Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 157-161

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Tang Xiaoyu, Tang Yi, Guo Biting, Qin Xulan, and others are dumbfounded. Isn't this guy a follower Song Junhao? Why did he suddenly poured hot tea on Song Junhao's head and burn Song Junhao, who has always been gentlemanly, what is it?

"Jun…Jun…Brother Junhao, are you okay? I will clean it for you." Liu Yong saw Song Junhao screaming and his hair was like a drowned chicken, his face burned red, and he looked miserable. He was so frightened that he went silly and then he went ahead and helped Song Junhao wipe it.

"You f.u.c.king…" Song Junhao couldn't help but swear, but when he thought about the celebrities around here like Guo Biting, to whom he needed to talk about cooperation, was beside him. He immediately closed his mouth and suppressed his anger. Besides, Liu Yong was brought by him and scolding Liu Yong would only be seen as a joke. Of course, he wished that he could break Liu Yong's corpse into pieces. Did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d take the wrong medicine and pour hot tea over his head for no reason. Thanks to the fact that the hot tea was only a little hot and the temperature was not very high, otherwise, he would be disfigured.

"What are you doing?" Song Junhao tried to be graceful, but his face was scary red and because of the suppressed anger his voice was shaking.

"I… I… my brain must have stopped working, Brother Junhao." Liu Yong's felt like crying and he wanted to explain himself but he didn't know what to do. He wished he could slap himself. What was he doing just now? Why the h.e.l.l did he just do to Song Junhao, the rich second generation? Why did he suddenly pour hot tea on his head? There's only one explanation. His brain must have stopped working.

Listening to Liu Yong saying that his brain stopped working. Tang Xiaoyu, Tang Yi, Guo Biting and others all looked strange. Song Junhao, this younger brother of yours is really superb.

"I say Biting, these guys are just too weird, don't work with them." Su Jing suddenly turned to look at Guo Biting and said in a serious voice, which made the depressed Song Junhao and Liu Yong almost spouted out blood. Guo Biting's mouth twitched as she heard Su Jing's words. They are already so miserable, why are you adding petrol in a fire?

"Hey, if it isn't Liu Yong, I didn't see you just now." Su Jing suddenly pointed to Liu Yong.

"Er…" Liu Yong didn't know which game Su Jing was playing. Didn't he recognize himself before?

"Not long ago, I met you at the party, but I didn't expect to see you again so soon. Really… Where does life lead us? We meet again so soon." Su Jing said that with an enthusiastic att.i.tude that once again made Liu Yong feel uncomfortable. With his last experience, he suddenly felt a slight sense of foreboding. Then he saw Song Junhao's face go down and his heart suddenly dropped. Having thought of the terrible part of Su Jing's words, he wished he could chop Su Jing at once.

Song Junhao was wondering why Liu Yong would suddenly pour tea on himself. Now he suddenly heard that Liu Yong actually knew Su Jing and had a party recently, which seemed familiar to him. Is it that Liu Yong poured hot tea on himself to help Su Jing out?

"Brother Junhao, don't misunderstand, I am not familiar with him." Liu Yong explained quickly.

"I didn't misunderstand. What are you so nervous about?" Song Junhao suddenly calmed down abnormally because he felt it was awkward. According to his understanding of Liu Yong, Liu Yong would never dare to pour tea on himself. Su Jing just suddenly recognized Liu Yong, he's obviously doing this deliberately.

"Brother Junhao is really wise." Liu Yong was moved to tears. Su Jing squinted, looking down on Song Junhao.

"If you accidentally splashed some water on me, it's just as early as the Sprinkling Festival." Song Junhao said that and this humorous and funny att.i.tude was applauded by everyone all around him immediately. After all, this kind of thing happened and it was normal to quarrel. Once quarreled, it would affect the mood of others more or less. Song Junhao was very young but he was able to turn a warlike situation into a humorous one with such grace, which was rare. This made many successful people present look at Song Junhao twice more. Also, it let some young girls and women present, all throw their eyes to appreciate.

"If the water-splas.h.i.+ng festival is pouring hot water, I can't change it." Qin Xulan couldn't help but speak a sentence.

