I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless Volume 9 Chapter 318

I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless -

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(318) Interlude: Jofre and Elize at that time

Translator: Tseirp

Deep underground below Mount Landau. Centaur was trotting straight ahead. But it became a maze so it could not proceed in a straight line. On the contrary, with Centaur's size, there was no choice but to turn back.

However, in order for Centaur to protect its promise to food ― or rather, to ensure that it could get food in the future as well, it forcibly widened the narrow pathway ― in other words, it broke the bedrock by ramming it with its body as it moved.

Normally it would be impossible to see in the darkness but to Centaur, sight was only one of its senses to perceive food.

Along the way, it stumbled into a kobold's nest and was about to be attacked but it defeated all of them with body blows.

In essence, it was able to walk even in the dark as though it was taking a stroll during the day on a main street.

And then, at the deepest depths of Mount Landau.

There was a light there.

The two adventurers were using the light-emitting magic tool called the flashlight magic lamp, made with agglomerated crystals with magical power ― magic crystals that emit faint light.

“There's no dragon, Elize.”

“There's no dragon, Jofre.”

Those two adventurers were Jofre and Elize.

They came to Mount Landau to defeat the dragon.

However, due to the complicated cave structure, they had avoided the wide s.p.a.ce where the dragon lived and the kobold nests as well and ended up in this place.

“Hn? Oh, well isn't it Centaur?”

“Hn? Oh, it's Centaur.”

“”It's been some time!””

The two of them hugged Centaur.

Centaur ignored the hug as it licked the moss growing on the ground as if to eat it.

Ichinojo asked Centaur to go down the mountain with Jofre and Elize. But this current location was already below the foot of the mountain ― as it was deep underground so it believed that it had fulfilled its promise.

If forced to descend even further down from that place, the only choices would be the underground lakes to the left and right but the moss there was extremely delicious so it didn't move.

“By the way, Elize. This is that, right?”

“Yup, I'm curious too. This is really that, ya?”

“The thing that Daijiro-san requested for, right?”

“The thing that Daijiro-san requested for, ya?”

Jofre and Elize illuminated it with their flashlight magic lamp.

There was a huge dragon fossil there.

Jofre and Elize were told to bring the horn of the huge lizard fossil sleeping in this mountain.

“It's really a huge lizard, right?”

“It's really a huge lizard, ya?”

“It's bigger than the Fish Lizard, right?”

“It's bigger than the Fish Lizard, ya?”

Jofre took one of the two horns.

Then, Jofre and Elize keep that in their item bag.

“Dragons are bigger than this, right?”

“Dragons are bigger than this, ya?”

To the two of them, dragons referred to the Dragon King that covered the sky of Ferruit which they saw. They didn't know any other dragons.

Incidentally, they have seen Wyverns as well but Wyverns and Dragons are technically different types of monsters so they were not considered dragons.

Because they were using the Dragon king as the standard, they felt that even this huge dragon that was far larger than the ancient dragon was small in comparison.

Daijiro explained to them countless times but she could not change their perception so, in the end, she ordered them to collect a lizard horn.

Thus, the two of them safely collected a dragon horn instead of a lizard horn but ―

“Where is the exit?”

“Where is the entrance?”

It will be some time before the two of them leave the cave.

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