Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 147-151

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When Su Jing added all the medicines to the medicinal cauldron, while waiting, his mobile phone rang suddenly.

He looked at it and it was w.a.n.g Xiao's call. He answered: "h.e.l.lo, Big Brother w.a.n.g."

w.a.n.g Xiao's voice rang across the phone: "A'Jing, do you have a sister or brother or teachers?"

Su Jing was surprised at w.a.n.g Xiao's question. "No, why do you ask that?"

w.a.n.g Xiao said: "There was a blackmail incident in the city last night, but the blackmailers were beaten down by a woman. There were many palm prints on their bodies. Every palm print left a broken bone and splintered viscera and died on the spot. The strength of that woman was terrible."

Su Jing was surprised to hear that there were such strong people in the world besides himself. Su Jing understands why w.a.n.g Xiao would ask this question. It is estimated that w.a.n.g Xiao has never seen someone with this much strength until him. Suddenly, a woman with the same strength as him emerges, so he would naturally think that she might be related to him. He explained, "I'm just better at physical fitness. I haven't joined any sect, or have any teachers, or sisters, or brothers. "

w.a.n.g Xiao relaxed his breath and said, "That's good. Although the woman is saving people, she does it too hard. It belongs to excessive defense and is illegal. It's the best thing if you are unrelated to this."

Su Jing naturally confirmed that she did not have a teacher or sister. This matter has nothing to do with him. However, he doesn't know why, but when he heard the news, he felt uneasy. He felt that this was indeed related to him. He asked: "The victim's information, can you send it to me? I see if there is a clue."

w.a.n.g Xiao paused: "No problem."

After hanging up the phone, w.a.n.g Xiao sent a copy of the information, but this information is obviously not the secret file of the police, this information can even be found at Weibo, there's only a man's name, a photo, and some basic information.

Su Jing saw it and muttered to himself:  "This man, I absolutely do not know him."

Su Jing shook his head as he couldn't recognize the man.

He continues to carefully control the flame of the cauldron.

After a few hours, the medicine was finally refining.

Opening the tripod cover, a strong fragrance of medicine came to his nose. The Cats, dogs, Battle Wolf, red foxes, golden eagle, Magical Python, and other animals, eagerly surrounded the pot with a mouthwatering look. However, even if they are greedy, Su Jing can't feed them. First of all, he has to test the efficacy of the medicine, if it is harmful to his health, It can only be disposed of. If it works well, he will keep it for himself.

Su Jing said, "A'Li, go and catch a mouse."

A'Li flipped out of the courtyard and soon came back with a mouse.

Su Jing ladled a little soup with a spoon to feed the mouse a drink and after a while, the mouse began to roll violently on the ground. Tearing and grasping at his body hard, and tear and scratch itself all over the body. Then its mouth and nose bleed and it died.

"What the h.e.l.l? Is this a tonic or a poison?"

Su Jing was stunned. He had already been prepared for unsuccessful results, he knew from the beginning that the medicine he refined may not work so well and It may even be harmful, but he did not expect that it would be like poison, this is not right!

Su Jing refused to believe in this and ordered, "Go and catch ten more mice and come back."

A'Li and nine other cats were dispatched, and ten mice were caught in a moment.

Su Jing gradually reduced the amount of medicine and fed it to rats with a spoon. The second died, the third died, the fourth bled from its mouth and nose but survived. To Su Jing's surprise, the fourth one survived and it was not weakened, but it was like a living dragon and a living tiger. His running speed increased and it almost prevented the kitten from catching it again.

Su Jing continued to reduce the amount, only giving half of what he gave to the forth to the fifth, sixth, and seventh and found that they were also bleeding from their noses and mouths, but they did bleed much and they all survived and became more powerful. It was as if they have evolved at once.

Su Jing was overjoyed: "Haha, it seems that it is not a poison, but a veritable tonic. If taken too much, the body won't be able to  handle it."

