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Published at 11th of August 2019 10:05:16 AM Chapter 28

translator: xiin

editors: bear & celtic

In this wave of group fights, Heaven’s Inquiry’s successfully launched an unexpected attack on Seven Kills, but Seven Kills’ counter-attack had also been quite strong .  

Towards the end of the fight, the two sides still had a few members left: Seven Kills had their great s.h.i.+eld warrior, goblin summoner and; Heaven’s Inquiry had their dragon druid and nightmare knight .

As both sides had already used their ultimate moves, the next step was for them to use basic attacks and exchange their health for their opponents’ .

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The great s.h.i.+eld warrior was right at the front and ended up ground to death by the nightmare knight; after that, the nightmare knight was killed off by the goblin summoner, a support player, and died with everlasting regret .

The dragon druid chased after the goblin summoner, but Tyron launched a sudden attack on him . He was caught off guard and disappeared .

Male commentator: “Too 666666! It’s impossible to see how Lord Four did it . The dragon druid is such a fleshy tank, but he still managed to drop half his health in an instant . How terrifying is that?”

Female commentator: “Now that Heaven’s Inquiry has been wiped out, we can see that this wave of group fights resulted in Seven Kills’ victory . What will the remaining Seven Kills’ members, Lord Four and their support, choose to do? Will they push forward and grind down the base’s health, or will they wait for the next group fight?”

Male commentator: “Lord Four is still moving forward! He’ll soon step into Heaven’s Inquiry’s base! My G.o.d, could it be that he still wants to camp their resurrection point and ‘abuse the spring’ even when facing opponents of this level?”


Tyron didn’t go in by himself this time . He had brought along the remaining goblin summoner .

Summoner: “Lord, Lord Four, do us two squishy players really have to push on?” As a support player, I’ve never been so fierce before, I’m scared QAQ!

Tyron: “With me here, no one will be able to touch you . ”

Summoner: “……” As, as a straight man, how come I’m experiencing the feeling of having a powerful boyfriend? 

Tyron didn’t pay any attention to what the summoner might be thinking . He put him in a corner and said, “Wind goblin . ”

The goblin summoner hurriedly summoned the wind goblin, watching as the little green goblin flew up to Tyron’s shoulder and provided him with a speed increase .

Male commentator: “Oh, this seems to be the first time that Lord Four has ever used the speed goblin . ”

Female commentator: “Lord Four’s original speed was already fast enough, and he already has his own speed burst skills . Now that he’s bringing a goblin along––is Lord Four going to fly up to heaven?!” 

Male commentator: “Don’t forget, Lord Four is the War G.o.d of aerial combat . If he really goes up into the sky, this game will become an Aerial Combat match and not Tower Defense…”

Female commentator: “… I’m looking forward to it even more!”

Ten seconds later, the dead players on both sides had been resurrected . They gathered together in front of their bases and prepared to continue pressing forward .  

Heaven’s Inquiry’s players came out one after another . The dragon druid was at the front, followed by the nightmare knight, the bounty hunter, priest, blood mage, and finally the ash lord .

Tyron ambushed from an unexpected position and nearly scared the audience to death .

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Dea cb bcf atbeuta atja jc jrrjrrlc kbeiv yf rb ybiv . Ca ifjra, Lfjnfc’r Pcdelgs vlvc’a atlcx bo la .

As the six of them were about to leave his sight, Tyron finally made his move––

He didn’t choose to attack the healer but instead pounced on Heaven’s Inquiry’s ash lord who was at the very end!

The ash lord had no time to respond and was almost stabbed to death with a series of combo hits . Fortunately, their priest reacted very quickly and sent over a heal with the flip of her hand, allowing the ash lord to survive with a sliver of health .  

The dragon druid didn’t hesitate to cast a deceleration spell which Tyron avoided by a dangerously small margin .

The six people from Heaven’s Inquiry all began to concentrate their attacks . Everyone thought that Tyron would be forced to retreat, but he pushed his way forward instead!

