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"Hey, isn't this the famous Sister Hua?"

Jia Quan laughed and joked, "As far as I can remember, you never came to me on your own initiative. If it were your peers who waited for me in this place, I would have left in fright. But you, I forced the driver to stop. I just want to see what's new with you looking for me."


Jia Quan's remarks were both flattering and derogatory to Sister Hua. In a different way, he was saying that she was different from her peers. As the police chief of Tianhe, which woman in the night club he could not play with if he, Jia Quan wanted to? As long as he nodded, crowds of women would be sent to his bed.

But Jia Quan's eye on Xiao Jinhua was no longer a day or two, and it was not a secret in Tianhe either. Many big bosses who wanted to curry favor with Jia Quan even came to visit to ask about Sister Hua. The highest price that someone would like to take out was 800,000 yuan, just for Sister Hua accompanied Jia Quan for one night.

But Sister Hua flatly refused. Her body could be measured by the dirty money.

That's a despise.

"Director Jia, don't be sarcastic. Thank you for respecting me, and for seeing me.

Sister Hua directly said, "I'm afraid it's not very convenient here. Let's find a place to have tea."

"Hmm? Well, OK."

Director Jia said, looked up and down at Sister Hua, "Today you did not wear black silk?"

"What are you talking about? It's not the business."

When words fell, Sister Hua wriggled to Ruru's Land Rover. Although it was yesterday that Rufus sent her the car, Ruru now drove an Audi A3 and was addicted to driving a boutique car. She didn't want to touch Land Rover at all. Therefore, Sister Hua went out today. Ruru asked her neighbor in the shop to take the car to the Sister Hua's Hotel. "Yihuchun teahouse on Heroes Hill Road, is that all right? I've booked a room."

"Yes. As long as I'm with you, I'll do whatever it needs. If you drink scented tea for twenty yuan a kilo, you can also drink the scented tea."

Jia Quan rubbed his hands excitedly and ran to his own special car Audi A6.

"So what."

Sister Hua gave him white eyes, but did not say anything more.


At Yihuchun teahouse, in the luxuriously decorated private room, the waiter in charge of tea ceremony service was asked out by Sister Hua. She personally poured tea for Jia Quan. In the room, the two of them were alone, making it convenient for them to talk.

After all, Jia Quan was a public official. He was such a big leader that a lot of private topics couldn't be seen.

The tea they drank was the most expensive tea, Biluochun. More than 3,000 a pot. Although it was not the top, in Tianhe, it could also be said to be high price.

After brewing the tea, Sister Hua sat opposite to Jia Quan. Between the two there was a square table with teapots, teacups and several imported dried fruits. They sat cross-legged on a arhat bed. They were sitting on a quite comfortable round cus.h.i.+on. It was good for two people to talk face to face like this.

"Director Jia, I came to you today to ask you something."

Sister Hua did not conceive of any opening remarks. She felt that such specifications to her was an exception. Money was also secondary, and the key was that such enthusiasm given to Jia Quan might cause him to think too much, or make him have some indecent feelings.

"I know there's nothing you can't do, and if you have to find me, why did you come to me?"

Jia Quan smiled.

Although he was just sitting in this way opposite Xiao Jinhua, the reason was not important. The important thing was that the two were now alone in a room, and what's more, Xiao Jinhua had something to ask him.

Jia Quan had already smelled the breath of Xiao Jinhua coming close to him, but he would not go about blindly. At his level, his mind was naturally meticulous. Before he started, he had to ask the thing clearly first.

"Free Man Bar, I've been running it. To tell you the truth, I've rented it on my own, and now I have the owners.h.i.+p of the Free Man, and it was blown up two days ago, so badly, that I lost millions of yuan. Surely Director Jia knew about such a big thing?"

Said Sister Hua.

"Well, I know. The impact of this matter was not small. It made a lot of noise and affected the rest of the residents in the neighborhood. The next morning, the mayor's hotline exploded, and then someone called the police. But the gang was premeditated, prepared, and professional, leaving little valuable clues. Surveillance or anything, nothing was useful."

Jia Quan said, "This case is not easy to handle. What's more, it's a bar, and it belongs to the industry as a skeleton in the closet. If our police make time for you to find out who did this, then the people should have gossip to it. If the police are not busy, they can also set up a special investigation team to help you find out who did this, but right now, they are really busy.

