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Chiyan got himself a lover.

He couldn't recall how they had met, and had no idea about his background. It seemed like they had met when he went to visit his uncle and aunt at s.h.i.+ming City?

But the vagueness of these details didn't bother him. A voice in his subconsciousness whispered to him that these things were unimportant, as long as they were together.

At least he knew his lover's name.

He's Ye Yingzhi.

Ye Yingzhi. Chiyan felt warm and safe just thinking of that name. There was a sense of security and dependence. This feeling of trust could not be faked.

Living together with his lover, Chiyan became even more motivated at work, his colleagues all told him he had been more energised recently. They also teased him about hiding the fact he already had someone he liked; no wonder he had refused all invitations to blind dates.

With Labour Day on Friday, it was a long weekend, and Chiyan planned for him and Ye Yingzhi to go on a short trip to the countryside.

Returning home after a trip to the supermarket, he hadn't even reach his keys before the door swung open, revealing a familiar figure and a handsome, smiling face. Warmth blossomed in Chi Yan's chest as he looked at him. He felt deeply fulfilled, as if he had lost but found a thing he owned. Love for this person sang in his heart and body.

The man took the bag of groceries, and chatting with Chi Yan as he familiarily headed to the kitchen. Even dressed in simple homely outfit, couldn't hide the aura around him.

Chiyan could not recall how long such a life had been going on for, it didn't seem that long, yet it felt like it could have been forever. He gazed at the man's back view, and couldn't help but smile lightly. His heart whispered that this was enough, this was the peaceful and stable life he had been longing for.

At dinner, Chiyan excitedly shared his plans for vacation with Ye Yingzhi, and then waited impatiently for his response. However, Ye Yingzhi didn't immediately agree like he thought he would, instead he hesitated, "Must we go? Wouldn't it still be as fun if we stayed at home?"

Chiyan's heart sank, like a swing dropping from the highest point to the lowest. He had researched for vacation hotspots, as well as trip recommendations throughout the day, and had even booked the accommodation. He was really looking forward to his first trip with his lover.

"Oh," he forced a smile on his face, "Of course, if you are not keen, we could stay at home as well. I'll buy more food back before the holiday starts."

He should have known that Ye Yingzhi did not enjoy going out. After all, this trip was meant to make Ye Yingzhi happy, thus it was natural that he would go with whatever Ye Yingzhi wanted.

Yet even so, Chiyan could not help the disappointment welling inside.

Ye Yingzhi suddenly grabbed his hand and smiled, "I was joking. You hardly get a break, of course we need to go and have fun." He was beautiful when he smiled, his eyes tilting upwards slightly, his dark pupils overflowing with feelings.

Chiyan could only nod at him blankly, instantly disregarding the unmistakable hesitation Ye Yingzhi had shown earlier.

Chiyan felt that after he started living with Ye Yingzhi, his actions and habits had changed a lot. There was something that he worried over constantly in his life previously, however he didn't even think of it now. He had even forgotten what it was. But it made sense, since most people would change when living with their lover.

Take meals as an example. Chiyan used to be someone who just eat to live. Even when he wasn't working, he would call for delivery. Now with someone cooking for him everyday, he even started planning for what groceries to buy, and what he wanted to eat. Chiyan had a vague memory of having to prepare two portions of food in the past, but he just couldn't remember that other person in his life.

On the day of the holiday, Chiyan and Ye Yingzhi headed out very early. The two of them were dressed casually, and Ye Yingzhi wore a pair of shades. Sitting at the front seat with his long legs crossed, he emanated an air of coolness, even more charismatic than the usual idol.

Chi Yan got into the car and then playfully took off Yingzhi's shades, leaning close and brus.h.i.+ng a light kiss on his temple. He glanced down on the shades, remarking offhandedly, "These look great. It's the first time I see these on you. Did you go shopping?" Chi Yan couldn't recall when he and Ye Yingzhi had gone shopping together before.

Ye Yingzhi smiled widely at the kiss and answered vaguely, "These were old."