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He set foot on the ash lord’s bone wall and swept away the remaining sliver of health with a downward sweep of his sword . Taking advantage of the wall, he slipped into stealth mode and quickly disengaged from the battle .

Immediately afterward, the nightmare knight cast a targeted skill .  

Polymorph .

The male narrator was struck dumb with awe, “Oh, my G.o.d!! It’s a targeted ultimate move that has a one hundred percent chance of landing! Heaven’s Inquiry, could you possibly be any more targeted against Lord Four?!”

Targeted skills were completely unavoidable and went into effect immediately . They could not be dodged, blocked, reflected, and so on .  

While he was getting away, Tyron’s body suddenly sank down, and his body quickly transformed into that of a cheetah .

He didn’t turn his head to look back at all . The wind goblin on his shoulder flashed at this moment, giving him an instantaneous speed boost, and he disappeared directly into the woods .

The female commentator let out a sigh of relief, “Fortunately, the polymorph transformation is random, and he was changed into a cheetah . If he had ended up polymorphed into a sheep or something, Lord Four would really have been in danger!”

“Three ultimate moves, three whole ultimate moves were prepared for the sake of dealing with Lord Four . ” The male commentator was speaking frantically, “I really can’t imagine what kind of grievances must exist between Heaven’s Inquiry’s coach and Lord Four?!” 

This was really quite a tricky situation .

Polymorph was a very annoying spell because it couldn’t be avoided, and players couldn’t dispel it themselves . They would only turn back into human form after taking damage, otherwise, they would lose their ability to attack for thirty seconds!”

According to the coach, “Thirty seconds? Let alone team battles, you could even have children during that time!” 

After getting transformed into a cheetah, Tyron shuttled through the woods, carefully avoiding the vision that the little troops’ provided to his enemies, and finally arrived in front of his own goblin summoner .

The summoner was stunned for a moment before recovering . He hurriedly cast and the polymorph effect was lifted .

After Tyron regained his human form, he immediately turned around and headed back to the front lines .

The summoner called out anxiously, “Lord Four! Do you need me to follow you and help out?” Although following him was dangerous, he might still be able to exchange his life for Lord Four’s at a critical moment .  

“You stay here,” Tyron spoke without looking back . “Protect yourself well . ”

Male commentator: “Heavens, Lord Four is so fierce! He’s going back to lay in ambush on the path that Heaven’s Inquiry must take, but Heaven’s Inquiry has no clue!”

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Female commentator: “Heaven’s Inquiry still thinks that Lord Four is under the polymorph spell and in hiding . They never expected that Lord Four would have dispelled a thirty-second status effect so quickly and returned back to the battlefield…” 

Male commentator: “Let’s take a look at the results from this round of sneak attacks––”

In fact, did they really need to wait for the results?

The ash lord that Heaven’s Inquiry used to protect their back line had just died and been sent back, leaving them no choice but to put their fragile priest in the middle of their formation .

Who was Tyron? He was someone who could extract the ash lord from amidst a pile of bones and kill him . He could ambush the card master and kill him while all five enemies were on guard . So far, as long as it was someone he set out to kill, up until now, there has been no such thing as him being unable to deal with his target .  

Very soon, the male commentator shouted, “The priest is done for!”

The priest really died…

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The female commentator excitedly picked up the commentary, “Removing the general will disable the army; this saying is meant for Lord Four! Heaven’s Inquiry’s healer is from their previous champions.h.i.+p team, but when they run into Lord Four who specializes in killing healers, she still gets endlessly bullied…”

Male commentator: “There’s an innate cla.s.s restraint . It’s bad enough if a priest meets an, but if they encounter Lord Four, they might as well wash up and get ready to sleep!” 

Heaven’s Inquiry once again concentrated their attacks on Tyron, and he was only left with residual health when he returned to the goblin summoner .