You've probably heard of a couple of recent ma.s.s shootings in Tianhe that killed quite a few people, and just now the meeting at the city hall was discussing this issue, and I became the focus of attention, and everyone's attention was on me. It's like I'm happy with all these messy cases. I can't find anyone else to investigate your case right now. No matter how big your business is, it's just a blow. Don't even say that n.o.body was dead, there were no people injured. I need to focus all my energy on the murder investigation. I'll put you on hold for a while. I am willing to help but unable to do so."

Jia Quan's remarks were also true, but they were true completely.

Even if the murder was important, but not all the police need to investigate it in the Tianhe, right?

He just wanted to use this incident to find a reason not to help Sister Hua. If Sister Hua didn't listen, then he would have to make the terms. By then, Jia Quan's plan would even have a chance to realize.

That he had power in the hands was really good. He had coveted this woman, but for so many years he did not have the opportunity, and now it might finally be possible to achieve.

Hearing Jia Quan's words, Xiao Jinhua had a heart shock. It still sounded a little troublesome. Fortunately, she was already prepared for it.

She didn't want to spend another minute with people like Jia Quan, but people had to bow their heads under the roof, and she had to ask him out this time because she had no choice but to come out.

Although she now had money in her hand, and she could have slammed it Zhao Jun in the face and flattened out the broken terms of the contract.

Yet with all that money, why would she just give it to him?

That would be a pity.

Therefore, Sister Hua wanted ask Jia Quan for help to catch the real criminals, and he had better be able to point directly at Zhao Jun. At that time, not only let him pay the price, to pay the double penalty.

"Director Jia, I know, you've been under a lot of pressure lately, and it's not easy to have so many people staring at you in this position. I understand your pain very well, but I still have to trouble you about it. I signed a contract with Zhao Jun, he added a decoration clause that if I broke the existing decoration pattern, I had to made it up for new. If I gave the decoration that was destroyed to him, then according to the expense of the decoration, I had to pay him 70% as the compensation. In this case, I'll have to pay a few million yuan for nothing, so......"

With these words, Sister Hua took out her bank card, which had been in her pocket for a long time. It was the first time she had given a gift. Although her tone was stiff, she at least took the card out and put it on the table and pushed it directly to Jia Quan's hand, "A little gift, please smile to accept it."

To tell the truth, it was not that Xiao Jinhua was inexperienced and ignorant. She was not that kind of flattery person. She had not done this kind of thing. Therefore, she thought that her throwing 200,000 out, was already astonis.h.i.+ng enough.

However, Jia Quan had experienced such scenes many times. Such a poor trick to him was really funny.

Originally she thought Jia Quan would be excited to retreat in a hurry, but seeing his calm appearance, Sister Hua was a little guilty, and secretly sighed, would this guy think it too few, right?

Or was he scared by the bank card?

Sister Hua, who had no experience at all, guessed indiscriminately and didn't know what to do at all.

Jia Quan did not even look at the bank card again, laughing, "What is this for? Buy me off?"

"No, that's not what I meant. It's a little gift for your hard work.

After all, this case is a bit complicated, and only you can produce authoritative evidence, and can let the real culprit come to the surface."

Although Sister Hua's heart had determined it to be Zhao Jun, now she did not find conclusive evidence and she could not talk nonsense, in case of Zhao Jun hearing what she said, it would certainly be more troublesome.

"Oh, we are the people's police, and it is only right to serve the people, and there is never a charge for labour."

Jia Quan teased Xiao Jinhua like a child. From her perturbed expression, we could see that this woman was very nervous and had no bottom at all.


Hearing this, Sister Hua almost laughed. Although she did not know whether Jia Quan would accept this card, this guy was greedy notoriously. She didn't know other people. She had been in the night clubs for so many years, couldn't she know? Only Free Man Bar did not care about these vampires every year. Other clubs such as Ruru or Pei Xiang, which of them did not have to spend 1/3 of the profits to serve these uncles?

Judging by the amount of their profits, every year each of they had to give Jia Quan 2 million yuan.

This was not a small number, or could be said to be even a huge amount of money, but at the beginning Jia Quan would be moved. However, with more people and a long time, he was numb.

Therefore, hen Jia Quan saw Sister Hua's card, it was just like he was looking at a piece of paper, and there were no waves in his heart.

People were like this. They liked money, but to a certain extent, they would be numb.

