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The Divine Doctor And Stay-at-home Dad summary:

The immortal emperor was reborn into a medical sage, and directly became a daddy. His wife was as beautiful as a fairy while her daughter was crying for other mothers. The child didn’t know any better… Hahaha~!

The Divine Doctor And Stay-at-home Dad Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 473 Jun-16-2020
Chapter 472 Jun-16-2020
Chapter 471 Jun-16-2020
Chapter 470 Jun-16-2020
Chapter 469 Jun-14-2020
Chapter 468 Jun-14-2020
Chapter 467 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 466 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 465 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 464 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 463 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 462 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 460 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 459 Jun-13-2020
Chapter 458 Jun-08-2020
Chapter 457 Jun-08-2020
Chapter 456 Jun-08-2020
Chapter 455 Jun-08-2020
Chapter 454 Jun-08-2020
Chapter 453 Jun-02-2020
Chapter 452 Jun-02-2020
Chapter 451 Jun-02-2020
Chapter 435 May-15-2020
Chapter 425 May-06-2020
Chapter 424 May-06-2020
Chapter 423 May-03-2020
Chapter 422 May-02-2020
Chapter 421 May-02-2020
Chapter 411 Apr-25-2020
Chapter 410 Apr-25-2020
Chapter 409 Apr-25-2020
Chapter 408 Apr-20-2020
Chapter 407 Apr-19-2020
Chapter 406 Apr-18-2020
Chapter 405 Apr-18-2020
Chapter 404 Apr-16-2020
Chapter 403 Apr-15-2020
Chapter 402 Apr-15-2020
Chapter 401 Apr-15-2020
Chapter 388 Apr-02-2020
Chapter 375 Mar-18-2020
Chapter 306 - Rumor Jan-25-2020
Chapter 214 Ant Corps Dec-10-2019
Chapter 211 Mystery Oct-06-2019
Chapter 205 Oct-03-2019
Chapter 199 Cousin Sep-24-2019
Chapter 191 Sep-17-2019
Chapter 179 Sep-05-2019
Chapter 175 The Amule Sep-01-2019
Chapter 170 Hysteria Aug-26-2019
Chapter 155 Parasites Aug-12-2019
Chapter 140 Maldini Jul-28-2019
Chapter 137 Niu God Jul-24-2019
Chapter 111 A Lesson Jun-28-2019
Chapter 91 I Am Yours Jun-10-2019
Chapter 79 Panda Eyes Jun-10-2019
Chapter 75 A Windfall Jun-10-2019
Chapter 70 King Green Jun-10-2019
Chapter 69 Two Dogs Jun-10-2019
Chapter 66 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 52 An Urgency Jun-10-2019
Chapter 50 Team Jun-10-2019
Chapter 32 You Can't Jun-10-2019
Chapter 27 A Cuckold Jun-10-2019
Chapter 25 A Show? Jun-10-2019
Chapter 15 Neighbors Jun-10-2019
Chapter 4 Two Idiots Jun-10-2019
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