The summoner hurriedly healed him, then heard Tyron say, “Go back to join the rest of the group . They’re about to start looking for you . ”

Summoner: “I’m not leaving! Lord Four, are you preparing to sacrifice yourself in order to stall for time? If I’m there, you can at least take down four with the two of us, and create a huge advantage when the group battle begins . ” 

Tyron: “…”

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Tyron picked up the summoner and brought him with him as he left, saying, “Life and death are both common; don’t take it too seriously . Return to the group . I’ll go and harvest another one . ”

The summoner suddenly felt that Lord Four’s figure was like that of an who had weathered bleak winds and cold waters . He was mysterious and cold, tragic and romantic!

Summoner: Ah! Why do I feel like I often have tears in my eyes? Is it because Lord Four is so handsome that I feel like I’m about to be bent?! 

But their plan was disrupted .

On their way back, the two of them b.u.mped into the dragon druid, bounty hunter, and blood mage . The nightmare knight’s ultimate move was still on cooldown, so he simply hadn’t come .

The bounty hunter immediately used his ultimate move, a detection skill that was specifically used to find Lord Four . As soon as they saw that Lord Four had come out of polymorph so quickly, they had immediately realized that Seven Kills’ support was helping Lord Four . They decided to come over and kill the two of them first .  

Male commentator: “I can tell that today, Heaven’s Inquiry’s tactic is, ‘we all share an absolutely irreconcilable feud against Lord Four’ . ”

Female commentator: “What are they saying on the public screen? ‘We can lose the group fight, but Lord Four must die’? ‘To fight against Seven Kills, first deal with Lord Four; if Lord Four isn’t dead, Seven Kills will be invincible’???”

At this time, the two sides had directly run into each other along the small path . There was a jarring sound and they broke out into fierce combat! 

Heaven’s Inquiry’s players first focused fire on the goblin summoner, ignoring everything else . They pushed up their sleeves and went straight for the healer .

Tyron also didn’t hesitate, launching himself up in a gust of wind to perform a windmill combo . He didn’t touch the ground at all as he took away Heaven’s Inquiry’s blood mage’s life before rus.h.i.+ng towards the bounty hunter .

By this time, Seven Kills’ summoner could no longer bring up his own health and was already in a precarious state .

The bounty hunter gritted his teeth and continued to chase after the summoner! 

Female commentator: “The summoner is done for––today’s fights are too fierce! Fellow spectators, both sides are really fighting desperately for their lives!”

Even before she finished speaking, Tyron had spun around and appeared in front of the summoner at a speed that the eye couldn’t catch, absorbing the bounty hunter’s attack skill with his arm and causing his own health to drop to a sliver .

Female commentator: “Oh my G.o.d! Lord Four blocked an arrow for him . What kind of reaction speed is this? The summoner is healing himself, once, twice, and his small life has been saved!”

After Tyron won time for the summoner, he was only left with a few dozen health points . Tyron’s life could be considered as hanging by a thread as he went around the bounty hunter’s back .  

By now, the bounty hunter’s target had already switched to him, and another arrow was notched onto his bow .

Male commentator: “The bounty hunter is about to get revenge! Revenge!”

Tyron was incomparably cool-headed, his dark golden eyes fixed on the tip of the arrow that flashed with cold death .

In the next moment, the wind goblin on his shoulder flashed .  

Tyron shot forward like a meteor and hit the arrow, the cold light from his sharp blades seeming to cut through the sky, turning into pure white streaks . He broke through all obstacles and pierced through both his opponent and the arrow!


It was so fast that it defied all comparisons . The commentators didn’t even have time to say a single word .

It wasn’t until the bow in the bounty hunter’s hands fell to the ground, his entire person turning into a white light that flew away that they were finally able to see the situation on the field once again .  

The male commentator slapped the table and shouted, “This is the technique that Lord Four used during the Aerial Combat match! When his speed is raised up to its limit, a single attack can simultaneously pierce through all obstacles, including spells, arrows, and even the enemy themselves! Sure enough, the War G.o.d deserves to be called the War G.o.d . Next, who’s next!”

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