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Under the protection of Ye Yingzhi's ashes, Chi Yan felt more courageous. Thus on the fifth day of Chinese New Year, he drove himself to s.h.i.+ming City.

His cousin, who was studying overseas, had already returned to school, and only his uncle and aunt were home when he arrived. It was soon lunchtime and his aunt said, smiling, "Let's go for lunch. Your uncle reserved a table at a restaurant nearby."

She paused, before exclaiming, "Oh yes before I forget, my brother's family will be joining us too. My niece is about the same age as you, so you two can get to know each other."

WIth his uncle nodding, Chi Yan could only smile agreeably.

His aunt's brother and family arrived soon after they sat down at the restaurant. His aunt's niece, Huang Fenfen, though not considered pretty, looked youthful and fresh dressed up.

Previously, Chi Yan's uncle, Du Ming Liang, did not accept Fenfen as her father was unmotivated and used to gamble, while her mother was materialistic. Moreover having grown up in such an environment, Fenfen was herself lazy and drifted along life, depending on her family. After she graduated, he had given her a job in his company with his wife's persuasion. However Fenfen did not appreciate the opportunity and left the job after working for a few days.

Du Ming Liang was a diligent and ambitious person. To him, his nephew was a good child who turned out well even after losing his parents at a young age. He had planned his studies and career carefully by himself, without depending on others. Though Chi Yan was introverted and unsociable, Du Ming Liang still felt that he was too good for Fenfen. However as his wife had spoken about this several times, he didn't want to reject her again. Moreover, it was a good chance to remind Chi Yan of his marriage.

The gathering started off on a good note, with Fenfen and her family being merry. Being nice, Chi Yan was also polite and friendly, even if the meeting was against his wishes.

Suddenly, Fenfen froze and stared at the steamed fish, not speaking for some time.

Her father tapped her, "What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?"

Her face pale, Fenfen stuttered, "The fish, the fish's eye moved…."

Still oblivious, her father replied, "Was the fish not cooked well?"

Fenfen shook her head wildly, almost tearing and shrieked, "It was staring at me! It smiled at me! I saw how it was killed and gutted and scaled. There was a baby fish in its stomach! The baby fish was dug out and it smiled at me too! It was trying to burrow into my belly!"

The warm atmosphere was ruined with Fenfen's strange ramblings. Fenfen's mother quickly covered her mouth and admonished her with a dark look, "What's wrong with you? Don't tell me you got possessed by a ghost in broad daylight? Quit your nonsense!"

With her mouth stifled, Fenfen couldn't talk, but her voice gurgled from behind her mother's hand, sounding like weird cries. Now that one of the main leads was in such a state, the mood was ruined and Fenfen's mother apologised profusely as she pulled her daughter and husband out with her. Chi Yan felt chills down his spine. It was the first time someone else near him was haunted, instead of him. He briefly wondered what Fenfen wanted to say before her mother stopped her.

After this incident, the matchmaking for the both of them went nowhere. Later, Chi Yan heard that Fenfen had gotten engaged quickly on the 15th of the month. "Was the family advised to hold the engagement to ward off the evil spirit?" Chi Yan thought to himself. The idea of him doing the same came and left swiftly. Chi Yan smiled wryly, knowing that it was impossible for him. He didn't want to drag another person down with him. Also, what should he tell his girlfriend if she asked about the bottle he wore around his neck? Or what about the spirit tablet he had of Ye Yingzhi in his house? Which normal person could accept all these?

Chi Yan understood his situation well, and thought that he would be better off alone, sleeping with Third Master Ye's tablet for the rest of his life. He thought about how he could join a club once work was no longer so busy, or even get a pet to keep him company. Life could be sweet. Thus, Chi Yan unhesitantly rejected all matchmaking offers from his friends and family.

However, the person whom he lived with, could wait no longer.

He had always been by his side, day after day, yet Chi Yan could not see him. He could pull Chi Yan into his embrace, but Chi Yan was unaware. His lover was single in the eyes of others, and even he himself thought that way.

He coveted him, and was displeased to have others' gazes on him.

He hoped to have his hugs and kisses returned.

He wanted him to look into his eyes and call his name.

He wanted his love to be reciprocated.

One day, as March was ending, Chi Yan was in bed, like usual. The weather was warming up, but the nights were still chilly. Deep in sleep, Chi Yan reactively tugged at his blanket, as he felt cold.

A 'person' was hugging him from the back, while wisps of black air invisible to human eyes slowly wrapped around and entered his body.

To be beguiled, to have one's mind thrown into confusion.

That was infatuation.

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