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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:04:00 PM Chapter 75


A gunshot broke out in the dark secret underground garage as the driver who had been hiding in the car finally found a chance to shoot .

The bullet pa.s.sed quickly through Rhode and eventually hit Jack on the shoulder . Puff! A b.l.o.o.d.y flower soon spread over Jack’s shoulder .

“Hum!” Jack, who was. .h.i.t by a bullet, grunted and was knocked back a few steps .

Bang! Bang bang!

The first bullet was just the beginning, and as Jack was. .h.i.t, several more bullets came after him in succession . What’s more, the frightened Hebrew and Rhode took a pistol out of their waist and fired at Jack at the same time . As the rulers of the Mafia clan, Hebrew is not a simple person . It is normal for them to carry guns with them .

Jack, who has been shot wasn’t able to stay in his original position any longer . He rolled a little beneath his feet to avoid all the bullets . For a trained killer like him, face-to-face shooting has become very difficult to pose any threat to him .

Bang! Bang!

“Ah-ah! Die! You should have died twenty years ago!” The pistol kept firing, and Rhode Frankenstein, who had always been known for his calmness, just wanted to kill his illegitimate son in madness .

“Four, three… As he dodged the bullets that kept coming, Jack counted the numbers in his mind .

Bang! ~

Finally, after a burst of intense strikes, the bullets fired at Jack suddenly stopped for an instant .

“Right now!” The sound of the gun paused and Jack’s eyes condensed in an instant .


A silver knife flew out in an instant from his hand, aiming at the three people in front .

Puff puff!

Three successive silver flashes pa.s.sed and the three people who were rapidly changing their ammunition clips, all stopped their movements . The next moment, a large amount of blood sprayed out from them everywhere .

Thump! Thump!

The driver behind the door was dead and Hebrew and Rhode fell to the ground . Hebrew died after he fell to the ground . The influential figure, who had been in charge of Frankenstein Family for decades, finally died in the hands of his grandson, though he had never known such a person before . As for Rhode, it seemed that Jack had deliberately missed his vital spots . Although the knife was inserted in his chest, it avoided the position of his heart .

Da Da!

Without paying attention to the blood flowing out of his shoulders, Jack slowly moved towards his father, who was still struggling on the ground, holding a knife in his hand .


“Ah! ~ Ah!” Covering his chest wound, Rhode struggled to climb into the car . However, the sound of footsteps behind him has come to him .

“Ah! ~ Cough!” With a scream, Rhode was kicked over by Jack .


Crouching in front of Rhode and looking at his father’s miserable appearance, Jack’s 20-year-old anger was finally released .

“Jack! Jack! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please let me go! Now that the Frankenstein Family is left with you and me, I can give you the whole family! You’re my son . That’s logical!” Feeling his life that was slowly pa.s.sing, Rhode stared at Jack and shouted . In order to survive, he no longer cared about anything else .

“Let you let go? No problem!” Jack laughed scornfully at what he said and then agreed .

“Eh? Really?!”

“As long as you can bring my mother back to life!” After saying that, Jack put his hand directly on the chest knife .


Slowly, the knife inserted into Rhode’s chest and stabbed deeper .

“Ah!” ~” With Jack’s action, Rhode could say nothing but scream .



Finally, under Jack’s slow torture, Rhode finally swallowed his last breath and stared at Jack without responding .

After staring at the dead Rhode for a while, Jack finally slowly stood up . “Do you think I care about your so-called family?” Faced with his dead father, Jack murmured expressionlessly .

Later, Jack stood in silence, without leaving or dealing with his wounds . Having endured for more than twenty years, now that his greatest goal in his life has been accomplished, he suddenly felt a sense of loss .

After standing in silence for three minutes, Jack finally slowly turned around and said, “How long are you going to hide behind?” Looking at the secret pa.s.sage, Jack asked faintly .

After Jack asked that question, there was a sudden movement in the secret pa.s.sage, and then the three figures came out slowly . It was Lin Rui and others who came after him .

“When did you arrive?” Looking at his three teammates, Jack asked with complicated eyes . Actually, Jack really doesn’t want people to know his life story .

“Long enough for us to piece together a family ethics revenge drama . ” In response to Jack’s inquiry, Lin Rui replied truthfully .