"Hha, hot water represents enthusiasm. Not to mention more but I have to change our clothes after the Wanshui Festival." Song Junhao responded faintly and turned to leave. Liu Yong naturally followed.

"This young man has a good att.i.tude."

"A person like this can make a difference."

Song Junhao's face was more charming as he listened to the comments around him.

At that moment, Liu Yong, who was following him, suddenly fell under his foot and fell forward. He grabbed Song Junhao's trousers and pulled them down. Because of the fierce fall, the sinking force was very strong. He tore and pulled them out. Song Junhao's trousers were directly pulled to the ankle position, revealing the panties and two legs with long hair.

Song Junhao was there, his face stiff, like a pig's liver.

After Liu Yong fell to the ground, he woke up immediately. He looked up and saw two naked legs and b.u.t.tocks in pants. He grabbed Song Junhao's pants in his hands. He immediately cried and started to grunt. He was busy lifting Song Junhao's pants. "Brother Junhao, I didn't mean to, I… I…"

Song Junhao pretended to calmly raise his pants, but at the moment he could no longer show a smile. He might have said that Liu Yong was not careful the first time around, or that he was moved by Su Jing who was close to him, but the position was far away from Su Jing, and it was clear that Liu Yong had deliberately taken off his pants.

Song Junhao, with a black face and nothing to say, quickly put on his pants and left. However, because the pants were torn, the trousers fell down again. Many people around them could not help laughing. Song Junhao walked away with his trousers in both hands, looking funny and embarra.s.sed. At this moment, no one feels Song Junhao's demeanor anymore. Liu Yong, with a bitter melon face, followed but did not dare to follow too closely. When the two of them left and the farce ended, the auction continued.

"Look, they're both out of their minds. You'd better not cooperate with them." Su Jing said again.

"You, put a stop to your mouth." Guo Biting glanced at Su Jing and said, "But I would not have been able to work with them."

"Oh?" Su Jing was stunned.

"You don't know, my best friend, the organizer of the auction, is Siya Cosmetic Company's boss. I'm going to endorse her company's products. It's almost impossible for me to endorse other cosmetics." Guo Biting said.

"So it is." Su Jing suddenly realized that and an idea suddenly flashed in his mind and he said, "Can you recommend me later? I want to talk to her about some business."

"OK." Guo Biting readily agreed because she suspected that the business Su Jing wanted to talk about was about pets. w.a.n.g Siya mentioned to her that she had long wanted to meet Su Jing and ask Su Jing for advice on how to domesticate pets. They both wanted to meet each other, so how could she stop them?

But what Guo Biting didn't expect was that Su Jing's business had nothing to do with pets. (to be continued ^)

At ten o'clock, the auction was over.

The guests were leaving one after another and many people came to Su Jing to give him their business card before they left. After all, the pets brought by Su Jing are so eye-catching that many pet enthusiasts want to make friends with him. First, they hope to learn some tips for domesticating pets from Su Jing; second, they hope to buy some rare pets from Su Jing.

"h.e.l.lo, Mr. Su." w.a.n.g Siya took the initiative to come over but even Guo Biting's recommendation was exempted. w.a.n.g Siya was dressed in good dress and looked mature, elegant and generous.

"Manager. w.a.n.g, h.e.l.lo." Su Jing reached out and shook her hand. He felt that her hand was smooth and delicate. Sure enough, a woman who runs a cosmetics company knows how to maintain it.

"I heard early that Mr. Su's pets are of excellent and brilliant and they are quite intelligent, and today they have become well-known. I wanted to meet you for some time but I didn't expect you to be here and I also got a surprise. Parrots, flower horn, a ball python, each of them is the best quality." w.a.n.g Siya sighed and was curious, how could such a young man be able to domesticate so many excellent pets?

"Manager w.a.n.g is praising me." Su Jing said modestly.

"Listening to Biting, you said that you are looking for me to talk about business. Let's talk in my office?" said w.a.n.g Siya.

"Okay." Su Jing was impatient by some close-knit people and wanted to leave for some time now.

So, w.a.n.g Siya, Guo Biting, and Su Jing went to the office.

As for Qin Xulan, Jin s.h.i.+jia, Zhu Jianhua, and others, they left.

