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Chapter 065. Ling Feng

Udir's trusted aide expertly gathered intelligence after receiving Udir's order. Within a short 3 hours of researching this person "Charley", all information on Charley was brought out— At 18-years-old he lost both of his birth parents, and then went to a medical school on Planet Oman. He attended a very ordinary medical school on Planet Oman. His performance was average. After graduation, he worked at a private hospital on Planet Oman for a few years. It wasn't too long before the hospital closed down due to ill-management. Charley soon after came to the Po Military Star alone and became a physician in the General Hospital of the Military District.

This resume does not seem to have anything questionable at all. It is nothing but the experience of an ordinary doctor. If you swapped it with someone else, it would also not be questioned if you investigated it here.

But Udir always feels it wasn't quite suitable.

He had a strange intuition. He felt that the man should not be called Charley, should not look like that, should not be so ordinary......

Looking at the details pa.s.sed on by his trusted aide, Udir frowned slightly and replied: "Provide me with some more front-view photos of Charley."

The information was sent out, in addition to Charley's photo ID at the time of his graduation, others are some profile photos of him working and his life, often wearing surgical masks, making it hard to see his facial features clearly.

Udir sent out these messages, and it didn't take long for the other party to find a clear front-view photo of Dr. Charley.

—The man in the photo is completely ordinary. There was not a single distinguis.h.i.+ng feature if he was mixed into a ma.s.s of people. A pair of jet-black eyes with a hint of a smile, the expression on his face is also relaxed and easygoing. At first glance, this is a kind of person with a very good temperament.

Udir however frowned.

These eyes......

Although he had a high fever yesterday, he clearly remembered that man's eyes.

That man had a pair of clear jet-black eyes, those beautiful eyeb.a.l.l.s were just like the purest of gems. He even had an urge appear to reach out his hands to touch those eyes as they quietly gaze upon him.

Even though the man's eyes in the photo in front of his were also black, there wasn't any feeling of his heart being plucked like a bowstring.

The appearance of the two are actually completely similar, but the eyes have no resemblance at all...... It was those eyes that betrayed him.

Udir raised the corners of his mouth slightly and dialed the communicator of his trusted aide. He said in a low voice: "No need to check, he is not Charley at all."

Their temperaments are so different, but the information is not flawed. The only explanation is "impersonation."

That male doctor from yesterday clearly impersonated Charley to come hold a post at Po Military Star. There is simply no way to find out where the real Charley is now or who that man is. This handful of information is practically seamless, if it was not for Udir's indescribable feeling of familiarity with him, it would have been really difficult to unmask this false disguise.

Thinking back to that man's gaze, movements, and voice, that sort of strange familiarity once again was fostered at the bottom of his heart

—He must have seen him somewhere, he must be related to those lost memories.

Udir knit his brows and no longer hesitated, he silently memorized "Charley's" address on Po Military Star from the investigation in his heart.


The first day of training the Rose Legion ended pretty smoothly. Udir allowed the officers and soldiers to each to go back to rest and he also returned to the VIP suite of the Military District's Reception Area alone.

Just before the night was about to stain the sky, he called out his personal mech Silver Snow and flew directly out of the porthole on the roof.

The doubtful points in his heart grow greater and greater in number, making it so that he is eagerly thinking of going in person to see Charley's whole face.

As the moment comes when he arrives at Dr. Charley's rented residence, Udir lightly rang the doorbell and said with a refined and courteous smile: "Excuse me, may I ask if Dr. Charley is home?"

Ling Feng absolutely did not expect Udir to suddenly come right to his door.

The moment he saw Udir on the screen, his mind went blank, and he froze in place without the slightest clue as to what the right thing to do was.

Lin Yuan and Snow saw Ling Feng standing at the doorway with his whole body rigid and finally noticed something was wrong. When they looked at each other, Snow couldn't help but ask: "Dad, is someone looking for you outside?"

With this, Ling Feng's soul came back to his body, and he feigned a calm smile and said: " colleague is calling me about a small matter, you guys leave the room in advance."

He brought Lin Yuan and Snow to the study room, looked for two e-books to give to the two, and closed the door tightly in pa.s.sing. He hurriedly tidied up the living room and once again put on that mask layer on, then turned to the entrance and glanced at the monitoring screen at the door—

Udir still stood outside, the expression on his face was very calm and unhurried, he was very patient.

He seemed to sense Ling Feng's approach, he smiled very gracefully towards the direction of the security camera and said, "I just heard the sound of your footsteps. The soundproofing quality of the apartment you rented is not very good...... Don't pretend that there is no one home. Quickly open up the door Charley."

The man's smiling eyes clearly had a hint of "reading the other party's mind and teasing".

Ling Feng could not help but stare blankly.

He really wants to pretend that there is no one at home, but he knows that he simply cannot hide from Udir like this.

Back then when he first met Udir, he was always so thick-faced and thinking up of every possible trick in the book to molest him. Ling Feng was so annoyed by this that he couldn't wait to wrap up that incomparably elegant and graceful man with a nasty heart and throw him out, but Udir consciously entirely ignored any excuses and bothered Ling Yu. It seemed as if Udir was also fond of Ling Feng's exceedingly both embarra.s.sed and helpless facial expressions.

Seeing the man's familiar handsome face only separated by the screen, Ling Feng found that he was actually still nervous.

After so many years, he originally thought he had long since forgotten those past memories, but the result was that he buried those memories as the most precious memories deep in the bottom of his heart. At this moment, with the appearance of Udir, those memories gradually poured out, his chest was heavy like it was weighed down by a boulder, and even simple breathes became extremely difficult.

There was still no response in the house. Udir very patiently pressed the doorbell. "Doctor Charley, please open the door. I have something I need you for."

Ling Feng finally braced himself and opened the door, saying with an undisturbed expression: "General, what are you looking for me for?"

The complexion of the man in front of him is somewhat unnaturally pale, his eyes are cold, and the implication of rejection is very obvious. Udir looked at him over carefully, and the urge to get close to him in sprung up at the bottom of his heart again.

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