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Sorry for the MIA. To be honest, I was kind of discouraged with how difficult to translate the novel is. I felt pretty pressured and I got busy as well.

I am back to translating now, but it will be much slower. If any other translating teams want to take over, do let me know as I feel pretty bad hogging such a good book when I know I will be snail slow.

Anyway, back to the story. Not much happening this time, but the author is building the story slowly helping Qing Chen getting used to her new world and body. So, here we go.

v1c3 Part 3 – Fifty Strings of Sideless Brocade Zither

Qing Chen turned around in surprise only to see the man to be awake, sitting on the bed while listening to her zither.

"Did I wake you up?" She calmed herself down before getting up.

"What is the song? " He did not reply, but asked her instead.

Qing Chen slightly smiled and said:"I'm just playing around."

He didn't ask further but simply said: "There are feelings of otherworldly smoke and rain."

Qing Chen raised her head to look at him, listening from his tone, he must be someone who knows music.

He continued: "This song should sound pretty good if accompanied by a flute, it's worth a try. "

"You can play the flute?"


Suddenly, the two seems to not have anything to say, one lying down while the other standing quietly.

Qing Chen feels that this person is especially quiet. Unlike s.h.i.+ Yi, who can casually argue and joke around. However, it seems like s.h.i.+ Yi is also very serious whenever talking to him. Not becoming quiet, but wherever he is around will naturally become quiet. He seems to have a kind of odd qualities, a little quiet, n.o.bly reserved, the feeling that makes people afraid of acting too casually in front of him.

While busy with her thoughts, she accidentally looked up, directly into his gaze, which carried some thoughtfulness, curiousity, but when she looked back, she could only see endless depth, just like an old well. Only he could swallow others, but not allowing others to probe him.

She could not see through him, also could not continue looking, Qing Chen returned next to the zither, casually said: "If you do not thing it's noisy, why not listen to my practise?"

"How can I think that it's noisy when a beauty is playing the zither." He said, looking to be in pretty good spirit.

Qing Chen sat in front of the zither, the gentle memories flows through the tip of her fingers, pieces of silky waves neither coming nor leaving, slowly settles into clear and quiet spring, blending into the sunlight between the sound of the zither. She casually picked the thin string, lifted her head to look out of the window, slowly adjusting her rhymes, a melodious sound of the zither was produced by her hands.

The tune slowed down, deeply spreading.

“Counting the thousands of mountains in Jianghu, Countless of promises in my heart,

Travelling from Zhong Yuan to Nan Jian,

Watching my own wings spread.

The magical path is rugged and rough,

Who will know how will the promises weigh tomorrow,

Everyone has their own destiny,

Only wis.h.i.+ng to stand tall on Earth….”

“Gentle voice sings softly,

Riding a horse on a shallow stream,

The sky is high and the ground is vast,

Slowly the song spread. ”

Suddenly, under the string that was originally flat and gentle, a golden specked sword-like shadow slowly appeared with an imposing aura:

"Like a thunder,

It's might shaking the mountains and rivers,

The sword like white rainbow,

Unsheathed to chase the culprit ……"

It was domineering, while becoming gentle. Along with her slow and gentle voice, which conveys deep and boundless emotions:

"If deep feelings exist,

why would we need to promise to meet again,

Heroes have always been lonely,

There is no more meeting in the future ……"

The song ended, the leftover sound curling, trapping the sunlight at the window, floating and sinking, slowly dispersing. She lowered her eyes while sitting in front of the zither, thousand of emotions rus.h.i.+ng in her heart, like the high tide coming. All kinds of emotions, entering her hearts into her soul through the seven cold strings, as though there are stories that was sealed from thousands of years ago, awakened by the sound of this zither, but returned to sleep, leaving a light trace, with endless gentleness.

While she was in a trance, there is suddenly sound of someone clapping his hands from outside the house saying: "You play well!" The curtain moved and s.h.i.+ Yi entered holding the tail of a live fish,"Good speech, good song, really suit my taste"

Qing Chen raised her head when she heard the voice, she saw him smile while walking in, and asked:"Did you play the zither?"

"Yes."Qing Chen agreed while standing up.

"Everyone has their own destiny, Only wis.h.i.+ng to stand tall on Earth!"s.h.i.+ Yi nodded and said,"Not bad, doesn't sound like it's coming from a female."

"Everyone has their own destiny." Qing Chen got out of her trance, could not help but smiled, "People say that life is destined, but if only destiny rules everything, what is the meaning of living?"

She looks out of sorts when saying those, the gaze of the man on the bed pa.s.s through her friend undetected,while s.h.i.+ Yi stopped and looked at her, said:"Hey, can you prepare fish?"

His smile was so clear, as though it could purify all depression. Qing Chen raised her head, stopped, then lifted her lips said:"I know how to eat fish."

s.h.i.+ Yi laughed loudly saying:"Then we'll have to trouble you, I only know how to eat fish, but not sure if the fish I prepare would be edible. "

"I feel a little dizzy."Qing Chen thought and said: "Or……We can grill it? I've tried this before, there should be some spices ready at the backyard."

"Ha, good idea!"s.h.i.+ Yi agreed immediately,"Fourth brother, we'll have fish to eat soon. Let's go, come and help!"

Qing Chen looked back, then followed s.h.i.+ Yi with a smile.

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