"Mr. Su please sit, Biting sit." Entering the office, w.a.n.g Siya greeted.

"You guys talk. I'll go inside and wait." Guo Biting said, pointing to a lounge inside. Su Jing has some business to talk with w.a.n.g Siya. She should avoid it. 

"It would be better if you could stay here." Su Jing laughed.

"All right then." Guo Biting smiled and sat next to w.a.n.g Siya because she was familiar with Su Jing. Instead of pretending to be a G.o.ddess, she grabbed the melon seeds on the table and ate them.

"Mr. Su, to tell you the truth, I like all kinds of animals, holding this pet auction and so on is not to make money, but to promote pets. It would be great to have more people treat animals as pets and not as food. If you could cooperate with us. Mr. Su's pets are the best promotion." w.a.n.g Siya was slightly excited.

"Manager w.a.n.g is overpraising me. But Manager w.a.n.g seems to have misunderstood. I am not here to talk about pets, but another business," Su Jing said.

"Oh? What business?" Both w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting both showed surprises.

"About beauty products," Su Jing said.

"Oh, Mr. Su is not kidding, is he?" w.a.n.g Siya smiled. It's not that she's biased, but in fact, most men don't know anything about beauty products at all. Looking at Su Jing, he doesn't seem like the kind of man who likes to use beauty products.

"I'm not kidding. I have a good cosmetic product, but I don't have a brand or a sales platform, so I want to cooperate with you." Su Jing smiled. But his expression is serious, he's obviously not joking.

"Okay, then, you can give me a few copies first, then I will find some volunteers to try, and we will talk about it in detail when we see the results." w.a.n.g Siya appears to be somewhat lacking in interest. She believes in Su Jing's ability to domesticate pets, but she is not very optimistic about what Su Jing calls beauty products. Her company's cosmetic products are selected through numerous research experiments, not to say something about casually making some partial prescriptions that can be used for sale.

"That's too much trouble, I will show you the effect now."

"Show it now?" w.a.n.g Siya was stunned. She thought she had misheard him. It would take a day or a few days for a good cosmetic product to show some effect. How would he show the effects now?

"Can you wait for half an hour?"

"Yes, I can." w.a.n.g Siya thought that this guy won't say he'll see the effect in half an hour, will he?

"I'll trouble you again, but can you stretch your hand out." Su Jing said. w.a.n.g Siya hesitated but then reached out and wanted to see what the guy was going to do.

Su Jing takes out a bottle, sticks out his finger and dips a little powder on w.a.n.g Siya's arm. The powder looks like chalk ash, but it smells like medicine and penetrates into the skin quickly. w.a.n.g Siya was surprised to feel that the place was cool and comfortable as if enjoying the highest ma.s.sage.

"We just have to wait now," Su Jing said.

"In the meantime, there are several questions that I would like to ask Mr. Su for advice." w.a.n.g Siya smiled, he didn't expect much from Su Jing so she took this opportunity to ask Su Jing some questions about domesticating pets. Anyway, Su Jing answered them one by one. Although Su Jing trained pets, he relied on Magical beast meat and the Ten thousand Beasts Tablet, but after a lot of time with Animal contact and through direct communication with animals, he can be said to be the most knowledgeable person on animals and also a pet expert. He can naturally answer questions about pets and the best way to domesticate and care for them. w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting all listened to some fascinating.

"It's almost time. Please wipe off the powder off your arm." Su Jing suddenly said.

w.a.n.g Siya was fascinated but she was suddenly interrupted by Su Jing. Some of her heart was not satisfied. She casually took out a paper towel and wiped out the powder that Su Jing had just applied to her arm. After the powder was wiped away, w.a.n.g Siya immediately showed a shocking expression. Her skin is quite white, but at this moment there is a small, more white tender mark on her arm, which is just the site where Su Jing applied the powder.

"Wow, the effect is so obvious." Guo Biting was surprised. She reached out and touched the spot on her friend's arm. He found that it was not only white but also smooth, just like the skin of a baby.

"This effect…" w.a.n.g Siya couldn't believe her eyes. She looked at the skin for a moment, then suddenly her pupils shrank slightly. "No, I remember a tiny spot on my arm at this position."

