Ascending, Do Not Disturb summary:

You think too much, cultivation is not like this… When Kong Hou steps on the path to cultivation, she learns that all xianxia stories are full of lies. A relaxed cultivation story. Kong Hou: a traditional musical instrument like a harp. The female protagonist’s name. Translator review: Yes, another novel of Yue Xia Dia Ying. Do I read other novels? Yes. Do I really want to translate those? Mostly not. To describe this novel, I would say this is the author stepping out of her usual range. The romance progresses slowly (don’t say I did not warn you), the world-building is much better than usual, more cultivation fantasy fare than historical romance, and stuffed so full of sweetness you get cavities. Also, for a bit of turn of events, there’s not a dark, brooding, and mastermind male counterpart to a scheming, intelligent and time-travelling female protagonist. Time-travelling to a magical cultivation world might just be a bit too much, no? But as always, a happy ending.

Ascending, Do Not Disturb Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 116 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 115 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 114 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 113 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 112 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 111 Feb-21-2020
Chapter 110 Jan-31-2020
Chapter 109 Jan-31-2020
Chapter 108 Jan-31-2020
Chapter 107 Jan-23-2020
Chapter 106 Jan-17-2020
Chapter 105 Jan-16-2020
Chapter 104 Jan-10-2020
Chapter 103 Jan-09-2020
Chapter 102 Jan-09-2020
Chapter 101 Jan-01-2020
Chapter 100 Dec-27-2019
Chapter 99 Dec-26-2019
Chapter 98 Dec-26-2019
Chapter 97 Dec-19-2019
Chapter 96 Dec-13-2019
Chapter 95 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 94 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 93 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 92 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 91 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 90 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 89 Dec-12-2019
Chapter 88 Nov-15-2019
Chapter 87 Nov-14-2019
Chapter 86 Nov-14-2019
Chapter 85 Nov-14-2019
Chapter 84 Nov-14-2019
Chapter 83 Nov-14-2019
Chapter 82 Oct-25-2019
Chapter 81 Oct-25-2019
Chapter 80 Oct-25-2019
Chapter 79 Oct-17-2019
Chapter 78 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 77 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 76 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 75 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 74 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 73 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 72 Oct-11-2019
Chapter 71 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 70 Sep-13-2019
Chapter 69 Sep-12-2019
Chapter 68 Sep-06-2019
Chapter 67 Sep-06-2019
Chapter 66 Sep-06-2019
Chapter 65 Sep-06-2019
Chapter 64 Aug-23-2019
Chapter 63 Aug-23-2019
Chapter 62 Aug-23-2019
Chapter 61 Aug-23-2019
Chapter 60 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 59 Aug-09-2019
Chapter 58 Aug-02-2019
Chapter 57 Aug-01-2019
Chapter 56 Aug-01-2019
Chapter 55 Jul-25-2019
Chapter 54 Jul-25-2019
Chapter 53 Jul-18-2019
Chapter 52 Jul-12-2019
Chapter 51 Jul-12-2019
Chapter 50 Jul-05-2019
Chapter 49 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 48 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 47 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 46 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 45 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 44 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 43 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 42 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 14 Jul-04-2019
Chapter 41 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 40 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 39 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 38 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 37 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 36 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 35 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 34 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 33 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 32 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 31 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 30 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 29 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 28 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 27 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 26 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 25 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 24 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 23 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 22 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 21 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 20 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 19 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 18 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 17 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 16 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 15 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 13 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 12 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 11 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 10 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 9 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 8 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 7 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 6 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 5 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 4 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 3 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 2 Jun-10-2019
Chapter 1 Jun-10-2019
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