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Sister Hua Breathe a long sigh of relief, and thought it finally did not fail.

"Down? What kind of person is she for you. You care so much.

Don't pay any attention to her in the future. No matter how difficult she is, someone else will reach out and save her life. There's no need for you. You got that?"

Sister Hua reprimanded anxiously.

"You mean Zhou Liang?"

Qin Feng was a little puzzled. How could Sister Hua know this person? She didn't seem to talk with him, did she?

"No, I don't know him. I don't even know Zhu Fei. Didn't I hear all of that from you? Although I will not let you go back to Tianhe to annoy me, I do not appreciate your kindness to Zhu Fei. If you want to come to my side in the future to help, remember today's words."

After the conversation, Sister Hua hung up the phone.

d.a.m.n it. She had got a really bad temper.

Qin Feng looked at the mobile phone screen, being a period of speechlessness. The words in his mouth on the side had not been finished but was hung. It was really depressing. Sister Hua who had always been gentle. How could she become so?

Was it because of Xiao He's death? It was also possible because of that. Maybe it hit her too hard, and he kept it secret for so long, and it was normal for her to resent him.

Moreover, Xiao He also died for him, even if Sister Hua made more extraordinary moves, Qin Feng would not resist.

At this time, Green Dragon and Lei Ming had already photographed coming over. They looked at the pictures on the mobile phone screen and compared who was more handsome. When they saw Qin Feng with a bitter face, they laughed and said, "What's the matter? What makes you not happy? Let's talk about it, and let's be happy."


Qin Feng was difficult to say, humphing, "Have you two finished playing?" Let's go to Yalong Bay for a motorboat ride?"

"Well, good. We come here and have a good time, and get drunk after the motorboat. By the way, scuba diving is also good. You can see a variety of bikini diving girls underwater in the deep sea. If you are lucky, you can touch them."

Said Lei Ming.

"d.a.m.n you."

Qin Feng was speechless for a while. This guy will expose his nature. They could not get along with him. He was playing too wild.


Zhao Jun had been drinking tea all morning in Ji Jiangshan's office, and it was the first time in years that the two of them had sat together to catch up on the past.

"Boss Ji, you asked me to come and talk for so long, but I didn't say anything about business. I know you have an idea for calling me here, but you can't let me guess, can you?"

Zhao Jun, an old fox, knew what Ji Jiangshan meant, but he just wanted the guy to say it himself.

In recent years, Ji Jiangshan had relied on Jia Quan to support him and suppressed Zhao Jun everywhere. He didn't take him seriously at all. Although there was no conflict in the open, and when his son was beaten last time, he sent someone to smash the field at Supersonic Bar in a hurry. But Qin Feng also let them pay the price, these chaotic bad things were all renewed. No one could mention them again. But early this morning, Ji Jiangshan went to Zhao Jun office building to wait. When Zhao Jun just arrived, Ji Jiangshan dragged him into the car, and ran to the Ji Group.

"Jun, look at yourself. You are pretending to be confused. You know it. Do we still have to say that much about our brothers' minds?"

Ji Jiangshan had something to ask Zhao Jun for help, but he did not want to commit to really ask, so, he was in the brewing and did not know how to say.

But Zhao Jun knew exactly what he was doing, and if he didn't open his mouth, he wouldn't start the conversation. It would be 10:30 in the morning, and then he would go down to dinner. How could he eat if he didn't finish talking? They couldn't even have dinner.

"Of course, my own brother still has to settle the bill. Besides, we're not....... Right?"

Zhao Jun didn't say the bad things, but they knew it. It was no use pretending to each other.

It seemed he had to say. Ji Jiangshan lit a cigarette, glanced out of the window, opened his lips and said, "Some time ago, Qin Feng stired Tianhe into chaos. Now he has not come back. He probably changes to other places to be chic. I figure, aren't you and I going to have to get back to a little bit of a tense relations.h.i.+p?"

"Of course, that guy isn't good. He even beat me. d.a.m.n it.

If he dares to come back, I will cut him to death."

Zhao Jun deliberately hid his grafted three fingers, with a face of anger.

"Come on, Jun, let's not say that. How old are you? Don't get angry at every turn."

Ji Jiangshan went straight to the topic, "I came to you today to talk about cooperation with you. You see, my group, Ji s.h.i.+, although prosperous and involved in many industries, you also know that the economic situation in recent years has been sluggish, and it is not very good to engage in traditional industries. I want to transform, but I also lack a certain amount of resources here. You see, can we work in a cooperative way, to establish a Tianhe City's largest entertainment company? You know about Meng Zhaolin, don't you? This guy is playing very hard. He sells drugs and he may be killed by the gangdom. Until now, no one has found him. It is hard to tell whether he is dead or alive. Anyway, it is said that on the night of the shooting, five or six dead bodies were found in his villa, and even the grenades were used. How awful."