Su Jing filled a small bowl of medicine and took it by himself. Of course, he did not dare to take a big mouthful and chew slowly. At the same time, he felt the changes in his body. He felt that every mouthful had a strong energy emanating from his lower abdomen, which made his whole body warm.

Su Jing even felt that the liquid physical force in his Sea of ​​Consciousness began to accelerate the fogging gasification, and the spiritual capacity was expanding.

Su Jing didn't feel any discomfort, so he continued to eat. The more he ate, the hotter his body became. In the end, his whole body became red and hot, as if he had been cooked in a steamer until he got a nosebleed, blood dropped down from his nostrils and Su Jing quickly stopped.

Su Jing felt feverish all over and wanted to vent. He couldn't help exercising. He started with 500 sit-ups, 500 pull-ups, and 500 push-ups. If someone saw him at the moment, they would be frightening to see the speed at which he completed each set of exercises. Even the world-renowned fitness fanatics would have been left in the dust by Su Jing at this moment.

After an hour or two, the heat in Su Jing's body subsided and the exercise stopped.

Su Jing felt like there was an endless force in his body. He went to the side of the medicinal cauldron and took a deep breath, he stood firmly on the ground and grabbed the tripod with both of his hands and then he lifted it. This time, he lifted thousands of Jin of weight directly over his head, with great ease. Putting his left hand down, he started holding the tripod stove with his right hand for three seconds before he caught it with his left hand and put it back on the ground. At this moment, he himself is a little scared by his own power, which is like superman.

Su Jing suddenly released Spirit Reading Power. A 15-jin iron ball in a corner not far away flew easily and then fell back to the ground. A 20-jin iron ball beside it moved and flew, and then fell back to the ground. A 25-jin iron ball moved and failed to fly.

Su Jing's eyes sparkled: "Five Jin is added all of a sudden. It's good."

In the next few days, Su Jing finished the medication, but he also built up resistant to it and as he took more and more, the effects were lessened. The first time is very effective, the second time is two points less effective, the third time is two points less effective, until the final estimate is only 20% effective.

Even so, his physical body and spiritual forces have been improved by leaps and bounds and the most intuitive improvement is the spiritual power, reaching forty jin. If you say that he was half a martial arts master before, now he is definitely a super martial arts master.

This made him more confident in the battle against the giant python, and even a little eager to try, but unfortunately the giant python has not been seen in these last few days, it is as if it had disappeared. Su Jing could not do anything to the big python if it is not here.

In the evening, he put on his suit and was ready to attend a pet auction with Zhu Jianhua. (To be continued ~^~)

Su Jing ordered the pets to guard the backyard and then he drove his Porsche to the pet auction.

However, just after leaving, he was stopped by a young man dressed in a suit and smocked hair.

Looking through the window at the young man, Su Jing immediately squinted. Su Jing had seen this man before, just a few days ago, he had seen the information of the man, who was the "victim" of attempted blackmail.

Su Jing really can't figure out why this person would find him and the matter is revealed.

"Mr. Su." The youth walked forward and smiled.

"You are?" Su Jing pretended not to know him and asked.

"My name is Xie Qi, you probably don't know me, but I want to ask you to take a trip with me." the young man said.

"Sorry, I don't have time for that." Su Jing couldn't understand what the purpose of Xie Qi was and he couldn't just follow everyone.

"Oh, you may wish to take a look at this." Xie Qi reached into his pocket and took out a plastic bag with a thing inside. When he saw this, Su Jing's pupil suddenly shrank, it was a huge python scale, with a trace of blood on it. Xie Qi looked at Su Jing and smiled. "You really know."

"It's just a snake scale. Why are you showing this to me?" Su Jing's face remained silent, but his heart was crossing the river and falling into the sea. His mind flashed through countless thoughts, wondering what this was all about.

"You'll know when you come with me." Xie Qi apparently didn't want to make it clear now and he put the plastic bag back in his pocket. He went over to open his Audi door, he apparently didn't want Su Jing to drive. Su Jing hesitated for a second, then drove back to the yard, locked the door and entered Xie Qi's car. Su Jing can't sit idly by when it comes to the big python.

