned flights. Today's auction is supposed to be for pets. Later, he will help him raise the price or buy one or two at a high price.

The three of them sat down at a nearby table. Tang Xiaoyu chatted with Su Jing from time to time and kept talking like a happy bird. Even Su Jing's occasional 'Huh-huh' did not affect her eloquence at all. When the girl said a few words, she would mention the golden eagle. The intention was obvious, but Su Jing just pretended not to understand.

It didn't take long. At the beginning of the auction, a beautiful female host came to the stage to speak. After a brief introductory remark, I introduced some important guests, especially the organizer of the auction, Siya Cosmetic Company's Boss, w.a.n.g Siya. w.a.n.g Siya is sitting at the front desk. She looks thirty or forty years old and still has charm.

"We have with us a pet beauty Guo Biting for tonight, to speak on stage." The Woman host said and the light hit Guo Biting, w.a.n.g Siya took the lead in applauding, the whole applause warmed up, there is a beautiful woman present here, men are naturally more motivated.

Guo Biting walked onto the stage briskly, took the microphone and laughed. "Pet Beauty is not right. It's a great honor to bring the Divine Dog crew to the auction tonight. Tonight's theme is very similar to our TV play theme. I believe that every pet has its own feelings. I hope you will auction pets down later. They must be treated well, thank you.

The Female host said, "I heard that there are many pets in Biting's family. It seems that they really love pets. We have some Non-Auction pets provided by our guests tonight. Could you please show them?"

Guo Biting laughed and said, "Yes, but you can't laugh if the introduction is not good."

Guo Biting is not good at words, but the sweet smile on her face is enough to make people feel comfortable.

A few pets were displayed, and they were pushed up. There were fish, parrots, dogs, and cats. Although Guo Biting was introducing them, Guo Biting showed up according to the name, and then the host introduced it in detail. Guo Biting just stood by as an eye-catcher.

The female host continued to introduce: "Everyone can see that this is a kamfa flower horn, with a tall and uplifted projectile, the color is bright, red as rouge, the appearance is excellent and it is beautiful. Everyone present It is a connoisseur, and its value does not need to be said more. This fish is provided by Mr. Tang."

When the voice just fell, the lights. .h.i.t Tang Hao, and Tang Hao showed a very proud smile.

"Old Tang, you got this fish and you don't auction it, what the h.e.l.l?"

"Well, don't get this eye-catching without auctioning."

Many people expressed their dissatisfaction. If the fish was auctioned, they would be happy. Unfortunately, it was a display. In fact, this kamfa flower horn is really very good. If Tang Hao had cultivated this one with 100 flower horns, he should be proud of it.

"Let's introduce the two yellow-necked Amazon parrots…" said the female host.

"What is your name?" One of the parrots interrupted the female host.

"Oh, my name is…" The female host was amused by the parrot and replied.

"Don't say it, it's just cursing the street." Another parrot interrupted the female host.

The audience was stunned and then they burst into laughter. Guo Biting also sniffed and laughed, trying to take into account her image, but she could not control it and laugh.

"Ha ha ha ha…" Tang Xiaoyu patted her thighs and laughed happily. Last time she had suffered a loss herself. At first, she wished to strangle two parrots. This time, it was funny to see others being hurt by these two parrots. She could conclude that the two parrots were definitely Su Jing's because there was no other parrot in the world who could talk cross-talk that was this harmful to a person's psyche.

"Haha, these two parrots are very interesting." Qin Xulan, Jin s.h.i.+jia, Liu Qian and others laughed a lot. Even w.a.n.g Siya, the organizer of the auction, couldn't help giggling.

"…" The whole atmosphere was full of joy, and the only one with a depressed face was the female host. (To be continued ~^~)

"As you can see, these two parrots can also talk about cross talk." The female host is very professional. Although she is depressed by the parrots, she tries to introduce them as funnily as possible.

"I heard that Old w.a.n.g is getting married to the women next door, the wife is not bad," said a parrot.

"It's not bad, she's beautiful! Big and tall with a  big faceplate, heavy eyebrows, and big eyes. She has hairs on her face and must have a beard like Zhang Fei." Another parrot said.

"I heard that you have been to the White House."

"Of course, the White House is white, that is beautiful, there is a rockery inside, a banner below: family planning, everyone is responsible."

The two parrots talked with each other. Although it was only fragmentary crosstalk sentences, it was said from the mouth of the two parrots and they had a different taste, which made the whole audience happy. It was amazing to everyone that the two parrots spoke so clearly and fluently and that they could remember so many long sentences.

