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Chapter 1283 – I’ll never forget Auntie Yuning.

Mu Mu was already scared to death, but he didn’t cry or beg for mercy, his small hands were silently clenched into fists, and he stubbornly looked straight at the young man who was approaching him.

“Yoho, the kid is so young, his mental quality is quite good.” Fang Pengfei walked up to Mu Mu, “Tsk”, “But you look like this, I can’t threaten your old man with you! Why don’t you cry for me?”


Mu Mu disdainfully skimmed his lips and turned his head away from Fang Pengfei.

Auntie Yunin said that no matter what, don’t be afraid of the bad guys. Stay calm and think of a way to escape.

The more scared he is, the happier the bad guys will be, and the less successful his escape will be.

So he can’t be afraid, he has to figure it out.

None of the dozens of adult|year-olds in the cabin could see that the five-year-old, unhappy-looking kid in front of them was actually trying to get out of it.

Dongzi only had one thought, no matter what, Mu Mu couldn’t be harmed. Otherwise, he would not be able to explain to Kang Ruicheng when he returned.

He walked up to Fang Pengfei and said, “As long as you let Mu Mu go, I can do whatever you want.”

“Dongzi, you are really loyal to Kang Rui Cheng. However, you’re not as valuable as this brat-” Fang Pengfei looked at Mu Mu and emphasized one word at a time, “I came all the way here just for this brat.”

Mu Mu was clearly angry, his cheeks bulging like a dolphin’s, but there was no childishness in his gaze that should be present at this age, instead he appeared to be more calm than Dongzi.

Fang Pengfei seemed to find things tricky, “Tsk, tsk” twice, “I believe you!”

He violently reached out his hand and directly and dryly picked up Mu Mu.


Mu Mu’s entire body hung in the air, subconsciously screaming and struggling hard, but all to no avail.

“Fang Pengfei!” Dongzi was furious, “Do you have to do this to a child?”

“I can only blame him for being Kang Ruicheng’s son. If he were a child from another family, I really wouldn’t treat him like this.” Fang Pengfei looked condescendingly at Mu Mu, “Kang Ruicheng grabbed my business resources as soon as he came back and was still unwilling to negotiate with me. Now, he can always negotiate with me, right?”

Mu Mu was unwilling and spat at Fang Pengfei, “Bada.s.s!”

“Good boy.” Fang Pengfei smiled, “If I’m a bad guy, your daddy isn’t a good guy either.”

“…… “Mu Mu looked at Fang Pengfei, his eyes flickered for a moment, and he didn’t say anything.

Dongzi’s fists clenched in rage, “Fang Pengfei, do you have the sense to talk to a child like that?”

“How is it a crime?” Fang Pengfei surveyed Mu Mu with interest, “This kid is quite fun.”

“Big bad guy!” Mu Mu despised Fang Pengfei and let out a “humph”, “You’re the one who used it for fun!”

“Do you mind me saying that?” Fang Pengfei laughed out loud, “Kid, you’re in for a treat then! Follow me!”

Dongzi and Kang Ruicheng’s men had all been subdued by Fang Pengfei’s men, and Fang Pengfei carried Mu Mu as if no one else was there, making a gesture that he was about to strut away.

Mu had no way to fight back but to be all stubborn, so she held it in and didn’t cry.

Just at this time, Fang Pengfei’s cell phone rang, and the screen displayed Ah Guang’s name.

Fang Pengfei smiled and picked up the phone, “Brother Light, what’s the matter with me?”

“Sounds like you’re in a good mood.” Ah Guang flirted nonchalantly, then asked, “Did you get wind of it and went to look for Kang Ruicheng’s son?”

“Yes!” Fang Pengfei glanced at Mu Mu and couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “I’ve already found it, and I’m preparing to take this kid away.”

Light pondered for two seconds and said, “I don’t care what you’re going to do to the others, let Mu Mu go.”

“Why?” Ten thousand unanswered questions popped up in Fang Pengfei’s brain, “He’s Kang Ruicheng’s son, not your son. I’m going to take him away, what do you have to stop me?”

“This is our seventh brother’s order.” Ah Guang didn’t bother to explain and directly sacrificed Mu Sijun, “Think for yourself, can you mess with our Seventh Brother or not, should you do as I say!”

“I really …… beeped a dog!” Fang Pengfei was so angry that he wanted to jump up, “Isn’t Mu Sijiu busy? Then he go and get busy! Why come to care about Kang Ruicheng’s son?”

Ah Guang also got impatient and said gruffly, “Where did you get all this nonsense? If I tell you to release him, then release him! Also, don’t hit on this child in the future, or Brother Seven will be the first to not let you go!”

After saying that, Ah Guang directly hung up the phone.

Fang Pengfei knew that there was no room for negotiation when it came to the matter of involving Mu Sijiu, cursing and letting go of Mu Mu, he snorted coldly and said, “Count yourselves lucky!”

Mu patted his clothes that were wrinkled by Fang Pengfei’s grip, looked at Fang Pengfei and asked, “Is it Uncle Mu?”

“You called Mu Qi Uncle Mu?” Fang Pengfei felt that this world might be magical, looking at Mu Mu incredulously, “Kid, tell me honestly, what is your relations.h.i.+p with Mu Qi?”