"Mr. Su. Don't keep your face down. Be happy." Xie Qi smiled as he drove. Su Jing glanced at Xie Qi and did not speak. He thought that he was fearless. Xie Qi was absolutely not sure what he had come into contact with.

Xie Qi is driving. They reached the downtown area and then it took a while to get to a warehouse.

"Brother Xie." Two young men with the eyes of thieves greeted him.

"Yeah." Xie Qi nodded faintly.

"The snake…the woman is looking for him?" The two thieves looked at Su Jing on the front pa.s.senger seat. Their words made Su Jing frown and suddenly there was a flash of light in his head as he seemed to think of something.

"Open the door." Xie Qi did not answer but told them.

"Yes." The door opened and the car drove in, Xie Qi got out of the car and Su Jing followed and glanced around. His spiritual force was released immediately. Now his spiritual force can already detect a radius of forty meters.

"This way, please." Xie Qi smiled.

"Please." Su Jing's face is indifferent.

Xie Qi takes Su Jing, opens a door on the side and walks in. He glanced around and he tried to hide his expressions seeing the situation inside but his pupil contracted and he couldn't hide the shock in his heart.

In the middle of the room, there is a net on the ground, covered with a cage. Inside the iron cage, there is a monster with the upper half body of the woman and lower body of a python, Su Jing's doubts were finally settled.

No wonder it makes a fire and roasts fish. No wonder it only left half of the snakeskin…

It turned out that it was not an ordinary python, but a member of the snake tribe, a rather powerful race in the world of Battle Through the Heavens.

However, what Su Jing doesn't understand is that according to w.a.n.g Xiao's words and Snake Woman's knowledge with Xie Qi, it is the Snake Woman who killed the blackmailers and saved Xie Qi. It is the Snake Woman who can kill people with one blow, but how did that same Snake Woman is trapped by Xie Qi instead?

The Snake Woman also saw Su Jing and her face suddenly changed, her tail seemed like a huge whip, and she pulled into the iron cage and tried to break the cage. However, when she slammed the cage, an electric current came out and made her body twitch, and she quickly retracted her tail.

"Haha, when I first saw this Snake Woman, I couldn't believe my eyes. She must have been given to me by G.o.d, not only did she saved me, but she also provided me with huge business opportunities." Xie Qi Yi face is arrogant.

"Business opportunity?" Su Jing turned to look at Xie Qi.

"A Snake Woman, if I get her on the international black market show, how many tickets can will I sell? Is this not a business opportunity?" Xie Qi smiled, Su Jing was silent for a moment, probably to understand what had happened.

"I've heard that you human beings are despicable, but I didn't expect you to be so despicable." The Snake Woman stood upright with her snake's tail coiled and she looked horrible from below, but her upper body was perfect, her face was gorgeous, and as a whole, she had a gorgeous aesthetic feeling.

"You know it's too late." Xie Qi smiled.

After the incident, it was indeed Snake Woman who saved Xie Qi. Of course, the Snake Woman was not very kind. She just wanted to collect some human slaves and do things for herself. Unfortunately, she did not expect Xie Qi to be ungrateful and only see the weakness of Xie Qi. She didn't expect Xie Qi to use electricity, because she underestimated a human, she ate a big loss. Of course, even if she was careful, She would've fallen in this trap by someone else. After all, she is from the world of Battle Through the Heavens, she does not know that electricity can be manipulated here.

"I still don't understand why you found me?" Su Jing looked calm and turned to look at Xie Qi.

"This Snake Woman sent us to check your information. It seems that she is quite afraid of you. We checked your information and found that you are a Beast Tamer. We can't tame this Snake Woman. Maybe you can? You also wanted to catch her. Now, we caught it, you are responsible for taming her, the money we earned will be divided seven to three, ok?" Xie Qi introduced the purpose clearly.

"It turns out to be that, besides the three of you, is there anyone else who knows the existence of this Snake Woman?" Su Jing asked naturally.