"Do you want to sell these two parrots? I want to buy them."

"Don't you see that this is a non-auction item?"

"Who would want to sell such two excellent parrots?"

"These two parrots are provided by Perfect Pet Paradise Mr. Su." The female host said that and the lights. .h.i.t Su Jing and everyone around him looked enviably, remembering the perfect Pet Paradise and MR. Su.

"Young man, can you sell these two parrots to me?" Tang Hao said at the table next to him.

Su Jing politely refused. The two parrots were originally just lame parrots brought back by the perfect Pet Paradise. After eating the Magical Beast meat, they became smarter. He taught them for a long time through the Ten Thousand Beast Tablet. He will not sell them so easily at this level. The two parrots will remain in his hands and will only continue to appreciate.

After Guo Biting and the female host introduced a few other pets, they went down and returned to their seats. Su Jing had to answer a lot about the two parrots' origins. Qin Xulan, Liu Qian and others kept chattering. They are also asked to take pictures with the parrots later. They are not like stars, but rather like small fans of star-chasers.

The pet auction officially began and the female host said: "The first appearance is the flower horn provided by the perfect Pet Paradise Mr. Su."

As soon as his voice fell, it immediately picked up the spirit of the guests. Just the two parrots before were too amazing. So they were looking forward to the other Pets of Pet Paradise, 

"You also raised a flower horn?" Tang Hao smiled.

"Yes." Su Jing nodded.

"Did you see my kamfa flower horn? If you sell those two parrots to me, I can pa.s.s on some experience in fish farming to you. How about it?" Tang Hao is obviously planning to acquire the two parrots.

"Oh, no need." Su Jing said with a funny look on his face. Tang Xiaoyu on the side looked at Tang Hao with a strange look thinking that his uncle is really playing with a knife in front of an expert. Su Jing keeps hundreds of flower horns and most of them are better than his, can you even compete?

While they were talking. A large water tank was pushed up on the stage. When Su Jing brought it, it was only installed in a small water tank. Zhu Jianhua brought it to the backer and then replaced it with a large one. Zhu Jianhua was shocked to see that such a priceless fish was kept in such a small s.p.a.ce so he replaced the smaller tank for a bigger one so that the fish can be properly displayed.

The curtain on the big water tank opened, revealing the flower horn inside.

There was a sudden uproar and many people stood up directly.

Tang Hao had originally thought of giving advice to Su Jing's flower horn to persuade Su Jing to sell him the parrots, but now he was wide-mouthed and stupefied, and the two b.a.l.l.s he was playing with fell to the ground with a snap.

"What a big kamfa flowerhorn, at least forty centimeters long?"

"What a beautiful explosive head! It's too exaggerated! That's real!"

"That's a more beautiful color. It doesn't seem to have any beads on it."

Many people in the audience breathed quickly. Most of the people who came to the pet auction really liked pets. There were many fishermen among them. Naturally, they can see the value of this kamfa flowerhorn. If Tang Hao's flower horn is very good, then this is the absolute best. Let's not talk about keeping it. They haven't seen such a good flower horn before. This fish is impeccable in terms of water head, body shape and color.

This flower horn is naturally picked out of the fifty flower horns left with Su Jing. After this period of compet.i.tion, there are only three of the best in the hand. This is one of them.

"Three hundred thousand." Tang Yi raised the sign. He looked at it and saw that everyone liked the fish. So he intended to raise the price deliberately. If he bought it himself, he would help Su Jing.

"Eight hundred thousand." Someone raised the sign.

"Nine hundred thousand."

"One million."

Listening to the continuous price rise, Tang Yi gave a sharp convulsion at the corner of his mouth and quietly put down the brand in his hand, his face turned red. Fortunately, everyone is bidding right now and they didn't pay any attention to him at all. Tang Yi looks depressed. It seems that he is totally superfluous. Someone raised the price to 800,000 at once, and then compete for it. It's estimated that some people will secretly laugh at his ignorance. He wondered why Su Jing's business was so profitable, it was just a fish, why is it that it was worth so much money.

"Two million." While the crowd was still fighting for more than a million yuan, Tang Hao raised the sign and the whole room was quiet.

"Two million, is there a higher price?" The Female host asked and no one raised their cards. Although everyone liked the flower horn, the price of two million yuan was too high. Not everyone had so much spare money. Moreover, even if they raise the price, they still wouldn't be able to get this, all they will do is inflate the price and bring Tang Yao ire on them. They might as well give him some face by making a concession.

