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Published at 29th of August 2019 10:17:19 PM Chapter 21

There were many things Han Changsheng didn’t know . In recent years, the Yuehua Sect had fallen a lot because they were good at group battle tactics, but it was difficult for disciples to stick out as individuals . Most of the promising children weren’t willing to join Yuehua Sect . They turned to other Sects instead . The Sect’s younger generation could hardly pick up a few good materials for practice . Only An Yuan’s martial arts talent and foundation were higher than the other disciples . Not only in the Yuehua Sect, but even placed among all the young disciples of the entire world, he was outstanding . Yue Peng took an interest in him for this and wanted to marry him to his daughter and make An Yuan his son-in-law .

If An Yuan was a potential anomalous figure in this generation, Elder Lan Fang was the one to achieve it in the previous generation . Elder Lan Fang was eighty-eight years old this year and had shown high talent for martial arts since he was a child . The Yuehua Sect’s swordsmans.h.i.+p was simplistic, but his had reached perfection . Fifty years ago, the thirty-eight-year-old Elder Lan Fang fought a series of matches in the martial arts conference and eventually won the top spot . This was the first time since its establishment that someone from Yuehua Sect triumphed over a singles match in a martial compet.i.tion . He became famous throughout the world . Some questioned whether he had stolen his martial arts, but it turned out he had cultivated the swordsmans.h.i.+p of Yuehua Sect to the point of being superb . Not only could he fight alone but also in formation . Because of such anomalous figures, in the past few years, many people regarded the swordsmans.h.i.+p of Yuehua Sect as the supreme sword of the world . Many young children threw themselves at Yuehua Sect . But none had become a talent . Only Lan Fang came out of Yuehua Sect . Although he was famous, he retired twenty years ago . He practiced quietly in the back hill and occasionally gave directions to the younger generation . Ten years ago, he went into seclusion and just came out . Han Changsheng himself was not aware of the famous characters, so he didn’t know of Lan Fang’s heroism .

“Elder Lan Fang will only accept one direct disciple?” Elder Yuan said in a hurry . Although Elder Lan Fang used to instruct disciples on martial arts practice, he never accepted a direct disciple . If anyone inherited Lan Fang’s legacy, they might be able to revitalize Yuehua Sect .

Yue Peng nodded and couldn’t help but sigh again, “Elder Lan Fang will only accept one disciple . He said after everyone returns from Yueyang Town, he will choose a disciple . ”

Elder Tan asked, “Did he mention how he would choose?”

The atmosphere in the hall was suddenly tense . Even the worst and least talented disciple of martial arts also wondered whether he had the opportunity to be looked upon by Elder Lan Fang . As long as he could become a direct disciple of Elder Lan Fang, a change to their fate was right around the corner . Not only the young disciples, but even several elders can’t help but wonder . Elder Lan Fang was an uncle figure for Yue Peng . His character had always been relatively unsociable . He had never accepted an apprentice . Even Yue Peng and several elders had fantasized they could inherit his legacy . Some people even joined Yuehua Sect for Lan Fang . However, their hair had turned white, and they never saw Elder Lan Fang .

Yue Peng said, “Elder Lan Fang only said everyone has their own opportunity but didn’t say much else . ”


The crowd exploded like a boiled pot again . What does it mean everyone had their own opportunity? They weren’t required to have martial arts talent or skill? Everyone had a chance? But when would the opportunity come?

Yue Peng looked at An Yuan with regret . In fact, he was selfish . When Elder Lan Fang revealed his intention to accept a disciple, he strongly recommended An Yuan . With An Yuan’s talent, maybe he could become the second Lan Fang, and as his father-in-law, he could also s.h.i.+ne in the future . Elder Lan Fang didn’t make a clear response . He had been in seclusion for so many years and hadn’t seen An Yuan . How could he make a hasty decision just by listening to Yue Peng? Yue Peng originally thought An Yuan might make an extraordinary achievement . An Yuan was always the most reliable at crucial moments, like being favored by heaven . In this way, he recommended An Yuan to Elder Lan Fang, and the Elder would take notice of An Yuan . Even if An Yuan didn’t make any exceptional achievements, as long as he steadily and properly helped several elders complete their tasks . But this time, An Yuan miscalculated, and Li Jiulong was the one in the spotlight . It would attract Elder Lan Fang’s attention at this critical moment .

Not that Yue Peng had any opinions on Li Jiulong as he was his own apprentice . He naturally knew them better, Li Jiulong, this great disciple, his temperament was actually not good, and his talent was also mediocre . He wasn’t someone who listened to the master’s words . Yue Peng really didn’t know what kind of unexpected success he ran into to handle Yin and Yang . It was a waste to throw him to Elder Lan Fang . It would be better for Yue Peng to go himself!