Chi Yan had followed the GPS, however as the map was not updated, they had to make a u-turn as one of the roads was closed for repairs. The thought of having to head back made the feelings of soreness and fatigue seemed to surge through his body.  He groaned and looked at Ye Yingzhi, "Yingzhi, I don't wanna drive anymore. Can you take over?"

On top of having to wake up early, he didn't get to sleep well last night (thanks to someone). So why was he the one suffering when the culprit was snoozing comfortably?

Ye Yingzhi chuckled, "Are you tired? It was my fault. But baby, you have to hang in there for a while longer."

Blus.h.i.+ng at the endearment, Chi Yan self consciously continued driving and didn't say anymore.

Ye Yingzhi continued, "And did you forget? I don't have a license."

Really? Chi Yan was a bit thrown off. This was different from his image of "Ye Yingzhi"…how can Third Master Ye not drive? Was it because of his poor health?

Hang on…who's Third Master Ye? How did this phrase come to his mind? Moreover, while Yingzhi looked pale, this was because he seldom left the house and was never in the sun .His body was healthy and he had never gotten sick before.

Perhaps due to the road repairs, there were many trucks and Chi Yan had to stay focussed on driving. Thus he neglected a glaring point – he had no knowledge of the man who shared his bed and life. He didn't know if he could drive, if he swam, or ride a bike. He had no idea about what he could or couldn't do, his background, his ident.i.ty, his family.

But Ye Yingzhi had said to him, "We've been together for almost a year."

It was past noon when they arrived at their destination. Chi Yan had booked a local homestay. It was the second-floor unit of a two-storeyed house. Each unit was self-sufficiently equipped with all necessary amenities. There were many similar houses around, mostly rented out to tourists. As it was the holidays, the place was flooded with tourists. However at the house where they were staying, the unit on the first floor was locked up, the curtains drawn and dark.

When Chi Yan took the keys to their unit, he asked the owner, "Business should be very good now. Why is the first floor not rented out?"

The owner, a middle-aged man in his forties, froze before replying, "It's under renovation."

Chi Yan could see shadows of a mess behind the curtain and thought that perhaps work was postponed so as not to affect guests on the second floor. After they carried their luggage up to their room, he wanted to go out to eat, but Ye Yingzhi laid down and rubbed his temples. "I'm feeling a little carsick. I'll rest for a while, why don't you go eat? Just help me grab something on your way back."

Chi Yan thought that Ye Yingzhi would need some food, thus he nodded and went ahead by himself.

The town was a small place, and used to be supported by agricultural businesses. It was only in recent years that its tourism industry started booming. Chi Yan looked around and picked a restaurant that looked the cleanest and ordered three dishes to go. He went back and after dinner with Ye Yingzhi, Chi Yan suggested they go for a walk along the lake to relax a bit. The lake was near their apartment, just a 10-minute walk away.

When they stepped out, a middle-aged woman approached them. She looked to be around 50, and dressed like one of the locals. Stopping Chi Yan, she asked, "Young lad, why are you staying at Mr Hu's place?"

Chi Yan ignored her, knowing that scammers nowadays come in all forms and had a variety of tricks up their sleeves. Moreover, they were staying at the quieter side of town, and there was no one around besides them.

However, she didn't give up and followed after them. "My house is available for rent as well. I'll give you a 40% discount, why don't you move over?"

Chi Yan let down his guard slightly, seeing she's just trying to promote her own lodgings. He stopped and replied, "Madam, we already booked our place, so we don't need another. Why don't you go ask someone else?"

With Chi Yan's patient response, the woman hesitated and whispered, "Listen to me, boy, Mr Hu's house is unclean. Others might be okay, but you are different with your weak const.i.tution…you should quickly move out."

What was she talking about? 'Unclean'? 'Weak const.i.tution'? It wasn't that he didn't believe in the supernatural, but the only ghosts he ever recalled seeing was in movies. Yet those words undeniably struck a chord with him, giving him the s.h.i.+vers, as if he instinctively reacted.

His instinct told him to ask for details, but just then, a hand suddenly wrapped around his waist. Ye Yingzhi hugged him close and whispered into his ear, chuckling, "With me around, you don't have to be afraid."

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