"Of course not, how can such a secret be said to others?" Xie Qi is sure now, listening to Su Jing asking him that, he is very happy, he thinks that Su Jing intends to cooperate with him.

"That's good." Su Jing nodded and flung three flying knives from his hand. However, at this time, Su Jing saw that the Snake Woman's lips moved and sent a strange sound wave, which was weak and inaudible. Then, dozens of cold breaths came from all directions.

"Not good." Su Jing's face changed, his body groaned as he jumped.

"chī chī chī" More than a dozen snakes secretly jumped down towards him and more snakes also shot out towards the three people and they were bitten by several snakes. They suddenly turned black, exposed their muscles, twitched, and then fell straight down on the spot. Dead. Several snakes also dropped on Su Jing's original position. If Su Jing jumps one step later, I am afraid that his end would not have been good. (To be continued ~^~)

The Snake Woman saw Su Jing escaping and continued to make sound waves from her mouth. The snakes shot at Su Jing.

Su Jing's spiritual force was released and using the spirit-controlled beast method. Nearly half of the venomous snakes immediately fell down. The other half kept awake and continued to shoot at Su Jing because of the slightly higher spiritual force and the interference of Snake Woman.

"Chi", "Chi", "Chi"

Su Jing shot a few flying knives from his hand. In order not to reveal his cards so quickly, he did not use the spiritual force greatly. At most, he only changed the direction of the dagger slightly and adjusted the accuracy so that the naked eye could not see it.

During this time, several snakes were directly cut apart by the flying knife.

Three poisonous snakes came to the electric switch and wrapped it around with their tails in an attempt to turn off the power. Once the power was turned off, I was afraid that the Snake Woman would never remain in the cage again. At this time, however, three flying knives flew in and cut off the three poisonous snakes.

After three or two more times, Su Jing killed all the remaining scattered snakes.

"You can attract so many snakes in the middle of a City, Great skill." Su Jing said to the Snake Woman while taking back the flying knives. There are not many snakes in the city. It is estimated that the Snake Woman brought these snakes and spent a lot of her energy. 

"What do you want?" The Snake Woman looked at Su Jing with trepidation, a pair of glamorous eyes s.h.i.+ning with cold light.

"I really don't want to do anything to you, Is it necessary to be so hostile?" Su Jing laughed.

"You brought me to this strange place and now you say that you haven't done anything to me?" The Snake Woman said coldly.

"Er… There seems to be some misunderstanding. I didn't bring you here." Su Jing was stunned. The Snake Woman was misunderstood. No wonder she was so afraid of him. No wonder she wanted to investigate him.

"Then talk, why did I appear in your backyard?" The Snake Woman asked.

"That has nothing to do with me. Believe it or not." Su Jing couldn't explain it. It is estimated that she wouldn't believe him. Su Jing is very tangled now, how to deal with this Snake Woman? At first, he thought it was just a python, so he could have handled it somehow, or tamed it or kill it.

However, this Snake Woman is also a … half-person, how can he kill her?

But if it doesn't kill her, this Snake Woman is too dangerous to be left alone and he can't control her at all, even though she is from the world of Battle Through the Heavens. Her strength seems to be weak, it seems that she cannot even manifest Battle Qi/Dou Qi armor, or else she would not be caged in an iron cage. But even when weakest in her world, her strength cannot be underestimated. If she ran out and kill him down the line, wouldn't he regret it?

Moreover, she can't be sent to the police station. Can't let her be seen by others.

"What do you think, how should I deal with you?" Su Jing asked.

"To kill someone in shackles. What a disrespect." The Snake Woman's face was still cold and arrogant even when she was in trouble.

"If I let you go, would you be my follower?"

"Hum, you human beings. Sure enough, they all want Snake Woman as a slave, but even if I had to die, I won't let you succeed."

"My followers are not slaves, you just have to be with me, I won't ask you to do anything you don't want."

"Do you think I will be manipulated and fooled by human beings again?"