“Quiet . ” Yue Peng said, “I will ask Elder Lan Fang for instruction again . I will tell you the news first, and I hope you practice hard . ”

The crowd of disciples looked at him, and he looked at them . He dare not say more .

After saying this, Yue Peng thought he still had to praise Li Jiulong . He got rid of both Yin and Yang, it was a great achievement, but he hadn’t been interested in the Elder Lan Fang’s apprentices.h.i.+p recently . Even the Yin and Yang twins weren’t taken seriously .

He said, “Jiulong, the elders and your younger disciple-brothers are full of praise for your performance these days . You killed the Yin and Yang, this is a great achievement . From tomorrow, I will teach you the new Yuehua Nine Style . ”

Han Changsheng looked at him, showing no sign . He doesn’t know what kind of reward this represented . But to be honest, this 9th style was nothing to him, even if he offered a 999th style, it would be nothing in his eyes .

Yue Peng was obviously dissatisfied and coughed softly . He repeated, “Jiulong?”

An Yuan stood behind Han Changsheng and pushed gently . He whispered, “Congratulations to Da s.h.i.+xiong . ”

Han Changsheng was shocked for a while then pretended to be grateful . He said, “Thank you, Master . What good has this disciple done to deserve to be treated so well?” How dare you stinky old man, what have you done to deserve to teach Laozi martial arts .

If left unchanged, the disciples might be very envious of Han Changsheng . Yuehua Sect’s sword style had a total of eight nine seventy-two sets of moves . And now, they pa.s.sed down the new ninth style . The first nine styles must be skillfully trained before they could learn the new ninth style . Ordinary disciples often took three to five years to learn new moves . This time, Yue Peng promised to teach Han Changsheng a new move, which was a great reward .

However, at this moment, there were few envious and jealous . The Da s.h.i.+xiong who killed the Yin and Yang Twins was in the spotlight, and they paid little attention to it . Even if you rely on the Yin and Yang, you could shake the world for a while, but that was just a false reputation . In the world of martial arts, there were big waves, and those who had no real talent would soon be silenced . However, being a direct disciple of Elder Lan Fang meant strength . With strength, one could naturally gain fame . When fame met strength, few would put false reputation in their eye .

“Let’s go back and rest . You will resume your daily training tomorrow . ” Yue Peng waved his hand and let the disciples disperse .

Although Han Changsheng was tired, he didn’t immediately return to his room to rest but invited An Yuan to go for a walk at Peach Forest . He finally made An Yuan feel favorable toward him, and naturally he wanted to strike while the iron was hot . The two chatted for a while about martial arts and swordsmans.h.i.+p . Tianning taught all kinds of martial arts, and Han Changsheng naturally had insights about swordsmans.h.i.+p . An Yuan chatted with him for a while, and it naturally doubled his favor . That evening, Han Changsheng also took An Yuan to dinner together and they finally parted .

Han Changsheng returned to his room, took a hot bath, rested for a while, changed into his night coat, and went out again .

He didn’t go to other places and still went to look for An Yuan . This time to secretly watch . He already knew An Yuan had a sleep talking problem, and at night he liked to say anything he didn’t dare say during the day . This had become an excellent way for Han Changsheng to understand An Yuan’s heart . He spent so much time trying to please An Yuan, and he wanted to know what An Yuan actually had to say about him .

Han Changsheng exited the room . The lights in the other disciple rooms were already dark . It was already time for the disciples to rest . There was a prohibition in the sect . After dark, the disciples must sleep, and no disciple could move around freely . However, according to his understanding from a few days ago, this time was also when An Yuan’s problem onset, so he couldn’t sleep early .

The disciple rooms were divided into east and west wings with a practice field in the middle . Han Changsheng and An Yuan, as Da s.h.i.+xiong and Er s.h.i.+xiong, set an example for the rest of the disciples . Therefore, they stayed in the first room of the East and West Chambers . If Han Changsheng wanted to find An Yuan, he had to go through the practice field .

The Yuehua Sect at night was silent . There was hardly a sound except for the cicadas and wind . Han Changsheng carefully pa.s.sed through and came upon the training field .

“Whoos.h.!.+” Suddenly, Han Changsheng stopped .

He heard a blade cutting through the air .

Han Changsheng was shocked, and at first, thought someone was fighting . His first reaction was that Lu Baibi and Lu Qingqian came to kill Yuehua Sect . He held his breath and carefully listened . The sound came from north of the practice field . He waited for a while, and finally confirmed it wasn’t a fight, but someone practicing the sword .

In the middle of the night, who was so hardworking to not sleep and secretly practice?

Han Changsheng crept on his tiptoes and cautiously felt around with his hand for where the sound came from .

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