"I just put it on that spot to show you the effect of freckle removal. What do you think I was doing?" Su Jing laughed and said that. The powder he just smeared on her arm was, of course, Youthful Pill powder from the alchemist from the Battle Through the Heavens. Su Jing had tried it on his own before he dared to bring it here. Large dark spots can be completely removed in a few days and if small ones are very light, they can be removed in half an hour. It has to be said that the alchemist was not completely useless and his research in this field is absolutely outstanding.

"…" w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting were shocked and speechless. Half an hour later, the skin became white and tender. It was exaggerated. How could it be possible to remove a spot directly? Where is the beauty product? It's a panacea. (to be continued ^)

"Mr. Su, your beauty powder is amazing." w.a.n.g Siya changed her carelessness, and her lips trembled slightly with excitement. Such a miraculous beauty powder is a fatal temptation for women. In addition, as the head of a cosmetics company, w.a.n.g Siya realized that this beauty product was a huge business opportunity.

"Can you give us some first?" Guo Biting's eyes were s.h.i.+ning.

"Oh, I'll give you some later." Su Jing smiled at Guo Biting and said, "Manager w.a.n.g, don't be so happy. The raw materials I put on your powder are so precious and the cost is too huge. However, the medication of this prescription can be replaced by some common materials, although the effect may be weakened but it is still very good.

The prescriptions mentioned by Su Jing are naturally prescriptions in the notebook of the perverted alchemist. The prescriptions of Ying yang, Happy Powder, Aphrodisiac Pill, breast enlargement Powder and the precautions for the use of powder in the notebook are recorded in great detail.

Su Jing tried to use other materials of the same nature to refine according to the beauty remedy. After many failures, he finally chose the right medicinal herbs. Although the final product powder is worse than the original product of alchemy, it is absolutely better than all cosmetic products on the market.

"What is the specific effect of powder made from common materials?" w.a.n.g Siya asked.

"It's like the spot you just had, it is estimated that it can be completely removed in a month or so. In addition, it has the effect of whitening and skin rejuvenation, and it is completely Chinese medicine. It has no side effects and can be used for a long time," Su Jing said.

"A month of freckle removal is enough." w.a.n.g Siya's eyes are s.h.i.+ning, there are now many beauty creams known as seven-day freckle removal, a course of treatment freckle removal or something, but in fact, there is a lot of exaggeration, perhaps there are very few successful cases. But for most people, it is basically ineffective. Su Jing's powder has the ability to remove freckles in just half an hour, It can be imagined how magical this prescription is, the effect is beyond doubt, even if it reduces the efficacy, to remove freckles in a month is more then enough. Moreover, if the effect is too fast and too strong, it will not be a good thing. First, if you use a long time of skin whitening, it is very difficult to cause secondary consumption; second, if the effect is too exaggerated to be envied by people, I am afraid that at that time they will not be able to withstand the pressure.

"Mr. Su, how about selling this prescription to me?" w.a.n.g Siya went straight to the point.

"No, no. I don't plan to sell it, I can give it to you to produce and sell. I only need a commission." Su Jing smiled.

"Hha, that's all right. How about seven-three? I'm seven you three." w.a.n.g Siya smiled.

"Then I can only find another beauty company." Su Jing shook his head.

"How about 6-4? Do you know about production and sales? It needs cost risk, manpower, and financial resources, and also with the help of our company's brand, you don't have to do anything. That's 40 percent you'll get by doing nothing." w.a.n.g Siya said.

"6-4 can be done, but it is me six you four. The cost of production and sales needs not to be mentioned. For the sale price, it is certainly not worth mentioning, this product will certainly sell, there is no risk. At first, this beauty powder may need the help of the refined brand, but soon, it will in turn enhance the refined brand effect, I am not wrong? I think some companies will even agree to a 7-3 cut." Su Jing said.

"How can you be so young with that sly old man att.i.tude?." w.a.n.g Siya gave Su Jing a slight white look and then said, "Okay, 6-4, you are 6 and I am 4, how about we sign the contract now?"