In particular, now he had a lot of pressure, and there must be some people exposing his problem behind, or even someone had exposed his problem to the province long ago, but it had been settled by Jia Quan. He had collected so much money, but it was not for free. If he didn't send enough money to his superior, could he work comfortably as the police chief in Tianhe for so many years?

That was why people say that officials protect each other, and the truth was here.

More often than not, officials at the lower levels collected money, and then gave their superiors "shares." The superiors would personally control some of the "big business outlets," and the "shares" they received from their subordinate would be left behind as pocket money. But part of the big money from "big business mouth" would be put out to send to his boss.

In this way, each level connected with each other, and no one would refuse such a temptation. They didn't need to do anything, and they received money. After a few years, they had much more money than those of the glory of the billionaires, but they dare not expose. They would think of many ways to divert these hot "yam."

And in the process of diverting, some officials would have an accident. When a line was disconnected, a lot of people might be pulled out .

Therefore, this was also a high-risk occupation. Among those who could be stable in the public security system for so many years, Jia Quan ranked absolutely No. 1.

He was ruthless and greedy, but he was very generous to his superiors. When he received money, he only left 1/3 for his own money. What he was trying to do was to make the backers above firm and the superiors would take the initiative to protect Jia Quan if they received the full amount of benefits. As long as he did not have an accident, his superiors would be fine, but he would also continue to make money for his superiors.

Although Sister Hua did not believe, she still couldn't say those things out. After all those things were skeleton in the closet.

"Too little?"

Sister Hua humphed, and angrily said, "There are up to 200,000 yuan."

Her tone was very hard, but Jia Quan disdained and smiled, "OK, quick take back to buy some cosmetics. Look at you. You must have had a bad rest lately. You don't look right."

More money or less money, it doesn't matter. Jia Quan's focus on Xiao Jinhua was not here. "Come here, let me see. This little mole in your earlobe may not be very good."

This set of techniques had not been used for many years, but Jia Quan suddenly felt quite appropriate, "I know how to see the face. I will help you see."


Sister Hua couldn't believe her ears. Are you kidding me? How did he suddenly get into the face when she was talking about such a serious subject?

Shouldn't the atmosphere be a little tenser when it comes to giving gifts? How come he didn't feel any guilt about receiving gifts? He was still laughing so wantonly, as if he was really drinking the afternoon tea without any worry.

Jia Quan moved over and sat down beside the square table. As he got closer to Sister Hua, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her.

Sister Hua was anxious to draw back, and nervously retreated a few steps. She almost fell from the bed. Her face immediately changed, and coldly applauded, "What are you doing! Don't do it."

Knowing Jia Quan's virtue and his feelings for her, Xiao Jinhua was very sensitive, fearing that this guy would wander around in his private room alone, but unexpectedly, he really had the courage to do so, and he was really out of his mind.

Sister Hua had naturally had her bottom line. Do not say that this gift could not be given, even if the real criminals of smas.h.i.+ng Free Man Bar were not checked, she could not let Jia Quan gain extra advantage by unfair means.

She just didn't want it to spare Zhao Jun in this way.

She didn't want to use outside force to force Zhao Jun into anything. After all, she still wanted to open a bar and live quietly in Tianhe. It would be boring to be too stiff with Zhao Jun. If she found him out through the police, Zhao Jun would naturally be ashamed. At that time, Sister Hua would not be more difficult for him. She might just want to pay the rent a year less, and then let Zhao Jun pay money to decorate his own Free Man Bar.

Although Jia Quan knew that Xiao Jinhua was not easy to handle, he did not expect that she would still be so strong in such a situation.

But the more she did, the more he liked it.

The number of women who he had played in these years was already innumerable, but they all had one common characteristic, that is, they are too submissive. There was not a tasteful woman. They were all tamed. They could show themselves wherever he wanted, and he could play them however he wanted to play. Even if Jia Quan tucked unwashed smelly feet into those women's mouth, they would still enjoy eating and having a good time.

This is the role of rights. He enjoyed all the world, but the only regret, that is, Sister Hua, this jigsaw puzzle.

Men, whose desire to conquer were very strong. The more they could not get the stronger the feeling of missing they had. Although Jia Quan played a lot of second-and third-line stars, models, whose figures, and looks were better than Sister Hua, he had not forgotten her over the years. He had always been thinking about her in the depths of his heart.

He just thought about it. To fulfill the small wish that had not been finished for many years, since he caught a chance hard at last, how could he not have a try?

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