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Published at 11th of July 2019 05:29:25 PM Chapter 21

translator: xiin

editors: alamerysl & bear

After the match, Lord Four’s official page was updated with new information .  

The main change this time was that his PVN score had improved . At the same time, another line had been added to his resume: League Earth District Team Compet.i.tion, 8 to 4 Semi-finals, 2nd match MVP .

The other change was that another animated image had been added of his ‘upside-down killing’ .

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden .

The comments below it were a little more amusing .

Some were very excited: “Lord Four is playing in the team compet.i.tion, so excited!” “Wuwuwu you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you remembered to come back to the League!”

Someone said: “Ah, Qian Sheng is really a shameless hooligan . Please don’t teach my cool, iceberg Lord Four any bad things! Nervous!”

Someone else said: “Lord Four dotes on the captain too much .  Yingyingying~ It’s a perfect example of a tough guy with a soft heart!” “I’ve already eaten this CP, fight me if you dare!” “I don’t accept Lord Four x Deputy Tank! Lord Four and that legal agent of his is the best match!”

Some topics were under hot debate: “What exactly is Lord Four’s tactics?” “Requesting Lord Four’s tactics +1” “What is Lord Four’s tactics +10086”…


Victor looked at it and said, “Lord Four doesn’t treat the captain of Seven Kills that well . He’s very good to me, though!”

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His roommate: “… Vic! My dear Vic, don’t be so anxious about getting jealous . ”

Victor snorted: “I’m not jealous . People are supporting me too . They said that I’m a perfect match for Lord Four!”

“…” His roommate continued, “Vic… Save me first, my illness is about to start acting up!” 

Victor: “Your curiosity sickness is already in the late stages and can’t be cured!”

Roommate: “Wuwuwu, my dear Vic, I’m begging you! Please go and ask Lord Four exactly what on earth Lord Four’s tactics are! I’m going to die if I don’t get any medicine!”

Victor was silent for two seconds, then abruptly said, “Fine then, I’ll go and find Lord Four . I’m only going because you begged me so much . ”

Roommate: “…” But your expression seems to be saying ‘I’m so happy I finally have a reason to go and chase him’! 


When Victor walked into Seven Kills’ club grounds, he happened to meet them just as they were preparing for team training .

Tyron was already in the virtual arena . He was sitting on a tree with his eyes closed, one long leg resting on top of the tree branch while the other hung down freely––the scene made Victor really want to measure the length of his legs .

But he didn’t dare, so he stood weakly outside the field and watched as the remaining Seven Kills team members drew lots .  

The players who had drawn the short straws were relieved .

And those who had drawn the long straws spoke with crying faces, “It’s over . It’s going to be b.l.o.o.d.y for us . ”

Victor walked up to the coach and whispered, “What are they drawing for?”

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Coach: “Oh, Little Vic, you’re here? Those who draw the long straws form the second team . ” 

Victor: “??” Were they changing people?

As soon as the coach finished speaking, the people who had drawn the long straws quietly went to join the second team . However, n.o.body from the second team came over .

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Then, they started a custom game .

Tyron’s side: 5 people .  

Tyron’s opponents: 7 people .

Fight .

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Victor was muddled, then he shouted in his heart: Was this really okay?! How come there were uneven numbers in a team compet.i.tion? Weren’t they just bullying his male G.o.d!!! 

He approached nervously, wanting to take a look, and then heard the coach who was taking notes mutter, “How come I can never feel out the bottom of Lord Four’s abilities? Being a coach isn’t easy…”

Victor asked carefully, “Coach, can you really train Lord Four like this?”

“I’m not training Lord Four . ” The coach explained, “I’m training the opposite side’s ability to resist pressure . If they don’t collapse when facing Lord Four, then they’ll basically have nothing to be afraid of in the compet.i.tion arena . ”

Victor: “…” 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden .

Inside the practice field, both sides were fighting back and forth, and the scene was quite splendid .

It was obvious that Tyron was deliberately making things easy for the other side . As soon as he picked up his pace, the squis.h.i.+est and most easily killed members of the team would show signs of collapse, so Tyron would slow down once again to let the other side gather their people back together and get into formation .

When the pace was slow, Tyron clearly looked bored .  

Once, he even toppled onto a patch of gra.s.s and lay there idly for a while before rolling over and getting back up again .

Broken bits of wild gra.s.s began to fall down from his body; Tyron casually picked up a stalk of gra.s.s and folded it into a flower shape as he walked back towards the battlefield .

Victor, who was off-site: “…” Oh–My–Heavens–My male G.o.d is so adorable I’m about to explode!!!

Then, Tyron ambushed the opposing side’s support, and presumably because he felt that the little gra.s.s flower was in the way, after he expressionlessly killed the other party, he casually set down the flower in the same spot .  

After putting it down, he noticed that it was crooked and reached out to straighten it out before finally walking away in satisfaction .

Victor: “…” AHHHH! My male G.o.d is so adorable I can’t breathe!

There was nothing to be said about the gains and losses during today’s custom practice match . With Tyron balancing out the scales, the number of resurrections on both sides were about the same .  

Half an hour finally pa.s.sed, and after the match ended everyone laid down like salted fish while Tyron moved his body around .

Victor was still hesitating over how to go up and say h.e.l.lo when Tyron discovered his presence and came over to say, “Wait a moment . ”

“Ah, okay . ”

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Victor unconsciously followed Tyron all the way to the Seven Kills Team’s club lounge .  

