The Man Who Invented the Computer Part 7

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12 "So, of course, when after weeks or months": Ibid., p. 76.

13 "hardly anyone could imagine": Ibid., p. 77.

14 "If Aiken and my father had had revolvers": Welch,

15 "Despite the fact": Copeland et al., p. 2.

16 "Colossus was a special-purpose machine": Flowers, "Colossus," p. 96.

17 "When I came to put them together": Roberts, p. 469.

18 "Hitler had sent Field Marshall Rommel": Flowers, "D-Day at Bletchley Park," p. 80.

19 "The result was a defeat": Ibid.

20 "even up to 26 June": Roberts, p. 470.

21 "If I had ... spent the war interned": Flowers, "D-Day at Bletchley Park," p. 82.

22 "It is regretted that it is not possible": Good and Timms,

23 "You'd be working on a problem": I. J. Maskell,

24 "Flowers received very little remuneration": Ibid.

Chapter Seven.

1 "More steerage-cla.s.s Jewish families": Macrae, p. 42.

2 "he was one grade below me": Marton, p. 41.

3 "Before he finished high school": Macrae, p. 71.

4 "He joined in cla.s.s pranks": Ibid., p. 41.

5 "From all over the globe": Marton, p. 64.

6 "by his first question": Macrae, p. 281.

7 "an internal summary of their work": McCartney, p. 118.

8 "Johnny grabbed other people's ideas": Macrae, p. ix.

9 "The primary memory would be fairly small": Ibid., p. 309.

10 "Dr. Schreyer was able": Zuse, p. 79.

11 "Today when I look back": Ibid., pp. 8788.

12 "Hitler is said to have replied": Ibid., p. 81.

13 "The stairway was too narrow": Ibid., p. 92.

14 "For fourteen days we fled along the front": Ibid., p. 93.

15 "go over to the Americans": Ibid., p. 94.

16 "And when the Allied troops": Ruland, Von Braun, "Mein Leben fur die Rahmfahrt," quoted in Zuse, p. 94.

17 "a large computing machine": Zuse, p. 97.

18 "This environment did anything": Ibid., p. 103.

19 "although we could have taken over": Ibid., p. 108.

20 "the innovation and progressiveness": Ibid., p. 109.

21 "With no administrative or executive powers": Flowers, "Colossus," p. 83.

22 "exacerbated, and ... even provoked": Flowers, "Colossus," p. 83.

23 "almost as big a deal": Gustafson, personal communication, April 6, 2010.

24 "supplied detailed circuit design": Copeland, "Colossus and the Rise of the Computer," p. 109.

25 "The code he suggests is": Hodges, p. 352.

26 "It is clear that": Gustafson, personal communication, April 2010.

27 "were widely at variance": Hodges, p. 353.

Chapter Eight.

1 "all people who wish to continue as employees": McCartney, p. 160.

2 "Well, the record is clear": Stern, interview with Irven Travis, p. 18.

3 "perfect[ing] them in more detail": McCartney, p. 138.

4 "Mauchly was a dreamer": Burton, p. 160.

5 "Mauchly was a.s.signed the patent work": c.o.x, interview, February 22, 2010.

6 "It was one room in a Victorian building": Copeland, "Colossus and the Rise of the Modern Computer," p. 111.

7 "The Sixth Army Group": Colley, p. A27.

8 "every [press] release": Clark, p. 26.

9 "the university [of Manchester]": Hodges, p. 406.

10 "that his decision was influenced": Copeland, et al., p. 187.

11 "with the Russians": Marton, p. 183.

12 "all those sitting around": Macrae, p. 333.

Chapter Nine.

1 "had met with the Pentagon": McCartney, p. 147.

2 "The application was broad and unfocused": Ibid., p. 148.

3 "the Princest.i.tute": Macrae, p. 299.

4 "People thought he was walking away": c.o.x, interview, February 22, 2010.

5 "He could not handle a screwdriver": Macrae, p. 371.

6 "I have a great deal of affection": Kaplan, interview with John Atanasoff, August 28, 1977, p. 13.

7 "In many ways": Hodges, p. 438.

8 "transformed his body": Wansell,

Chapter Ten.

1 "became paranoid": c.o.x, interview, February 22, 2010.

2 "There may have been similar systems": Eckert, "A Survey of Digital Memory Systems," Journal of the Inst.i.tute of Radio Engineers, October 1953, reprinted in Burton, p. 165.

3 "he had heard rumors": Mollenhoff, p. 83. 157 "If you will help us": Burton, p. 165.

4 "Now in the United States": Zuse, p. 114.

5 "still did not completely trust": Ibid., p. 115.

6 "screaming in horror": Rhodes, personal communication, April 2010.

7 "I did not want to spend the rest of my life": Kaplan, interview with John Atanasoff, August 28, 1977, p. 19.

8 "Retirement mellowed Atanasoff very little": Burton, p. 175.

9 "At Harvard they were still completely convinced": Zuse, p. 116.

10 "We had exactly a half an hour": Ibid., p. 121.

11 "Many a night": Ibid., p. 122.

12 "An electrical computing machine": "Machine Remembers," Des Moines Tribune, January 15, 1941, reprinted in Mollenhoff, p. 163.

13 "An interesting sidelight": Ibid., p. 99.

14 "I am not sure what Dr. Atanasoff told you": Clifford Berry, quoted in Mollenhoff, p. 99.

15 "left him in substantial pain": McCartney, p. 206.

16 "When I told a physician what I knew": Berry, p. 361.

17 "huge impact on Atanasoff": c.o.x, interview, February 22, 2010.

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19 "The ancestry of all electronic digital systems": Richards, Electronic Digital Systems (New York: Wiley, 1966), quoted in Burton, p. 181.

20 "Studying Atanasoff's memorandum": Mollenhoff, p. 111. 172 "If I had known": Burton, p. 190.

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