The History of Tasmania Volume II Part 37

The History of Tasmania -

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_Rochford_--a towns.h.i.+p in c.u.mberland.

_Ross_--a towns.h.i.+p on the Macquarie, in the parish of Ross and county of Somerset, 73 miles from Hobart, 47 from Launceston, and 6 from Campbell Town. It contains an episcopal church and school, a chapel, a police and post station, and two inns. The police magistrate of Campbell Town holds a court here once in a week. There is a bridge across the Macquarie at this towns.h.i.+p. The district is chiefly agricultural.

_Rugby_--a towns.h.i.+p on the Derwent, in the parish of Sutherland and county of Buckingham.

_Shannon_--a river which rises at the Great Lake in Westmoreland, and falls into the Ouse.

_Shepton Montacute_--a towns.h.i.+p in Monmouth.

_Sidmouth_--a village on the west bank of the Tamar, about 20 miles from Launceston. There is a presbyterian church here, and a resident minister.

_Sorell_--a town in the parish of Sorell and county of Pembroke, 23 miles from Hobart, and 144 from Launceston. It has an episcopal church (St. George's) and school, a presbyterian church, a police and post office, and other public buildings. There is a resident police magistrate. The population of the town and district is 3,354, and the number of houses 370. A small stream falls into the bay of Pitt.w.a.ter, close to the town. The district is electoral; Askin Morrison, Esq., is the first member.

_South Esk_--a considerable river which rises in the eastern part of the county of Dorset, and after a circuitous course, in which it the towns of Fingal, Avoca, Evandale, Perth, and Longford, falls into the Tamar at Launceston. About half a mile from the place where it joins the Tamar, the river forms a considerable basin, surrounded by lofty hills, and having a water-fall at the upper part. A few yards lower down, there is another cataract--one of the most magnificent in the island--and the river continues its course to the Tamar between two high and almost perpendicular hills. Along one of these hills a wooden aqueduct is carried, which conveys water to turn a mill and supply the town. The river is crossed here by a ferry, which leads to the road down the western side of the Tamar. The view up the Esk at this place is one of the most picturesque in the colony.

_South Port_--a harbor on the western side of D'Entrecasteaux Channel.

_Styx_--a branch of the river Derwent in Buckingham.

_Summerleas_--a towns.h.i.+p in the parish of Kingborough and county of Buckingham.

_Swansea_--a towns.h.i.+p in Glamorgan on the western side of Oyster Bay, 74 miles from Hobart, and 194 from Launceston. It has a police and post station.

_Tamar_--a fine river in Cornwall, at the head of which stands the town of Launceston. It is navigable from its entrance to the town--about forty miles--for s.h.i.+ps of 600 tons, and is of considerable width--in some places of three miles. At the wharves at Launceston the tide rises from twelve to fourteen feet. On the banks of the river are some good farms, and the scenery is generally picturesque.

_Tasman's_--a large peninsula forming the south-eastern part of the county of Pembroke. There is a smaller one, called Forrester's, between it and the main land. Tasman's Peninsula has several fine bays, and contains some penal stations.

_Tenby_--a towns.h.i.+p at Spring Bay in the county of Pembroke.

_Tierney_--a towns.h.i.+p in the Lake River.

_Trent_--a small river in Devon, which falls into Ba.s.s' Strait, near Rocky Cape.

_Triabunna_--a village at Prossor's Bay.

_Tunbridge_--a town in the parish of Maxwell and county of Somerset, a few miles south of Ross, on a small stream called Blackman's River, which falls into the Macquarie.

_Victoria_--a village on the river Huon.

_Westbury_--a town in the parish of Westbury and county of Westmoreland, 140 miles from Hobart, and 20 from Launceston. It has a resident police magistrate, a postmaster, and other officers, and contains an episcopal church and school, a Roman catholic church and school, a Wesleyan chapel, and three inns. The town and district has a population of 2,842, and 420 houses. William Archer, jun., Esq., is the first member for the electoral district.

_Windermere_--a village on the eastern bank of the Tamar, about 15 miles from Launceston. It has an episcopal church and a mill.

_Wye_--a branch of the Swan Port River.

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