"Two million going once, two million going twice, two million going three times, deal." The female host knocked the hammer on the board.

"Congratulations." Su Jing arched his hand to Tang Hao.

"The young man is really hidden." Tang Hao's old face is a little red. He just wanted to instruct someone who raised this high-quality kamfa horn, but at the moment, all he's thinking about is the superb kamfa flowerhorn that has been just bought by him and his mood is more exciting.

"Oh, uncle, didn't I tell you that my cla.s.smate's brother raised hundreds of flower horns and most of them started to protrude?" Tang Xiaoyu laughed.

"What, that person is him?" Tang Hao's eyes widened. He did not believe what Tang Xiaoyu said at first. How could there be hundreds of high-quality kamfa flowerhorn? But now after seeing the kamfa flowerhorn ge had just bought, he believes it. (to be continued ^)

"The following is the appearance of…"

The auction of the best kamfa flowerhorn made the atmosphere more lively.

The female host took advantage of the hot iron and began to auction off a pet. A lovely dog was brought up and carried to the table.

It has rich plumage with a smooth coat, light brown hairs with a white streak in them, two big furry ears put up and it looks elegant and lovely, a pair of clever eyes curiously looking around.

This is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, a very old variety of dogs with natural n.o.ble temperament, showing the true n.o.bility and Royal style. These long-haired beagles were common in European courts in the 17th century, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel appeared in various oil paintings at that time. They were deeply loved by King Charles I and Charles II, so they were named after King Charles.

This cavalier king Charles spaniel looks very good, after a round of bidding, it was finally auctioned off for 35,000.

One pet after another comes on stage and there are all kinds of pets, cats, birds, antlers, salamanders… Most of them were auctioned off and few of them were filmed. Of course, many of the final prices were not much higher than the initial prices. Su Jing just watched with interest and he had no intention of bidding for them at all. He would rather go to the flower and birds shop or pet market to buy some ordinary pets and then cultivate them by himself than to buy these high-end pets. For him, the auction was a waste of money.

"The following is from Perfect Pet Paradise Mr. Su…"

Before the female host finished, the whole audience was alert and they were concentrating at the gla.s.s jar as soon as they heard the perfect Pet Paradise Mr. Su's name. In front of their eyes, a gla.s.s jar was pushed up, and there was a python inside. The python is very small, only about 20 centimeters long, but it is very beautiful with a pair of extremely agile eyes looking at everything as if it was human beings with feelings.

"What kind of snake is this? How beautiful!"

"At first glance, it looks like ball python? But ball python doesn't seem to have this color.

"Is this a variant ball python? Is it a new breed?"

Some of the guests did not like snakes and lacked interest. However, a lot of people are attracted to it. This Python is so beautiful for people who like snake-type pets. It's an absolutely fatal temptation.

"As you can see, this ball python is very beautiful and unique. Mr. Su said that this is an accidental variant…" The female host is holding a tablet and introducing that the snake according to the content written by Su Jing. 

Strictly speaking, this python can not be called a variant species but a hybrid between pinstripe ball python and Magical Python from Battle Through the Heavens. However, Su Jing cannot say the real situation out loud and can only say that it's a variant. Varients in ball python is not surprising, often there are many variants. For example, a light color ball python, spider ball python, b.u.mblebee python, albino python and so on.

"Sure enough, it is a new breed." There were two main reasons why pets were precious. One was their good genes; the other was the rareness. Things are precious when they are scarce. This ball python undoubtedly possesses these two qualities. Thinking about that year. When the variant albino ball python was first introduced, it could easily sell for hundreds of thousands at that time, and it had a high market value. However, albino ball pythons are rare but there are at least dozens of them all over the world. This ball python is unique in the market.

"Why does everyone seem so excited?" The two girls in the cheongsam dress standing in the corner were surprised. They didn't realize that the python that they didn't look at seemed to be very popular.

"It seems so." Zou Xue was also surprised, Su Jing was politely invited by several stars to sit down and he brought two parrots that can talk to each other. One fish sold for two million yuan. This series of shocks has left her somewhat numb.

"Host, start the auction." Some of the guests couldn't hold back and shout.

"Okay." The female host saw this and she didn't continue to introduce it. She smiled. "This ball python is a unique product. The price is naturally not low. The starting price is 100,000."

"110,000." Soon someone raised his hand.




