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Part 1 of Chapter 5. There will be three parts to this chapter.

s.h.i.+ Yi has left. How are they spending their time?

Sea of Fire and Storm Raising from the Ground

Part 1

After s.h.i.+ Yi left, the bamboo house turned extremely quiet.

Lin is naturally quiet, in addition to his injury which had yet to recover, if Qing Chen did not start a conversation, he would rest alone most of the time. Trying to guess his thoughts, which are deeper than the sea, proved to be more difficult than reaching the sky.

Staying in the same room as him felt the same as staying in a room alone, but Qing Chen did not really mind. She would spent most of her time in the medicine room looking through those zither scores and medical texts.

The books in the library were written in a uniform tiny characters. There were even experiences of the writers. The t.i.tle page were mostly written neatly in small characters: ‘On a certain year and month, Qing Chen carefully recorded master's teachings'. Qing Chen deducted based on these that the woman she had met had a very knowledgeable master, but she did not have a very clear impression of this master. She could just see a glimpse of him sometimes. Mostly accompanied by a fleeting sense of attachment and yearning. There were also no further information on him, and nothing related to the formation of Jiu Zhuan Ling Long Zhen. There were variety of books next to her, zither, chess, and astrology, war tactics, medical and swords records, and many other topics. There were some topics that she had to stop and ponder, slowly recalling from her memory, then still herself to put her memories in order. This seems like endless and tireless game of treasure hunt, she felt so much fun that she almost forgot to sleep and eat.

Two days had pa.s.sed, but s.h.i.+ Yi had not returned, things were quiet. Because Qing Chen was addicted to the medical texts and wanted to find more related information regarding the formation of Jiu Zhuan Ling Long Zhen, she liked to spend her free time holding a book reading in fascination. She was still quietly holding a book researching under the light tonight. Lin's condition had stabilised after being given proper medication and care. Seeing her sitting the whole night unmoving, said: "What are you reading?"

Qing Chen raised her head from the book: "These are medical books, the one you're holding is about using poison. "

Lin looked at the book he opened, skimmed through: "There are also many on curing poison. "

Qing Chen replied: "That's right, that are many things in the world that compliments and counteract each other, when there is a poison, there must also be cure, but there are also poison that is almost incureable due to the extreme corrosive effect on the body. For example, this world's ninth rank odd poison 'Red Calamity'. In order to cure the poison, we must first plant another poison to counteract the poison, then, they will neutralise each other. This seems like an ancient witchcraft that was pa.s.sed down, but there is no further record on this poison."

Lin's sight followed her finger to see the words on the book: Red Calamity, originated from the western region, a chain poison. Stops consciousness, severs the arteries, blood flows in opposite direction, a bracelet like red line starting from the wrist (where people's pulse are taken), rounding to 9 fingers, no cure.

Qing Chen continued: "And this one 'Blue Smoke'……"

Lin folded his palm, closing the book, said: "Your medical skill is really good, don't you feel tired after reading these books for two days?"

Qing Chen looked up and smiled, said: "A long time ago, someone told me, even if we cannot save the world, being a medic to save people is also a way, in addition, there is no end to learning, reading more books should not cause anything bad. "

Lin nodded then picked up the paper where she wrote her notes to have a look. Qing Chen was surprised, then hastily reached out to grab it back: "My hand-writings are too bad, don't look!"

Lin had already flipped through 2 pages before she took it back, but he did not insist, simply said: "Not bad, just lacking a little strength." Then sat down and picked up a brush to write on the empty s.p.a.ce:

Counting the thousands of mountains in Jianghu,

Countless of promises in my heart,

Travelling from Zhong Yuan to Nan Jian,

Watching my own wings spread.

The magical path is rugged and rough,

Who will know how will the promises weigh tomorrow,

Everyone has their own destiny,

Only wis.h.i.+ng to stand tall on Earth.

Like a thunder,

It's might shaking the mountains and rivers,

The sword like white rainbow,

Unsheathed to chase the culprit……

Written in one breath, the writings like the writer, bringing a wave of pride, elegant and vigorous lines, steadiness in sharpness, calmness seeping through his arrogance, creating a feeling of being swept way.

Qing Chen praised silently, admiring his ability to remember the phrases he had heard only once without missing a word, and these writings are indeed beautiful. She tried to mimic to the detail, her writings are still untrained, but the style has become pretty similar.

After writing a few pages, Lin quietly look at her clear eyes under the light, the beautiful face was reflected through the candlelight, her gentle and elegant beauty, adding a certain charm in this night.

"I haven't seen you play the zither these days." He said after some time.

Qing Chen stopped her practice after hearing him, turned around asked: "Any song you would like to listen to?"

"I will listen to what you like." He said.

Qing Chen laughed lightly, then gently sat in front of the zither, choosing some poetry songs, she casually played. She had paid more attention to her movements and speech to adapt to the current environment. Other than improving her medical skill, she had also made a lot of effort in caligraphy, zither, and chess. She was naturally smart, reinforced with the strange memories, these things felt much more familiar in just these few days. Playing the zither at this moment, seems like she naturally knew how to play them, there was no strangeness to it.

The string's sound was curling, the songs were light, blending into the night, the moon was large, the s.p.a.ce between the sky and the ground seems to broaden.

Lin leaned on his arm next to the window, seriously watching an unknown direction in the night. Light breeze gently blew on his clothings. Qing Chen suddenly felt his silhouette was so lonely, as though embracing an unspeakable coldness. Even his handsome figure could not hide the sudden feeling of loneliness from him.

She turned her attention to his defined side face. The sound under the strings were still slow, but Lin's calm eyes suddenly turned guarded, then stopped the zither's strings with a press of his hand, cutting off the gentle sound of the zither.

Qing Chen raised her head in surprise, seeing his serious gaze, she understood that something must have happened. Otherwise, he would never do such sudden action based on his calm temper. Without waiting for her response, the wind has brought with them the vague sound of galloping horses.

"Has s.h.i.+ Yi returned?" She stood up slowly, but Lin's frowning face did not seem to mean that, thinking back to the conversation between him and s.h.i.+ Yi, she started to feel unsettled. Lin's eyes seemed to sharpen, then he turned to her saying: "Gather all your important belongings. "

Qing Chen gathered all the books scattered on the table, including the few caligraphy practice pieces, then quickly picked up a bottle of medication and pa.s.sed it to him: "This is for your injury. "

Lin looked at her, then kept it under his clothes, grabbed her hand and said with a heavy voice: "Come with me. "

The two left the bamboo house, to see light of fire torches on the cliff next to them, they did not know when so many torch had been lit. Lin ‘hmph' in disdain, his calm face had turned ice cold, like a storm preparing to rush, hiding an almost unseen killing intent.

For the enemy to make such a huge action was really out of Qing Chen's expectations, a roar was heard from her side: "Carefull!" Followed by his low roar, she was suddenly pulled strongly under his protection.

Followed by the noise brought by the enemy were tens of fire arrows, as though a G.o.ddess scattering flowers on the yard and on the roof, causing the dried bamboo to lit. The front and back yard turned into a large bonfire.

There were still quite a distance from the high cliff. Protecting Qing Chen with his body, Lin guided her to the back of the house. They could start to hear the sound of galloping horses surrounding them, hinting the numerous number of the visitors. If they are trapped here, there is only death, but if they leave, they will only fall into the enemy's hand.

The huge difference of strength between them did not allow them to meet them head on, so he lowered his voice to ask Qing Chen: "Are there other exit route? "

Qing Chen tried hard to think, but she was too anxious causing her memory to become a piece of blur.

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