Su Jing is a little speechless. It's just impossible to communicate. The Snake Woman has a deep prejudice against himself as a human being. It's difficult to coexist peacefully. It seems that she can only be killed. However, how can he kill her when he looks at such a beautiful woman with a beautiful upper body? There is no deep hatred between the other side and himself.

"Ah, this is a headache." Su Jing walked around for a while, and the Snake Woman looked at him suspiciously.

"Right, let's try the spiritual attack." Su Jing thought and immediately released his spiritual force and invaded Snake Woman's brain, he thinks that since the other half is a snake, perhaps he can use Spiritual Beast Taming, even if not tamed, he can use spiritual attacking Soul Suppression, that would be much easier. However, his spiritual force had just invaded Snake Woman's brain and he immediately felt a strong rejection, so Su Jing's spirit was startled, his face was white, and he quickly retrieved his spiritual force.

"What a powerful spiritual force, not to mention three levels higher, I cannot even determine how high is her spiritual force." Su Jing felt helpless for a while. It was neither killing nor releasing nor taming. What should he do in the end?

"Tell you what. If you compromise and follow me, then I promise that you will have a good life. Otherwise, I will leave you here and you will be discovered soon. You may not know but in this place, there are no Snake Woman, so you are a different kind and you will be studied by people. The so-called scientists will cut your body piece by piece for research purpose, or let you mate with various animals…" Su Jing deliberately said disgusting things.

The Snake Woman's eyebrows jumped and her face flashed a bit of panic.

"In addition, if you really don't want to follow me, I can also find a desert island for you, and I will try my best to see if I can send you back to your original place." Su Jing said.

"Really?" The Snake Woman showed a hint of thrill.

"Of course." Su Jing saw Snake Woman like this, and his heart was happy, his face showed a harmless look.

At that moment, however, a piercing siren sounded and the Snake Woman's face suddenly changed. As for how she knew the meaning of the siren, she may have learned after the last shooting of several blackmailers, or she may have asked Xie Qi and others.

"Human, are you delaying for time? Waiting for reinforcements?" The Snake Woman's eyes were cold.

"This is a misunderstanding,  I'm not with them, I…" Su Jing is really speechless. The Snake Woman is too suspicious.

"Bang" The Snake Woman no longer talks to Su Jing at all. Her tail sweeps out quickly. A huge force hits the cage and makes the cage deformed. However, the electric current flows through her body, making her hair stand up and her skin black.

"Bang", "Bang", "Bang" The Snake Woman's tail slapped violently against the cage.

"You need to calm down, calm down and I will let you go." Su Jing shouted anxiously, but the Snake Woman obviously no longer believes Su Jing and continues to hit the iron cage. She accidentally stuck her tail between two iron bars. The huge electric current continued to flow through her body, causing her body to convulse and fall into a coma. The electric current on her body also made a loud noise.

Su Jing runs quickly, closes the switch, goes over, opens the cage, touches the cage, there is still a thread of current flowing through so that Su Jing's hands are a little numb.

"This Snake Woman is really not afraid of dying." Su Jing glanced around and pulled down a curtain, wrapped the Snake Woman in it, jumped out of the window with the Snake Woman in his arms, and left quickly. Soon after he had gone, a group of policemen burst in through the front door. (to be continued ^)

Su Jing got into the sewer to avoid being noticed.

After going straight to the suburbs, he came out of the sewer and rushed home with the Snake Woman on his shoulder.

Of course, even in the suburbs and even with the Snake Woman wrapped in curtains, he still dared not be bold and he did not take the usual road but chose a different path. Fortunately, it is dark now, and there are no pedestrians on the road from the suburbs to Qingyun Town.

The Snake Woman is not heavy, she is at most 130 or 140 jin. For current Su Jing, this weight is nothing, so he carries the Snake Woman and runs at the same speed as the world's top sprinters.

When he finally got back to the backyard, the Snake Woman suddenly opened her eyes and a venom shot out of her mouth.

Su Jing was prepared when he was attacked so he wasn't caught off guard. He immediately used his spiritual force and deflected the poison, the poison flew out from the side and landed on the ground. The gra.s.sland withered directly into hay.