Tyron closed the door, took off the he used for camouflage, ran a hand through his hair, and washed his face at the drinks counter before casually asking, “Did you come find me for something? Or did you come over just to take a look?”

“It’s actually nothing, my roommate, he…” Half way through his words, Victor suddenly saw that Tyron had raised his head . Tiny droplets of water hung from his eyelashes as his golden eyes watched him lazily .

Victor forgot his words in an instant, “…” Where am I? Who am I?!! Why do I feel so thirsty!!


Every time he saw Victor, Tyron would always end up in a good mood within two minutes .

This time, too .

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Tyron’s eyes gradually filled with amus.e.m.e.nt . He said, “Did your roommate miss me, or did you miss me?”

Victor said, “It’s me, not… In fact, it’s both . ” 

“Don’t miss me too much . ” Tyron said .

Victor couldn’t tell if he meant that he was fed up, and looked at him cautiously .

Tyrone added, “Although I didn’t want to say that, I’m mainly concerned that you won’t sleep well . ”

Victor blushed and said, “No, no, I get enough sleep . ” Ever since he could paint Lord Four, he had placed a life-sized portrait at the top of the bed! He gleefully went to sleep every day, okay?! 

“Really . ” Tyron said, “I thought you’d say, ‘It’s not possible to miss you too much’ . ”

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Victor: “…”

Student Victor began to have fanciful, restless thoughts, and a thousand little deer were bas.h.i.+ng their horns against the inner walls of his heart!


Just then, someone knocked on the door that led to the lounge .

The coach spoke from outside: “Lord Four, Vic, are you both inside? Since everyone’s here, let’s have dinner together . Little Vic is the one who introduced us, and I haven’t even thanked him yet!”

Victor hesitated . He wasn’t too fond of Earth District’s customs––they insisted on eating even in the virtual world and also wanted to drink and talk at the table, but he was momentarily unable to think up a way to refuse .

Tyron noticed his hesitation and replied, “He doesn’t have time . ” 

The coach spoke through the door, “Ah? Didn’t he come over for a visit?”

Tyron: “His time today is mine . ”

“Oh . ” The coach was a little confused, “In that case, enjoy your meal?”

“Yes, bye . ” 

So, Victor didn’t know what was going on, but matters eventually progressed until him and his male G.o.d were sitting face-to-face in a small coffee shop .

The atmosphere was very quiet, making Little Vic feel very restless .

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Tyron could see that he was nervous and ordered a gla.s.s of sago for him, smiling as he found a conversation topic, “I heard that you guys will hold a press conference next week . Is it because everything is now finished?”

Victor wrapped his hands around the sago the way a small hamster would hold grain, and his nervousness eased up greatly . He replied, “Yes . The main part of the work is over . Next week, we plan to release all the information that can be publicized, and thank everyone who came from all walks of life to help out and support for their aid . ”

Tyron: “A lot of people were volunteers, and you also did everything free of charge . I was thinking about the best way to thank you . ”

Victor waved his hand, flattered, and refuted, “No, no, there’s no need for thanks . In fact, I’ve already gotten the best reward . ”

Tyron’s smile turned deeper and he spoke meaningfully, “Isn’t there anything you want? Perhaps you can also just share what you wish for . ” 

Tyron’s gaze turned ambiguous as he looked at Victor .

Victor blushed, “Is that really alright?”

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Tyron: “Whatever your wish is, it’s worth giving it a try . ”

Victor summoned up his courage and said excitedly, “I… I want a small flour!!!” 

Small, small flour?

Tyron: “???”

Victor: “S-s-sorry, I meant to say little flower!” 

Tyron finally understood . He held back his laughter and said, “Oh, flower . ”

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Victor was embarra.s.sed, “Well, yes . That little flower made out of gra.s.s . I’ve never seen a flower shaped like that…”

“That’s a bluebell flower . ” Tyron said, “It probably only grows in my hometown . I’ve never seen it here . ”

At the moment, Tyron was wondering to himself: Should he tell Victor that the bluebell was also known as the ‘Blue Death Bell’? 

Bluebell was not only the name of their organization, but also their symbol . The shape of the bluebell flower was exactly the same as that of a funeral bell .

The master Tyron Odin would gently place a bluebell flower on the corpse of each of his mission targets .

Sometimes, if setting up the ambush took too long, the bluebell would wither . Tyron would create one out of gra.s.s while waiting—that was why he had this skill .


Meanwhile, Victor was thinking: Oh my G.o.d, the little flower that my male G.o.d makes when he’s bored is a flower from his hometown! He must be homesick! Ahhhh! It’s really heartbreaking when my male G.o.d isn’t acting like an iceberg!!

At this moment, Victor’s heart was full of a surging tenderness as he looked gently at Tyron .

Tyron decided not to tell him the truth . He reached for a long straw on the coffee table and folded it to create a new bluebell flower .  

Tyron delicately inserted it into the gla.s.s of sago in Victor’s hands, then said, “If you like, I can teach you how to fold one . ”

Victor only felt that Tyron’s hand movements were quick and attractive . He hadn’t noticed how it was made at all, and couldn’t help but say in consternation, “I’m rather stupid in this respect, and I’m not very good at manual work . I’m afraid I’ll just waste your time…”

Tyron: “I don’t like stupid people . ”

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Victor: QAQ 

Then Tyron added, “Which means you’re definitely not stupid . ”


Student Victor was stunned for a second, then instantly exploded into a brilliant firework in the horizon!

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