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I went back to my training, and practiced the basic attacks. It took me a while to get adjusted, while in the meantime Aran showed me how to defend. This time, I had to use the basic attack, while he demonstrated how to defend against them. We went through all the styles, and then Aran would attack me. Of course we did it lightly, without much of a strength or intent to injure. This was only practice after all.

From that point on, I practiced together with Aran. I needed an opponent in order to block the attacks from, as well as attack. This went on for most of the next month, until Aran was satisfied with my precision. When the basics were completed, Aran said "We will now move onto the more advanced methods. You will learn how to incorporate one move into another. So far, you released one attack, and stopped. I'm sure you know, that this is not how fighting works. You will have to learn to intervene these attacks, and make a continuous charge at your opponent. This applies to defence as well".

I nodded my head, and watched the demonstration. Aran showed me how to fluidly attack using different styles, and how to keep on attacking without a pause. His sword travelled fluidly from one slash to the other. He then asked me to practice that, and so my new training began.

I also checked my field once in a while, and noticed that the Blood Yarn, as well as Earth Grabbing Sprout began growing and spreading. I could harvest some of them, but the amount would be very little. I decided to wait, and let them grow properly, until the whole section designated to these herbs was filled. On the other hand, I already collected a lot of Arran Gra.s.s, Oviral Plants and some Ghost Flaxes. A few Night Safises managed to grow up as well, but I also decided to leave them, until the whole section was populated.

I made more Arran Liquid, which made my stock very large already. In overall, I had 67 bottles of Arran Liquid. I still had three bottles of Greater Medical Extract, which was created with the use of Alen Sprouts and Black Irises. I had seeds for those plants as well, but I didn't know the planting process. 'I will need a lot of time, in order to care for those herbs…Wait! I forgot about the Night Safis!' I thought.

I was meant to add Night Safis to the Arran Liquid, but because of what happened, I forgot about it. 'This will be a perfect time, to actually create that medicine now' I thought. Because some of them already grew, I decided to harvest two of them, and used that to make an Extract. 'I will need an Extract from Arran Gra.s.s, and Oviral Plants as well. I will try the Prime Extracts first, then do the Zenith Extracts' I thought.

Not waiting any longer, I collected everything I needed, and headed towards Finch's house. I asked Tina "Do you have a room, that I can use for something?". She shook her head, and said "We have a storage, but we store stuff in there. Does it have to be private?", and she looked at me with a grin. 'What are the women thinking about these days?' I thought, and replied "Yes. Can someone lend… I think I know a guy. Thanks". I then left, and headed straight to Olav's house.

I knocked on the doors, and Kara opened them as usual. I asked "Can I use your father's office for a while? I need to do something". She was a bit surprised, and said "h.e.l.lo. Come inside, and ask father". I nodded, and walked inside. Olav was in his office as usual. I asked "Can I use your office for a while. I need it for something".

He stood up, and said "For as long as you want Nex. After all, I owe you at least that much". I nodded and thanked him. He grabbed his daughter Kara, who stood there bewildered, and walked out. I wanted to make my experiments privately, and although there was a window in the room, I could easily close the curtains. 'Even though these people are like part of my family, a promise is a promise. I need to keep at least this one' I thought.

Sharing a recipe, or giving someone my medicine was not a problem. Showing them how to make Extracts was. This was my own knowledge, and I didn't need anyone else knowing this. Especially people who could be my enemies. I began the process, and made the Prime Extract from Arran Gra.s.s, Oviral Plants and Night Safis. I then threw that into the pot, and cooked it. I had to let them combine, to make a final product.

After a while of cooking, I extinguished the flames, and opened the pot. The amount was reduced as usual, because it was an Extract, but I was more concerned about its strength. I tested it for a while, and realised that it was much stronger than Arran Liquid, but it was not as strong as my Greater Medical Extract. It actually lacked quite a lot. 'That is the Prime Extract though, now let's check the Zenith Extract' I thought, and set up my distillery.

After processing through the Prime Extract, I received around 10 milliliters of Zenith Extract, but the strength surprised me. 'This thing is almost comparable to the Greater Medical Extract… It's not that good, but it would also heal very heavy injuries. If a greater quant.i.ty was used, it would visibly close wounds' I thought. It was easier for me to get this Extract, than experiment with the other two herbs. 'I would need to waste a lot of time, in order to find out how to grow them, and tend to them. My guess is that they would grow very slowly, due to the strength of their properties… But, what type of strength would Zenith Extract have, if it was made from the Greater Medical Extract?' I thought.

I decided that no matter what, I will have to try that in the future. 'With such medicine, I may even be able to cure a dying man. I don't think that even royal medicians can do that' I thought. That was for the future though, I would need loads of time in order to grow these herbs. I then felt something, and said "I don't like it, when people spy on me… Kara". I could hear panicked footsteps, that were getting further away.

I disappeared from the room, and appeared in front of her. I already knew where she was, due to my senses and instincts. When she saw me appear in front of her, she panicked even more, and begged "Please! Don't kill me! I saw nothing, I swear! Please!". She was starting to rise a commotion, so I grabbed her, and left the village. She didn't even realise we were outside of the village, and still mumbled "Please, I beg you".

I asked "Why did you spy on me?". She opened her eyes, and noticed the forest all around us. She started crying, and begging again. I lightly released my Aura, and she froze in place. I repeated the question "Why did you spy on me?". She couldn't move at all, so I retracted my Aura. She was scared for sure, and said "I… I was… just curious. Please…". I asked "You would pay your life, for curiosity? Why do you think your father left? Didn't he tell you, to give me some privacy?". She nodded, and said "I did wrong… I was just… I wanted to know more… so I tried to peak a bit… and…".

I decided to ask a probing question "Did someone tell you to do it?". She shook her head, and exclaimed "No! I was just curious. I'm not a spy…". She then began crying again. Either she was a very good actress, or was only curious. Before I could say anything, she said "I can do anything to prove it! I'm not a traitor! I just wanted to learn more about medicine… please believe me". I asked a bit surprised "Anything?".

She bit her lip, and replied "Yes". I said "Would you become my slave?". Her face changed, but she still nodded. "I'm willing to accept that punishment". 'Interesting' I thought, and walked over to her. She immediately began shaking, I can only guess what was going through her mind. I said "Stand up". She was confused, but did what I ordered. I continued "You will get an opportunity, just like I received one in the past. If you manage to grab it, then you will receive your knowledge. If not, well". She immediately replied "I will! Anything you want".

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