The Snake Woman was about to attack Su Jing again but she stops because she feels a cold and stinging feeling touching her throat. Su Jing has already put a dagger on her. throat, the dagger is extremely sharp, and it will be extremely easy to cut off her throat.

"You treat your savior like this?" Su Jing said.

"You don't seem to be with those people, but it doesn't mean that you are a savior. There is no savior, putting a knife on the throat of the person you claim to save, where is that savior." The Snake Woman said coldly.

"Anyway, I really saved your life. If I haven't saved you, you would have ended badly. You'll be better off dead than alive. In addition, if I hadn't been prepared for the attack just now, it would have killed me. I'm a reasonable person, since I saved your life and you almost killed me, so I think I have the right to take your life. I've already told you the truth, but unfortunately, you are not willing to listen, now I will give you two choices, one is submission, the second is death." Su Jing said that but in fact, he was not willing to kill her at first, mainly because the extortionists and Xie Qi and others she killed were not good people, and he had no injustice or hatred with herself. But just now, Su Jing was almost killed by her attack. This woman is hard-hearted, and he estimated that her strength is higher than himself, even if she has spiritual force a.s.sistance, it is not necessarily able to play, so either she will accept, Or he will kill her.

The Snake Woman looked at Su Jing with a pair of seductive and cold eyes, but she didn't talk and seemed to be thinking. Just after waking up, she saw this man holding her so she attacked subconsciously, but now that she thinks about it, she has fallen unconscious. If this person didn't take her, she would have fallen into the hands of those people and that is something that she didn't want. He didn't do anything to her. It seemed that he was not with that group of people. It seemed that he was really saving me. The Snake Woman realized that she seemed to have misunderstood Su Jing and had to think about what Su Jing had said before.

"What you said before, about not forcing me to do things that I don't want to do, or even find a way to help me go back, still count?"

"It's still counts, but after you surrender."

"How do I surrender?"

"Relax and let my spiritual force invade." Su Jing says that it only takes one success to tame animals, so it's easy to do after that.

"After I surrender, is not everything you have the final say? How do I know if you will keep your promise?" The Snake Woman squinted, she did not know what the spiritual force invasion was, but he probably understood that Su Jing's words of submission were not empty words.

"That's the same thing, believe it or not." Su Jing said.

The Snake Woman's face was cloudy and uncertain. Of course, she didn't want to be a slave, but she didn't want to die either. If this man in front of her wanted to enslave her then she would have died without any hesitation, but now it seems that he is just afraid of her and wants the situation to be within his control, if what he says is true then he is even trying to help himself.

"Since you saved my life, I believe you once." The Snake Woman suddenly said, she didn't know how Su Jing was planning to control her, but as far as she knew, no control could stop suicide. If Su Jing had excessive demands after that, she would simply commit suicide.

"Very good." Su Jing nodded and released his spiritual force and invaded Snake Woman's brain. This time the Snake Woman relaxed and did not resist. Su Jing's spiritual force drove straight in and he used the ability to tame animals.

"All right." Shortly afterward, Su Jing let go of the Snake Woman and was very happy that he had succeeded in taming. Once an animal is successfully tamed, it is like h.o.m.ogenizing the spiritual force of the other party. When spiritual force enters the other party's brain, it will not be weakened at all, and he will even know clearly the weakness of the other party's spiritual force.

"Well?" Snake Woman looks slightly odd. She feels like she's still awake and uncontrolled, but for Su Jing, there's inexplicably no hostility at all, and there is even a touch of kindness on his face. If the other party's so-called submission means this, then it is completely within the scope of acceptance. The Snake Woman stopped scratched her neck with her fingernails, thinking of suicide, without any restraint and was relieved that she did not have to die.

"My name is Su Jing, what is your name?" Su Jing asked.

"Meng Mei'er." The Snake Woman replied subconsciously.

"From now on, this is your home. As long as you don't go out and be seen, I won't restrict your freedom. I won't ask you to do anything you don't want to do." Su Jing smiled.