"No problem." Su Jing nodded.

w.a.n.g Siya apparently didn't want to take a chance. She immediately asked someone to draw up the contract. Su Jing saw it and then signed it directly. Su Jing was most worried about the confidentiality of prescriptions, so he had a long discussion with w.a.n.g Siya on this issue. In addition, w.a.n.g Siya raised the approximate selling price of the medication that made Su Jing's eyes twitch. A small box of this powder will be sold for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. It was a money grab. But Su Jing knew nothing about cosmetics sales. w.a.n.g Siya was an expert, so Su Jing didn't have to Interrupt in her work and he is profiting either way so he doesn't care.

"Finally, there is another request," Su Jing said.

"Speak straight." w.a.n.g Siya was in a good mood and smiled.

"Although it may be redundant for me to say so, let me mention it. If possible, I hope Miss Guo Biting would be the one to represent this product." Su Jing said, turning to Guo Biting.

"Hha." w.a.n.g Siya smiled, thinking that although this guy was smart, he was still a guy with a beautiful woman sitting in front of him. She laughed and said, "I just wanted to ask Biting about the same thing. Of course, that's OK, what about you, Biting?"

"Of course, no problem." Guo Biting voice is refres.h.i.+ng and clear, and she knows very well that endorsing this product would be good for herself. In addition to the advertising fees, this beauty powder will probably become a best seller in the future, and will probably be widely praised. As a spokesperson, she will also increase her popularity. In many cases, the relation between star advertis.e.m.e.nts and products is mutually Influencing. Star image will affect product sales, product quality will also affect star reputation.

"Happy cooperation." w.a.n.g Siya extended her hand.

"Happy cooperation." Su Jing reached out and shook it. Then he took the bottle out of his pocket and handed it to Guo Biting. He said, "Take these powder and use it. Make a beautiful advertis.e.m.e.nt again. You can wipe a little more on the right corner of the eye to remove scars."

"Can it really remove scars?" Guo Biting's eyes are bright, the scar on her right eye corner is actually very small and shallow. Even without makeup, it is not easy to see. A little makeup can cover it up. However, it is still pulled out by some people every year, and it is better if it can be removed naturally.

"You should be able to get rid of the scar in a few days, but there is very little powder. You need to save some for later use." Su Jing said, the bottle is not full and it only contain a little powder, of course, if it wasn't Guo Biting, he would not have taken it out at all.

"Thank you." Guo Biting couldn't help but hold the medicine in her hand and smiled sweetly.

"What about me?" w.a.n.g Siya said.

"Nothing." Su Jing shook his head.

"You are too eccentric, and the performance is too obvious." w.a.n.g Siya couldn't help but smile.

"Nonsense, I am thinking about our advertising. Biting's skin is good and the effect is good. It naturally drives sales. Isn't it us who ultimately benefits?" Su Jing said in a proper manner.

"Yes, you are right." w.a.n.g Siya rolled her eyes and thought that he was paying attention to the G.o.ddess. It was an excuse to say about driving sales. But she is too lazy to compete with Su Jing. Anyway, this guy obviously has no intention of giving her a little powder. It's no use talking more. Of course, despite Su Jing's courtesy, Su Jing is right. If Guo Biting's skin is good, it will naturally play a good propaganda role, which can also drive sales, and ultimately benefit them. (to be continued ^)

After the discussion, Su Jing was ready to leave.

w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting stood up to see each other off and walked out of the office door just in time to see Zou Xue not far away. Zou Xue and two girls in cheongsam opened their mouths when they saw Su Jing coming out of the office with w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting.

"By the way, this is my college cla.s.smate Zou Xue. If you can't contact me later, you can find her." Su Jing said that and the reason for this is not really unrelated, but w.a.n.g Siya wants to take care of Zou Xue.

"Okay." w.a.n.g Siya looked more at Zou Xue.

"Then I am leaving, You don't have to send me out." Su Jing waved at w.a.n.g Siya, Guo Biting, and Zou Xue and strode away. Just out of the building's gate, he saw Tang Xiaoyu, Tang Yi, and Tang Hao waiting.

"Brother Jing." Tang Xiaoyu waved enthusiastically.

"You… are waiting for me?" Su Jing stunned.