Although they had no intention of hearing Jack’s life story, Lin Rui was shocked that Jack was the illegitimate son of the Frankenstein Family .

“Jack, I didn’t expect you to have such a story . Suddenly, I like you a little . ” After Lin Rui, Peter suddenly said this . Getting revenge after more than twenty years of humiliation fits Peters taste of doing things .


“Hey! Mirage Knight! Why are you slapping me?!” But just after Peter had said that, Lin Rui next to him suddenly slapped him .

“Speak less and n.o.body will think that you are dumb!” Lin Rui was also helpless in the face of Peter’s flourishes on all occasions .

“So, Jack, what are you going to do next?” Walking up to Jack, Lin Rui asked .

Jack’s revenge was so great that he no longer seemed to need the help of Lin Rui’s team . If he opts out, Lin Rui has no good reason to keep him . Although Jack had promised before, he didn’t really want to stay with them, But Lin Rui wants him to stay with the team especially after he knew Jack’s life . Of course, the top of Frankenstein Family has been destroyed, but this huge family will not collapse directly . Without a direct leader, someone else will jump out and take the position .

“Do you want me to stay in your team to deal with your enemies with you?” Instead of answering Lin Rui, Jack asked back . Of course, he knows what Lin Rui means, but now he has no goals and no longer wants to fight .

“Of course it’s best if you want to, or we can help put the Frankenstein Family in your hands . After all, you are a direct member . The Mafia families are lead by strength, I believe your strength is enough to deter those guys . ” Lin Rui first nodded to express his point of view, and then he made a suggestion .

Frankenstein Family’s most important members are dead, but it hasn’t been destroyed yet . If Lin Rui helped Jack take control of the family, it would save them a lot of trouble . And then Lin Rui will be ready to deal with the Vampire problem . With the help of a family that has been trading with them, Lin Rui will find it easier .

“Well, no matter what I choose, you don’t mean to let me go . ” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Jack said with a chuckle .

“After all, you used me to help you stop the Level 4 Mutant and I’ve been following our previous agreement . ” Shaking his head, Lin Rui directly broke Jack’s original plan .

Jack frowned at Lin Rui’s words . Lin Rui was right . He promised to join Lin Rui’s team, which was meant to help him avenge himself . And before that, Jack wasn’t sure Lin Rui or they could deal with Level 4 Mutant . Jack put Lin Rui in a dangerous position to avenge himself . So when Lin Rui broke down his plan, Jack had nothing to say .

“Although I knew from the beginning that you were untrustworthy, I didn’t realize that you really intended to break your promise . ” Just as Jack was silent, Matt on the other side finally spoke .

“Oh! So you are using us to avenge you! I don’t like you anymore!” It seems that it’s not until now that Spiderman shouted aloud .

“I don’t like you either, Spiderman! Nevertheless, I will keep my promise . I am willing to join you in dealing with the dark forces . ” Glancing at Peter, Jack finally chose to join Lin Rui .

“Welcome, I don’t think you’ll regret it!” Happily reaching out a hand to Jack, Lin Rui said with a smile . Lin Rui was delighted that Jack finally volunteered to join his team .


“I hope so . ” Grasping Lin Rui’s hand, Jack said lightly .

“So are you ready to take over the ownerless Frankenstein Family now?” Just after shaking hands with Jack, Lin Rui suddenly asked .

“Hey! Didn’t you say that just now?!” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Jack shouted uncomfortably .

“You haven’t decided to be our partner just now! Now that we are partners, shouldn’t these things be okay?” Looking at Jack, Lin Rui said with a smile .

“Is it too late for me to opt-out now?”


“What do you say? Hey hey!” Before Lin Rui answered, Peter had already sandwiched Jack between him and Matt .


While Lin Rui’s team was discussing how to solve the Frankenstein Family completely, another man struggling with the dark forces was in great trouble . Blade, a vampire hunter who is half-human and half-Vampire .

Blade fought against Vampires all his life, wandering around Vampire’s world and saving people who were treated as food by Vampires . That’s why Blade has always been the eyesore of the Vampire forces . But because of Blade’s strength, he not only has Vampire’s powerful body but also has human advantages . So in the battle against Blade, Vampires never achieved any good results .

Now Vampires has come up with a way to defeat Blade, using his boundless hatred for Vampires . So, will Blade be fooled?


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