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### Chapter 41 Let's talk outside

It wasn't necessary to put things plainly when addressing smart people. Jia Quan managed to stay in a key position for many years. Clearly, he was a highly intelligent person. If Gu Shaoyun called him, Jia Quan would naturally understand how to handle things. At that time, all of Zhao Jun's worries would be eliminated, the Free Man Bar and Sister Flower would be left in peace, and Qin Feng would be able to return to carry out his regular duties without worries.

Gu Shaoyun immediately promised him his help and said that he wanted to visit Xiao Jinhua on behalf of the military. Qin Feng was very grateful and hung up after a few more words.

After this was done, a heavy burden was lifted from Qin Feng's heart. Once he smoothly took over Kun's position, he could easily arrange for Zhu Fei's father to work at the Free Man Bar after being discharged from the hospital. Although it was not that good a place to go, it was still better than sweeping the streets and sweating in the rain.

Zhu Fei soon arrived at the hospital. She did not notice Zhou Liang's taxi following her.

Qin Feng and Zhu Fangguo were chatting casually. They had found a common ground over the past two days. They both liked football, Qin Opera and Sichuan cuisine, and with this in-depth understanding, Qin Feng found that Zhu Fangguo was far less "outdated" than his status as a lowly sanitation worker suggested. In his early years when he worked in the factory, he was even considered a bit of an intellectual. In those days, his technical secondary school diploma was really worth something. If it were not for the societal stagnation of the time, Qin Feng believed that with Zhu Fangguo's talent, he would certainly have achieved something. He was a particularly resolute and strong person at heart. He had his persistence and perseverance, and was not moved by fame or wealth. Modern society was so impetuous; those who could still live up to their core values were rare, and Zhu Fangguo was one of them.

"Qin Feng, Uncle is very pleased with your and Zhu Fei's affair. I rest a.s.sured knowing that she could find such a good fellow. I can see you are a very steady and responsible man. I am happy that she came to Tianhe, but I'm worried even more, do you understand? I cannot resume my relations.h.i.+p with her. I will only be a burden to her. Now that you have appeared, everything will become easier. I won't ask you for a grand and rich life. Just be healthy and happy together, and when you face difficulties, talk about them. Avoid arguments. I'll talk to her mother."

While he was saying this, Zhu Fei, who had just walked up to the door, stopped in her tracks. She put her ear to the door, listening to her father's words.

"Uncle, did you and your wife get divorced because of your financial situation?" Qin Feng asked.

"Not entirely, but that's one of the main reasons."

"It's all gone," Zhu Fangguo said. "I haven't seen her for so many years, but I know she's definitely unhappy. She may even regret divorcing me, but such is life. You don't always get a second chance. To tell the truth, her mother's departure hit me hard. I suddenly didn't know what to do. I abandoned myself for a long time. I was drunk every day. I pa.s.sed out in the snow once and almost froze to death. When I woke up, I thought Fei Fei and her mother were back. I…. I was thinking of nothing, just hoping they could get by. I had nightmares every night. I had nothing. I lived like a walking corpse. In fact, I wanted to kill myself, but when I thought of Fei Fei, who was the only person I missed in this world, I could not do it. I had to live. What if one day Fei Fei married and had children, and brought her new family to Tianhe? It would be all right if I saw her then."

At that moment, Zhu Fei rushed in. Her eyes were moist and red, and she looked at the bed-ridden Zhu Fangguo with deep emotion. Zhu Fangguo gasped.

"Dad..." she called out.

The word hung in the air for a long time. It was a call of love from the depths of the heart. It was a call that had been awaited for a long time, reverberating for ten years.

Zhu Fei fell into Zhu Fangguo's arms. Even though he wanted to push her back again, he was also in tears. People had feelings. In that moment, the affection for his family prevailed over reason. Looking at the tender picture of father and daughter from the side, Qin Feng was deeply touched. May the world be filled with true love, less tragedy, and more joy.

Zhu Fangguo took Zhu Fei's hand and looked at Qin Feng, "Come here."

Qin Feng approached him. Zhu Fangguo grabbed his hand and put it on Zhu Fei's. "You two will have to walk a long, long road in the future. I hope you can hold on firmly to each other and stay together forever, no matter how many difficulties lie ahead," he said. "You have to be brave."

Looking at Zhu Fei and Qin Feng holding hands, Zhu Fangguo wiped his tears. "Promise me? Okay? I don't want my tragedy to pa.s.s on to you!"

Qin Feng looked at Zhu Fei across the bed, then back at the bedridden Zhu Fangguo's expectant eyes. He did not want to ruin the warm atmosphere, so he nodded and replied, "Okay."

Zhu Fei was stunned. She did not think this would happen, but in order to not disappoint her father, she also said in a dull voice, "Don't worry, Dad, I will do my best."

Just then, the sound of hasty footsteps came from the door.

Qin Feng and Zhu Fei looked back at the same time. Zhou Liang looked back at them coldly. Zhu Fei gasped in surprise, quickly pulling her hand away from Qin Feng's. She almost ran back to the door. "You followed me?"

Qin Feng joined her.

"Zhu Fei, no wonder you are so cold to me! Your heart is already taken by another."

Zhou Liang stared coldly at Qin Feng, looking him up and down, his eyes showing a ferocious light, "Man, I don't care what you think, but let me tell you something clearly. Zhu Fei is mine. If you want to take her from me, that will be a form of suicide! Now get out of here."

Qin Feng blinked at him. Just a few days ago he hit Jia Dapeng for ceaselessly pursuing Zhu Fei. Dapeng also liked to use that arrogant tone, and now another boy who didn't understand how things worked popped up out of the blue.


This Zhu Fei sure had a lot of charm.

Zhu Fei raised her voice: "Zhou Liang, are you nuts? What have I got to do with you? Just go mind your own business. Even if you were the last man on Earth, I would not go out with you. Just drop it."

At that point, Zhu Fangguo behind her sat up and said, "Fei Fei, what's going on?"

"Don't worry about it, Uncle. I'll deal with it." Qin Feng wanted to keep Zhu Fangguo out of it, but he'd already seen Zhou Liang.

"Are you from Su City? Come on over, let me talk to you."

"Don't say too much in front of the old man," Qin Feng warned him. "It will only aggravate Zhu Fangguo's illness. He is suffering from high blood pressure and should not be stimulated. We should talk outside."

Zhou Liang nervously turned his eyes to Zhu Fangguo and said, "OK."

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