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Published at 7th of August 2019 09:04:00 PM Chapter 76


Sitting on Mirage Knight’s sofa, Spiderman is used to occupying Lin Rui’s territory . Although Lin Rui has reminded him more than once to plan his own territory, Peter always says that he has no time . In fact, he just can’t afford to buy his own sofa . But he didn’t want to borrow money from Lin Rui . He didn’t know if the base had any public funds .


“Huh! It’s boring!” Leaning against the sofa tossing the remote control, Peter shouted .

Peter has lost much interest in the street thieves and robbers since he acted with Lin Rui once . Although Peter is still helping people, these things are too trivial to compare with the Mafia and the mysterious Vampires .


“Didn’t you just captured two car thieves?” Lin Rui asked lightly as he kicked Peter on the other side of the sofa .

“And now your fame has caught up with me . Although I still think your modified clothes are still ugly, Spiderman is a new and rising Vigilante that New York is very concerned about . ” Sitting next to Peter, Lin Rui went on .

Compared with Mirage Knight and Daredevil, who spend most of their time at night, Spiderman’s activity time is almost 24 hours, which brings him more reputation . Moreover, He is also attractive as he often flies around with spider webs between high-rise buildings . Lin Rui has been asked by his editor-in-chief to take Spiderman’s picture as much as possible, and he is now considering whether to take Peter’s picture and get a newspaper bonus .

“Teach those two fools who have no technical and talking skill at all! Also, can you stop talking about my clothes? Do you think it’s easy for me to modify them? ” Faced with Lin Rui’s words, Peter shouted in protest .

“I see! I will restrain myself!” With a helpless nod, Lin Rui didn’t want to be bothered by Peter all the time .

“So, haven’t there been any action lately? Last time I heard Daredevil say that his opponent was very fierce, when shall we go and put him down?” The restless Spiderman will not give up any chance to fight criminals, especially those who are evil .

“Jack is taking over the Frankenstein Family quickly with Daredevil’s help, although it is not so smooth, but at least it’s in his control . As for Wilson, we will not let him go but we need a plan .   I think it’s not too far when we will pull him down from his high throne . ” Lin Rui simply explains the situation to Peter .

“What do you mean… use the power of the Frankenstein Family to confront Wilson’s forces so that we can better deal with the last big boss?” After Lin Rui’s brief explanation, Peter quickly responded .

“Hmm, that’s right, so Daredevil is helping Jack clean up some short-sighted guys in the Frankenstein Family these days . After taking over the Frankenstein Family completely, Jack will fight against Wilson’s forces . When Wilson deals with the Frankenstein Family, then it will be the time for us to start . ” With a nod, Lin Rui told Spiderman his tentative plan .

“Cool! Mirage Knight! You are a genius!”

“So, you don’t have to worry, there are always times when you can use the rest . And I have a hunch that you won’t have much time to relax . ” Watching the program on TV, Lin Rui said lightly .

Peter has been Spiderman for some time . Although Lin Rui doesn’t know when the giant Lizard appeared in the full story, it should be coming soon . As for Peter, who is familiar with said Lizard, His battle against him will be the next big story .

“Well, I’ll wait . ”


So while waiting for Lin Rui’s big plan, Peter took time to go to Professor Connors’laboratory . But when he came to the lab again, Professor Connors wasn’t there and it seemed that he hasn’t been here in a long time .

Peter did not know that Professor Connors had been expelled by Oscoorp for refusing to continue human trials when he became Spiderman and was busy saving the world . On the last day of being forced to leave his office, Professor Connors injected himself with a dose of the serum, he wanted to test on himself with his research results .

Not surprisingly, the serum worked and Professor Connors’ lost right hand grew back quickly . But Professor Connors hasn’t been happy for long and the mutation that appeared in the failed experiment began with his new right hand .

Unlike the original plot, when Professor Connors, incarnated as a giant lizard, wandered across the bridge in search of Dr . Ratha, who expelled him, Peter did not eat at Gwen’s house but wandered in the streets of New York . After all, Gwen was not Peter’s girlfriend at this time . In fact, during this time, Gwen and Harry are getting closer, No one knows which step they have reached in their relations.h.i.+p .

So when he heard the sirens on the road, Peter flew quietly to the tall building with spider silk and quickly rushed to the accident site . By the time Peter arrived at the bridge, Professor Connors had overturned several cars on the bridge .

Boom! Boom!