The prices continued to rise, and the rate of increase, instead of decreasing, continued to rise. Soon, the price rose to 380,000, refres.h.i.+ng the historical record of all pythons in Zhongyun City and continuing to rise. Pets are like this. If a pet is not liked then it will be sold for limited money and if a pet is liked then the price will rise up without a ceiling.

"600,000." A square face middle-aged man raised his signboard and suddenly called a high price. The audience breathes in cold air and suddenly calmed down. They looked at the middle-aged man with a depressed look. Do you have to bid so high for a small snake?

However, looking at the snake in the gla.s.s jar, they can't bear to give it up, because compared to this snake, other ball pythons are too low-end.



Two unwilling friends of snakes raised the price again.

"800,000." The square-faced middle-aged man raised his sign again wit a light expression and said in a casual tone, as if not calling 800,000 yuan, but eight dollars, which made many snake friends feel worse in their hearts. Although most of the people present are rich but hundreds of thousands can not be thrown casually.

"It's that guy." Tang Hao looked over and was slightly surprised.

"Who is he?" Su Jing asked.

"It's a bit of an arrogant fellow. According to what I know about him, if he is buying this python at a high price. I'm afraid it's not for appreciation, but for breeding. So if you don't want to give him the money, don't sell it to him. You can give it to me. I'll see if I can breed it. Then we'll split the bill fifty-five." Tang Hao said.

"Oh, he wants to breed it." Su Jing smiled and did not care. In fact, he had thought about this problem for a long time, but this Python is not a mutation, but breeding with Magical Python. Continuing to breed with other pythons will only reduce the characteristics of Magical Python and become very common. If he does not use Magical Python, he would only be able to breed the same kind of animal.

"It seems that he didn't think about it." Tang Hao glanced at Su Jing and thought to himself, "Looking at his calm appearance, it seems that this python can't be breed, it's a pity."

The whole audience whispered, many people were unwilling but no one raised the price and was eventually the python was bought by the middle-aged man at 800,000.

Zou Xue and two other girls cheongsam dress stood in the corner, completely dumbfounded at the moment, the snake that they looked down upon was not only popular but it got sold for 800,000. Just thinking about it, they feel ridiculous. If you give them another chance, they will be willing to hold the snake in their arms, because it is not a snake, but a whole 800,000 yuan. (To be continued ~^~)

At around ten o'clock, the auction came to an end.

Some people brought a lot of pets at this auction, but the biggest winner is Su Jing. Although he only sold two pets, he earned up to 2.8 million, he is definitely far ahead of others, if he sold two parrots, it would have been more exaggerated.

"Brother Jing, do you want to go somewhere later?" Qin Xulan asked, holding a cage with a salamander in it, which he had just bought.

"Aren't you shooting tomorrow?" Su Jing said.

"That's tomorrow. It's only ten o'clock now. It's still early. Shall we go and live there and buy some side dishes and have dinner?" Qin Xulan said solemnly but his mouth was already watering.

Hearing Qin Xulan's words, Jin s.h.i.+jia, Liu Qian, Guo Biting and others couldn't help but get s.h.i.+ne their eyes. They all heard the meaning of Qin Xulan's words. Why would they go to a hotel when they could just cook at home, they just want to eat Su Jing's dishes. They were drooling at the thought of Su Jing's delicacies.

"I don't have time." Su Jing is speechless at Qin Xulan.

"Brother Junhao, why are you here?" Just then, Tang Yi's voice sounded at a nearby table. Su Jing was shocked when he heard the word Junhao. He turned his head and looked surprised.

Song Junhao wore a straight suit and strode over. To Su Jing's surprise, he was followed by a tall and handsome young man, it was Liu Yong, the captain of the high school basketball team. Liu Yong was surprised to see Su Jing and then a flash of resentment flashed in his eyes. He was bitten by a dog last time. At first, he didn't think much about it, but after careful consideration, he felt that it was Su Jing's doing.

"Come and talk to people about business." Song Junhao had a faint smile on his face.

"Oh." Tang Yi responded. Tang Yi and Song Junhao had been best of friends before, but since they met Song Junhao's unknown side in the last kidnapping incident, their relations.h.i.+p has become awkward for no reason. Tang Xiaoyu didn't say anything and ignored Song Junhao completely. In the past, they tried not to mention what Song Junhao did when he was kidnapped. Tang Xiaoyu just told Su Ya. Nevertheless, not mentioning does not mean that their mind can forget.

