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“Then…” Princess Longji wanted to leave. Waiting for the spirit girl to wake wasn't something she would do.

“Princess Longji, I've always admired you. To be able to achieve so much, you're the pride of us women! Can you drink a gla.s.s with me?” Coldblood Seven casually brought two over, then poured some wine for the princess.

“It's nothing. The capable one is Xiao Yarou. I didn't know she could be this cruel!” said Princess Longji humbly. She accepted the gla.s.s, then drank a gla.s.s with Coldblood Seven.

Princess Longji didn't suspect there would be a problem with the wine, not because she wasn't sharp, but because she saw Coldblood Seven pour the wine. It was from a bottle, and the lady was holding the so casually. She even picked the gla.s.s from her hands herself, so the chances of getting poisoned were very low.

And if it was poisoned, then Coldblood Seven herself would probably be poisoned too!

However, she would've never guessed that Coldblood Seven didn't think about luck when she placed the poisoned. She didn't have to pray Princess Longji would get the poisoned gla.s.s, because she was sure the gla.s.s Princess Longji chose would definitely be the poisoned gla.s.s!

This is because she poisoned both!

That meant that Princess Longji would definitely be poisoned no matter which gla.s.s she chose, and Coldblood Seven would be poisoned herself too.

Coldblood Seven was ready to sacrifice her life for this mission. This was something every Coldblood member understood. Even if there wasn't any backup plan, she was still ready to do it. Then again, she'd taken the antidote.

For a poison like this one, anyone would die without eating the antidote beforehand. They would die without obvious symptoms, no one would know.

And this poison would be the most suitable for this occasion. Ten minutes later, you wouldn't know who Princess Longji would be talking too, and what she would do. No one would suspect herself, or at least, not immediately!

However, what she didn't expect was that Princess Longji's eyes would flash, then she hit her chest hard upon drinking the wine…

Coldblood Seven majestically flew out of the hall, hitting a divider. “Pfft…” She sputtered blood.

This sudden escalation stunned the little princess. She didn't understand what was going on. All eyes fell on the Princess Longji, confused.

Coldblood Seven didn't understand either. She didn't understand why Princess Longji would notice something wrong. This poison wasn't something people could sense. It was developed by the Coldblood Group's poison team for Even people more experienced than Princess Longji wouldn't be able to tell.

Princess Longji spat the wine out. It seemed that she hadn't swallowed it. Coldblood Seven was even more confused. How did that happen?

“Speak, who are you? Why do you want to kill me?” asked Princess Longji coldly, glaring at Coldblood Seven then hitting the spirit girl's head hard. Even if she was pretending to sleep, after a hit at this specific spot, she would faint.

Since this lady wanted to kill her, then the cousin must be problematic too!!

“How did you know it was poisoned?” asked Coldblood Seven, puzzled, wiping the blood from her mouth.

“You don't need to know that!” The princess refused to answer. How could she tell people a secret like this? Other people would be even more guarded with her!

“Cousin, kill her quickly!!” shouted Coldblood Seven.

“Quit lying. I have already knocked her out. Even if she was pretending before, this time she'll be knocked out for sure,” huffed Princess Longji. At the same time, she noticed that the spirit girl wasn't moving at all. She couldn't even feel its breath.

Did she hit too hard? Was she dead?

Forget it! If she was dead, then so be it!

At this point, everyone understood. They understood why Princess Longji suddenly attacked. Someone wanted to kill her. People surrounded the both of them.

The guards who had been watching the spirit girl were immediately circling them. They now knew what the spirit girl was here for.

Nonsense, who wouldn't?!

The emperor frowned. This was a guest he invited, and they wanted to kill his daughter. He was furious!

The empress dowager stared at the spirit girl. She couldn't believe, she didn't want to believe, that this fair maiden was here to kill her granddaughter!

Coldblood Seven seemingly struggled to stand. She leaned against the wall, then said, “To be honest, I knew we couldn't lie to you. You're Princess Longji!”

“If you knew, then why waste your breath. You only need to tell me this. Who sent you to kill me!” Princess Longji glared at Coldblood SEven.

“I will never tell you, but you'll soon understand why I'm wasting my breath!” Coldblood Seven smiled, then attacked the princess. With a gesture, ten rays of cold light appeared, directed straight at Princess Longji.

This cold light attack was Coldblood Seven's best weapon. She had always used hidden weapons to attack, and she can produce a hundred different types of attack within a second, each strong enough to kill a person. Poison was one of her best skills too.

And if she wanted to kill, why didn't she just use more poison? Coldblood Seven didn't use such simple methods, she had to make sure her goal was achieved!

However, this wasn't enough to harm Princess Longji. She dodged them easily, not needing help from anyone!

Hence, the empress dowager and emperor weren't too worried. Only the little princess shouted…

“Be careful!”

The guards dashed forward, doing what they were supposed to do. They deflected the attacks quickly. No one was surprised by this either, the guards were doing their jobs.

However, something peculiar happened!

When all the guards ran pa.s.sed Princess Longji, they suddenly pointed their weapons towards Princess Longji. All swords and guns were now rus.h.i.+ng towards herself.



Princess Longji didn't understand, but she didn't think much. Within a second, she found the weakest point in the ring, attacked it, then left the circle.

She only had to fight for a little more time. Even the strongest wouldn't stand a chance here, because this was the palace. It was her father's territory.

Unless her own father wanted to kill her, but chances of that were very, very low. Especially not when she heard the emperor roar in fury.


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