"Yeah." Tang Xiaoyu smirked.

"Do you need anything?" Su Jing asked.

"Little Ya misses you, why don't you go to school often to see her?"

"How long has it been since I saw you?" I'll go when I'm free."

"Little brother, I will organize a fishermen's party after a while. Are you interested in attending?" Tang Hao asked, his face was full of expectations, if Su Jing could go, he would surely bring a lot of fish to the party that will attract everyone's attention.

"Oh? When? Su Jing is very interested, these fishermen parties are also held in high society area. Tang Hao knows many fish enthusiasts who are probably rich. Aren't these guys who have money and like to watch fish the best to make money from?

"It's not decided yet. Leave your cell phone number. I'll let you know when it's fixed." Tang Hao laughed.

"Good." Su Jing exchanged the mobile phone number with Tang Hao. After a few more words of greeting, he split up.

The next day at noon. A car and several trucks drove into Su Family Village, attracting the attention of many villagers.

"What a big truck, the wheels are as high as people."

"What are these cars doing here? They aren't lost, are they?"

"I heard that A'Jing invited them. He wants to build something. This guy is really getting bigger and bigger."

These cars belong to the construction team that was going to build the building. In front of the car, He Jingdong was in the driver's seat. In the copilot's seat sat a rough-looking man.

By the time they arrived at the entrance of his courtyard, Su Jing was already waiting. At this moment, Su Jing's face was full of excitement. After such a long period of preparation, the building will finally be built. According to He Jingdong, it will be completed in a month's time.

"A'Jing, this is Master Guanglei Li." Getting out of the car. He Jingdong introduced the rough-looking man.

"Master Li, h.e.l.lo." Su Jing reached out.

"h.e.l.lo, Mr. Su." Li Guanglei said with a simple smile and shook hands with Su Jing and looked up and down at Su Jing. His heart was full of surprise. He Jingdong said Su Jing was young, but he didn't expect him to be so young. It's estimated that Su Jing must be in his early twenties, he's very young to build a building with tens of millions of yuan of his own money.

"Master Li and everyone else. Please Come Inside." Su Jing said and he invited Li Guanglei and the whole construction team from the truck and went into the courtyard. Li Guanglei's other big and small workers couldn't help looking around. After all, there were too many unusual pets in the courtyard. Before that, Su Jing had sent the Snake Woman Meng Mei'er into the super-s.p.a.ce Garbage Station so there was no need to fear of being seen. The eight trigrams stone. Su Jing covered it with a piece of black cloth. Of course, even if it wasn't covered, outsiders would just look at it and think that it is just a weird stone arrangement.

"Master Li, the building didn't pack the old house in. Must the old house be demolished?" Su Jing asks, he actually knew that the old house has to be demolished, but Su Jing is still a little reluctant.

"Haha, although the area is packed in but we have to build pillars and load-bearing walls ah, if this old house is not demolished then we can not build the building at all." Li Guanglei laughed and thought that an entirely new building is going to be built here. Why would you want an old house?

"Okay." Su Jing didn't want to keep the old house. He just didn't want to move too much. After all, many things in his house couldn't show to people. He thought that after building the building, he would slowly demolish the old house. Now it seems that it is not possible.

"We will first lay the foundation and then dismantle it. You will clear useful things away." Li Guanglei said.

"Yes." Su Jing nodded.

"A'Jing, these animals, take them somewhere else, so that they don't run around." He Jingdong said.

"They won't run around." Su Jing smiled and suddenly whistled, the golden eagle flew down from the air and led other pets all gathered in the front yard, leaning against the wall one by one and staying there.

"…" He Jingdong, Li Guanglei, and others, all look dumbfounded.

"These pets are so smart." A young man in his twenties was surprised.

"I have a relative who runs a small pet shop. None of his pets are as beautiful as yours. If you sell them, you can probably sell them for a good price. Hundreds of thousands of them are possible." A middle-aged man in his thirties and forties said.

"Oh, hundreds of thousands? These pets, the estimated minimum of tens of thousands, the most expensive over a million." He Jingdong smiled, he accidentally asked Su Jing, so know that these pets are valuable.