"Uncle Hao, it's good to see you, How have you been lately?." Song Junhao said h.e.l.lo to Tang Hao.

"Fine." Tang Hao just nodded faintly.

Song Junhao didn't say much either. He crossed the table of several Tang people and came to Su Jing. Seeing Su Jing, he was stunned but ignored him for the time being. He smiled at Guo Biting and said, "h.e.l.lo Miss Guo."

"h.e.l.lo." Guo Biting said with a courtesy.

"I'll introduce myself, I am Song Junhao, the general manager of Jialan Cosmetic Company. I don't know if I can talk to you privately. There is an advertis.e.m.e.nt that is very suitable for you." Song Junhao handed out a business card with a smile that captivated thousands of girls.

Guo Biting has taken over a lot of advertis.e.m.e.nts, including big brand advertis.e.m.e.nts. She is not someone who has never seen the world. It's clear that not all advertis.e.m.e.nts can be accepted just like this. Without a word of consent, she turned to her manager, who was quite decent when he saw Song Junhao's talent. Like a regular company manager, he said, "Manager Song, thank you for your appreciation. The auction will be over soon. Let's find a place to talk about it then."

"Okay, see you later." Song Junhao's face was even more charming. He was not too impatient. He was about to turn around and walk away, but suddenly stopped and said to Su Jing, "Isn't this Su Jing, Yan'er's College cla.s.smate? What a coincidence."

"Enemies do often cross each other's path… this is really." Su Jing glanced at Song Junhao. He knew Song Junhao naturally. During the period when w.a.n.g Yan had just proposed to break up, he was sad and unhappy. He couldn't help asking about the situation and knew Song Junhao. Although Su Jing has made up his mind not to have anything to do with w.a.n.g Yan anymore, he can't help but get angry when he sees this former rival standing in front of him and smiling. Su Jing even wanted to throw Song Junhao out of the window.

"Oh, I am getting engaged with Yan'er. I'll be sure to send you a wedding invitation when we get married. You must come." Song Junhao continued to smile. People who didn't know him will think that he and Su Jing were good friends.

"Sure, I'll come." Su Jing replied faintly.

Looking at Su Jing's indifferent look, Song Junhao couldn't help but blink. In fact, he was not engaged with w.a.n.g Yan at all. He had come a little closer and could go on a regular date for dinner, but w.a.n.g Yan had not paid any attention to him since the last kidnapping incident. After that, w.a.n.g Yan ignored him again. The reason for this is to just test Su Jing, he is worried that w.a.n.g Yan will alienate him and then secretly rekindle with Su Jing. However, from Su Jing's look, he can't see anything.

"I have something to do now,   talk to you another day." Song Junhao smiled and turned and walked away.

Liu Yong was reluctant to leave like this. He saw a cup of hot tea in front of Su Jing. He couldn't help but sneer at it. When he turned around, he touched the cup with the doc.u.ment in his hand. According to this trend, he was sure that the whole cup of hot tea was spilled on Su Jing. Su Jing would not only be embarra.s.sed but also be burned.

Liu Yong's small movements are quite natural. It's really hard for ordinary people to react to them. But for a Spirit Reader Master like Su Jing, these movements are too obvious. Su Jing sneered and did not reach out to block it. Instead, he immediately released his spiritual force and invaded Liu Yong's brain.

During this time, Su Jing's spiritual force has already advanced by leaps and bounds. His natural spiritual attack is also much stronger. It can only be used upon a small number of people with weak spiritual force. Now, except for a small group of people with strong spiritual will, he can directly attack others.

What Su Jing is using for Liu Yong is a new trick from the Old Mister notebook - Plant Reading. In all spiritual force attacks, this is a more difficult way than Illusionary Eye and Soul Suppression. It can implant a simple idea in the minds of the other side. This idea must be simple enough, direct enough and not too long, otherwise, the other side can easily wake up halfway.

Liu Yong was stunned, his spirit appeared in a moment of trance, and he forgot where he was. Then he had an idea in his mind. He wanted to pour out the cup of tea in front of him. He stupidly reached out and grabbed the cup of hot tea. He took the first step and covered it directly on the top of Song Junhao's head. Song Junhao screamed and everyone present jumped up.

Liu Yong also woke up immediately and looked at Song Junhao's head and then he looked at the cup in his hand, his chin almost fell to the ground and he was completely dumbfounded. Tang Xiaoyu, Tang Yi, Guo Biting, Qin Xulan, and other people around him were also dumbfounded. (To be continued ~^~)

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