I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Volume 9 Chapter 319

I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless -

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(319) Lifespan of Sheena No.3

Translator: Tseirp

Pionia, Neete and I secretly slipped out of the beach villa and headed toward the s.h.i.+pbuilding yard nearby. There was a blueprint-like doc.u.ment of Sheena No.3 spread on the table in the s.h.i.+pbuilding yard.

To be accurate, it was more like doc.u.ment written with gibberish.

"It's not surprising that Master doesn't know. We have a.n.a.lyzed Sheena No.3's body before but, to be honest, we only understand about 70% of it. We couldn't understand the remaining 30%. The person who made her is without a doubt a genius."

That I knew.

Even if this is a world of magic, she is an artificial intelligence indistinguishable from humans even though the science in this world has not overtaken science on Earth.

And I never doubted that her creator was a genius.

"And so why would Sheena No.3 stop functioning?"

"She doesn't have enough magical power. Sheena No.3 apparently converts the miasma in the air into magical power and uses that as energy to move."

"She uses miasma as energy?"

"Affirmative. It is certainly not efficient but that was the method in which she originally could function forever."

Pionia was spot-on.

She had spent centuries within a man-made labyrinth on the southern island.

The function of the man-made labyrinth was to gather miasma from the surroundings in the form of monsters and kill those monsters using traps to disperse the miasma.

Because of that, Sheena No.3's ability to convert miasma into magical power and her own energy was not only meant to secure energy but also to aid in the aim of dispersing miasma. It was a good function that helped two aims.

But that was an energy supply method useable because she was within the labyrinth. Upon leaving a labyrinth, the miasma level will thin.

“But in that case, Miri should have noticed. She made Sheena in her previous life.”

“She probably didn't expect it ― no, she didn't know. Master, normally the magical power she acc.u.mulated while she was in the labyrinth should have been sufficient for her to continue running for several years. Master's younger sister would never expect her to stop function in just after a month. That's why she overlooked it.”

“Didn't expect it?”

“The existence of this world. This world that Master calls My World ― it is the same world as the G.o.ddesses' world and there is almost no miasma present here.”

― Haa!?

That's right, it has not been long since this world was created. The residents increased recently with the arrival of the Dark-Elves but before that, there were only me and my companions, a group of fewer than 10 people.

There was no way there would be sufficient miasma created in a world such as this.

“The inconsiderate Demon Lord would have expected something of that nature desu.”

“Sheena No.3!? Why are you here?”

“Sheena No.3 has sharp ears desu.”

Sheena No.3 smiled and replied.

“Even if she knew, it was impossible to rebuild Sheena No.3's structure desu. My body could only be created by the inconsiderate Demon Lord at the height of her power desu. Moreover, even if I remained in the dungeon, Sheena No.3 would have broken down in several years desu. Since parts here and there have been deteriorating desu. For example my voice function desu, or my wrist and head falling off, these are all due to the deterioration desu.”

“Was I unreasonable to ask you to dive into the lake?”

“Yes desu. Master is one reason desu.”

Neete caught her when Sheena No.3 said that.

“Sheena!? You lack restraint in your words ―”

But it didn't turn into a fight.

Sheena No.3 smiled lightly at Neete's action before speaking.

“Sheena No.3 was originally meant to be destroyed along with the labyrinth when the Leviathan was revived. And my service life was set to last until the Leviathan seal was undone.”

Sheena No.3 continued on.

When Famiris‧Raritei created her and the man-made labyrinth, she knew that the island where the man-made labyrinth was located in would be destroyed before she could rush over to seal it once more.

As such, she felt that the lifespan of the automata tasked to maintain that area was sufficient until that event happens. To Famiris‧Raritei, that was the extent of the value of the automata currently named Sheena No.3. She probably thought that she could just rebuild the damaged man-made labyrinth and place a new automata. Well, she likely didn't expect a soul to reside in an automata either.

“So I am able to reach this lifespan is because of Master ― no, it is thanks to Master desu. My current self, in soccer terms, would be in stoppage time ― something like service time desu. I can't hope for any more. Sheena No.3 is already on the winning side so there will be no overtime desu.”

“Winning side ― are you really okay with that?”

“Yes desu.”

“Didn't you want to be the pirate king?”

“That was a joke desu.”

Of course I knew it was a joke.

“That's right … well then, Master, could you please cover your ears desu?”

“Ears … ? All right.”

I didn't really understand but I shut my ears.

Neete and Pionia left.

Only Sheena No.3 and I remained.

I saw Sheena's mouth open but I didn't hear anything.

“Hey, is it all right now?”

Sheena nodded when I asked.

“With this, Sheena has finished everything I wish to do desu.”

“What did you want to do.”

“I'm satisfied because I could speak badly of Master.”

“Hey, you!”

Did she speak ill of me like how she calls the Demon Lord an inconsiderate Demon Lord?

She's an automata so there was no need for her to open her mouth to speak in the first place.

Well, that's fine. Even though she was going to stop functioning soon, she was taking it calmly. She truly had a face that showed she felt that she was on the winning side.

“Now then, Sheena No.3 will continue playing beach volleyball! I might be on stoppage time for lifespan but the beach volleyball match has not been settled desu!”

Sheena No.3 said and ran to the beach. She really seemed to be enjoying herself.

Then, Pionia and Neete returned to where I was.

“Pionia. Is it possible to repair Sheena No.3?”

“I can't affirm or deny that. There are plenty of mysteries surrounding the construction of her body. However, in order for us to have a chance, a Philosopher's Stone has to be prepared.”

“How is a Philosopher's Stone made? I heard only Advanced Alchemist can make it?”

“Negative. There are three conditions to making a Philosopher's Stone.”


“First, the Alchemy skill must be level 3.”

“I have that.”

“Next, the recipe is obtained with a very rare chance as a reward for clearing a labyrinth.”

“Clear reward …”

Suddenly a luck element kicks in.

“The last is the ingredients. I am not certain of the details but the raw ingredients required to create a Philospher's Stone are all national treasure level.”

Neete said.

“Nevertheless, I must make it!”

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