"No." Li Guanglei and others breathed in cool air, some of them couldn't believe it. A young man said quickly, "Let's take them away. In case they are injured carelessly during construction, we can't afford to pay for them."

"Don't worry, I said they won't run around. How do you get them on the other side of the construction? If you hurt them because of the construction, you don't need to pay for them." Su Jing smiled and gave everyone a rea.s.surance and said, "Let's go into the house."

After entering the room, Su Jing invited everyone to have tea and chat, and then brought out his own meal and invited everyone to have lunch. Many rural areas have this custom, inviting people to work, inviting them to have a meal first, and then after the completion of the meal, they will begin their work.

Originally, this was supposed to be a normal meal, but He Jingdong, Li Guanglei, and others all ate with a lifetime of unforgettable memories. They admired the food one after another. Of course, they were too embarra.s.sed to ask Su Jing to continue cooking for them. After all, Su Jing is the boss who will give them money, they all want to finish their work immediately and then they will eat this kind of food again.

The work of foundations began in the afternoon, and Su Jing began to clean up the items in his house. The Man-eating vine, ivory, tiger teeth and so on, which could not be shown, were temporarily put into the supers.p.a.ce-time Garbage Station and piled up in the corner. Other useful things are all moved to his uncle's home and left first. Of course, after the building is built, it is estimated that most of the furniture and appliances will be replaced, and many things will probably be sent to his uncle's home.

The construction team led by Li Guanglei was very efficient. After three days, the foundation was laid. The old house was demolished and the building was started. As He Jingdong said, the module was completed at the factory, like Lego blocks. It was built very quickly. It took only four days and ten meters of the first layer was completed and it was rising, and the building was growing at an extremely fast speed. (To be continued ~^~)

Early in the morning, Su Jing, wearing shorts, emerged from a tent on the front lawn.

These days, he is sleeping in the tent, his uncle's house has two or three empty rooms but he did not go there, the main reason why he choose to live in a tent is because he is mainly worried about the garbage dumping, although there is a time-s.p.a.ce Garbage Station, but after all, it may overflow, in case of leakage of a few invisible things and those things seen by Li Guanglei and others see. That would cause a lot of trouble.

"A'Jing, You are up early." He Jingdong came in from the door of the courtyard.

"Big Brother He, You too." Su Jing laughed, although He Jingdong said that he did not need to come here often but as a designer, he had to come over and see the progress occasionally.

"A'Jing, tell me something." He Jingdong looked around and saw no one nearby, only approached Su Jing and said, lowering his voice.

"What's wrong?" Su Jing glimpsed, he has never seen He Jingdong acting so mysterious, what happened?

"That… That…" He Jingdong hesitated for a while before he said, "I heard you not only know how to cook delicious food but also how to make medicinal food."

"That's right." Su Jing nodded.

"I don't know if you can get me some tonics, the kind that can boost your yang." He Jingdong said.

"I haven't done it, but I can try it." Su Jing said with an indifferent look, but in his heart, there was an odd moment. He didn't expect that He Jingdong, who seemed to be strong, needed it. Su Jing's collection contains a p.e.n.i.s of a Magical Beast tigers and Aphrodisiac Pill, but he has never tried to know how effective it is, so he dared not give it to He Jingdong. Besides the prescription of Youthful Medicine, Aphrodisiac Pill, breast enlargement powder, Su Jing has also studied the prescription of Happy Powder. Unfortunately, no alternative medicines have been found so no refined medicines have been produced, so there is no mild effect of Aphrodisiac Pill for He Jingdong.

"Really?" He Jingdong's eyes lit up.

"Don't worry, I should be able to get it for you." Su Jing said that, He Jingdong helped him so much. He didn't even accept the money, he must have been quite ashamed of his hidden illness and he had told him, he will help him.

Of course, The pill can't be given until after many experiments have been done on it. This can't be an urgent matter.

Brus.h.i.+ng his teeth after was.h.i.+ng his face. Su Jing went out to run as usual. Physical health is the capital of the revolution. It's certainly right to exercise more. Besides, Su Jing may have to deal with unknown dangers from different time and s.p.a.ce at any time and he needs a strong physique more.

