Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! Chapter 7

Is The Strongest In Another World A Hero? A Demon Lord? No! It's A Fairy ~desu! -

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This is the end of the first Arc

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On the day of departure, me an Arena were surrounded by many fairies. The current place was at the entrance of Fairy Village. Did you think they have to see us off? I don’t really think so…

「「「Don’t leave us!!!!」」」

「My, My ears」

The one that was waiting for us, was a storm of loud crying voices to telling us not to go. Iyaiya, How did you guys even know the time of our departure? Even though I made that everyone was down during the banquet yesterday. while noticing that everyone disappeared in the morning, They have all gathered at the entrance.

By the I haven’t told anybody that I was going on a journey other than the important people. I didn’t expect that they would try to stop me this much. I, I was really loved by everyone!!

「Star of the Banquet~」


「Our Aidle~」

Such brilliant display of desires.  I understand that these guys are driven by their desire to play. and have really put that in mind. I have prepared a lot of entertaining stuff just in case such a thing would happen.

「Everyone, I have prepared new things to Play here!!」


「Then here are the things along with how to play them, Be sure to read it and play with everyone!!」


After declaring so I pa.s.sed the games along with instructions for everyone using s.p.a.ce magic. Actually it was my desire to open a tournament for this, but it couldn’t be helped. Everyone scattered around like baby spiders after receiving a game.

「Even at the last minute you were still doing something interesting, this, what kind of game is this?」

「Oh Testanisan, That game you hold is called 『Shogi』, there pieces you use moving it with your hands, this game needs a partner to play with and you would compete on how you will take over the other pieces」[TL: I know that it’s like chess and don’t want to explain in details]

「Oh… this seems interesting, It seems you will need to use your head a lot when playing with this… I will try it with Norn later, You guys!! be sure to check it with your friends later!!!」


「Aidle, Arena I will be sending you two off and pray that you have a safe journey, and take this with you.」

Norn-san took off a necklace that have fairy letters engraved and didn’t look like just a simple pattern. I only noticed when Norn-san took it off but it seems to be made from silver materials. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this.

「This is an amulet that a fairy gives to a friend that would go on journeys, It was said than if something troublesome happens, you may be able to break through if you pray unto it.」

「Thank you Norn-san… I Will definitely cherish it.」

「Oh…are you going to miss us, even though it will only be for a few years.」

Fairies are long-lived creatures. Not to mention, they are strong. Like Norn-san and Testanisan that have lived for more than a hundred years already. A few years would only be a short period of time, but still despite that I would still probably miss them a lot.

「What are you talking about? I will be back after a couple of years, so please don’t look at me like that. want me to hit you? 」

「Uwaa scary!! good grief…」

And so, we returned to the usual banter before parting. I then Humanized and looked over everyone, because I want to see everyone’s faces.

「I pray for your safety」

「Take care and go!」

「「「See yah~~!!!!」」」

「Everyone, I’ll be going now!!」


And now, this will be our first step in our long journey.

Events After Departing

「Testania, what about the coblins?」

「We have been doing our best but we still can’t find them…」

「Is that so…」

I the letter of testania, It was written as 『Must not be seen yet』and was written in human language. Norn looks at the letter grudgingly. Just knowing the meaning of those words, she couldn’t suppress the dark emotions coming out of her.

「If we can’t find any of the predecessors we will have to defend the world tree by ourselves」

Actually, there was something we haven’t said to Aidle. The fact that fairies are not being born from the world tree is only a part of it and that’s not yet the end of it.

「How long do you think it would take?」

「I think would be best if it could last at least two years to prepare before the protection disappears」

That means there is now a 『countdown before the world tree’s barrier disappear』. If the barrier disappears, the protection of Fairy Town will also vanish leaving it vulnerable to the surrounding demons. If we told that to those two they would definitely stay and be stuck here, but that also means that it would be impossible to know what really is happening on the outside. Only Coblins have been the ones giving information from the outside among the fairies. The fact that no information have arrived for quite a while now certainly means that something is happening in the outside world. That’s why we consented sending those two people.

「Well, there’s still me and Norn so it will probably be alright. It will be alright♪」


From this point, the we two will continue to train ourselves. Suiren and En Dol are also catching up in skills right after Norn. In the next two years we would probably be strong enough to cope up and be on equal terms with the demons on our surroundings.

「I will definitely protect the place where they will return to…」

「and definitely with everyone intact…right?」

Back to PoV of Aidle and Arena

What I have known after coming outside for the first time. That this place seems to be inside a vast cave.

「I finally understood what Testanisan mean that this place is a secret and there won’t be anyone that would likely come here」

It would be 3 hours of walking from Fairy Town to the barrier. But because we were flying in fairy form, in only took us 10 minutes. Both the depth and the size is considerably large. not to mention having quite a unique ecosystem inside of it.

Walking in the woods from there, we finally saw a meadow that goes beyond the horizon.

A fairy on my shoulder, A sky so bright and clear, it just uplifts the mood.

「Where are we headed to~?」

「Right, let me think about it, first let’s go through the meadow and try to see if we will find a highway somewhere」

I don’t know as to what cultural level this has, but as long as a country exist there would definitely be trade routes or distribution points. That will be the first target on finding our way to go.

「Well, Shall we take a little walk then」


「Still, I haven’t really met a Coblin all this time」


(A bear animal costume for Arena… …yosh, Let’s make it )

[TL: planning to make a Bear Reference?]

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