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The Prince Has All Kinds Of Strange Hobbies summary:

His Royal Highness the prince is a gentleman. He has all kinds of strange hobbies. For example: He likes to sneakily lay down on the ground when n.o.body is paying attention and enjoy the fresh air, all with a blissful look on his face. He loves all sorts of soft things to the point when he even slightly touches one, he looks like he could melt into a puddle. Meanwhile, he secretly collects various kinds of cute things (black lace panties with a cat tail, bras with a little pink bell, fuzzy bunny ears, etc.), and in the middle of the night when n.o.body is around, he’ll take out his collection of treasures and slowly admire them. Because he isn’t that old (unclear?), occasionally he will express some chuunibyou. Our prince truly is a mysterious young man. Oh right, I almost forgot the most important thing — He likes this witch. A testimonial from the witch: “That b.a.s.t.a.r.d kneels on the ground for no reason whatsoever and rubs his face against my b.u.t.t, and from time to time he makes sneak attacks with his dirty hands! …What?! Y-You want me to wear this neko outfit?! Please go die!!“

The Prince Has All Kinds Of Strange Hobbies Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 24 Sep-29-2019
Chapter 23 Sep-28-2019
Chapter 22 Sep-28-2019
Chapter 21 Sep-26-2019
Chapter 20 Sep-26-2019
Chapter 19 Sep-26-2019
Chapter 18 Sep-24-2019
Chapter 17 Sep-24-2019
Chapter 16 Sep-24-2019
Chapter 15 Sep-21-2019
Chapter 14 Sep-21-2019
Chapter 13 Sep-21-2019
Chapter 12 Sep-21-2019
Chapter 11 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 10 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 9 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 8 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 7 Sep-19-2019
Chapter 6 Sep-17-2019
Chapter 5 Sep-17-2019
Chapter 4 Sep-15-2019
Chapter 3 Sep-15-2019
Chapter 1 Sep-15-2019
Chapter 2 Jun-10-2019
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