"What on earth is this? s.p.a.ce array?" The Snake Woman Meng Mei'er pointed to eight trigrams stone in the middle of the yard and asked curiously.

"I don't know, it's not in my control, it's happened here, it's not me who brought you here." Su Jing said frankly.

 "Where is it here?" Meng Mei'er continued to ask.

"In a nutsh.e.l.l, this is not the world you were originally in," Su Jing said.

"Sure enough." Meng Mei'er antic.i.p.ates this as this world is a far cry from the Battle Through the Heavens world.

"Come in and sit down." Su Jing invited the Snake Woman Meng Mei'er into the house and gave her something to eat and drink. She had been electrified before so she can eat and gain her strength. Then he called Zhu Jianhua. After all, he said that he was going to the pet auction, but suddenly he didn't go.

"A'Jing, the auction has been postponed and will be held in three days." Calling Jianhua to apologize, but Zhu Jianhua instead said this.

"Er… Why is it suddenly delayed?" Su Jing wondered.

"Not very clear, but I heard that there were dead people nearby. The police were investigating, and people were panic-stricken." Zhu Jianhua said.

"…" Su Jing thought that the warehouse was not far from the pet auction venue. However, Su Jing naturally would not say such things, pretending to know nothing. (to be continued ^)

After entering the room, Meng Mei'er sat lazily on the sofa, with her long-tail occupying the whole sofa. The wound she suffered when she was transmitted did not heal, and then she was electrocuted, her face was full of fatigue.

Her overall temperament is cold and arrogant, but with charm in her hands and feet, cold pride and charm have been perfectly combined in her body, which has a fatal attraction for men. Su Jing sometimes neglects her long tail.

"How did you get transmitted?" Su Jing asked as he looked at Meng Mei'er.

"I was hunting a Magical Beast when a whirlpool appeared in the sky and sucked me in. I opened my eyes and I was here." Meng Mei'er talked, sitting with her head straight, adjusting her breathing.

"So this is the case." Su Jing thought to himself that she hadn't seen those "Galactic Managers" either and that they should be at the top of every big s.p.a.ce-time world. How could they be easily seen?

"I'm just asking but how strong are you?" Su Jing asked.

"Nine Star Dou Pract.i.tioner." Meng Mei'er said, glancing at Su Jing, and said, "I'm just asking too, how strong are you?"

"Er… We don't have a grade, I can lift about two thousand Jin," Su Jing said.

"What happened to your spiritual force attack? According to my understanding of the world these days, there seems to be no such attack method." Meng Mei'er asked with interest.

"It's just an ordinary attack. It's not worth mentioning. Are your wounds healing?" Su Jing quickly changed the subject.

"Do you think I'll be patient enough to answer your perfunctory questions? Although we have reached an agreement, we are not so familiar with each other. Let's not get too close to each other." Meng Mei'er closed her eyes. Although she has no hostility for Su Jing in her heart and even has a trace of inexplicable intimacy, but after all, Su Jing is still unfamiliar to her.

"I can help you heal." Su Jing said, pulling out a piece of Magical Beast meat cooked with Spirit Gra.s.s, although it may not work well for someone of her strength. But at least it should be useful.

"You don't seem so kind, do you? What are your conditions?" Meng Mei'er opened her eyes and saw through Su Jing.

"Cough…" Su Jing coughed twice and said, "Teach me to practice Battle Qi/Dou Qi."

"Unfortunately, there seems to be no Battle Qi/Dou Qi here, even I can't absorb it." Meng Mei'er said.

"No," Su Jing stunned. It was like a basin of cold water being poured on his dreams.

"If you don't believe me, you can try it." Meng Mei'er said, taking a look at the Magical Beast meat in Su Jing's hand.

"I want to try." Su Jing threw the Magical Beast to Meng Mei'er, thinking that maybe there is no Battle Qi/Dou Qi on Earth, but he will still get the way of practice. Maybe he can absorb some other things that are suitable for people on earth.

