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We then moved, to the Section number 2 of my field. Ulon said "Now we have to think, what can be planted next to the Blood Yarn. For example, one herb will make the Blood Yarn not grow at all, and needs to be as far away as possible. This herb is called Arran Gra.s.s. It is a common type herb, and grows very fast. That is why, the Section number 4 of your field, is on the opposite side of the number 2. It's also much bigger". I nodded, and asked "Then what herb, are we going to plant in Section number 2?". Ulon replied "We will plan this", and he showed me some weird looking seeds. I asked "What are those?", to which Ulon replied "These are called Ghost Flax. Not only will these herbs promote Blood Yarn's growth, they also benefit from Blood Yarn".

I nodded, and asked "What about the other side? The Section number 6? It's also adjacent to the Section number 1, with all the Blood Yarn". Ulon smiled, and said "I will tell you, when we get there. Now watch". I watched as Ulon planted the seeds. What stunned me, was that he just dropped it onto the field, without even digging a hole, then just placed some soil over it. He then said "Bring some water, we need to water it very slightly". I nodded, and brought him some water.

Ulon poured very small amount of water, on top of the seed, and left it there. He then said "This is how you plant the Ghost Flax. It needs very little water, when you plant it, but you will water it everyday. Use a similar amount of water, until it sprouts. When it does, you will pour more water on it everyday, until the ground is soaking wet, and turns into something like a mud". I nodded, and asked "What about its properties?". Ulon replied "Ghost Flax can be made into liquid, and when drank, it hides one's presence. Not only that, it lightens one body. Not in a sense of increased speed or something like that, it simply makes you as light as a ghost. We usually sell this to Shades or Lizards, they pay the most for that type of stuff". I said "So, it's quite useful then". Ulon said "Depends to wh. We don't use it, it's not really for us". I agreed, and we moved to the next section.

In the Section number 3, Ulon showed me how to plant Oviral Plants. These plants were quite common too, and the planting process was simple as well. I had to dig a small hole, place the seed inside it, then bury it with some loose soil. The amount of water, was also normal. Enough for the plant to have water, but not too much. Ulon explained to me, the properties of that herb as well. "This herb's main effect, is a support for medicine making. It improves the regenerative processes, but alone, it does not heal anything. That is why, it is a supportive herb". I nodded my head, and we went to the Section number 4.

The Section number 4 had the Arran Gra.s.s, which Ulon already mentioned. As we planted it, he said "Just throw it on to the ground, and water it a bit. This thing grows like crazy. Make sure to water it every day, and pick out some of the Gra.s.s. Too much of it, and it will start to die off. After a few days, the Arran Gra.s.s will already sprout, and grow". I nodded, and asked "What about its properties?". Ulon said "The Gra.s.s has healing properties, albeit very weak. We need to process a lot of it, in order to make something decent, but it is still used by us, and we don't sell it. Some minor wounds and such, are treated by this herb".

We then moved to the Section number 5. Ulon showed me a seed, and said "This one is half common. It grows relatively fast, and has quite good properties". The seed looked like a star, just like you would see in the night sky. I asked curious "What is it called?". Ulon replied "This is Night Safis. We don't have a day or night in the North, but our ancestors called it like that. We think that North, was not the same as it is today. Our ancestors wouldn't call this herb "Night", if they never saw night".

I agreed to that, and said "That is true. They must've been aware of night and day cycle, but that doesn't prove the North looked different in the past. For all we know, they might have been told about the cycle, and they were impressed by it, so the called the herb like so". Ulon nodded his head, and said "That is true, we don't know for sure. I personally want to believe, that North was different. Whether it was or not, it's in the past already".

Ulon then continued, and told me about the herb's properties. "This is a healing herb as well. It is much stronger, compared to Arran Gra.s.s, but it doesn't grow as fast. We still need a bit of it, in order to create some useful medicine. Night Safis can be used to create much stronger medicine, compared with the Arran Gra.s.s". I nodded, and asked "So, how do we plant it?".

Ulon took some water, poured it onto the ground, then waited a bit. After a while, he placed the Night Safis seed into the soil, then lightly buried it. When he was done, he said "You have to be very gentle with it. When you water it in the future, use your hands and drip the water over it lightly. When it sprouts, still do it gently, but increase the amount of water, to double of what I just used. Also, make sure, that when the herb sprouts, you don't water the herb itself, but the soil beneath it".

I said "I understand", and took the rest of the seeds, to plant them myself. With that done, we moved to the last section of my field. As we stood there, Ulon took out the remaining seeds, and said "This is the Earth Grabbing Sprout. Do you want to have a guess, as to what properties this has?". I thought about it, and said "Strength". His expression changed, to that of disbelief. He said "That was just lucky guess", and pa.s.sed it off, as me being lucky. It was not a guess though. Avians had an Earth Grabs. What Ulon showed me, was called Earth Grabbing Sprout. It could be cla.s.sed a continuation of the name, that I learned from Avians. 'If Avians' Earth Grab improved strength, then it was very likely, this one would too' I thought.

Either way, he showed me how to plant it. The planting method, was a bit similar to the Blood Yarn. He dug a decent size hole, but then added water first, and placed the seed inside. He then buried it lightly, and left it over there. When Ulon finished, he said "Earth Grabbing Sprout, needs to stay in water when you plant it. Come back to it, after two days, and pour the same amount of water, I just did. Before you do it though, make a small hole, without reaching the seed, and pour the water into the hole. Then place the dug out soil back. The source of water needs to be concentrated, and not everywhere. The Earth Grabbing Sprout, will absorb that".

I nodded my head, and asked "What about the weeds?". Ulon smiled, and said "You will need to visit this field everyday, so remove any type of weeds, when you see them. This way, your field will be healthy. That is all, when it comes to planting, and the herbs that we have. Come back to me, when you want to harvest something. I will tell you how to do it properly". I nodded my head, and planted the rest of the seeds, while Ulon went back to his house.

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