After listening to Ji Jiangshan's words, Zhao Jun smiled and said, "I guess this guy is finished. I let him play crazily all day. He had no bottom line. With only his little foundation, he also wants to compare with me, which was really specially crazy.

He wanted so much to become number one in Tianhe as soon as possible, so he set out on the road of no return to sell drug powder. As to that kind of thing, a small amount is nothing. There are so many people doing it in Tianhe. Giving everyone a way to live is all right. But he almost monopolizes the Tianhe poison powder market. His channel is quite big, and he wants the big quant.i.ty. Therefore, his price is cheap. Others sell 1000 yuan a gram, while he can sell 600 a gram. Such then, the customers all run to his places to buy it. I heard that he has made tens of millions of yuan in cash flow over the past two years. I admit that he has indeed been counted as a figure in Tianhe, but those who can live for a long time are the most important thing. Looking at his current ending, it is really sad, alas. Just for the sake of pursuing profits, he doesn't know how many people have been offended. If he just messes with the children in society, it doesn't matter either. But this time he definitely got into the trouble of provoking the professional drug gangs. Both sides were to seize the market. They fought against each other. It is said that his hand extends to several surrounding cities and even the provincial capital. It is possible that these people are sellers of poison powder from other localities and cities. The huge profits in this area are worth killing."

After Ji Jiangshan listened, he echoed and said, "This guy, in the past quite respected me. These two years, he also changed the manner to me. It was good now. He is finished.

At present, Tianhe's Casinos are still your world, alas. Your attainments in this respect are by no means comparable to those of Meng Zhaolin's guys."

"Oh, Boss Ji, don't flatter me. What the h.e.l.l am I? I'm retiring.

Free Man Bar has been transferred out. In my hands, there are only two tepid little bars, just to make a living. You know, I in Tianhe these years, never bully people. They also save face for me, and had been supporting my field. I dare not say more, this life I can live carefree. At night we can rest a.s.sured sleep, right?

We have no enemies outside. Don't worry about that. It was estimated that Meng Zhaolin had nightmares every night, right?

In order for poison powder, he provoked the whole Tianhe. Some time ago he also wanted to open the largest night club in Tianhe, and he also poached my people. Alas, it is really special retribution."

Zhao Jun said maliciously, "I don't know where the drug dealers dragged him. If they were to find a field to bury him, they should dig it up, chop it into seven or eight pieces, and throw it into the river to feed the fish."

This words made Ji Jiangshan creepy. He had not been involved in social matters for many years. Looking at this bandit spirit of Zhao Jun's body, it let him think of his past years.

"Oh, you are very cruel."

Ji Jiangshan saw Zhao Jun scolding Meng Zhaolin, but he did not mention a word about the cooperation. He had to add, "There is no one in Tianhe who can prop up the entertainment company market now. As long as we work together, with the two of us, well, we can definitely continue to be bigger and stronger. No matter how bad the economy is, young people are under so much pressure to work and live now that the demand for relaxing at night club will not drop. According to my investigation, after they finish drinking, they have a 60% chance of hanging out at our bar. I am not interested in making this kind of money, but in this market, and I am not simply expanding bars. I want to become a pan-cultural and entertainment company, involving model artists in packaging, bar management, and commercial activities. I want to rely on such a comprehensive business model to show me out. I want to cooperate with good entertainment companies in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, and use their resources to supplement our market in Tianhe. I believe it will not take long for this industry to become a reality."

In this regard, Zhao Jun naturally considered that although Tianhe's economy is not bad, with a population of seven to eight million, the market is not small, but after all, the city level is a problem here. All major entertainment companies are operating in first-tier cities, provincial capitals, and vice-provincial cities. Tianhe, a second-and third-tier city, is still very few. If it is really done, we should have stamina, but it will take too much energy and time in the early stage, because it is the first person to eat crabs. It has to pay a fair price, and the people here will accept it.

"I don't care that much. I watch my stores and earn millions a year. That's all I need. I'm too old to keep up. Isn't your baby boy trendy? Let him handle it. You don't lack money. It's no use calling me in. Are you counting on my two stores to hold you up? It's not realistic."

Zhao Jun didn't show much interest. He's kind of desiring for nothing now. When a person lost motivation, it's hard for him to do anything. Of course, he didn't lack anything. He didn't have any children. He had enough food for his family, and the whole family wasn't hungry. For him, how comfortable he is.

Of course, he did not really take no interest in it. He also wanted to hit the top again. The last time Qin Feng said that he wanted to make him hit the top, but he hesitated for a long time, and dare not to go.

At this moment, he wanted to first look at Ji Jiangshan's att.i.tude. The key was what price he could offer. If he came up and agreed, it would not be good to ask for a good price. He would have to pay attention to strategy in doing things. Now, with the att.i.tude of Zhao Jun, Ji Jiangshan wanted to really pull him into the gang and he was gonna have to raise the stakes.

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