Constantly overturning the cars in front of him, Professor Connors’s mutant lizard form is getting more and more violent, and he wants to find Dr . Ratha to stop him from going to the Veterans Hospital . He lifted another car in front of him and threw it aside . This time the throw was a bit powerful . The car flew directly over the guardrail and fell down .

“Ah!” The man who had not had time to escape the car shouted inside .



At this time, Peter finally arrived, and the spider thread from his wrist just stuck to the car and he hung it under the bridge without letting it fall .

Boom! Boom!

Without looking back, Professor Connors’ human side has been slowly suppressed by the lizard’s raging genes, with more and more efforts being made and more cars flying out of the bridge .


“d.a.m.n it!” Spiderman can only keep firing spider silk in the back to hang the cars flying out one by one near the bridge, but he has been unable to catch up with the Giant Lizard in front of him for the time being .

After overturning more than a dozen cars on the bridge, Professor Connors finally found Ratha’s Mercedes-Benz . The giant mutant lizard’s claws went straight through the roof and grabbed at Ratha trapped in the car .

The sharp claws pulled hard in the car two times, and Dr . Ratha was lucky to escape . However, the seats in the car were not so lucky, almost all of them were scratched .


Instead of catching Dr . Ratha, Dr . Connors smashed the window directly, intending to take the car apart . But just as he lifted the whole car, Peter finally came .

“Incoming!” With a loud cry, Peter, swinging by the spider silk, kicked Professor Connors, who was carrying the car .

However, after the Giant Lizard was kicked away, the car he was carrying on his paw fell directly under the bridge . Peter had to give up chasing the lizard and rescue Dr . Ratha again . When Peter came back to look for the lizard again, It had already left . His first mutation was very unstable and has now begun to degenerate .

“Somebody Help! Help me! My son is trapped!” Just as Peter was about to catch up, a cry for help came from behind him .

Without hesitation, Peter quickly turned back to save people . Lightly landing in the car suspended under the bridge, Peter soon saw the little boy trapped inside .

“Ah! ~~” However, the trapped boy suddenly saw a grotesquely dressed man lying on the car gla.s.s and screamed with horror .

“Hey! Don’t be afraid! What’s your name?” Quickly removing his mask, Peter, showing his face, gently asked the little boy inside .

“Jack~ My name is Jack . ” Seeing Peter’s still rea.s.suring face, the little boy finally rea.s.sured himself and answered Peter’s words in a low voice .

“Okay, Jack . Let’s get you out of here, okay?” Successfully comforted the little boy, Peter began to save him while communicating with him .

“Ah! ~” Finally, at the last moment when the car fell, Peter succeeded in pulling the little boy with spider silk . He climbed up the bridge with the little boy in his arms and gave him to his father safely . Peter was also tired . Without staying in place, Peter quickly left the scene .

That night, the New York police held a press conference about the accident on the bridge . Unlike the original plot, Police Captain George did not want to immediately apprehend Spiderman but said the police would pay close attention to the matter . It seems that they have more important things now and since Spiderman, who boasts of being a hero of justice, It would be okay if he doesn’t care about him for the time being . As for the lizard that wreaked havoc on the bridge, they’ll find it .

Not long after the accident, Lin Rui knew it . Matt didn’t pay much attention to it . He thought the big guy should be some Mutant . Of course, Lin Rui knew who the lizard was, so he was very concerned about it and asked Peter about it .

“At the time, I was busy saving people . I didn’t have much time to observe that big fellow . But he looks like a predator, and he should be strong . ” That’s what Peter said at the time .

“Well, you have to be more careful now . If this lizard reappears, remember to call me . We can’t let such a dangerous fellow run around in New York City . ” Finally, Lin Rui reminded Peter .

Although The Giant Lizard was destined to be defeated by Spiderman, Peter spent a lot of effort in the original plot and with the help of Police Captain George, he defeated the Lizard with the help of gene detoxification serum . Rather than saying that he defeated it,  it would be better to say that Peter won because of his Spiderman protagonist halo .

Since Peter is not alone now, Lin Rui certainly won’t mind his helping him to deal with Dr . Lizard, just as he and Daredevil helped Tony beat his uncle Obadiah . Moreover, although Dr . Connors is somewhat paranoid about his research, It cannot be denied that he is still an outstanding scientist . Less than a last resort, Lin Rui didn’t want Dr . Connors to end up dead in the end . The best way is to stop Dr . Connors before he can make unforgivable things . This is what Lin Rui wants to do when he wants to intervene in the original story .

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