Meng Mei'er took the Magical Beast meat and ate it like a biscuit. When she feels the energy coming from Magical Beast meat, her eyes get brighter. Realize that this is not simply Magical Beast meat. She taught Su Jing as she ate.

Su Jing sat down and slowly adjusted his breathing according to the method he had just gained and he breathed at a certain frequency… However, after doing this for an hour. Su Jing was disappointed that he did not absorb any other things except for air.

Nevertheless, seeing Meng Mei'er seems to be really at ease here, a big stone is lifted from his heart at last.

Of course, he is still worried about somethings in his heart, although he had successfully used the tame animal's skill on the snake women, it is difficult to say whether there will be any problems or not in the future. He steeled his heart as he wanted to observe her and said: "I have something to do so I am going out, would you be okay staying here alone?"

"Don't worry, I won't go out if nothing happens." Meng Mei'er was healing and her eyes were closed.

"Then I'm leaving. If someone comes, you can hide." Su Jing told the pets to not attack Meng Mei'er and then left the yard, he hid outside the fence not far away and released his spiritual force to detect and observe in the dark.

Meng Mei'er continued to heal, and it took nearly an hour before she opened her eyes.

She began to look curiously left and right. Everything was new to her.

When she accidentally touching the fan switch, the fan suddenly shook and blows, Meng Mei'er was startled and she attacked the foreign object with her tail. When she accidentally switched on the TV play remote control, the TV set suddenly turned on. This time, she controlled herself and did not rush to attack. She watched cautiously. It was human and nature programs on TV. A Cobra was wandering in the woods hunting. Meng Mei'er looked at it with great interest.

However, after playing the cobra link, there appeared a group of lions, Meng Mei'er's tail swept, and the television exploded.

Su Jing's face was black and he could not bear it any longer. He rushed back. It seemed that Meng Mei'er was really willing to stay here. It was a good thing, but some things have to be taught to her first, otherwise, all the appliances would be in a dangerous position.

"This is a fan. Plug in the power, turn on the switch, and it will blow."

"This is TV play, the picture inside is just like…the illusion, it is not true, it will not hurt you."

"This is a refrigerator. You can't move these refrigerators. Only this part of the refrigerator can move. There are drinks in it."

"This is a can. Don't pinch it… Knock yourself out and clean up."

Su Jing felt his saliva was almost dry before he could explain some of the basic uses of electrical appliances and furniture.

Three days later, Su Jing and Meng Mei'er were in harmony except for some minor conditions. Meng Mei'er spent most of her time meditating and healing and neither of them said much.

However, to Su Jing's headache, Meng Mei'er loves snakes so much that she calls some snakes almost every day, which makes Su Jing's backyard have more than a dozen snakes in a few days. It's like a snake nest. But Su Jing really doesn't like snakes. He can't understand the preference of letting snakes crawl around him or even on his body.

Also, the Magical Python, touched by Meng Mei'er, laid eggs the next day. Six eggs were touched by her, hatched the next day, and became six snakes. The process that should have taken two or three months was done in two days, but it was not known whether it was Magical Python or Meng Mei'er's ability. Or both.

"So many snakes, people won't be able to live here, sell, sell them all." Su Jing actually advised Meng Mei'er not to raise so many snakes. Unfortunately, she didn't listen. Su Jing was not good at using spiritual force to force her because of this trivial matter.

"However, these little snakes are surprisingly beautiful." Su Jing found that six snakes preferred Pinstripe ball python, but they also had Magical Python characteristics. Even Su Jing, who disliked snakes, had to admit that they looked beautiful.

"I'll just take one to the pet auction to see if it's good to sell. If it's good to sell, I'll sell them all." Su Jing thought to himself as he packed a snake in a box and took two other pets that he had prepared earlier and went to the pet auction.  He had been reluctant to sell the Cats and Dogs as he had become somewhat emotionally attached to them but Su Jing was anxious to sell the snakes as soon as possible, except for the useful Magic Python. (to be continued ^)

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