"A'Jing, running again." Su Zhenqiao was driving a boar with a whip when he saw Su Jing.

"Uncle Qiao, bringing the breeding pig to breed again?" Su Jing asked. Su Zhenqiao is not Su Jing's uncle and relative. In their family, Su Jing ranks third, so sometimes Su Jing shouts Third Uncle, but sometimes Uncle Qiao.

"Yeah. It's a bit spirited today." Su Zhenqiao said, the so-called breeding pig, as the name implies, is specially designed for breeding pigs. The boar grows very tall and strong. It's a good breeding pig and it has been for nearly two years. It's basically used to breed. However, in recent times, it does not know what is going on. Its s.e.x-desire is getting lower and lower, and it is rare to have spiritual moments. Su Zhenqiao left the breeding pig. Of course, it is used to make money. Every time he goes to breeding sows, he will collect some money. If the breeding pig is not energetic, it will affect the business.

"Which village are you going to?" Su Jing suddenly asked.

"Zhang Family Village," Su Zhenqiao said.

"Then I will go with you," Su Jing said.

"What's good about it?" Su Zhenqiao laughed, but he talked about some of the mysteries and precautions of breeding pigs and mating, which made Su Jing feel that there was a way to go.

When they went to Zhang Family Village, people who went to meet Su Zhenqiao at the Zhang Family Village entrance were surprised to see Su Jing coming, but they thought it was a young man's curiosity and didn't care much. When the group of people arrived at Pigpen, they opened the door and put the boar in. The boar immediately approached the large sows in Pigpen, while the sows dodged. Su Zhenqiao and others were not anxious, waiting for them to know each other. The sow owner also made some delicious things, such as raw eggs and sweet potatoes, and threw them in for the boars and sows to eat together. Su Jing put a little powder on an egg and stuffed it to the boar.

After a while, the boar suddenly stood up with two front feet and lay down on the sow. The sow just resisted for a moment and then stopped moving. With the help of Su Zhenqiao, boar and sows began to mate.

"Didn't you say that the breeding pig in your family has been a bit down lately? It seems very spiritual to me." A big man laughed.

"Oh, he must've recovered." Su Zhenqiao is very happy, although this breeding pig can't make a lot of money but something is always better than nothing.

The few big men didn't stare at it, and they were waiting outside the pigpen, smoking.

After a while, Su Zhenqiao and several big men felt something wrong. It's almost time but boar didn't seem to stop at all and it is getting faster and faster and sow can't afford it anymore.

"You boar, there is no spirit, it is too spiritual." The big man has a strange look on his face.

"Spirit is a good thing. It's a good thing." Su Zhenqiao is also feeling a little strange, but he is happier, his breeding pig is, of course, stronger and better, so in this area, there is no need to worry about business.

"Yes, the more spiritual the piglet is, the faster the piglet grows." The big man also laughed.

However, after a while, they couldn't smile, the boar continued, and the sow started to vomit.

"This… There seems to be something wrong. Let's get rid of your boar first. The big man said.

"All right." Su Zhenqiao saw that the sow was foaming at the mouth and had to drive the boar away. However, the normally well-trained boar, at this moment, have driven two times without any intention of leaving the sow's back. Su Zhenqiao can not help but lash two strokes, the boars still ignore, or even twitch faster and faster.

The sow suddenly fell to the ground.

"I'll pull it up and get it out of here."

"How can he's still not moving away?"

"Everyone comes together, push it away."

A few big men rushed up and rushed, and spent a lot of effort to push the boar away. The sow was spared. However, the boar was still reluctant and wanted to rush to the sow. Several big men blocked the boar with great effort.

"What's wrong with your breeding pig? Did you give him a stimulant? The big man couldn't help shouting.

"No, how could I possibly feed my breeding pig that kind of thing?" Su Zhenqiao's face was gloomy, and he didn't know why. Ming Ming had no power recently. Why did he suddenly overdo it?

At this moment, the culprit, Su Jing, has already been a guilty thief and quietly left. His face was full of eccentricity, he had just made a little Aphrodisiac Pill powder and wanted to try it out, but the effect was too strong. It seems that even if the powder is to be used, it must be limited or the results will be unimaginable. (to be continued ^)

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