“I don’t want to talk to you!” Mu Mu made a face at Fang Pengfei, “Hurry up and get out of here, or I’ll ask Uncle Mu to come over and clean you up!”

If it was just a moment ago, hearing such a threat from Mu Mu, Fang Pengfei would only think that this brat was here to be funny.

However, after receiving that phone call from Light, he began to feel that nothing in this world would ever happen.

If he didn’t leave, it was entirely possible that Mousseguy would show up here the next second.

Fang Pengfei didn’t want to lose too much and glared at Mu Mu ferociously, not realizing that Mu Mu was completely unafraid and her eyes were even wider than his.

Okay, he admitted, the brat had bigger eyes.

Fang Pengfei pointed at Mu Mu and said gruffly, “You win!” After saying that, he reluctantly shrugged off his hand and left, returning to his own s.h.i.+p to sail away.

The last second, Tohko had felt like he was on the ropes.

This second, they’re fine.

The plot twist was a bit fast, and Dongzi was a bit unable to react, or couldn’t believe that it was actually Mu Sijun who saved them.

A henchman ran over and excitedly held Mu Mu’s hand, “Mu Mu, thanks to you!”

If Fang Pengfei was coming for them, it was unlikely that Mu Sijun would care, and they would only die.

However, Fang Pengfei had come to kidnap Mu Mu, and Mu Sijun would not leave Mu Mu alone.

Thanks to Mu Mu, they had escaped death twice.

Mu touched the tip of his nose and said matter-of-factly, “You should thank Uncle Mu and Auntie Yuning.”


The group of men lapsed into silence.

Following Mu Mu’s logical reasoning back, the one they should be most thankful for was actually themselves.

They have to be thankful that they didn’t succeed in killing Xu Yuning.

Otherwise, they might not have even had the chance to escape this time, and while they were still on the island, Mu Sijun would have already finished them off.

So close.

It was Touko who finally broke the silence, “Alright. We can’t guarantee that there aren’t others on the scent. Start being vigilant now and don’t take it lightly. After docking, someone will pick us up and take us to the airport. I’ll take you all back to A City.” After saying that, he looked at Mu Mu, “I’ll take you back to your room.”

“Oh.” Mu obediently followed behind Dongzi and went back to his room.

Dongzi closed the door and looked at Mu Mu seriously, “I clearly told you just now that if I don’t come looking for you, you must not go out. Why did you still run out?”

Knowing that he was wrong and trying to get Dongzi to overlook his mistake, Mu forced himself to change the subject, “Uncle Dongzi, weren’t we fine in the end?”

“But something big almost happened.” Dongzi didn’t let Mu Mu muddle through, seriously emphasizing, “Mu Mu, from now on, until you return to A City, you have to listen to me properly.”

“……” Mu didn’t say anything, nodding her head vaguely.

“You rest here, I’ll call you when we dock.” Dongzi stroked Mu Mu’s head, “I’m going out.”

Mu remained silent and nodded his head, watching Dongzi go out before lying down on the bed and falling asleep in a daze.

He dreamed of Xu Yuning and vaguely called out “Auntie Yuning” in his dream, but he didn’t hear Xu Yuning’s response, but only heard a familiar male voice calling him in reality –

“Mu, we’re docked, wake up.”

Mu opened her eyes and there was Tohru’s face in front of her.

He rubbed his eyes and sat up, asking in a daze, “Uncle Dongzi, can we go ash.o.r.e now?”

“It’s okay.” Dongzi held Mu Mu’s hand tightly, “Follow me.”

Mu followed Dongzi and ran ash.o.r.e, only to realize that it was already completely dark.

With the bright moon slowly rising from the sea, and the stars twinkling in the vast, infinite night sky, there was an incomparable silence by the harbor.

Mu Mu let out a “wow” and pulled Dongzi, asking expectantly, “Uncle Dongzi, can we stay here for a while?”

“No way.” Tohko didn’t even care to enjoy the view and refused offhandedly, “It’s not safe here, we need to get to the airport.”

Mu Mu flattened her mouth in disappointment, but she didn’t act capriciously at this time and obediently followed Dongzi to the car.

The car was speeding along the seaside highway, Dongzi kept checking the time, while Mu Mu was lying by the car window, fascinated by the starry sky outside.

After a while, Mu Mu suddenly turned his head as if he remembered something and asked, “Uncle Dongzi, where’s my daddy? Why didn’t he call me?”

He almost got kidnapped. There’s no reason for his daddy to turn his back on him.

Dongzi didn’t tell Mu Mu that Kang Ruicheng was still at the police station and made an excuse, “Your daddy has some things to take care of. You’ll be able to see him when we return to A City.”

Mu “Oh”, “Okay.”

Without thinking too much about it, he plopped down and continued to look at the stars.

Dongzi thought that Mu Mu was thinking about Xu Yuning, and after thinking about it, he still reminded, ”Mu Mu, when you go back, don’t mention Xu Yuning in front of your daddy. Your daddy will be unhappy. Also, you should forget about her as well.”

Mu blinked her eyes, puzzlement flickering in her gaze, “Why would I forget Auntie Yuning?”

“This ……” Dongzi didn’t know how to explain to Mu Mu for a moment.

“Well, you can’t say why right?” Mu straightened her back and declared with a serious face, “I’ll never forget Auntie Yuning!”

Tohko: “……” when he didn’t say it.

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